Syria Shoots Down Israeli Plane Suspected Of Helping ISIS


[Editor’s note: This story was not carried by the Syrian news services, this is not unusual as the shooting down of an Israeli jet would be considered an escalation. Although we have not received verification of this shootdown, the credibility of these reports is generally high and we know that the Israeli air force have indeed been flying in support of ISIS. Ian]

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Syria Shoots Down Israeli Plane Suspected Of Helping ISIS

Syria has confirmed that it shot down an Israeli plane suspected of helping ISIS which had been flying over Syrian territory, tasked with bombing innocent civilians.

Just one week after Israeli officials confirmed they were building up to a war with Hezbollah, the Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes against Syria, under the guise of targeting an alleged weapons convoy belonging to the Lebanese militia.

Syria responded by activating their anti-aircraft missile defence system against the Israeli jets, successfully taking one down and hitting another. reports:

The jet crashed in Israeli territory, however, as the planes were back over Israeli soil by the time the missile was able to connect.

The Israeli operation and the missile firing were both confirmed by the Syrian and Israeli governments. Israel would not confirm that a plane had actually been shot down, however. This is typical of Israel who tends not to acknowledge any military defeats or setbacks publicly.

Israel claimed that its air defense system, Arrow, was able to intercept one of the missiles but would not elaborate. It also refused to say whether or not the missiles caused any further damage to Israeli territory, saying that the missiles did not compromise the safety of civilians or compromise any aircraft.

The Syrian government responded to the Israeli operation by calling it “blatant aggression” designed to support “terrorist gangs” and “deflect from the victories” of the SAA. Of course, one could scarcely argue with the Syrian statement because Israel’s operation, as well as all of its past operations in Syria, is, indeed, blatant aggression. Not only that, but bombing a militia fighting terrorists is, undoubtedly, a bombing operation in support of terrorists.

Still, some are disputing the Israeli claims that Hezbollah was ever the target to begin with. These sources have argued that the Syrian military and its operations around Palmyra, particularly those centered around removing terrorists from the oil and gas fields which aid ISIS in terms of funding.

Interestingly enough, Arrow, one of Israel’s multi-layered missile defense systems, is designed to intercept long-range ballistic missiles that are located higher in the stratosphere, not mere anti-aircraft missiles. This fact has caused many to question the veracity of the Israeli claim regarding the interception of the Syrian missile.

Israel has launched a series of attacks against the Syrian military and Hezbollah inside Syria since the crisis began in 2011. Indeed, Israel has even been provided material and medical support to terrorists since the crisis began in earnest.

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  1. OOOoooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so THAT’S why the U.S. shot down the Syrian jet! A little tit for tat.

  2. This story seems identical to one ran a while back. Is this a new shutdown in June or is this old news that is somewhat rehashed?

  3. Finally, can we now forget about a suicidal American attack on North Korea and talk about the real war starting against Iran????

  4. This is good news. I urge Syria and Russia to continue to shoot down any and all planes of international war criminal trespassers Israel aided by the outlaws in the U.S. who are also international war criminal trespassers too. This is the only language these outlaws understand. The law of the jungle reigns since the worthless UN won’t stand up to these international criminals the US and Israel. Hey Netanyahu how a about riding along on the next bomb run to get shot down? This would be a favor to the world.

  5. Indeed and they wouldn’t be able to do all the evil things they do without America’s help.

  6. Curious. This actually happened March 17, 2017. The critical feature of the articles then about the incident was that Russia had allegedly sold the launch codes to the Israelis involving Syria’s (Russia supplied) anti-air defense missiles thus preventing Israel’s planes from being shot down. Iran had discovered this bit of betrayal and convinced Syria to change the codes on at least some of the systems thereby enabling an actual shoot down of an Israeli plane over Syria’s skies.

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