Senior US official reduced to complete silence when asked about terrorist state Saudi Arabia


When ideology is your guide, you are bound to get lost.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


It is just too good to be true, and you simply cannot make this stuff up. A senior US foreign affairs official literally did not know what to say when he was asked about why the United States is in cahoots with terrorist state Saudi Arabia while at the same time lambasting Iran as a terrorist cell. Check this out:

Virtually no Zionist outlet would even remotely deny the fact that Saudi Arabia is an accomplice in perpetuating terrorist crimes in the Middle East. In fact, it has been thoroughly reported that Saudi Arabia and ISIS are sleeping in the same bed and drinking the same ideological Kool-Aid.[1] But, as we saw in the video, the US official wants us all to believe that Iran is actually the bad kid on the block!

The US official certainly did not learn that Iran is bad from scholarly sources and from serious diplomatic resolutions that have been going on since the past decade.[2] He obviously learned that from the Israeli regime, which has ontologically denounced Iran as the number one state-sponsored terrorism in the Middle East. He also could have taken his cues from people like Robert Spencer, who magically and incoherently posit claims such as “Iran’s ambition” is to “conquer the world for Islam.”[3]

Spencer is actually one of the most annoying Neocon puppets around, and he certainly has been making his living positing colossal hoaxes, categorical lies and complete fabrications.

In any event, the US can no longer hide behind the Zionist mask that Iran is a terrorist state and that Saudi Arabia is friend and ally. By 2009, King Abdullah and Saudi Aramco had already spent more than $200 million at major American and European universities such as Stanford, Cornell, Texas A&M, University of California Berkley, CalTech, Georgia Tech, Peking, and Oxford on technology research in order to make Saudi oil last longer, since it was indicated that the oil was expected to run dry in fifty years.[4]

Saudi Arabia has also admitted that they supported terrorist rebels in Syria.[5] But for years, both the New York Times and the Washington Post knew about the CIA’s drone base in Saudi Arabia and never told the American people.[6] Bahrain, the small island off the coast of Saudi Arabia, also has methodically and brutally tortured its own citizens.[7] And the US supported all of that by arming the regime.[8]

More importantly, Saudi Arabia has killed Yemeni children in their classroom through air strikes.[9] No US president has ever challenged the Saudis for this morally repugnant act. Now they are telling us that Iran needs to be expunged?

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  1. :))))) (another laugh till the pain in the guts) Nothing personal, but…. US officials are rare idiots. I wonder what kind of casting these talking heads go through :))))))) Stupid people, without any average knowledge of geography, history, political news…. Seems – it became a good tradition for USA to funny the world with such US officials :)))))))
    P/S – Please, return Jane Psaki back to this job! We love her very much in Russia 🙂

  2. That is priceless! The guy froze like a deer in the headlights..When he says the supposed threat that comes from Iran, comes from an apparatus that is not at all responsive to it’s electorate, is he saying that the supposed Iranian threat is not associated with the government? That’s what it sounds like to me.

  3. I saw this earlier this morning on a different site and nearly LOL. The reporter dropped a truth bomb that left a 50 foot crater in that Trumpet who then went on to stumble and fumble like a rank amateur, only to cal it quits seconds later. HAW, HAW,HAW! fear for that reporter’s life though. Trumpy may have him fired or murdered.
    The Drumpf administration is now into full fascist mode. Selling arms to those snotty nosed sack of parrot droppings was the last straw. Drumpf is an embarrassment to the American people and a threat to the rest of the world.
    Unfortunately there are too few people in congress who will do anything to stop the sales and worse still, too many Rethugnicans who support this foul creature who has d not only sullied the White House but has finished off what was left of America’s standing in the world.
    The Saudis, being the most morally depraved as well as socially and politically backward state in the world, continue to live as if it were the 10th century. There is nothing positive to say about that blight on humanity. Its people are lazy, indolent, arrogant and backward.

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