False flags exposed on USA’s biggest Muslim TV show

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

As Ramadan begins – shortly after the latest apparent false flag in Manchester – let’s take a few minutes to  listen to the Muslim point of view.

Literally millions of non-Muslims, virtually all of whom know very little about Muslims or Islam, are clogging the world’s communications arteries with hate propaganda. One of them is Alex Jones, who recently lied outrageously about a supposed “incredible response by the Muslims everywhere celebrating the attack in Manchester.”

In reality, Muslims are disgusted by such events. Polls show that Muslims oppose terrorism (attacking civilians) far more than non-Muslims do. That’s because Islam’s scriptures clearly prohibit such abominations. No real Muslim would ever bomb a crowd of innocent civilians. Ever.

Gallup, for example, found that Muslims overwhelmingly oppose terrorism – while the worst pro-terrorism nation on earth is the USA, where almost half the population thinks terrorism is “sometimes justified.” (Source.)

Polls also show that about 80% of Muslims reject the official account of 9/11. (Examples here and here.) Even more know its prime beneficiary was the enemies of Islam. Ditto for all other false flags pinned on “radical Muslim” patsies.

Get to know Muslims and their actual viewpoints and attitudes. Watch the Deen Show episode above. You may also want to check out Eddie’s recent response to Alex Jones:

“Islam is Not Radical: Alex Jones gets the message from Muslims”

“Al-Haqq fouqa kull shay” (Truth above everything). Al-Haqq (Truth/Reality) is one of the most beautiful names of God.

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7 Responses to "False flags exposed on USA’s biggest Muslim TV show"

  1. joetv  May 29, 2017 at 8:35 am

    Have the Zionists trade marked the word Holocaust yet? The true spelling should be Hollowcost. It makes more cents.

  2. sarhan  May 28, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Your analises is on the spot. It needs a enormouse capacity of organization to keep transfring these terrorist from one coener of the earth to the other. Those most capable doing this are NATO and USA with UK France trailing behind. During the beginng of Industrial Revolution there was great need for for money. Christians and Muslims considered as they do now Usury a sin. This is where the Jewish bankers whose religion only forbids usury for Jews but not anyone else became suppliers of hard cash. With this they took control of corrupt politicians. Ever since there has been one dictatorship of Capitalism which is glassed over by the emotive name called ” democracy “. Political Parties which handle the governence fully fall in line. Parties which do not are met with one or an other kind of vilolence. Yes it is this system which has been ruling almost most countries unchallenged for over 300 years with fist of iron..

  3. davor  May 28, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    This is so absolutely true. Like I wrote couple of times, it is NATO organization that provides for terrorism, and its surroundings. Saudis or Qataris are not militant nations, in fact none of the majority Muslim countries is militant, with the exception of Turkey. Saudis could not organize ISIL, it would take them thousand years to do it. But with their money and NATOs generals it goes much faster than that. Qatari? They cannot organize Korean migrant suburb let alone wage wars in Iraq or Syria. The most militant nations on Earth are USA, UK and France, with schools of war going back 300+ years and the same form of governments for even longer. It is within these countries and war institutes that all terrorism is springing from. It is the only remaining global platform available for militant ideologies. None other country has merely such a capacity or means to produce something like ISIL or Talibans. Muslims despise wars and cruelty.

  4. Trakkath  May 28, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    And the usual cry “Something must be done against this” and they want to bomb the shit out of Iran, Syria and so on. Playing with our feelings like the fiddler on the roof on “poor beautiful Children were slaughtered” or “They took the babies out of the incubators…”.

  5. Paedo hunter  May 28, 2017 at 11:28 am

    Good article Kevin, whilst I myself have been guilty of such things it has been aimed at the small minded home grown jihadis’…..similarly to when the IRA were at their prime it was clear that not all Irish were of the same mind set……it’s also the same when one criticises Israel…..people jump on me screaming the usual phrase ‘anti-semite’…….so I just refer to them as Zionists nowadays….or the Zionist State…..and likewise Jihadis’…..the difficult part is when non-jihadi muslims show support for the ISIS and the like….so I refer to them as Jihadi sympathizers……whilst they call me Islamaphobic…..but I tend to get the anti-Semite thrown at me far more often….as the Zio’s are the perpetrators of ISIS and the like as we all know

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