Family of Famous Syrian Child Disclose White Helmets’ Lies


[Editor’s note: The wheels have well and truly fallen off the propaganda juggernaut that is the White Helmets. Not only do we know that they faked all of their videos, we now know the names of the people who made the videos, the organisations they worked for and who, ultimately was financing it all – the Gulf states, principally Saudi Arabia.

Along the way we have learned that Hollywood and the Academy Awards can be bought and used to spread the worst black propaganda, hence the White helmets ‘won’ an Oscar and the Clooneys prostituted themselves to an evil conspiracy, something we will not let them forget easily. 

One can only admire the courage and tenacity of the Syrian families who have stuck it out in Aleppo, their support for their democratic government unwavering. As sad and upsetting as we find photo the White Helmets took of poor little Omran in order to exploit his plight for their sick propaganda games, we cannot help but feel joy at the sight of the same little boy months later, smiling and happy with his siblings, proudly holding the flag of Syria.

In their own, simple way, Omran and his family have defeated the White Helmets and their propaganda; they are just one of countless thousands of Syrian families who have persevered through years of suffering imposed on them by foreign mercenaries and their oil-rich backers and we at VT salute them. The sight of little Omran happy and safe reminds us why we do what we do in exposing the official lies about the terrible conflict that has been inflicted on the people of Syria and Iraq. Ian]

Family of Famous Syrian Child Disclose White Helmets’ Lies

The father of Omran that was to the center of media’s attentions last year and was supposed to be killed in airstrikes disclosed that he did not accept tempting offers of media sources affiliated to terrorist groups to accuse the Syrian Army (of blind attacks on civilians in Aleppo).

The father of Omran that is still living in Aleppo told al-Mayadeen channel that he did not hear any sound made by fighter jets or air-to-surface missiles targeting his house.

“We did not find out how the incident happened. I pulled my family members out of debris. Omran was with me, while White Helmets took him away and started taking photo of him,” the father of Omran added.

He added that some of the journalists close to Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) demanded him to say that the attack on his house was done by Damascus government but he did not accept their offer.

The father of Omran went on to say that the journalists offered a hefty of money to him to tell about the incident as they want in front of media.

This image of Omran is the first one that has been seen publicly since his bloodied and dusty photo in the back of an ambulance in Aleppo went viral after he was rescued from a destroyed building in the Qaterji neighborhood in Aleppo city.


Omran Daqneesh is a five-year old Syrian boy who gained media attention after footage of him injured in an alleged airstrike by Syrian pro-government forces appeared on the Internet.

Omran was wounded on August 17, 2016, in an alleged Russian Air Force’s air raid on the militant-held Qaterji neighborhood. He was taken to a hospital known as M10 and later was released.

Omran’s family never fled the city after the incident and remained loyal to Damascus government and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The image of the kid sitting bloodied in an ambulance after being dragged from the rubble of his home caused international outrage and was widely featured in newspapers and social media. It has been compared with photographs of Alan Kurdi, a child refugee of the war who drowned trying to reach Europe.

Omran’s photo, along with several others from the attack, was published online by the Aleppo Media Center, an anti-government activist group looking to draw attention to the plight of civilians inside the city.

Omran with his siblings and their father who is showing them the picture the White Helmets took of Omran after he had been caught in an explosion.

Iranian, Russian and Chinese media, allies of Damascus, called the images “propaganda”, while some international media proposed that the image was staged.

In mid-May, former White Helmets associate Walid Hindi admitted his involvement in fabricating photo and video material, prepared in cooperation with the Turkish Television, during the time when he was working with the notorious group in Eastern Aleppo.

The group prepared fake videos of alleged atrocities of the Syrian army, during the liberation process of Eastern Aleppo.

In his confession, broadcasted on Syrian National Television at the time, Hindi admitted to have worked with White Helmets for three years and received rather huge sums of money, a major portion of which was provided by the Persian Gulf states.

He also described how filming of “atrocities” would take place.

When, for instance, they wanted to stage an airstrike scene, the filming crew would fire sirens and the actors would then immediately rush to the scene. Right after that, live streaming of events would begin, accusing the Syrian Army of carrying out yet another airstrike, targeting civilians. Hindi said he participated in fabricating videos more than just once.

According to Hindi, the main person responsible for “directing” these staged videos was Ibrahim Al Hajj, with Mohammad Al Sayed being the main cameraman.

Omran proudly holding the Syrian flag and giving the V for Victory sign.

Also, another former associate named Imad Abdul Jawad admitted to have witnessed possession of chemicals by terrorists in Aleppo, saying “During my work shift as a guard I was once asked to transfer a bunch of barrels, containing something that my supervisors called “detergent and washing powder”.

“I was supposed to transfer the materials from the district of Al Sukkariyeh to the district of Amariya,” he added.

He then explained that his task was basically to unload the wares at the entrance of the building, pointing out that on one occasion, after finishing unloading the content, he saw people wearing uniforms, silver masks and protective boots and were carrying the goods he just transported to the cellars.

On one occasion, Jawad managed to get closer and he saw people opening the barrels and pouring their content out into something that looked like gas cylinders, adding that contents looked nothing like washing powder or detergent. He described the liquid, which was being poured out of the barrels, to have a rather foul smell. When his boss noticed he is watching the procedure, he was dismissed immediately.

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  1. Can someone contact George Clooney for comment?…… he could simply apologise to the world for for failing to do his due diligence, as a documentary film maker and human being because this propagation of lies has laid cover for the real terrorist allies the Whie Helmets and we have the proof to bury them neck deep in the lies and the blood of all the innocent…… we can be forgiving just have the guts to step forward George

  2. At age 85 I have called it Hollyweird for many years. My instincts told me it was bullshit propaganda since I was about 10. I have had many friends who have worked in the industry in Hollyweird and have met many “name” stars.

  3. This is why we must always refer to Hollywood as the “Hollywood Perverts” because this phrase describes them perfectly, totally perverted humans doing anything for the almighty dollar even lying about innocent kids. Observe the lying media won’t print a word about this excellent report.

  4. George Clooney, a prominent Hillary & Obama supporter & fundraiser, should be ashamed of himself. Unfortunately, Clooney is proud of his perfidy. Clooney also betrayed the people of Sudan.

    The Powers That Be (or ‘Were’) have blackmail material on Clooney. Clooney had a choice: Work with us and your Hollywood star will rise -OR- Work against us and your Hollywood star will fall.

    Clooney chose the former. Evidence & logic will NOT persuade Clooney. Don’t even try…

    • Unfortunately, all movie stars/singers etc know who writes their pay checks,Because the majority of the public put these cretins up on a pillar, they have a voice, look at the concert for the so called Manchester bombing, singers all doing it for free, BS, sales of records go up!!

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