EXPOSE: Russia Insider – CIA/Israeli front


Today, a particularly unpleasant dollop of disinformation landed in my inbox, it had issued forth from the black propaganda orifice that is Russia Insider.

We had long ago identified Russia Insider as yet another of the myriad of similar fronts operating within Russia, purporting to be authentic Russian media outlets but in reality, they are owned and operated by foreign intelligence services.

Now it is time to call them out for what they are – foreign assets operating within Russia to the detriment of Russia itself and by extension, the whole world.

Other examples include The Moscow Times, a CIA-run English language newspaper and website. We should also mention once again, our very strong suspicions regarding infiltration of Russia Today and Sputnik by CIA/Israeli assets.

Note that this begging letter from Russia Insider namechecks Drudge, Alex Jones, and Zerohedge, all of which are also disinformation operations, fronts for intelligence agencies.

As for the anti-Clinton nonsense contained in this letter, it barely warrants comment, just file it alongside all the other nonsense such as Pizzagate, Hillary eating babies, Mena drug running and all the other manufactured Fake News about the Clintons.

Dear Friends,

I’m letting you know about this important investigative article we published today, which we put a lot of resources into:

The Lawsuit That Could Sink the Clintons: A 30-Year Murder Cover-up Is Going to Court

Let me tell you how we stumbled on it.

To bring you cutting edge insight that is ahead of the curve, we spend a lot of time on the fringes of the internet, sniffing around, mostly for Russia stuff – on message boards, forums, obscure websites, and social media.  Not long ago we were doing just that, and we stumbled on this story.

At first we thought it was another anti-Clinton conspiracy nothing-burger, but there was something about the humanity of the mom crusading against a corrupt government that tugged on our heartstrings, so we took a closer look.

And we realized this was potentially very important.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Clinton, with the Seth Rich affair setting a certain backdrop and raising questions.  In contrast to the Rich story, this one has a mountain of facts, evidence, and what appears to clearly be criminal behavior, multiple government agency cover-ups, and shady dealings from the Clintons, and an ongoing trial.

Worse for the Clintons, Netflix released the 5th season of House of Cards a week ago.  Its scheming, murderous and hopelessly cynical husband and wife team clawing their way to power has grabbed the American imagination.

The twists and turns of the story we dug up read like a subplot in the series.

This article has nothing to do with Russia, but every now and then we pursue a story like this if we think it is interesting and not getting enough coverage.

Digging into the foibles of the Clintons is a favorite.  Some of our most influential articles have been about this:

Arizona: Hillary Clinton’s Election Fraud Masterpiece – from March 2016 – 120,000 views, cited widely across the internet.

Best Available Evidence: Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s,  – September 2016 – 30,000 views, followed up with our exclusive interview with the MD who had been digging into the obvious clues that something is seriously wrong with Hillary’s health.

We were ahead of the pack on both topics – how Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie, especially the election fraud angle, and Hillary’s health.  Our work was picked up by Drudge, Alex Jones, and Zerohedge.  An Alex Jones video using video we created about Hillary’s health got 160,000 views on Youtube, was reproduced widely and went viral, going into the millions of views.  The video on our channel got 50,000 views.

It is our hard work, and hundreds of alternative media outlets like us, that kept Hillary out of the White House – so I guess, in a sense, she is right – The Russian DID do it!  The Russia Insiders, that is.

All this excellent journalism is made possible by your donations, so if you think what we do is worthwhile and important, please make a donation today.

The more you give, the faster we can take down our lying, fake-news media.

Thank you for your support!

Charles Bausman
Russia Insider

Assistant Managing Editor
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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Unsolicited crowd funding? What a strange term. In fact, most, if not all genuine dissident media have no choice but asking their readers for donations and subscriptions. There is no other way if they don’t want to sell out to the enemy.

  2. At least they didn’t praise Trump when he ordered the cruise missile attack on Syria. Unlike the war advertising MSM, and specifically Brian Williams and his copywriters and other up the chain of command within MSNBC and it’s owners. Amazing how blatant they are, and somehow keep getting away with it. But I agree, and they have confirmed in the past, that many editors at VT are biased in favour of the Democrats. And that certainly seemed to always have been the lesser of the 2 evils, like with Obama. To bad the presidency is just a ceremonial position. Obama didn’t dare to for instance withhold the US vote in the UNSC and didn’t use his veto to protect Israel. To bad it was some toothless resolution.
    But with Hillary I’m not so sure, I think she matches the traditional republican neo-con level of evil.

    And if we keep operating and choosing for with the lesser op 2 evils it’s childsplay to put up a candidate that is the worst of the two. Which, if executed successfully, tricks us to elect the person they wanted to win without much effort. Unless their chosen winner is damaged beyond their ability to manipulate the outcome.

    Also VT publishes articles from various editors that have differing opinions.

  3. There are other authors on VT that opted for neither of the Republican/Democrat doubleheaded matrix. Such seat division in House and Senate I also believe is suffocating the US society and is the lousiest platform to produce change. The thing that US officials are legally a priori absolved of all potential criminality within NATO action does not make them innocent, that is the most disturbing twisted value of our time.

  4. Patterns and texts (textwriters) should be followed that opt to de-escalate situations in various regions, especially in the Middle East. On any news site. Pro-war, bias and double standards should always be exposed as much as possible. “Special relationships” of worlds highest militarized societies such as USA, UK, France and Israel should be exposed on a red level notice. Obsessive militarism folks are always myth-o-maniacs it goes with the territory.

  5. Men’s drug running a fraud? Really??
    And I would rather believe Shimatsu on pizzagate, than you.

  6. So they are CIA/Mossad because they bash the Clintons??
    Mena drug running and Pizzagate fake news? Although the Clintons weren’t directly implicated on Pizzagate, more Podesta and Alefantis.
    Who said she eats babies?

  7. I hate to be a downer, but there is zero doubt that Clinton knew about the Mena operation. The state police here knew about it, so there is no doubt Clinton did. I live in Arkansas and we heard about the goings on. It was common knowledge that there was shit going on…just not the details. Clintons national identity started growing about that time too.

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