Vladimir Putin to Satanists and warmongers: Lying about Assad ain’t working


“If NWO agents cannot use reason to make a point, then they are right: I am their enemy.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Vladimir Putin has cut Satanists and New World Order agents to pieces again by saying that they have no political clothes when it comes to Syria and Assad. You remember how those Satanists kept blaming Assad for the chemical attack? Putin declared:

We are absolutely convinced that it was a provocation. Assad didn’t use the weapons. It was done by people who wanted to blame him for that.”

Obviously New World Order agents like John McCain and Satanists like the Neocons do not appreciate statements like that, but Putin was trying to reach a common here. He continued:

“Has Assad made mistakes? Yes, quite a few. And what about people confronting him? Are they angels? Who are they who kill people there, execute children? Are they people who we should support? Primarily, we are defending not Assad but the Syrian statehood. We don’t want to see the situation there become like it is in Libya, Somalia or Afghanistan.”

This is just a rational and defensible position. We have argued elsewhere that the so-called rebels themselves used chemical weapons in Syria, but not a single Satanist has had the moral and intellectual courage to confront those terrorists and hold them accountable.

Furthermore, and as Seymour M. Hersh has pointed, not a single Satanist wants to discuss the fact that the Israelis cooked up the “evidence” that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.[1] Listening to the Israeli gangsters has cost America greatly, and even John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago has forcefully argued that this is the case. He wrote:

“The pursuit of global domination, however, has other costs that are far more daunting. The economic costs are huge—especially the wars—and there are significant human costs as well. After all, thousands of Americans have died in Afghanistan and Iraq, and many more have suffered egregious injuries that will haunt them for the rest of their lives…”[2]

Backing the so-called Syrian rebels, said Mearsheimer, “does not solve the terrorism problem, as the most powerful groups are comprised of jihadists who hate America.” Mearsheimer indirectly ends up saying that if Zionist ideology were to be suspended for at least a year in America, decent Americans would have a chance to thrive:

“The economic costs of global dominance have been enormous. For starters, the United States has had to maintain a huge and sophisticated military with bases all over the world so that it can intervene anywhere on the planet. Not surprisingly, its defense budget dwarfs that of any other country; in 2012, for example, the United States spent more on defense ($682 billion) than the next ten countries combined ($652 billion).

“That enormous defense budget accounts for roughly 20 percent of US government spending, which is almost as much as it spends on Social Security and about the same amount it spends on Medicare and Medicaid put together. And then there are the various wars America has fought since 2001, which will probably end up costing a staggering $4–6 trillion.

“The enormous amount of money spent on defense since September 11 has contributed significantly to America’s huge national debt, which is now well over $16 trillion. That debt has been a major drag on the American economy and promises to be so for a long time to come.

“Some of the hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on preparing for and fighting unnecessary wars could have been spent instead on education, public health and transportation infrastructure, just to name a few areas on the home front where additional resources would have made the United States a more prosperous and livable country.”[3]

Other scholars such as Andrew J. Bacevich agrees. And even after the government spent billions upon billions of dollars in Iraq, the New York Times reported that “Al Qaeda-Aligned Militants Threaten Key Iraqi Cities.”[4] And then this: “Iraq fighters, al Qaeda allies, claim Falluja as new state.”[5]

This is where our tax dollars have led us. The Zionist machine wants us to spend billions upon billions of dollars on so-called war on terror and even on spying on the entire world with virtually no result. What we get in return is hatred of America, more conflict in the Middle East, and more terrorist cells.


[1] Seymour M. Hersh, “Whose Sarin?,” London Review of Books, December 8, 2013.


[3] John J. Mersheimer, “America Unhinged,” National Interest, Jan. 2, 2014.

[4] Yasir Ghazi and Tim Arango, “Al-Qaeda-Aligned Militants Threaten Key Iraqi Cities,” NY Times, January 2, 2014.

[5] Yasir Ghazi and Tim Arango, “Iraq Fighters, al Qaeda Allies, Claim Falluja as New State,” NY Times, January 3, 2014.

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  1. Insh’Allah. My goodness this is what the Creator had in mind when we, as a human race were originally created. “Here! Here is your life as a human! Twelve strands of DNA! Now go out and create!”

    These are, I believe, the first words that were spoken to us and had we not been stopped by those who the Queeny, Rothschild and the Satanists in general are serving…….what you describe Dear Brother Khalid…….is the Creation we would be living. We really are sourced from Love.

    Lucifer and his son Satan are not. Hence, we have 2 strands of DNA and quite honestly I don’t think there is whole lot we can do with 2 piddly strands of DNA. All the cards are stacked against us and we have been so genetically engineered and back-engineered that humanity has become mesmerized into a cyborg mess of a consciousness.

    God I wish people would throw away their “smart” phones and tune into the Source of All That Is. And here is the kicker. Those aberrant creatures which Lucifer, Satan and their family of whacko pyschopaths have become………are nothing……..absolutely diddly squat compared to the Creator.

    This is why I say, hang in there. Stay alive. Outlive those cyborg psychopaths so we can open our eyes one day, see the Creator in all Her glory, the Divine Mother Goddess of All Creation, and simply say, “I am with you.”

  2. To claim that Assad used chemical weapons against his own people both in Idlib and Ghouta (and both these attacks were calculated in occult sense no less than in any other), one has to agree that he was aware and OK with descriptions of events including words “Syrian dictator … chemical weapons … against civilians ”. And this is just too much to claim, without claiming that Assad is an insane and suicidal occultist.

  3. Most of the time with the smoke and mirrors of government spending the expenses far exceed the tax income because they don’t want to hurt the billionaires, so they just borrow and print the difference, hence the enormous debt. The interest rates are held artificially low to keep the interest payments low on the government debt and to aid the speculator billionaires on Wall Street. The true interest rates should be at least 10% or more. All this is shafting senior citizens out of their life savings and has been now for about 20 years.

    • The artificially low interest rates also help the stupid rich speculators buy junk houses in New York and LA costing millions of dollars which would sell for about 10% of that in most other areas of the country. For example even in Sierra Madre, California a 3 bedroom piece of junk costs about $1 million because stupid banks provide the money to loan to stupid consumers paying far too much for junk. If the money were not available to borrow at low rates, there would be no buyers and the prices would drop like a rock. These are artificial prices swindling buyers in cesspools like New York and LA.

  4. I cannot think of anything better than to say: stop joining the fascist USA army. Deflect, desert, stop sharing the dreams of once romantic folk WWII stories and great marshals and colonels. Today US army is the bane of human existence, if I saw US soldier on the street I wouldn’t even help him cross the street knowing what they did and are doing alone in the 21st century. Bacevich lost a son out there of course he will learn the hard way about Iraq war. For US soldiers out there: imagine that someone from Asia or Africa advises or maims you to fight the Canadians like every few months or so and you’ll get the picture.

  5. How will the world survive a fascism which took the lives of 29 million Russians and who has (the very same tyranny) engulfed, massacred and virtually flattened the Middle East?

    Those 29 million Russians know. So does their spiritual representative Vladimir Putin. So do the millions of Syrians who have been murdered, tortured and abducted to parts of the universe yet unknown to have their organs removed or used in other horrific experiments.

    The Syrians know.

    So does their spiritual representative Bashar al-Assad.

    The Satanists will self-destruct if we as human beings hold our ground, much the way both Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad have done.

    In all honesty, we cannot fight the Satanists. But we can outlive them.

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