FALSE FLAG ALERT! Notre Dame attack “hammers home” religious war psy-op


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

The ludicrous “ISIS jihadi attacks cops with hammer at Notre Dame cathedral” story is getting massive international coverage. Why is that?

Every day, hundreds if not thousands of vastly worse assaults occur. Yet this one is deemed newsworthy. Why?

Because the Zionist psy-oppers who control mainstream media (and feed it staged PR psy-ops as stories) want to stir up a religious war, that’s why. Specifically, they want to brainwash Christians against Muslims. And this story has all the right symbolism.

Notre Dame cathedral is one of the world’s top iconic symbols of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. Its name means “Our Lady,” referring of course to the Virgin Mary.

Incidentally, Christians and Muslims both revere the Virgin Mary. She has a whole chapter of Qur’an named after her, and her story there is beautifully told. The Qur’an powerfully defends her against those who accused her based on her suspicious-looking pregnancy.

Jews, by contrast, have traditionally reviled the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus. For them, Mary is a lying whore, and Jesus…well, I’ll spare you the sickening details. (Obligatory disclaimer: Today, many liberal, progressive, and free-thinking Jews no longer take this view.)

In any case, a “Muslim hammer attack” at the #1 iconic location of French Christianity can only have been scripted to awaken subconscious reverberations of the myth of Charles “the Hammer” Martel, who “stopped the Muslim advance into Europe at the battle of Tours.”

The idea that this pathetic patsy was some kind of “ISIS soldier” is an unbelievable joke. If these guys are the “ISIS soldiers” who threaten Western civilization, I don’t think Western civilization has much to worry about. (Well, actually, it’s collapsing, but the reasons for that have little to do with ISIS or Islam.)

How much would it cost to brainwash a “Muslim” patsy to attack cops with a hammer in front of Notre Dame? Maybe a few thousand bucks. That is one HUGE bang-for-your-buck psy-op. It reaped billions worth of media coverage.

Maybe I should go to Notre Dame and swing a hammer around in the air screaming “Building 7 was a controlled demolition, you idiots!” (Batiment numero sept, c’était une démolition controlée, vous connards!)

Actually, I’ll pass on that one. Alex Jones could do it a lot better.

Paging Alex Jones! You are needed in Paris!

He’s not answering. I guess Alex is too busy spreading hate and lies about Muslims and Islam to remember Building 7.







  1. Richland… great comment and like you I am a builder who worked around the world, my family has Christians and Muslims. We are united and you should see the Christian part take up for the Muslim part these days.
    Yes, unite, unite, unite. Let us begin as Christians and Muslims from a point that unites us and I can not find a better one than our love and reverence for Jesus Peace be upon him and upon his mother.
    If I may add to Dr. Barrett’s article, one is not considered a Muslim unless he believes in all of Allah’s prophets and Jesus is one of the 5 heavy burden bearers with Abraham, Noah, Moses and Muhammad Peace upon them all.
    I also wish to extend our circle of unity to all the decent God fearing Jews, I have met some of them, and welcome them to stand united with humanity against those who reject the Torah, the Bible and the Quraan only to worship a demon authored, hate filled abomination called the Thalmud. The only people who are against mankind are the zionist Jews, zionist Christians and yes zionist Muslim, we do have them too. They are called ISIS.

  2. Excellent article Dr, Barrett. As a Christian, I found your teachings about Islam and Christianity very enlightening. I challenge the Jewish scholars to present similar proof of Jewish respect for Christianity.

  3. Mr Duff check out that Blue hyperlinked word in my previous comment under Commercial which I think your systems are under attack via Google through YouTube. Delete this comment once read. Thanks for the Great Work that you and the Whole of VT staff-of Enormous Energy”

  4. Having spent a quarter of a century in the Construction Industry on Building Projects from Medium to High be it Residential or Commercial where the Labor Force is of Mixed Cultures and Religions which Didn’t Matter, however, We all shared the Common Denominator in Traditional Family Values where we have to Work Together with Crystal Clear Goals and Visions to Ensure the Deadlines are Met on Time and On Budget to Gaurantee the Bread and Butter gets put on our tables at home. Myself coming from a Christian background have studied the Pros and Cons of Christianity whilst Sharing my thoughts alongside Muslim tradesman and Engineers over a lunch break have come to the Obvious Conclusion that Hidden Hands are behind the Scenes here who are Anti Religion, Anti Traditional Family Values, Pro Gay, Pro Vaccinations and the list goes on. From a Builders way of thinking in Uncorrupted thoughts we Build Solid Foundations with the Utmost Highest of Integrity to withstand the Ultimate of Highest Live and Dead Loads to withstand Enormous Structures to Built upon”

    Those Satanic Shadows that hide behind the Scenes are in View to Socially Engineer the Exact same Building Principles except with Weak Foundations and Wheels that turn Anti Clockwise which Simply can Never Work on any Level of Forward Thinking in Order to move Humanity Ahead”

    Unite Unite Unite”

  5. also see this as signalling …. sending messages through their own crumbling termite ridden matrix …. we see them and they are clueless and no match for truth

  6. Just read that those thugs tried to create chaos in Iran, Teheran parliament. Now they go nuts world wide

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