Putin: The fate of Assad belongs to the Syrian people, not to NWO agents and warmongers


Putin has been true to his word with respect to Syria, while Trump has been embracing the Neocon ideology.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


People can have genuine and honest disagreement with what Vladimir Putin is doing in Syria and elsewhere, but there is one thing that is quite undeniable: Putin’s moral and political position cannot be refuted by New World Order agents and warmongers. It’s just that simple. One reason is that his position are within the bound of reason and common sense.

For example, one interviewer has recently asked Putin: “I do not think I have the right to determine the political future of Syria, be it with or without al-Assad. This is for the Syrians themselves to decide. Nobody has the right to claim the rights that belong to the people of another country. This is the first thing I wanted to say. Mr President, can you envision Syria’s political future without Bashar al-Assad?”

Putin rightly responded:

I do not think I have the right to determine the political future of Syria, be it with or without al-Assad. This is for the Syrians themselves to decide. Nobody has the right to claim the rights that belong to the people of another country. This is the first thing I wanted to say. Do you have an additional question?”

Now it’s going to get really interesting: “Yes, I do. You say that this is not your decision. However, this does not mean that Syria’s future is possible without al-Assad, does it?” Putin, as always, didn’t fail to deliver:

“As I have said, this is for the Syrian people to decide. You have mentioned allegations about the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government. When the attack happened, we called on our American partners – and everyone else who considers this to be expedient – to send inspectors to the airfield from which the planes that dropped chemical bombs allegedly took off.

“If chemical weapons were used by President al-Assad’s official agencies, modern verification equipment would certainly find traces of this at the airfield. For certain. These traces would be found in the aircraft and at the airfield. However, everyone refused to conduct such an inspection.

“We also proposed sending inspectors to the site of the alleged chemical attack. But they refused as well, claiming that it was dangerous. Why is this dangerous if the attack was delivered at an area where peaceful civilians live and the healthy part of the armed opposition is deployed?

“In my opinion, the accusations have been made for the sole purpose of justifying the use of additional measures, including military ones, against al-Assad. That is all. There is no proof that al-Assad has used chemical weapons. We firmly believe that that this is a provocation. President al-Assad did not use chemical weapons.”

End of discussion. Party is over. NWO agents were certain that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, but NWO agents do not want any independent investigation on the ground! They know very well that such an enterprise would logically ruin their ideological weltanschauung, so they keep propounding ad nauseam that Assad is guilty until proven innocent. What is even more pathetic is that no one has ever shown concrete evidence which conclusively indicate that Assad used chemical weapons. For example, who told John McCain that Assad used chemical weapons?

Hold your breath: the Syrian rebels themselves![1]

Well, if you are going to fight Putin for resisting the New World Order in Syria, then we have a strong disagreement here. If Assad falls, then the Israeli regime and warmongers in America will almost certainly turn their attention to Iran, which also has been protecting the Syrian government from terrorist groups like ISIS. Whether you disagree with Putin or not, you cannot say that he hasn’t implicitly attacked the New World Order.


[1] Connor Simpson, “Syrian Rebels Told John McCain About Assad’s Chemical Weapons Use,” Atlantic, May 27, 2013.

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  1. America has replaced Mexico, Columbia, and the Caymans as most corrupt, and the place to park your excess cash is now Nevada. We have become what we used to accuse other nations for bring. We are a criminal enterprise, but the guys in DC won’t share the profits with me. So i’m jealous

  2. We would do well by extricating America from israel’s grip along with the extermination of the neo-cons who have infested every stink tank and the Pentagram. This would be regime change for the betterment of all humanity. Israel needs regime change. Saudi Arabia needs regime change. America needs regime change.
    America’s versions of regime change in the past have not changed. Remove leaders who threaten the profits of multinationals and the RKM and replace them with tin horn tyrants and dickless dictators. Keep them under control with massive bribes and when they get out of control ie: Manuel Noriega, take then out.
    America’s foreign policies have been failures to a massive degree. From the invasion of Mexico, to Cuba to the Philippines and throughout South East Asia and Latin America; wherever Washington decides a certain country needs to be “liberated” the end result is always the same: more death, destruction chaos and misery for the people of those “liberated” nations.
    Let’s hope, Washington does not decide to liberate the American people.

    • Yes, indeed but if we can manage to clean out Washington before hand, everything will become moot. There will be no one to give such orders as they will all be stretching by their necks from lamp posts.
      Using hemp rope.LOL

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