Updated for Memorial Day, Trump Drop the Hammer: Vietnam Combat Disabled to Lose Benefits


Memorial Day – Honoring those who have died for our country & preventing more unnecessary deaths

Honoring those who have served and died for our country is difficult, because how do you explain the loss and the service that one has given which is unknown to most people? This brings one to think about the impact of each person, the contribution of each action that everyone of us makes, as well as the loss of those who have deep honor and respect for us as American citizens, so much that they are willing to give their lives for us, for our freedom and for our constitution.

Senseless death is also important to recognize. This administration’s policy on veterans health care will likely cause more senseless deaths. I wanted to re-post this article and put it in the top slot today, because it is clear that while Trump can give a speech on Memorial Day, in reality, he is sentencing veterans to death with his policies.

As National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster was shutout recently of the meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Trump in Israel, while Trump’s son-in law Jared Kushner, Ambassador and Trump attorney, David Friedman were let in, something seems odd.

A former U.S. officials said to Kafe Knesset that to exclude the national security adviser from the meeting was ‘highly unusual.’

“ ‘For the President to prioritize his son-in-law and his lawyer over the National Security Advisor for these kind of strategic discussions is unconventional, to say the least,’ an official said.”

Technically considering both Kushner and Trump are being probed for ties to a foreign government, one would have to wonder if our White House is not currently occupied by a foreign power, quite possibly one even more “well connected” than Russia? McMaster’s Israeli counterpart did participate in the meeting.

With policies that can be seen as clearly against the people, including veterans, the poor, middle class and pretty much all those below the top 1% status, could that foreign power be threatening to break up the very fabric of what America represents? Thinking about what has been reported here on VT as the Kosher Nostra – the current probe does not extend far enough into the organized crime aspect that clearly may influence the current administration in regards to Russia/Israel. The current Trump-Russia probe does not also include any of the election rigging including the voter purges done through Cross Check and other means. We owe it to ourselves and those who serve to speak out and demand thorough justice. – Ann

McCain during his radio career
[ Editor’s note: I call this murder and as a veterans service officer for 25 years, I know if which I speaketh. Trump has ordered disabled veterans be ousted from the system as freeloaders.  If John McCain was a “filthy giver-upper” then the rest of us were drugged out loser vets who weren’t great because we weren’t born rich.
He got his combat experience at Studio 54’s “reach around table” where he claims he was banging “super models” two at a time, maybe three at a time. In my case, I always thought one at a time was enough considering the equipment g-d gave most of us. Maybe with his tiny hands…..but I don’t think soHere is how he is starting:
Federal regulations prohibit the VA from cutting compensation for anyone over 55 years old.  Yes, it is there.  He has ordered that “quashed.”  He is beginning by going after anyone that has not qualified for “permanent and total” in their compensation, and we mean vets from all wars including the current ones. Anyone can be called in for a “comp and pension hearing” unless they are “P & T” and cut down or taken entirely off disability.
The bar for getting P & T over the years got so high that most who were totally disabled stopped by filing for IU, which we will explain later.  This group he is eliminating right away and this will put aging vets on the street and into graves. It is bad enough for IU vets, who don’t get health insurance for families or education benefits.
Disability claims for Vietnam veterans, even those who eventually got 100% disability, averaged over 12 years in processing, for those who lived that long or who stayed with it. For most others, death, suicide or simply walking away was the answer.  Today, 80 percent of Vietnam combat veterans are dead.  This is real, 80 percent plus.
Of those receiving disability, many were sidetracked by automatic denials and even wanton acts of sabotage, files destroyed, scammed in every way, and forced to seek what was called “individual unemployability” to push their percentage to an area that gave them funds to help their families.
As the process took decades in many cases, children were raised in poverty and the money, when it did come in, came in too late to help the kids live in stable homes.  Most of the children of Vietnam veterans lived in poverty and in broken homes. The VA is largely responsible for this and the up to, now wait for it, 300,000 suicides.  That figure is real as wellGordon ]
… by  Leo Shane III

WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs officials on Wednesday defended plans to strip tens of thousands of dollars in unemployment benefits from elderly veterans as responsible reforms to the department’s growing budget, but opponents promised to fight the idea.

Included in President Donald Trump’s $186.5 billion VA budget for fiscal 2018 — a nearly 6 percent boost in discretionary spending from this year — are plans to dramatically cut the department’s Individual Unemployability program. Up to 225,000 veterans over the age of 60, at least 7,000 of whom are over 80, could be impacted by the change.

Under current rules, the IU program awards payouts at the 100 percent disabled rate to veterans who cannot find work due to service-connected injuries, even if actual rating is less than that.

Administration officials want to stop those payouts once veterans are eligible for Social Security retirement benefits, arguing those individuals should no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. Veterans who cannot collect Social Security would be exempt.

“There are always hard decisions that have to be made,” VA Secretary David Shulkin said following a House Veterans’ Affairs Committee budget hearing on Wednesday. “Sometimes that means you have to adjust current programs to support the growth of other benefits. That’s what we’re seeing here.

“I don’t think we can continue to only expand services and not look at the ones we are delivering … I think people can understand paying veterans who are above age 80 unemployment benefits isn’t what makes sense to the average American.”

For veterans who aren’t already retirement age, the change could largely be offset by their new Social Security payouts. But for veterans already receiving both, it will mean a sudden loss of a significant income source. The IU payouts can total more than $22,000 a year.

Shulkin said the move, which is expected to save $3.2 billion next year alone, is proof that “we’re trying to refine our approaches to use our resources efficiently.”


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  1. My disability would result in my being homeless once again because rental properties are more than my Social Security Payments.. It took 16 years for my rating to finally come my way resulting in a divorce and finally becoming homeless because I could not find gainful employment. Rental units cost more than my Social Security payment allow. What would you have us do to solve our potential upcoming problems and where do I charge my wheelchair out in the woods?

    • lawrencedickerson – Dear Sir, it is a real fact that in the USA there are many people are homeless…. The Vets are homeless… Sounds maybe strange for westerns, but in Russia we have 1 homeless for 50 US homeless.. Jew bank system – no money-no home. But we resist. 80% of people in Russia have their OWN property – and have no home credits in the banks at all. The most painful is that Vets are out of life. But i know USA has many organisations that help. Another my own notice, nothing personal: US Vets defended USA as their Motherland from the enemy or just had military tourism for the last 80 years? Was there any country that invited USA to start military genocide action for example in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia? No words…. WE KNOW everything.

  2. As far as I can tell, every country shafts its wounded warriors, while their kids starve. That was true in my case. My Dad served in WWII in Canada, was not sent overseas due to his flat feet. Safe job, right? But no. He was poisoned so badly that he nearly died, spent 2 months in hospital, and was then unceremoniously dumped out of the Army that he had wanted as a career. He was given 10% disability, and made his own living until age 65 or so, when the gov’t mysteriously and with no explanation raised his disability level to 100% so that he got a decent pension in his old age, when he no longer needed that money as he now had Old Age pension! None of us kids got a penny for schooling or anything else, either. Here’s the kicker: My parents were never told that my Dad had been poisoned while in the Army. I am the one who ferreted out the info, and I found out on Thanksgiving Day last November, 1 month after my widowed mother’s death. Neither of my parents ever knew, although the bloody Army knew all along.

    • To add insult to injury this Memorial Day, I went to my husband’s hometown on the weekend, with specific plans to wipe the dirt off my father-in-law’s gravestone, and set out flowers. He had served in the Marines during the Korean War. But I was actively prevented from going there, by people with other plans, and I will leave it at that. They should be ashamed. I know I’m ashamed, and I never even knew my father-in-law, as he had already died before I had the chance to meet him. He died too young. No gov’t money for him, his wife, or the kids, ever. Not one penny.

  3. Stan Goff, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces Sargeant tried to talk his 18-year-old son out of enlisting. He told him that the military would just use him, chew him up and spit him out. His son said, “Dad, it’s either Burger King or the f_cking army. I’m joining the army.”

  4. At the VA facility in Westwood, LA, Ca., there are beds filled with veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq, and places less popular. These guys will never move again. On the base there is a barber shop, in a stand alone trailer, managed by a 72 year old American Indian known only as Dreamer. He’s a Nam Vet. Once a month he cuts hair in the ward I speak of. Maybe he will let you tag along. If you have the stomach for such a thing.

  5. Every year, we taint the spring flowers with reminders of unnecessary death. We have barbecues, the same word soldiers use when guided missiles hit the apartment buildings. A very noticeable lack of flags this year. It rained pretty hard right at parade time in my tiny town, so I’m not even sure they had one. Power, has been used without humility, and the value of life has diminished by way of desensitization. Pride, is something worth having, but not if it is false pride. In the past, when a politician spoke of the veterans, it would raise a glimmer of hope. Now, it rings like naive blabber.
    There should be a day or 20 to commemorate the innocent civilians who have died horrifically, mostly blown up in their own homes, where the children are told they are safe. They have no protectors, no international financial backing, no defense of any kind. Until we do that, Pride is something we used to have. Now, we are the drunken, angry, violent step-father of the world.

  6. Meanwhile Trumps stabs American veterans in the back. Wonder what all those Trumpettes who voted for this moral failure think now?

  7. $186.5 billion VA budget for fiscal 2018 ….. silly me would assume that allocation , for a 12 month period, would reach every veteran comfortably ……. instead it being absconded by those who consider it
    , the real veterans….not the machine running “veterans affairs”, where you are reduced to a tick in a box ……whereby…. “we’re trying to refine our approaches to use our resources efficiently.”…our resources…not yours, once it hits their grubby hands

    • instead it being absconded by those who consider it theirs not yours, the real veterans…..

  8. If the U.S. is going to have endless wars all over the planet, then everyone must share the pain of those wars. We all used to share the financial costs of them but today even Congress ignores the monetary costs and just prints and borrows the money at will with a “who cares” attitude. However we once had a draft which shared the pain between rich and poor and others. While it was not perfect it was better than the current totally unfair system of basically forcing the poor of society to risk getting killed as well as killing innocent civilians for the outlaw government while the rich kids party at Harvard and Yale and other worthless schools and become the lying lawyers and other liars of society brainwashed by the lying media today. Kids of politicians also must be sent to the front lines; in fact every member of Congress and President should be sent to the front lines in Syria while others fire missiles at them or stage more gas attacks while the U.S. Air Force bombs them from above and commits more war crimes. Our country is gone, lost its moral way if it ever had one. Think about this. All that is needed to totally disable any country is to disable the power grid. Anarchy will ensue. All other military action is totally unnecessary. Imagine if the power were shut down in the U.S. everywhere. There would be no gasoline because the pumps wouldn’t work, no refrigeration so food would spoil, grocery store shelves would empty quickly, no bank transactions.

    • Mayhem and anarchy would ensue. Everybody would murder and kill each other so there would be no need for a military at all. How could they provide electricity for the nation? They couldn’t. Since most of the power grid is computer controlled all that is needed to shut it down is a good hacker. It is not even necessary to destroy the power stations. The U.S is totally unprepared for such emergency situations just like they are totally unprepared for any war especially nuclear war. No one is even talking about fall out shelters today. Idiots and morons and whores run this country It is only a matter of time now. Those who survive a nuclear holocaust will beg the Good Lord end their lives instantly because no one could face living in those circumstances; look at the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and read about the horror of the survivors and multiply their plight by 1 million.

  9. So the economy looses a lot of consumers and customers, even the hospitals and doctors.
    How stupid are they not to understand how economy works ?

  10. Shulkin said the move, which is expected to save $3.2 billion next year alone, is proof that “we’re trying to refine our approaches to use our resources efficiently.” … ”our resources”…. efficiency is $3.2 billion saved to be thrown in Netanyahu’s begging bowl?…….. active military may well wonder at what point will they no longer be calculated as a resource and dumped for efficiency

  11. To all potential recruits for the U..S. Military: Do not do it. The U.S. Military today is totally corrupt. They kill innocent civilians, fight illegal wars and shaft Veterans at the end. Boycott the U.S. Military. Force them to reinstate the draft so the sons and daughters of Congress and the rich billionaires also go to get killed in all these illegal wars. The U.S. today is an unindicted war criminal. Trump wants to start WWIII. He is a lying fool and draft dogger himself. Stay out of the Military. You will be glad you did.

    • Andrew, That is how so many young people in America get sucked into the U.S. military. The destruction of the middle class in America has led to the loss of good paying jobs for young Americans whether they be just out of high school or college. They have nowhere else to turn but enlist. Unfortunately with the more than 14,000 sexual assaults inside the military that include both men and women and the corruption and lack of any moral proclivity within the officer ranks, the results are now plain for everyone to see.
      Mothers, don’t let your babies grow up to be soldiers….

    • The really sad part of all this is this is that so many people come back from deployments in the middle east psychologically destroyed by what they have witnessed or done. Some of them to the point of suicide but the government in Washington doesn’t care. They are no longer useful to the deep state and therefore can be cast off like so much trash.
      This is how veterans are being treated today in America.
      so to all young Americas….do not enlist in the military. Do not even go near a recruiter let alone listen to these lying shit stains.

    • Really so, JohnZ. I remember the times when young people paid great money not to serve in Russian Army. As you know, we have enroll system … how to say…. well – when you are 18 y.o the government takes you to serve in Army. It is male citizen’s duty. And you have no right to say NO. Only if you enter the University you may put away the time for 5 years while you study. So in Russia you have to go to serve in Army when you are 18 to 27. Many people gave bribes not to go. It was military corrupt. Well, since Pres.Putin raised and renewed Russian Army – we may see the situation vice versa – young people TRY HARD to give bribes to go and serve in the Army. ‘Cause it became prestigious. Our Army became more professional. True soldiers – people who chose the Army as a headline of their life. This is the point we never consider US and coalition armies as serious. They fight for money and fight with comfort. Russians (don’t wanna say that we are the only true warriors, by no means) fight as gods: for Motherland that includes everything. Till the last drop of blood.
      In general, no matter what country in your home and you serve in Army. It is always a sad fact when the soldiers become hostages in political mindless manipulation and instrument.

  12. Really sad news. In Russia we have almost similar situation. For the Veterans of ALL wars… Alas… but it turns out that our countries, governments just reject, neglect and close eyes on those patriots who did smth for Uncle Sam or International Duty (as about Afghanistan for USSR). Old, wounded soldiers – is a burden for the Government. Perhaps it is a long-time “tradition” since ancient times.

    • Is this the new way to say “thank you for your service” while those robber barons never fight in a war ?

    • Whenever I hear that, I cringe, along with g-d bless America, support our troops. and churches who glorify the U.S. military,practically making them some kind of religious soldiers fighting for some perverse religious theology.

    • Oh, Trakkath, have you ever seen any “gold boy” at the front line in any military conflict…. I doubt or cannot remember. Stalin’s sons fought. Maybe someone’s else. And as far as they are ordinary people – the government (any) considers that ordinary vets deserve only ordinary “thank you” and “eternal memory in our hearts” – common pathetic words that sound good NOW, but afterwards everything is forgotten.

    • @Andrew_Bukanov this day will be marked as a saints day in the army, when the gold boys fight at the front, getting their medals from sitting their asses flat on a chair.

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