A little taste of crossing the lines in Mosul

Two million people were in Mosul when this started, and 200,000 are left in the old city, praying for deliverence

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

[ Editor’s Note:  This was a situation that could have been a horror film, but these people escaping Mosul, what appears to be extended family units, were lucky. A jihadi with a machine gun did not get a bead on them. But on many other days, those making the dash for freedom were not so lucky.

This is the first video I have seen that is this intimate. The cameraman had a good spot to video, which also exposed him to snipers. Rather than just move all over the place he held his spot and let the action come to him, which it did. But when he knew the burly soldier was going to go for the old woman that was down, he made his move to get the shot.

This anonymous camera man, we will probably never know his name, or the soldier who risked his life. These people lived, while others got mowed down attempting their escape. So many civilians have died anonymous deaths, as so many more will, until it is finished, as happened when Aleppo’s nightmare ended Jim W. Dean ]


Suicide car bombers have inflicted a lot of casualties on Iraqi forces om a new kind of warfare
– Published on May 30, 2017  –

During the battle of Mosul dozens of Iraqi civilians trying to reach an Iraqi army unit. Their movements have been spotted by the terrorists and they open fire with automatic weapons.

An old woman is not able to reach the soldiers (or is wounded by gunfire). An Iraqi soldiers is moving her into safety. The video was filmed by a soldier of Iraq’s 9th Armoured Division.




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  1. You couldn’t shoot a rabbit exposed like this. Human beings you would help unless you were inured to Satan. No soldier anywhere would killl helpless non-combatants.

  2. Thank you for this video Mr. Dean. It shows us great courage and love.

    When I watch this video my heart goes out to this very brave soldier and these raggedy women and children trying to flee. These fearless soldiers are my heroes.

    On contrast, when our heads of states, say, from the USA, England, France, Germany, Israel, etc., all of them model democracies, watch this video, their heart goes out to the head choppers, jihadis and snipers, and they most likely think hell, why don´t our snipers get this old Iraqi rag and those God damn useless bloody kids? How many more shekels do they want to finish off a few hundred unarmed refugees? They can´t even slug off a single Iraqi dog soldier?! Mc Cain should rightly be very furious.

    On another contrast, the people, or at least most of the people of those countries I mentioned above, watching the video probably think ´what? what´s going on? Oh, them. They are shooting again? Oh, yea.´

    Mr. Trump, stop all wars immediately.

    • It touched me. None seemed, even the younger ones, to have the strength to really run. I would have been sprinting and zig zaging and not getting bunched up with others as that is what the machine gunners lot for. But if you are out of food and water, you don’t have a lot of options. It’s do or die time.

  3. Stupid idiots…. Who taught them to fight?! No one suppressed the fire, no one covered the refugees. Where is the reconnaissance? Where are the cover troops? Hide like a Masai tribes…. This war in Raqqa has no heroes….

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