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[Editor’s note: We are delighted to publish the latest in a series of wonderful articles by Ralph Cinque that have made highly significant discoveries which expose and penetrate the tissue of lies surrounding the JFK slaying and in particular, the role of Lee Harvey Oswald who, ultimately, was a second victim of the same criminal conspiracy that killed the president. In this latest article, Ralph makes a very compelling case that Jack Ruby, notorious ‘killer’ of Oswald was also a hapless victim of this most massive and wide-ranging conspiracy.

Ralph and his colleages in the Oswald Innocence Campaign have made significant contributions to our understanding of this most important of conspiracies including several key discoveries that re-write large parts of the narrative surrounding Oswald. You can read their many excellent articles at their website:

OSWALD IN THE DOORWAY- the blog of the Oswald Innocence Campaign by Ralph Cinque 



by Ralph Cinque

A new and very compelling element has emerged to explain the urgency that authorities had to get Lee Harvey Oswald killed. It concerns something that happened on the evening of Saturday, November 23, which was the night before Oswald was killed.

What happened is that Oswald tried to call an intelligence agent in North Carolina whose name was John Hurt. He submitted two telephone numbers to the switchboard operator, but the call was never placed. Police officers were there who instructed the operator, Louise Sweeney, not to do it.

But, the reason we know about it is because of another operator whose name was Alveeta Treon. She was a witness to it. She was on the line with Oswald and Louise Sweeney, and she heard everything that happened. Then afterwards, she made a formal record of what happened, and here it is:

So, it was to be a collect call. The area code was 919, which was Raleigh, North Carolina. And the numbers were 834-7430 and 833-1253. The person called was John Hurt. “da” meant “didn’t answer” which is what Louise Sweeney told Oswald. And “ca” meant cancelled; the calls were cancelled. But, the one who filled out the form was definitely Alveeta Treon, not Louise Sweeney. Louise was instructed by the cops NOT to make a record of it. But, realizing that it was important, Alveeta did. That is her handwriting.

The way the other side has tried to spin this is to say that there was a call, but it was an incoming call, a prank call, from John Hurt to Oswald. But, that is ridiculous because Alveeta Treon was on the line, and she heard, with her own ears, Oswald providing the phone numbers to Louise Sweeney and trying to make the outgoing call.

And think about how unlikely it is. It’s one thing to say that a prank call came in for Oswald. But, the prank caller just happened to be an intelligence agent who was linked to the Office of Naval Intelligence in Negs Head, North Carolina, which had a clandestine program of recruiting former servicemen to become false defectors to the Soviet Union? It is beyond the pale to think that the prank caller just happened to have those associations. And regardless, Alveeta Treon was on the line, and she heard Oswald trying to make the call. There is no reason to doubt her. It was definitely an outgoing call.

But, there’s more. Two days after Oswald died, Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden received a call from Secret Service Agent Forest Sorrels, who attended Oswald’s last interrogation and who was the first federal agent to speak to Jack Ruby after the Oswald shooting, and Sorrels admitted to Abraham that Oswald had tried to call “John Hurd.” That’s how Abraham remembers hearing it, but undoubtedly, it was John Hurt. And, Sorrels instructed Abraham to try to find out as much as he could about him. But, the talking point is that Sorrels admitted that it was Oswald who tried to call Hurt: and not vice versa.

And note that the “prank call” excuse didn’t surface until years later. John Hurt never said any such thing at the time. At the time, he denied having done anything. It was years later that he changed his story and started saying that he was drunk that night and had made the prank call to Oswald. Oh, so he lied to federal investigators, did he? Was he prosecuted for that? Of course not. But, it is ridiculous. He was drunk, but he left two phone numbers? Why would he do that? He knew where he was, didn’t he? If anything, he would have left one number, not two. There was no reason for him to leave two. But, Oswald didn’t know where he was, so it makes sense that he would have provided two numbers. And again, Alveeta witnessed Oswald trying to make the outgoing call via Louise Sweeney, and there is no doubt about that.

So, we know two things now: We know that Oswald tried to call an intelligence agent in North Carolina (and undoubtedly to vouch for him) and we know that the Dallas police and federal agents were frantic about it. They stopped the call from going through, and they frantically sought to find out about Hurt afterwards.

However, when they stopped that call from going through on Saturday night, they had to know that if Oswald lived, he was definitely going to succeed at reaching Hurt. They had to know that Oswald was sure to tell his lawyer about Hurt and about his U.S. intelligence connections. And, it was a ball that his lawyer would surely have run with.

Now keep in mind that law enforcement definitely prevented Oswald from seeing a lawyer. And, you don’t have to take my word for it. You merely have to listen to Oswald, with your own ears. You can hear him say that “these police officers won’t allow me to have one (a lawyer).” And, at the Midnight Press Conference, he pleaded to the whole world for someone to come forward to give him legal assistance. Note that he didn’t say anything about John Abt. He didn’t ask the world to call John Abt for him. He just asked for a lawyer. He was ready to accept help from any lawyer.

But, we have known for a long time why they wouldn’t let Oswald see a lawyer, and that’s because the first thing the lawyer would have asked Oswald is, “Did you do this?” And Oswald would have said no. And then the next thing out of the lawyer’s mouth would have been, “Then where were you at the time of the shots?” And Oswald would have told him, “out with Bill Shelley in the doorway.” And by that point in time, the lawyer would probably have already known about the Altgens photo and brought it with him. “So, is this you?”

And Oswald’s answer would definitely have been yes, but I suspect he would have qualified it by saying something similar to what he said about the Backyard photo. “Yes, it’s me, but they altered the photo.”

The Backyard photo is essentially a photo of another man in which they inserted Oswald’s face. In the Altgens photo, it is a photo of Oswald, including his distinctive clothing, the same clothes in which he was arrested, and it’s his face too. Except: the top of his head (including his forehead and hairline) are that of Billy Lovelady, taken from a photo from the 1950s.

So, Doorman is like a centaur, except instead of being half man/half horse, he is half Oswald/half Lovelady, and the proportion isn’t 50/50. In terms of area, he is more like 80% Oswald and 20% Lovelady.

So, all of that would have come out as soon as Oswald saw an attorney. And there is much more that would have come out. Oswald would have, very convincingly, told the attorney that he didn’t own any rifle and knew nothing about Klein’s Sporting Goods in Chicago. He would have told him that he NEVER traveled to Mexico City. And there is a great deal more that would have come out. But, the part about Oswald having U.S. intelligence connections and having contacts that he could make public, that was gold. Well, from Oswald’s perspective it was gold. From the plotter’s perspective, it was radioactive poison. And, it made the imperative to get Oswald killed all that much more urgent.

How much longer could they deny Oswald an attorney before it was blatantly obvious they were infringing on his constitutional rights? The clock was ticking. Every passing hour was making it look all the worse. And then what? They just got lucky? Miraculously, a lone nut by the name of Jack Ruby showed up and did what they desperately needed, which was to kill Oswald?

Well, if you believe that, then YOU, like Oswald and like Ruby, are a patsy of theirs. If you are smart enough to realize that the official story of JFK’s murder is a lie, and that the official story of JD Tippit’s murder is a lie, but you can’t see that the official story of Oswald’s murder is also a lie, then you aren’t smart at all. You are being completely bamboozled.

Even though I have written about it before, let’s look at this again because I want you to realize that there is NO evidence that Jack Ruby shot Oswald. None! All of the evidence; every bit of it; is to the contrary. And we can start with the photographic evidence.

There is NO image of Jack Ruby, the real Jack Ruby, in that garage. You can’t see him there. If you think you see him there, you don’t, I’m telling you that you don’t. You’re not seeing him there; you are just thinking him there. You are seeing him with your mind not your eyes.

Above is the Bob Jackson photo, which is the most famous photo of “Ruby” shooting Oswald. Does that look like Jack Ruby to you? It shouldn’t. Jack Ruby was taller than that. Jack Ruby was 5′ 8 1/2″ just one-half inch shorter than Oswald, and that man is definitely shorter than that. Do you see that he has a cleanly razored neck in back with a high horizontal hairline? That’s not how Jack Ruby was. He was very scruffy with hair growth in back, going all the way down to his collar.

Now, let’s look at the shooter in the 2nd most famous photo, the Jack Beers photo. Notice again his cleanly razored neck in back and horizontal hairline. Notice also that he wore light grey socks.

But, Jack Ruby wore black socks.

Note that they have tried to spin this by saying that, upon his killing Oswald, Jack Ruby was immediately undressed and given a change of underwear, by order of the Dallas Police. But, that is ridiculous! Oswald supposedly shot Kennedy, and they didn’t change his underwear. They didn’t change one thread of clothing on him, let alone his underwear.

I called the Dallas City Jail; recently. And I was told, by the jailer, that they don’t provide ANY clothing to prisoners. No uniforms of any kind. And that’s because they don’t usually keep them there that long. Upon seeing a judge, (and in Texas, that means within 24 hours of your arrest, and usually less) they are summarily sent somewhere elsewhere – to the County Jail or wherever. They don’t provide uniforms to City Jail detainees, let alone underwear. Period. And it was no different in 1963.

Think about how ridiculous it is. This was a big city police department, but they weren’t inventorying socks and underpants for their prisoners. And what? Collecting their soiled underwear and having to wash it and return it and keep track of it all? Are you kidding me? But, get a load of this: they actually put into Ruby’s property invoice, the following:

1 set underwear? What even is a set of underwear? What does it consist of? Not worth specifying? And notice how it is crowded between those two other listings like it was added later. I’m sure it was.

So, the official story has it that upon arresting Ruby for shooting Oswald, where he also tried to shoot Detective James Leavelle, and where Ruby struggled so mightily that it took a whole herd of big cops to corral him into the jail office without handcuffing him.

It is the first and only time in police history that a violent offender was moved somewhere without first handcuffing him.

But supposedly, once they got him into the jail office, they did handcuff him, and then they took him up to the 5th floor for processing. And, the first thing they wanted from him when they got up there was his clothes. So, Ruby took off his jacket and pants and shirt. And then they said:

“No, Jack. Take it off. Take it ALL off. We want everything. We need everything. Give us your drawers.”

I’m laughing as I’m typing; it is so preposterous. What actually happened is that in an operation like this, stuff falls through the cracks. You just can’t think of everything. Bookhout’s neckline was different from Ruby’s? They didn’t think of that. Bookhout’s socks were a different color than Ruby’s? They just didn’t think of it.

The Garage Shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald was definitely FBI Agent James Bookhout who was pretending to be Ruby. What he claimed afterwards is that he was there for the final interrogation of Oswald that morning, and then, he chose not to come down to watch the Jail Transfer. He had followed Oswald around everywhere else up to that point, but this time, he wasn’t interested. He was just going to pass on it and hang around Fritz’ office doing nothing instead. Then, he said he got word that Oswald had been shot, so, he rushed down to the Jail Office and saw Oswald on the ground. And then he said he got behind the stretcher as it was wheeled out. And we have a picture of him doing that.

You see that short guy in back, looking down and looking guilty, like he’s hiding something? That is FBI Agent James Bookhout, and a few minutes before, he was in the garage wielding a gun and pretending to be Jack Ruby.

But, didn’t Ruby admit to shooting Oswald? NO! Ruby just didn’t deny it. He said he had no memory of doing it. What he said was that he remembered going to the garage, and being pounced upon by police, but nothing in-between. And that’s exactly what happened when he was there. It was earlier. It was the better part of an hour earlier. That’s when he got there. And after his incident, they rushed him upstairs to the 5th floor, and then they got set up to do it again for the cameras, with James Bookhout playing the role of Jack Ruby.

How could they expect to get away with it? After all, if somebody tried it with you, would they have any chance of succeeding? Of course not. There is no way they could pin it on you. But, Jack Ruby was mentally deranged, and they knew it. He was strung out on amphetamines. High doses of multiple amphetamines. And, there is a condition called “amphetamine psychosis.” But, in addition to that, there are very compelling grounds to believe that Jack Ruby was an MK-ULTRA subject, like Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, and Mark David Chapman. When he was in custody, they sent the top CIA mind control doctor to treat Ruby. His name was Dr. Louis Joylan West, out of UCLA. They flew him out from the West Coast. Why? Didn’t they have any psychiatrists in Dallas? And why did Ruby’s lawyers let this happen? Since when does the State, when it’s prosecuting a man for murder, get to pick his doctor? That is outrageous! Why didn’t Ruby’s lawyers object? It is unfathomable. Somebody needs to write a book about Ruby’s lawyers.

Dr. Louis Joylan West was known as the “Maestro of Mind Control”, and he was sent to treat Jack Ruby. What does that tell you? And it wasn’t just one time either. He flew out multiple times to treat him.

My friends: Jacob Rubenstein (Jack Ruby) was innocent. He was just as innocent as Lee Harvey Oswald. Both of them were set up. Both of them were patsies. The difference was that Oswald was of right mind, while Ruby was not. Did you know that Ruby brought his beloved dog along that Sunday morning and left her in the car? So, how could he have had any intention of killing Oswald if he knew he wasn’t going home?

It is my strong conviction that the order to kill Oswald came down from the top, meaning from Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover. It was a joint DPD/FBI operation. And Jack Ruby was just a totally witless and hapless patsy. A more pathetic and hapless individual has never walked the face of the Earth.

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  1. As a freshman in high school, I was watching the Oswald murder event live. To me, it looked like the guards were holding his arms and the shooter had a clean shot with nothing in the way. Look at Oswald’s upper hand – the curvature next to his thumb indicates that hand was in another place, just like the right arm must have a strangely short forearm. The deputy on Oswald’s right side was holding his arm down. This is a heavily doctored photo.

  2. To Khalid, I am glad you brought up the issue of Leavelle’s left arm being in Oswald’s pants. It’s the first and only time that a police officer walked along with a prisoner with his hand in his pants. But, I’m here to tell you that I think it’s fake. And I ask you to go back and look at the images of it again to see how fake it really looks. They decided that they needed that for the story- after the fact. Another thing I should point out is that both Leavelle and Graves, the other officer, said that besides the cuffs between Leavelle and Oswald, there was another set just on Oswald, cuffing his two hands to each other. But check the Jackson photo because it shows that Oswald’s hands were NOT cuffed. So, the lies abound. And to mb: your point resonates with me: what if nobody died? Well, I do think Oswald died. They could NOT let him live. But, I don’t believe he died in the garage. I believe that the garage shooting was fake (everyone said there was no blood, and thank you for pointing that out bjackanic). I believe they shot Oswald afterwards, either in the police building or on the way to the hospital. And yes, JohnZ, it has reached the point that one would have to be mentally defective to believe the official story. And that pertains to the official stories of all 3 murder: Kennedy’s, Tippit’s, and Oswald’s. They lied about all 3. Essentially, the same people who killed Kennedy killed the other two. And yes, LBJ was a monster. Read Phiil Nelson. He lays it all out.

  3. If LHO was shot, then where is all of the blood? No blood splatter, no pool of blood. No bullet.

  4. “We know that Oswald tried to call an intelligence agent in North Carolina and the Dallas police and federal agents were frantic about it”…..as seen in the photo of Oswald taking the shot… read the faces of those present, no surprise only anticipation, no one ducks …..only a greater allegiance to a more powerful force could embolden so many….the Dallas police and federal agents are accomplices to the murder and cover-up of the 35th President of the United States…and no justice has been served upon any……yet

    • A B, The video of “Bookhout” shooting Oswald, you can see Captain Fritz walking only meters in front of Oswald, but doesn’t move a hair when the shot rings out.
      Doesn’t this man have a central nervous system? Off course he has, he just knew of the plan, and also think about it, would you have a drugged up nite club owner tasked to do the shooting, no, you use a professional.
      I don’t believe this was live on TV either, this was primitive stuff for it’s time.Swinging live to the basement just at the critical moment, nuh!

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