Government by Psychotronics?


by  Preston James


Even if informed about this massive shift to a new psychotronic form of government, the masses at large will be unable to fathom the extent of the technology now deployed against them.

The JFK Assassination marked a shift from the regular post-WWII Fascism to a new Super Fascism characterized by the infiltration, stacking and hijacking of the State and its conversion to serve as a servant and tool of a network of about 147 large international corporations.

The corporations in this network have been controlled by CEOs, who usually shared membership in numerous other Boards of Directors, thus creating a set of interlocked boards that gravitated to the same overall Globalist NWO Agenda.

Much of their commitment to a shared Globalist NWO Agenda to establish a single one-world government has been linked to their typical membership in High Freemasonry and Secret Societies, many associated with Ivy league universities.

It’s a little known fact that membership in these secret societies has created a Hierarchy of covert government which then directs the DC ceremonial government through an old boy system of powerful close associations that controls top career opportunities and access to large financial resources and political power.

At the top of this Hierarchy, twelve Kings have been appointed to run the world. Recently, two of these Kings have died, one is very sick and close to death, and another soon to follow; they are all of old age, despite all the various high-tech efforts made to extend their lives.

The American Military became the servant of this network of international corporations, but the financial center was the RKM run out of the City of London. Top respected researchers have claimed that it is the Jesuit Superior General or the Black Pope who is the head of the Hierarchy and is empowered by the European Old Black Nobility Luciferians.

After the Roswell UFO crash, the Hierarchy went into a panic and used the US Military to recover the bodies and anti-gravity craft not only from Roswell but other UFO crashes soon after that. Apparently the presence of a storm with lightning in combination with the Military’s radar caused these crashes, but some occurred because US fighter planes actually shot them down.

It was decided that a complete national security lock-down had to be imposed and the Alien ET matter was to be considered even more secret than the Manhattan atomic bomb project or Teller’s Hydrogen Bomb development project.

It was quickly decided that back engineering of the technology of these recovered crashed Alien ET craft would provide an immense advantage militarily and the US Military did not want that knowledge stolen or shared with any other nation except those involved in Operation Paperclip in the last two years of WWII.

Before the end of WWII, British and American Intel made a deal with certain Nazis involved in running Intel and advanced weapons technology (including V2 rocketry and the anti-gravity Bell which used highly energized counter-rotating mercury). These groups would be brought to America and given complete immunity, and then also given jobs working in these two areas.

This extreme national security lock-down on the UFO matter led to the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 and the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency which became a tool used by the Hierarchy. The CIA and other Intel groups which followed were set up to protect all Hierarchy secrets not just Alien ET matters, but also its secret policies set up to mind-kontrol the masses.

It was soon ascertained that the masses could be adequately controlled through covert educational changes and a systematic takeover of the Major Mass Media and conversion of it to their own News Cartel, in reality an illegal monopoly.

Hollywood was used during WWII at the Laurel Canyon secret studios to be able to produce strong mind-kontrolling movies. By the way, during off hours this secret studio was used to film pornography and snuff films for the secret Satanic pedophile network. This network was started by the followers of Aleister Crowley, folks like Jack Parsons of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA. David McGowan is now deceased, but you perhaps can still find his classic works on Laurel Canyon.

The Hierarchy set up numerous high-level policy boards and various elite staffed non-profit foundations to advise their cronies placed in high USG positions. These groups served to render advice and consent to elected and appointed USG officials who realized that they were owned and would be sanctioned or removed if not obedient to the policies set by these groups. Basically the USG is a government run by the policies secretly set by these groups staffed by elite Cutouts.

As the numerous defense contractors became involved in dealing with the back-engineering of crashed recovered UFOs and the application of that technology to electronics, communication and defense, they became larger, more secret and more powerful.

This whole new form of government evolved in response to the Assassination of JFK, best described as Super Fascism. And in association with the increasingly well funded and secret UFO back-engineering programs resulted in the emergence of a Secret Shadow Government. At first this SSG took orders from the Twelve Kings that sat at the top of the Hierarchy.

But as more and more Alien ET technology was back-engineered and utilized, the covert power of the SSG increased and began to become a major power in its own right and now has become a challenger to the hubris of the Twelve Kings and their Hierarchy itself.

When the Hierarchy assassinated JFK, RFK and MLK, it was their attempt to suppress populism and keep the American masses in line.

Ever since 1913, the COL franchised Banksters (FRS) and the major US corporations gained enough power to use the US Military as their enforcer in order to maintain access to cheap foreign natural resources and keep the local peasant oppressed slaves.

As the Nazi Intel system was imported to form the newly emerging CIA system and its progeny under Gehlen and Mueller, a major emphasis was to keep the American masses from becoming populist and making any mass challenge to the hegemony of the Hierarchy.

This new policy by the Hierarchy resulted in what amounted to a secret declaration of war against We The People by those controlling this new system of secret government, best called the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

It was understood that the educational system public and private could be used to instill various attitudes of compliance to the will of the Hierarchy such as a narrow minded view of patriotism involving the unquestioned sacrifice of young male soldiers for Corporate wars in order to obtain cheap access to illegal narcotics and vast profits of war.

During the Vietnam war, this secret oppression became visible with FBI and Military Intel assigned to infiltrate and obfuscate any legitimate groups. And these covert forces set up their own criminal groups like the Weathermen, which served the Hierarchy like the current false-flag terror events they enact in America now.

And even now any political dissent is monitored and major efforts are made to infiltrate, suppress, hijack it and dirty it up to de-legitimize it. The FBI is a large RICO crime syndicate that serves the Hierarchy and has been exposed for numerous Cointelpro efforts which included, bombings, entrapped phony terror by retarded or mentally ill patsies. This started during the Vietnam war and has continued ever since to this day.

In the early 1950s, it was decided inside certain Intel groups that cultural programming by the newly developed Television would be even better mind-kontrol of the masses than the previous controls of the Radio, which involved carefully crafted information releases.

Soon it was understood that the human brain was an electrical device that could be externally (remotely) entrained (controlled). Once this was understood, a mad rush was on to develop the most efficient means to entrain the brains of the masses without creating obvious, noticeable symptoms that would draw too much attention.

CIA scientists soon discovered that various wave form transmissions such as ELF, Microwaves and pulse-beam microwaves could be very effective in entraining the human brain. It wasn’t long before these brain scientists understood that remote entrainment by electronic induction transmitters (they defined as Psychotronics) could be deployed to be far more powerful and much less obvious than educational and cultural control.

The SSG did not want to stop using Hollywood, the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and the educational systems for mind-kontrolling the masses, but shifted their emphasis to Psychotronics in the early 1980’s.

So far it cannot yet be proved, but it is my best guess that the advanced psychotronics that have been deployed as a weapon of war against We The People are actually based on back-engineered Alien ET technology, both from crashed recovered UFOs but also gained form joint research projects with Alien ETs.

It is known that some Alien ETs lived in captivity under USN and USAF control for a while and were able to communicate directly to those close to them by some form of sophisticated Psi-power. Various efforts were made to investigate this and allegedly involved use of Josephson Junctions to access alternative dimensions believed involved in direct mind to mind communication.

In any event in the late 1980’s, the electrical system of the human brain was successfully hacked and the technology by which to do it remotely was developed, commercialized and deployed. These devices are now being manufactured and sold by certain defense contractors to Agencies and entities (some defense contractors and corporation deputized under national security). They are now being deployed in every major public school, home, retail store, restaurant and basically everywhere.

In about 1990, it was recognized that the SSG would rule by Psychotronics and various Intel agencies deployed them against one another. The secret war between Aquatech and Comm 12 resulted (see the Comm 12 briefing report from 1992).

The Secret Shadow Government created the Secret Space War to counter what they defined as an “Alien ET threat to World”. As funding grew, so did the secrets and the development of very advanced weaponry including various kinds of psychotronics, some designed to replicate the Hierarchy’s use of satanic trauma to murder the soul of selected mind-kontrolled child inductees.

At present the Hierarchy’s goal is to use advanced psychotronics in combination with cultural and  informational controls and frequent blood shock of terror from televised murders, in movies and programs designed to strip the individual soul out of each member of society. The goal to transform them into compliant followers of the policies set by the Hierarchy.

Former top CIA scientist Robert Duncan, Ph.D. has rightfully claimed that the human brain has been hacked and can be externally entrained. He has disclosed as much as he is able.


Right now the Hierarchy is attempting to supersede the controls provided by their DC visible government of owned dupes and cutouts, most of whom have sold out or been compromised one way or another. Most of the public is now controlled by exposure to Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, subliminal sound systems, smart-meters which are not UL-rated and are a fire hazard and a health hazard due to the pulsed beam emissions.

The Pulsed beam microwaves of Wi-Fi modems has been shown to be especially effective in creating anxiety and depression in certain individuals and can be deplloyed like aim-able radar antenna arrays.

The DC government is ceremonial only and designed to keep the American masses distracted. From here on out, the Hierarchy plans to control the masses by increased and more intense deployment of advanced, covert psychotronics, that is, the application of remote induction psychotronics which entrain the brain, and the continued use of subliminal sound systems.

It is not a done deal however. The Secret Space War Program (SSWP) has become more and more deeply classified, and this had created more and more power for it especially because of the great deal of advanced technologies they now have. They have become more powerful than the Hierarchy, even though some of the Hierarchy’s Kings have been represented on their large control board (formerly Majestic 12).

And there is another problem. Because of the close association of those who run the Secret Space War program to certain Alien ET groups, these folks have experienced what is best described as esoteric drift into a different mindset than the Hierarchy’s Kings. Is this drift into a certain esoteric mindset a product of learning certain new truths or have these folks been covertly mind-kontrolled by Alien ETs using Psi-power?

In any event, it looks like the Secret Space War Program (SSWP) is now in direct competition with the Hierarchy and has been responsible for all the leaks which took down the DNC.

And despite all the various Mind-kontrol modalities deployed against We The People, the worldwide presence of the Internet which is the New Gutenberg Press has neutralized a fair portion of all this advanced mind-kontrol and is responsible for a growing and increasingly powerful emergence of populism.

The Hierarchy is responding by working to demonetize the web for bloggers and websites, intermittently censoring and blocking searches and perhaps may attempt to institute a new two-tiered censored Internet. But so far all their attempts are failing, and it’s a good guess that we will see the Hierarchy destroyed in years to come piece by piece by the Secret Space War Program folks, who now apparently have a different agenda of their own, one I have proposed that is best called Cosmic Fascism.


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  1. There can be no outcome of all these turmoils except mass destruction for the majority of entities which exist. If there is an optimal form of reality, most of what constitutes this world would have to be filtered out for anything compatible with it to proceed into or toward that optimal reality. This realm has always been a battlefield, and will always be one until the battle is over. Then it will cease to exist. Don’t be too attached to it. Psychotronics is an amplification of the war of mind against mind, evil against the Good, in these temporary physical forms. Evil should not be fought as if claiming this realm were the issue at stake, but should be fought as if this realm were just a stage for that conflict. Otherwise one becomes enamored with one’s shackles and cannot break free, not seeing one’s prison as a confinement, but rather taking it as a refuge. It is a psywar by nature, but one’s volitional deliberation cannot be usurped without obviating the benefits of manipulation, as a being who doesn’t capitulate willingly cannot surrender. This is one of the limits to such manipulation. We who value what is Good should therefore aspire to it for its own sake, but not necessarily expect there to be any manifest rewards in the world, for it is a battlefield, not a home.

  2. I have been using this for over 3 years and haven’t had side effects thought I do take them off for a vigorous excersize routine so my head get a brake most day .
    It takes about 15 min for psycotronic tech to lock back on after removal , I can hear and feel as the frequency changes and the system get a lock and I head for my magnet cradle. But as I go for a long vigorous jog for 40 min or so and the tech is not able to lock on effectively in this state , I can say why .

    Its also possible to set up a hat and even a cap with such a system but I have found that only by having mag place on the skull does the complete effect work . And yet I have had a brain scan and no I don’t have a lodger !

    The mediators of this sight might place this solution with dia at the top of the page to help others .
    As said this forms a 6 pointed star when looking down on the skull crown where each star point represents mag clusters . Gook luck all !

  3. To Block Psycotronic Signal :

    I have been harassed with psycotronically for 12years ,gas lighted and poisoned many times , even hit by a sky ward ray gun , inducing a vomiting effect in a 3 m dia around my computer chair for posting to the Hidden History of WW1 .
    Anyway by using 6 groups (2 mags drawn together over fabric cradle will hold the mags in position ) of neodymium magnets ( about 10 mm dia and 3-4 mm thick each mag— these mag are very strong ) placed around my head two on the sides of temples one at back of head And then another 3 groups around the top of the skull crown off set by 180 degrees , so the lot would form a star of david if viewed from above . The polarity for the bottom array needs to be + – front ,then back either – or + But the top array needs to be offset so as to create an unstable magnetic field , whick I assume prevents entrainment , this is important or the it doesn’t work properly So : For the top array – or + for front group , then the back two groups needs to be + and – . This definitely block/ interfers with the psycotronic signal so that even though I can hear the hiss , I don’t get the entrainment effect . Another set of mags can be placed at the crown for even more complete effect . I’m forced to sleep with this and wear all day . I have tried crystals and they help ameliorate the effect (natrolite worn close to the throat chakra , closes the third eye which prevents heart chakra attack ; but I can’t say how this part works …? )

    • Hello,
      Is it possible you can give a bit more detail on positioning the neodymium magnets?

      Thank you

  4. Great Article , ties in what parts 1 ,2 3 of Cosmic Warfare infact could I suggest that this be renamed as an introduction to the others , Which are really so FarOut as to blow the circuits of the average curious dude .
    I have seen these aliens and hybrid in Australia , and strangely one of Dr Prestons links took me to Youtube where I went for an Alien video trawl , quite a lot of convincing stuff BUT one of the vids I came across was of a Quebecan woman (and her English speaking boyfriend ) claiming that she was an alien hybrid where she told the strange story of her mothers pregancy etc etc . I kept looking at this woman thinking I have seen her features somewhere else but couldn’t remember where (she looks like she’s had bad plastic surgery ) but today I remembered , its a masseuse , I use down on The Strand ! Funny because I swear she had stopped me talking with psychic powers on my first session , I literally couldn’t use my voice box , it was paralyzed ! And a crooked vertebra straightened . Love those aliens !

  5. ” it looks like the Secret Space War Program (SSWP) is now in direct competition with the Hierarchy”

    For the longest time, the SSP has been controlled but recently their mindset has taken on a life of its own, realizing that with the technology they now have and certain ET factions seemingly willing to go against the ones who have had their grip on mankind for thousands of years, there are many breakaway groups still wanting control but ready to throw the NWO hierarchy under the bus. It helps that they are dying off after years of holding a death grip on mankind.

    Still, there will be infighting as one by one, insiders come forward to form opposition groups. The space war that has been going on between certain ET groups will soon involve the SSP in a major way but the NASA JPL satanists are still working on Project Blue Beam so that they will appear to be the heroes that save the day…..

    Those promoting the “alien agenda” to remove humans, animals and all of nature from the planet are one in the same with the “satanic NWO agenda”
    which leads directly to a coming spiritual war where all will be tested and anyone not going along with their agenda is the enemy…..

    Be prepared…It’s going to get messy.

  6. Rename SETI to SITI and you have it. SETI = search for extraterrestial life SITI = search for intraterrestrial life

  7. Excellent article ! If somebody thinks that those, using false-flags (often as pure psy-ops) on almost daily basis to achieve their goals, will wink before using all other available forms of psychotronics (not requiring theatrical scenarios, MK-ultras, crisis actors, etc.) against the population at a slightest convenience, such person is unbelievably naive . And those who think that there are no false-flags at all may not worry about anything – no psychotronics will ever hurt their brains.

  8. Preston, forget Cathy O’Brien at your own peril. In one of her books she told she was used by the C.i.A. as a sex slave for Daniel Ortega. Someone had given him a “key” to be said which put Cathy into one of her MK-Ultra personalities where she gave Daniel a message, while also having sex with him – SEX, talk about Positive Reinforcement. Fast Forward to Julian Assange. Pam Anderson visited him in the Ecudorian Embassy. Had Julian been given a “key” to put Pam into one of her MK-Ultra personality where she gave him a message? Seems likely.
    Cathy also wrote about “Harmonics.” She stated that it is a newer form of mind control and much stronger. Sounds just like your psychotronics. If it is, you’re wasting a lot of time “rediscovering the wheel.”
    Then, there’s Jean Eisenhower with her information about the military space force and bases under the ocean as well as the Small Greys using mind control on the military personnel who work with them.

    I hope to have saved you some time and helped you to have saved some minds with this information. For some reason, I’m immune to Harmonics and Psychotronics. Every time “they” put a beautiful MK-Ultra women in front of me, before, anything else, I say to my self: “Because I don’t give a shit about anything, nothing matters.”

    • Obviously you haven’t read many of my articles. I have presented MK-Ultra and mind-kontrol frequently in past articles. You come off as a troll.

  9. Khalid, you are wrong. My colleague Dr. Kevin Barrett has told me that Islamic prayer has chased away ETs that were threatening and I have reported that. I have also mentioned bad Djinns. So you haven’t read my articles on the Secret Space War Program.

    Admittedly I am not an Islamic scholar nor do I have the working knowledge of the Koran as Dr. Barrett does so I cannot go beyond that. I have explained numerous times that I am a Conservative Christian believer and I have also claimed at times that all major religion are targeted for infiltration and hijacking by the BT/RKM/COL to distort, misuse and corrupt them.

  10. Another excellent article Preston, thank you.

    I’ve read from a few different sources that there were two crashes at Roswell and the second one, which not too many people have heard of, produced human bodies and body parts. This makes me wonder if what was recovered at Roswell was nothing more than a Nazi Haunebu disc craft and maybe that’s why they were so anxious to bring over those Nazi’s with paperclip. I wouldn’t be surprised if seven decades and trillions of dollars later, that they’ve been able to develop aerial vehicles that would seem ‘out of this world’ to an overwhelming majority of people. It could be that they’re trying to achieve their one world government by deceiving the people into believing our existence as a species is being threatened by ET’s, hoping to unite humanity against a perceived outside force. Look at the so called “security” measures they’ve imposed under the guise of the fabricated threat of terrorism. Imagine the oppressive measures they could impose if “aliens” were particle beaming millions of people to atomic dust?

    • Amelius, good points. Some ETs appear to be harmless, some helpful and some known to be haters of humans and dangerous enemies. There are well documented cases of some ETs attacking humans, some with witnesses present. And the Secret Space War Program spends trillions, reportedly fighting certain groups of ETs in deep space and supposedly protecting Earth. I can tell you that I know for a firsthand fact these ETs are real and at least one group is a real enemy and has attacked humans here on Earth. Now what exactly are these entities? Some claim they are just another species of being, an alternative to humans. Others say that humans are distinctly different, created by God Almighty in his image. Others claim that these ETs are ET/human hybrids, some claim that some ETs are actually gene spliced biological androids, and some claim they are fallen/lesser gods. You may find Michael Heiser’s videos on interesting.

    • Thank you for the reference to Michael Heiser, I’ll be sure to check it out. I don’t doubt for a second that ET’s are real. I may have even had an encounter with them when I was very young, but I can’t be certain and this sounds crazy to most people so I rarely ever mention it. That being said, I’m convinced that at least some of these beings are ‘extra-dimensional’ (ED) beings, existing on planes of reality that normally exist outside the range of human sensory perception. There could be geological conditions on Earth, like powerful thunderstorms, or earthquakes, that allow these beings to be perceived from time to time. There could also be ancient methods/rituals kept as carefully guarded secrets that makes the summoning of these beings possible, like Solomon summoning and commanding Jinn to build his temple…

    • Khalid, is there a specific version you would recommend? There were so many different ones when I looked it up. The one I read was Chapter 27-Sura, the ant (an-Nami). It did indeed tell of how Solomon commanded imps and sprites (devils).

  11. It is totally against Universal Law to control another being’s mind without his / her / its consent. It is a crime against the fundamental nature of Creation and a crime against God. All those responsible have incurred horrendous karmic debts. They will either pay their debts off in full or their souls will be uncreated (as in soul dissolution). If they do not now ask God to forgive them, accept the healing package and work off their debts, they will simply cease to exist. Just as God creates souls, so can God uncreate them. Time is running work…..

    • FYI, Lucifer has asked to be (and has been) forgiven, been healed and is now working his butt off to undo the harm he has caused.

    • Col, I don’t agree that Lucifer (Satan, the Serpent God) has repented and changed his ways. There is zero evidence for this and lots that it is just not so. If that was true he would stop engendering pedophilia and child sacrifice in DC, fomentation of terror and mas war, as well as large international illegal narcotics and drug trafficking. In fact, the evil he is manifesting is increasing and many Christian Biblical scholars believe that the KJV claims this and it will end in a major confrontation, a Cosmic battle for Earth between Satan and his fallen lesser gods and demons, and God Almighty.

    • Oh he’s turned alright. I asked him what happens now and he said I’ll see the changes around me. He’s OK, just a tad on the bossy side. However we still need people to wake up. For that to happen, all this horrible mind control techology must go. If your people are truly working for the highest good of all, then ask them to sabotage this crap which is holding down human consciousness, pls. And it’s about time the black ops guys release the suppressed technologies which we the people have paid for. We need action, not hot air.

    • How can I explain this? Suppose there’s a collective where one member gets a brain fart, buggers off to a remote place where he finds a bunch of silly cargo culters to worship him. And that sick guy teaches his idiotic worshippers all sorts of perversions, like eating their own babies etc. Word gets back home of what that guy’s doing and expeditions are sent out to persuade the guy to let them treat his brain fart. Well, he finally agreed to accept the healing. It’s taken a long time because we respect his free will choice and can’t heal him without his agreement. You guys gotta grow up and not worship any old Tom, Dick and Harry entity that shows up here. It just ain’t civilised to sacrifice your own babies and rape your children etc.

  12. @darelld What better way are you thinking to destroy a castle than from within by infiltrating it ? Even if it is the House of God ?

  13. When you look at the history of the Catholic Church, especially in the last 500 years or so, I don’t see how the Vatican can be considered anything other than evil. There has been a horrendous amount of child molestation and rape committed by pedophile priests and bishops and covered-up by arch-bishops etc. It was bad enough in cities across the US and Europe as well and Australia and New Zealand, but even more heart-breaking was the abuse of Native American and Native Canadian school children who were kidnapped form their homes and forced to attend boarding school. Many of these innocent children perished under suspicious circumstances.

    If that isn’t creepy enough, what about the inquisition a few hundred years ago, when anyone who disagreed with the Catholic Church was brutally burned at the stake or died for other forms of torture?

    I feel bad for the many good sincere people who have been Catholics and still are – they are in for a rude shock when all of the corruption from the Vatican is fully and openly revealed.

    I respect sincere Catholics, but quite frankly, I think the Hierarchy of the Church and especially the Vatican really sucks.

  14. See this
    and look what is going on against normal humans by Inteligence agencies world wide.

  15. “as a most undesirable consequence of war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow” 16th President Abraham Lincoln ….almost 100 years later…35th President JFK Assassination “marked a shift” or total takeover US military serving as a servant and tool of a network of about 147 large international corporations with Interlocking Boards and revolving doors ……all with the same overall Globalist NWO Agenda….subservient to what President Lincoln identified as “a monstrous and ruthless conspiracy” …. known as israel

    • “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
      ― George Orwell

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