US-Backed militants attack Syrian Army at Damascus-Baghdad highway

Whose desert is it anyway?


Whose desert is it anyway?

 US-backed militants attack Syrian Army at Damascus-Baghdad highway. Russia responds with airstrikes

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Only the US Coalition could be supplying the switch-blade suicide drones

[ Editor’s Note: We saw this coming. The FSA has nowhere to go, and maybe their paychecks will stop if they go back to Jordan. The last line below is interesting, with the FSA saying the US is not involved, which is a bit of a joke… but shows us that the US does not want to publicly admit that it is involved.

And proof of that would be that it does not provide air cover for these FSA attacks. We have a short one- or two-line report in all that we have read over the last few days, that since the first US bombing of the initial SE Syrian convoy, Russia was stating they were working on de-confliction zones with the US, with no details.

Does it cover ground combat alone, or include the air? We should know soon, but a big hint below is that it was not Syrian planes bombing the attacking FSA, but Russian ones. If true, a red line has been put on display for all to see.

Heading back up to the northeast Syrian Kurdish area, we are getting official statements that PMU forces will not be allowed to come into Syria, which is strange, as the Kurds have not taken over the Syrian government that I knew of.

There is a nice north-south road on the Iraqi side of the border for the PMU to use, and there is no need for them to cross into Kurdish Syria where they are anyway, so we must give these Kurds the grandstanding award of the week Jim W. Dean ]

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Is the US Coalition going to take on the SAA without engaging Russian planes?

–  First published  …  May 31,  2017  –

The US-backed coalition of militant groups, known as the Free Syrian Army (FSA), launched a large-scale attack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the vicinity of the Zaza Triangle at the Damascus-Baghdad highway in the southeastern Syrian desert. The attack was dubbed “The land is ours”.

Furthermore, pro-militant sources said that the FSA had received a significant support including weapons from the US and other countries. The provided support was aimed at increasing the FSA’s military capabilities for an attack on the SAA in the Damascus and Homs deserts.

The US-backed groups of Assoud al-Sharkia and the Ahmed al-Abdu Battalions and Liwa’ Maghawir al-Thawra attacked the SAA positions in the Zaza triangle with Grad rockets, and claimed that the SAA withdrew from several points. However, according to reports from the ground, it seems that these claims were false.

Meanwhile, warplanes of the Russian and Syrian air forces bombed FSA units involved in the attack.

Since its takeover of al-Tanf, the US-backed FSA has repeatedly attacked the SAA and its allies, ingoring the so-called ISIS threat in the area.

Some FSA sources claimed that the US-led coalition is not a partner in the attacks on the SAA. However, the militant coalition used US-made weapons such as Switchblad suicide drones and TOW missiles in its attacks against the SAA.


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  1. The FSA has to do what ISIS didn´t do, changing acronyms but keeping the same targets. As I understand, Syria has nuclear devices as a last option to protect its integrity. Anglosphere negotiations are only successful when there is force balance, just take as a reference what happened to Germany by accepting the WWI 14-points, 1939 England jnegotiating with Germany until its radar chain defense was completed, or in WWII, to Japan asking for surrendering in May and atomic bombed in August.or Iraki army surrendering and decimated by USAF under Bush orders. Anglomasonic negotiations are played when there time is in need to reinforce, overwhelm the enemy and reach the planned goals. Sincerity its not on the table when the Iron Mountain, the PNAC or the “Protocols” come into play, neither honesty an anglo virtue, Sorry to say this as many Americans are formidable people but when under uniform, humanity considerations are lost only to be later surfaced as PTSD, when the damage its done. and tamed in officers rank by a cmfortable retirement. .

  2. As a staging ground for assaults into Syria of late, Jordan has become quite a problem and we might wonder to our Russian friends when will the fight be taken to Amman? In any case, the US inspired FSA attack on Syrian forces needs a stronger return. There is no way now to pretend the war against ISIS can be won without hitting those who becoming staging grounds for the terrorists in Syria’s bordering states.

  3. The longer America continues to Balkanize the middle east, the more it fuels its own destruction.
    At this point there is no way to stop the oncoming train wreck America is fast approaching.
    The middle east, will, at least get some respite from the carnage wrought to it by the west.
    This latest attack by Washington’s proxies hopefully failed.

  4. The U.S. is actively supporting the invasion of Syria from Jordan — and threatening to bomb the SAA, Hezbollah & Iranian forces that are 50+ kilometers from al-Tanf, which belongs to Syria. Russia will probably also protect SAA, Hezbollah & Iranian forces against attacks on Syrian territory.

    See “Pro-Syrian Forces Staying in Border Area Despite US Warnings” at (“Forces backing Syrian govt. haven’t left a protected area near Syria’s southern border with Jordan despite repeated warnings from U.S.-led coalition”).

    • The US special forces don’t want allies of the Syrian government to interrupt the training of their next wave of head-choppers. They might as well have said, “We are training terrorists over here that will soon seek to kill you. If you try to interrupt our operation, we will attack you.”

      The fact that the US thinks it has the right to tell forces supporting the legitimate, duly elected Syrian government to “stay out of an area, or else”, is absolutely insane. Assad justifiably sees the US as a foreign invader in his country. They have no right to be there, let alone to be telling those who have permission to be there, where they can and can’t go.

      Assad and every other human who is unwilling to lie to themselves, knows full well that the US is supporting terrorists to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government. Yet they push on. I will have no sympathy for western forces who die over there.

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