Duff on Press TV: Climate Change Denialism and American Exceptionalism

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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. @ pavolvscat7

    Right out of the troll instruction manual:

    1. Dominate the comments.

    20 out of 45 comments.
    Check — meets that criterion.

    2. Sarcastic, demeaning, ad hominem attacks.

    “My sympathies for you Parkinsons’ disease wjabbe.”
    “Yes..you are a joke.”
    “Shout out to the extra idiot that deposes polar ice footprints are expanding…”
    “Where is the token idiot that is going to say volcanos emit more CO2 than fossil fuels?”

    Check — meets that criterion, too.

  2. Try to use the laws of mechanics to calculate, with precision, the outcome of a car accident or a plane accident, or a terrorist attack, or a train wreck, or a gas explosion or earthquake, etc. There are too many unknown variables to deal with. Assumptions will be necessary. Those assumptions will often be wrong or incomplete or both. The climate is orders of magnitude more complicated involving not only the laws of mechanics, but he laws of thermodynamics, water evaporation rates, variations on the local acceleration of gravity, cloud formation theories, theories of combustion and on and on and on. This is called a many body problem and is not tractable in any simple form. Statistics may be used but all statistics is is a way of burying the details. “There are lies, damn lies and statistics” Mark Twain. While models have their place in development of concepts, they are worthless in predicting details of physical processes because they make too many false assumptions about unknowns. I don’t care how many experts agree or disagree on the climate change claims, all that matters are experimental measurements and results, nothing else. All else will lead to false conclusions because such problems are simply intractable. All claims of experts in and out of government are subject to question and verification by others.

    • If brainwashing had value it should emblazon this phrase on the front of every human brain: “Check your premises”. “Check your assumptions”. This should be like a flashing neon sign inside one’s brain. Assumptions and premises are very dangerous because they can be quite wrong and are wrong most of the time. When they are wrong no conclusions can be followed in any reliable way. All conclusions from wrong assumptions must be discarded even if they are “accidentally” correct. Many people, even some good engineers and physicists, often forget the premises and assumptions they made by the time they reach the “hoped for” answers they receive from the computer output. This is why a good physics teacher often gave credit for the correct logical steps in a problem even if the answer was wrong, while giving virtually zero credit if the steps were wrong but the answer “correct”. The worst situation is to seek to “find” a particular answer or outcome of a particular set of assumptions. This prejudices the effort and influences the logic or illogic of the situation. “It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how beautiful your theory is, if it disagrees with experiment it is wrong.” Richard Feynman, Ph.D., Physics

  3. Here is a simple experiment anyone can conduct themselves to prove the worthless efforts of government to save the planet: Go to your nearest Lowes or Home Depot or Wal Mart store and purchase a simple one gallon gas can. Fill this plastic can up at the nearest gas station. Then try to use it to fill up your riding mower without spilling gasoline out of the nozzle of the can or out of the tank of the mower. You find this feat is nearly impossible. Much gas is spilled both from the Rube Goldberg nozzle and the “safety” tank on the mower. Whereas before one could easily accomplish this task without spilling one drop of gasoline, this has been made impossible by the idiots in government directing this nonsense. They have also removed all standing gas pilots in furnaces. While it may sound good to save natural gas, that small pilot often provided a small amount of heat to prevent pipes from freezing under homes in winter. Today when the electronic circuit board fails it costs hundreds of dollars to send a serviceman to replace and fills the landfills up with toxic waste. This is not helping the environment but hindering the environment and wasting more money causing inflation. All this effort is a dismal failure.

  4. maybe President Putin sees as clearly as we do, that the time is fast approaching where the US, despite its exceptionalism and denial will need the help of Russia…a line of communication must remain open….truth has brought reality into orbit, moving through the consciousness of the whole planet….those with grand titles will no longer lead the hearts and will of the people will gravitate towards those they trust…prepare for that

  5. 31,487 U.S. Scientists Reject Global Warming Hoax

    A growing list of 31,487 U.S. scientists (and counting) has signed a petition strongly rejecting as unproven the hypothesis of man-made global warming or climate change. These signers include four NASA astronauts, at least two Nobel Prize winning physicists, 9,029 Ph.D.s and some of the nation’s top climatologists. Only U.S. scientists are included in this particular petition. Only relevant scientific fields are included.


  6. I have heard so much cr** about this I can’t make out the cause, but the effect is obvious. The Northwest Passage is clearing. It has never been clear in recorded history. Don’t take my word for it, ask the US Navy. Don’t take their word for it? As the Russian Navy. They actually agree on this one (a rarity in itself).

    Regardless of the cause, SOMETHING is happening.

    • Northwest passage was open several times in 20th century. nawlins has a reading comprehension problem.

  7. Anyone notice that when Pavloscat7 replied to my earlier post asking to show us proof of CAGW, we got zilch; scat did say there was plenty of evidence….OK, show me, tell me what it is.
    IPCC does NOT follow the Scientific Method (can you guess why).
    Consensus is not a science term, it is political; thus when one resorts to politics, you know it is a scam.
    Article saying CO2 level is higher now than in last 800,000 years (scary, scary) – if true, then why hasn’t planet earth burned to a crisp; why aren’t the oceans boiling if CO2 is the causal Monster for Catastrophic warming? (http://www.climatecentral.org/news/the-last-time-co2-was-this-high-humans-didnt-exist-15938). What a joke!!!!

    • Heh – you’re trying to readon with a spammer recycling Al Gore’s bullshit and having a conversation with himself. Waste of energy and time – he’s probably paid for spreading garbage or really believes this cult

  8. If you know a bit about biochemistry you would know that without CO2 you wouldn´t even be able to breathe. And lower CO2 would kill all plants, maybe that is what they want for their hunger game.

    • The climate changes 4 times a year in some regions. It is called spring, summer, autumn and winter.

  9. Gordon……Why don’t you provide the best piece of ‘science’ to support the claim of CAGW. There is no empirical proof of CAGW.
    Kinda humorous vid with Globalists with their hands out for cash, starting with the most corrupt organization on the planet – the UN.
    What you should do is if someone speaks and states ‘climate change’, ask if they are referring to Natural Climate Change or Global Warming Climate Change.

    • I second this…. Whole issue is laughable. Climate change, climate change – climate is changing all the time and always will. It’s natural.
      No one has ever proven how much humans contribute and if you track all the “climate model” data you’d know they can never get anything right….
      Environmental devastation takes place and is a real issue. Some bullshit AGW claims have nothing to do with that. We should stop destroying natural environment. Period.
      And it has ZERO to do with pseudo-science of global climate change

  10. Oops. I just realised it is ALL disinformation. You are pro-vaccination too. So either you had too much acid in the 60’s or you really a psy-op like your mate Alex Jones ??

  11. I just don’t get it. Some of your work is half decent but this adherence to what is essentially a financial hoax designed to de-industrialise the west is unfathomable. Even scientifically it is 100% wrong as it is easily demonstrated that we are entering a mini-ice age right now that will last till 2050 at least.

    So why do you insist on this fraud? It casts a shadow on everything you do. Maybe, just maybe, ALL your stories here are disinformation?

    • “So why do you insist on this fraud? It casts a shadow on everything you do. Maybe, just maybe, ALL your stories here are disinformation?”
      I’ve been thinking the same thing… If he’s so dilligent in other areas of his research, than maybe all he says is disinfo…..

  12. http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/ ” Top 6 Climate Change Problems”
    Min. 1:35 in “Today’s News” a small item related to climate controversy.
    I have been following these guys ever since Kevin Barret introduced Ben Davidson here at VT. I believe they are serious, independent researchers. What do you find bogus about them?

  13. Where to start here… .

    1. Trump’s statement was that the treaty should be renegotiated. For myself a “Denier” which any idiot knows is a word meant to align it with the Holocaust’s… a raft of BS… and to get a twofer… I applaud Trump for stepping away from this agreement, like TPP, not a treaty… that largely focuses on the suppression of carbon emissions a VITAL gas,the food of life. The agreement suppressed growth in the U.S. and the West while allowing Indian and China a totally different regime.
    2. The characterization of Climate Change as without dispute among scientists is a blatant lie. There is almost zero evidence of sea level increase, strong evidence of the greening of the planet.
    3. The temp increase is within the variables of the CONSTANTLY changing software models which have predict NOTHING historically… and is to date, almost unmeasurable.
    4. Coal is clean when the best technology is used as in the USA is my understanding with water and carbon dioxide almost the entire release from the plants.
    5. Coal allows the USA potential for a 1000 years to be independence of Zion/bankers/AngloAmerican Empire use of the M.E. for continual war.
    6. If I can not control IF my children are inoculated with 20 plus vaccines in the fist years of their life enriching BIG Pharma and destroying my child’s immune system OR even using inoculations for some form of bio/ mind control/passivity ultimately… then I don’t have a CHILD Gordon, I have a ward of the state.

    • 7. Your faith here, in big science being APART from the propaganda agenda that drive false flag attacks and the drug importation feedback loop, that brings in a trillion dollars to the West PLUS a year in death dealing drugs/Wars and their toy box full of societal control… propaganda mind control… is… strange and I mean that as a person who on some levels still highly respects you.
      8. A world carbon tax goes to the Rothschild.
      The mob entity at the core of the MOB that you described courageously in Syria, behind 911 et al. .
      9. Control of world carbon output is control of ALL goods and services, through a world tax regime and another lever for blackmail of all nations in the world, bringing them under the boot of Zion.
      A world tax IS THE MOST CRITICAL aspect of the plan to dominate the world. .

      10. Individual choice is the surest way towards efficiency in energy because free choice in a truly free society engenders creativity. Technologies are being suppressed THAT, is the problem not Coal! The pivots of the control of continuous war is the issue for the elite.

      Let me be clear… absolute goals internationally for energy efficiency and ocean river air real pollutions are needed, but with national sovereignty being the goal of any such agreements.

      The construction of a world state will mean mass sterilization because that too is the logical ” environmental” agenda: Eugenics was/is an English/American idea.

    • HM: Yes, the so-called scientific “consensus” on so-called climate change is a forced consensus — achieved by denying funding to those who study other hypotheses and by peer-pressure propaganda from “true believers” toward those with different hypotheses.

      E.g., just because human beings ‘contribute’ to CO2 emissions, this does not necessarily mean that humans or CO2 are the deciding factor in climate variability. For a dissenting view on the (forced) scientific consensus on climate change, see “How to Talk about Climate Change 2017” at http://www.cfact.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Climate-Talking-Points.pdf.

      IMHO, some/many climate change true believers are deluded. However, Trump is even more deluded, given WHAT he did and HOW he did it regarding the Paris Agreement. Trump sacrificed U.S. leadership in the world; and Trump & Co. and his true believers (including you) are too blind to see it. Other national leaders, U.S. state leaders & corporate leaders are picking up the mantle of leadership.

    • PH: Hmmm… Although your only semi-coherent rant speaks for itself, I’ll treat this as a teaching moment. ;-). The U.S. has much about which to be ashamed (e.g., senseless wars and dumbing down science & education); however, Trump is making it worse — not better. With friends like Trump, who needs enemies?

      Many if not most of your thoughts on global U.S. leadership are similar to mine. However, I also remember when the U.S. could be proud of at least some of what we did (e.g., Eisenhower’s infrastructure development and JFK’s Peace Corps).

      We largely agree on the counter-productiveness of Rothschild-style fractional reserve central banking with interest. With sustainably abundant energy, labor & resources, both Capitalism & Socialism are obsolete. Hydrocarbons & nuke energy are also obsolete, but the PTB have suppressed the alternatives. The Paris Accords made the emergence of Alt.Energy much more likely — regardless of any ‘Global Farting.’ China & others will now take the lead.

      Zionists & Rothschilds are only two (major) components of the structures of suppression. What drives our elections & wars is now organized crime — e.g., Russian, Israeli & U.S. Kosher Nostra in 2016 elections. Much more so than Hillary, their candidate was Donald Trump, which makes him very dangerous for US+.

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