Why Pentagon Continues to ‘Lose’ Arms in War Zones


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  1. “I like the one where a USA General appeared before a Congressional (Senatorial?) Enquiry and said that the US Army had trained thousands of soldiers for hundreds of millions of dollars and only SIX were still serving the so-called Moderate Opposition…”

    Is this the one you’re referring to, with Gen. Lloyd Austin?


  2. Hilda gave them (good rebels who immediately turned them over to ISIS) Stingers illegally as SS. Stevens was killed trying to get them back. Wait until they start showing up around major world airports…a real Hilda legacy.

  3. When one considers the amount of money wasted creating and executing these wars in the middle east and then tally up the death, destruction, chaos and misery for millions of innocent people who were no threat to America, the final accounting for it all will be in the misery of the America people themselves. Their treasury looted, no money for infrastructure repairs, no money for schools, no money for health care, no money to pay fire fighters or police. Only massive obscene profits for the weapons industry. Cities are falling into decay and worse, they are fast becoming no-go zones, filled with violent drug gangs. Local politicians, corrupt and incompetent have become nothing more than self serving crooks and thieves.
    Those inside Washington care nothing for the rest of us. We do not have the billions in campaign slush money to bribe politicians and bureaucrats that corporations and foreign governments do. In truth, most Americans barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. Many do not.
    The Pentagram has more than$ 6 trillion it cannot account for and major weapons system that end up ion the hands of terrorists.
    Whether by accident or intentional, those responsible need to be brought to accounting for it. However, given the atmosphere and attitudes inside the Defense Dept. I suspect nothing will change, except for the worse.

  4. When US weapons are available like this why buy these types of weapons from a competitor like Russia?

    As long as the manufacturer gets paid the US MIC supply chain and associated beneficiaries are well happy. Only the US taxpayer suffers, probably long term, and who in power cares about them?

    • Correctomundo. This serves two purposes: arms terrorist ie: ISIS/DAESH and creates more profits for the armaments industry.
      The taxpayers are being robbed blind.

  5. Things, certain things never change. Just add this measly 1 or 3 billion counterfiet dollar$ to the $6 trillion missing at the Dept. Of Defense. No one’s looking. John McStain, the reincarnation of Adm. Poindexter, knows. Hook him up to a polygraph and his head will explode. Just do it, just do something even if it’s wrong.

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