We Have Met the Evil Empire and It Is Us

Is there anything more detestable than a war of aggression masquerading as liberation?

by Gordon Duff, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

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Is there anything more detestable than a war of aggression masquerading as liberation?

When I told my father, back in 1968, that I was joining the United States Marine Corps he responded: “I hope you aren’t going to claim you are doing this to defend your country. Nobody attacked us, look around, no Viet Cong here, this is Wall Street’s war like the last one and the one before it and the one before that.”

Everything my father predicted has come to pass, America as a deindustrialized police state with a clown in the White House, nothing new there. Anyone unware that Eisenhower was a useless puppet as was Ford and Reagan and Bush 43 and the monstrosity we have now, deserves the America we have earned. His generation, those who grew up before the First World War, those who experienced the Great Depression with eyes open, they knew it was coming.

Life in America was pure injustice, the lash and the iron boot, despite the version of history we have been given by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations who “re-invented” America and its history through taking control of public education in the late 1940s. You see, the multi-generational ignorance we bask in today is not unplanned. The threat represented by advances in communications and other technology was recognized and dealt with, utterly quashed at birth.

I recommend just a look at the Constitution itself. Why the “electoral college?” Few Americans know that the Senate was chosen, not elected, until the 20th century. Why two senators for states with no people? Why a Supreme Court? Those unaware that these unique aspects of America’s governmental organization need to read Charles Beard’s An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution (Columbia University Press, 1935).

There is nothing “democratic” about America and its government, the whole thing is a con. Election after election, every time Americans think they are voting to “drain the sewer” that Washington represents, only find themselves deeper in it. That was planned from the first also, but we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

Gordon’s roots in a lot of this go back to having a front row seat in what was really a fake war, and he never forgot it.

Today Americans are “defending democracy” in 6 dozen nations and, as predicted, invariably siding with tyrants, pushing a colonial agenda, there as bullies and thugs in uniform and doing so hiding behind the flag and the “honored dead.” I know this well because I was part of it.

When I served in Vietnam, there was no pretense that we were defending anything. Even in the elite combat unit I was in, the war itself was universally opposed as comic and absurd, it was impossible to miss. The Saigon government was beneath consideration, evil and corrupt, their military a useless pack of rabble compared to “the enemy,” the Viet Cong and NVA, relentless and highly motivated.

We were clearly fighting people who were defending their country from foreign invaders, the real enemy, “us.” Nations around the world are now doing the exact same thing and, under Trump, seemingly more each day.

The title statement is an amended quote from a 1960s-comic strip by Walt Kelly, called Pogo. It was famous once, used continually in one form or another. However, when American lost its sense of humor and began taking itself seriously, most likely sometime in the 1980s, all history, all balance, and certainly all real humor was forgotten. This is a boorish place. Let me explain.

For those of us who were born during the “post war baby boom,” the absurdity of patriotic rhetoric in response to the “red menace” poisoned our lives, polluted our educational experience, sickened our souls.

Even then, the reality of a government controlled by Wall Street was there to be seen. Higher education was unaffordable for all but the few, cities were dung heaps of filth and crime and America’s South was a land of starvation and poverty. Nearly half of all Americans lived in poverty, while the industrial workers of the North worked under conditions that made survival to retirement a pipe dream.

Every day my father would return from the Ford factory, describing 120-degree heat and air steeped in carcinogenic solvents. His friends and coworkers died in their 50s. By age 55, he had suffered half a dozen heart attacks and was on disability of $60 a month to support a family of 4. This is a common story, not an exception, this is how my generation grew up, mowing lawns, shoveling snow for money for shoes, working to support a family as early as 10. This is the American generation that went to Vietnam and it was the generation that taught the Pentagon that their games would not continue unopposed.

Angel Fire, NM

Today it’s different. The public questions little, those in the military question nothing. When America’s invading armies in Iraq and Afghanistan, under Bush never found WMDs or the massive underground terrorist fortresses Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld spoke of, what was the downside? Thousands of American military were killed over not just nothing but abject lies.

When billions in cash was stolen in both Iraq and Afghanistan, when 250,000 AK 47’s purchased by the US government for the Iraqi military simply disappeared, nobody saw it. When Haliburton Corporation furnished the US Army with drinking water taken unfiltered from the Euphrates River, one of the most polluted bodies of water on Earth, hundreds infected with Hepatitis and other diseases, nothing was said, certainly no congressional investigation, but the Pentagon was silent as well. Also silent were the troops in the field, silent then and still silent.

This is a huge change from Vietnam when those who returned home told everything.

Then again, back in 1969, I was a Marine, not a “war fighter” or a “warrior.” I made $100 a month, not $8000, I was fed 400 calories a day, not 7000, I had no PlayStation, no $400 boots and didn’t buy my combat gear from online outfitters. The life expectancy in a line unit was 3 months and nobody did year after year in a rifle squad as part of the “professional army.”

You know, with all that expensive gear and all that war fighter rhetoric, we still are beaten just as easily by poor people with broken weapons, poor people defending themselves against a foreign invader.

That part hasn’t changed, but back in 1969, we knew we had it coming. We still fought to survive, but we never fought to win. Win what? Nobody asks that anymore. Nobody every asks “why?”

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Originally published June 7, 2017 at New Eastern Outlook:


Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Investigate Iowa. “Judge” PAUL MACEK, June 27, ON RECORD, stated that the Constitution & Bill of Rights is “JIBBERISH.” In STATE OF IOWA v KENNETH TENNANT, AGCR383847, I was deprived of rights, denied due process of law and prosecuted from the bench….You Tube: Iowa Corrupt Judges Courts Police 2

  2. Thanks Gordon Duff. I have seen this article twice before but only now realized the following para
    in big bold letters sticking out:

    “For those of us who were born during the “post war baby boom,” the absurdity of patriotic rhetoric in response to the “red menace” poisoned our lives, polluted our educational experience, sickened our souls.“

    Yes, lies can certainly poison and pollute and sicken our souls. They can also kill (Suicide). This brings me to my friend Charlie. He is married to a wonderful woman and has 2 kids. Charlie also has a good job and a girlfriend. He sometimes talks about it all and says that this situation [LIE] is driving him crazy. Now, this girlfriend situation is a pretty big lie, and he says he gets sick over it. He is not aware of all the other daily lies which make him even sicker.
    When I get the chance to see him, I try to invite him to a nice cup of morning coffee. Before we meet, he has already taken the dog for a walk and had a peek at the newspaper. Sitting in the cafe, sipping our coffee, I ask him: “what´s new Charlie“? He says nothing new [LIE], the Russians are bombing hospitals again in Syria [LIE] and Putin is selling N-bombs to Iran [LIE]. The Moslems have killed some people in London [LIE]. They want to take over England [LIE]. It looks like this is all true because I have already seen it last night on TV [LIE]. We have to stop them [LIE].

    • Part 2
      We drink our coffee and talk about this and that. I know that on the way to this café he is passing this big building site with a huge bill board in front with ads from the European Central Bank [LIE]. He is not consciously aware of it but his brain very much is. His brain knows about all the illegal stuff the bank is involved in all the time way back and computes it extremely fast. It´s all registered and never erased.
      He also walks past a church [LIE] and again, he doesn´t give it a thought but his computer brain does. …Thou shall not kill … Syria … Yemen war … Pope [LIE] …the Pope never stopped a war … we officially kill every day … all these thoughts fly with tremendous speed through his brain.
      Anyway, we have finished our coffee and walk toward the car park. There is some heavy chemtrails in the sky [LIE]. We reach the car park and I remember to get some Petrol [LIE]. That´s it. He lives over there. “What shall I do about the girlfriend?“
      I know he hasn´t got a chance to solve the girlfriend problem, or any other problem for that matter, and he isn´t even half way through the day. Another load of lies is ready to pounce on him in the afternoon. I become aware how much we live in lies. They are virtually everywhere. They tire us and this as long as we have already lived.
      Gordon also said: “Thousands of American military were killed over not just nothing but abject lies.“
      If we do not become aware of this and fight it, many of us will go insane.

  3. Wjabee: Henry Ford invented the middle class, Lindbergh was a true American and JFK truly cared for American middle class.

  4. Great article Mr. Duff. I’ve read quite a bit about what was really going on. I feel sorry for all of those who lost their lives, mostly for those who were conned. Gerard Colby’s book “Thy Will Be Done” has quite a bit on what was done in Vietnam, and everything simultaneously in Latin America. What the Rockefellers did is unimaginable, and most people have no idea.
    There is a film that shows quite a bit of the reality and deceptions of the Vietnam war-I hope this link can be followed on youtube : youtube.com/watch?v=krcNTkAgRrA
    The film is called “The Quiet Mutiny”

    Also, some nice comments on this page, thanks to those posting.

  5. If the laws of war, are written by the warmongers themselves, there will always be war. They are pitiful men, absent of honor, devoid of morality, and hollow in their minds and hearts. They will tell you they are god, and it is honorable to die fighting. They need marble halls, as a replacement for their lack of virtue and conscience. They enjoy titles, and medals and shiny little boots, and long walks on the beach stepping over the bodies. We are led by Tantalus, and it is always dinner time. The dark ceremony of our beginnings were set in motion by spiritually illiterate experimenters. Until that is fixed, dinner will be served in mud and blood, or sand, by mindless drones rallying behind whatever martyr motivates them best. The dead one tortured on a stick works pretty good. Got a cute little book that goes with it and everything. Just find the right verse, and all is allowed.

  6. @mr knowledgeofgod,
    am i murdering or killing when i step on a spider crossing my kitchen floor? the old threadbare idiot argument that the xtian cognitive dissonants yell back in their defense comes to mind: the sixth commandment is not talking about “just wars.”

  7. Here is a link to a great video of the funeral of Henry Ford at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Detroit on a rainy cold day in 1947. They searched in vain for a Lincoln hearse but couldn’t find one so a 1941 Packard had to do the job. Note the hand brake had to be set by a by stander to prevent it from rolling as the casket, was entered at the rear. Note also thousands of people, citizens, quietly and peacefully standing in line for miles as far as the eye can see, none demonstrating against him, to pay their last respects to the man who did so much to improve their lives. Henry was born on a farm in Michigan in 1863. He did his best to provide good jobs and provide good cars which were affordable to all. He did not intentionally harm any of his employees of the day. He was a genius level inventor and engineer with little formal education. Bankers sought to steal his company from him and bring him down. He refused to allow them to do so.

  8. There are no international courts over US war criminality that’s the problem. American argument will always end up bombing some poor unorganized country. If courts would be established that wouldn’t absolve US army of war crimes before their engagement that would be huge. Of course there would need to be well over a hundred signatories of such an institution because otherwise there would be no guarantee that US wouldn’t end up demonizing and bombing the hell out of that court, country and countries.

  9. I have been following VT for a number of years, and I have noticed especially in the last 12 months Gordy’s articles are getting right in our faces.
    He’s telling us more than he probably should, or want to, but readers at VT are well educated and like spongers, soak up every thing, so keep it up Gordon Duff.
    My country is part of the coalition in Syria, no money for this or that, but for war, no problem.
    One of your best articles, well done.

    • i’ve noticed a change, too. the author’s “dogmas” have more schizophrenic scatter to them, making wonder whether or not multiple authors submit under the name duff. to collect stats on readers/ commenters, i.e., what articles trigger what readership/ responses? does vt have a contract with NSA to root out subversives? or is mr duff trying to meet payroll with various incendiary subjects?

    • high rpm, if you find this article incendiary, what of the constant war ? Are we twanged by words more than deeds ? Is the truth incendiary ? Has plain simple truth become dogma ? Questioning everything is excellent but make sure to recognize when the answer has been found obvious. Follow the bow flies.

  10. There might have even been worse jobs than working on Henry’s assembly line: Read some of the muckraking books by Upton Sinclair about the working conditions of the stock yards and meat packing industry in Chicago around the early part of the 20th century. If you did you would likely become a vegetarian. As a young boy of about 13 Andrew Carnegie worked in a mill in Pennsylvania for about a dollar a week and provided for the whole family because his dad, a former mill operator in Scotland, still couldn’t find work here after having lost his job there due to invention of the steam engine.

  11. Watch this video. This is what Americans care enough to fight over and get jailed over today:

    If we are going to have endless wars we must restore the draft to include the rich elitists at Harvard and Yale in the pain of war too.

    And let’s hire some former Veterans to run our .VA. They can likely do a much better job than the thugs hired by government who often have never been on the front lines of wars.

  12. @Captial Jocob I don´t use Fakebook so here is my answer to “Black Cube” link, The Joos use this thing on their forehead while praying, the black cube is also in Mecca and guess what comes out if you unfold a cube ? Right, a cross. It is the cube or 6 pointed star on Saturn or satan pole.

  13. Thank you Gordon. What you write about makes me profoundly sad. It has a deep feeling of truth about it. The deception is global, and even US enemies buy into it. The wars really are just games of the upper echelon and they are the ones who remain untouched by it. Except that they go insane. The pictures of Rockefeller and Soros show clearly that sanity has left their souls and what is left is utterly depraved. In a just world those guys should have no political power or influence.
    But if we resist the satanic privileges they offer they will never extinguish the divine spark in all human hearts. They hate it, they will try to bury it, but if we resist their lures and schemes they won’t be able to do anything about it. In the end we shall overcome. I hear your spark loud and clear, bright and unsullied.

  14. BTW if it is your vision of Jesus, that everyone who has long hair and a beard, must be Jesus, not Gordons. So go along a street and see someone like in this picture you must fall down on your knees and pray to him ? Poor boy…

  15. silent because the mirror of truth is so ugly and the Silver Screen has created and built upon such a glamorous image over the years of the US military virtually, that in itself buys their silence and covers them over to continue the charade….reality is ongoing US military aggression, invasion of sovereign nations resulting in mass crimes against humanity and themselves….. while they may sanctify through a flag the conscience is not absolved…. A strong voice must sound the alarm and shift this reaching the hearts of all US veterans and Active military to raise their awareness to the fact we know they have been betrayed all the way down the line and the charade is over….just hear the words of 16th President Abraham Lincoln on Americas’ “greatest foe” ….“As a most undesirable consequence of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow. The money power will endeavor to prolong it’s reign… by working upon the prejudices of the people….. until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of the few and the republic is destroyed”….. and “Wall St’s wars” marched on ever since.…note only on the silver screen they make America the winner … US stuck in Wall St wars built it from naught run amok … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5NddENmSlA to the finish

  16. Those ten commandments are to get rid of competitors because those who tell them to us with raised ponting finger are those who avoid them at every cost by lawyers and liars

  17. Thanks Mr Duff, I finally saw what was happening and I was lucky and put in a traveling Engineer outfit in Nam but I was an 05C radio man. I saw much of the south traveling up/down rivers, convoy and sitting in slicks and shithooks { boy thet’re loud}. Afterwards I went to see my best friend in Nam – an Alaskan native and I never looked back. I had over 3 decades with my adopted indian family and learned their ways. I did raise 2 boys there and my wife at the time made me promise to keep them out of the military, for she saw how many Nam vets were moving to AK and she knew the problems we had. I’m just traveling here and there a little but mainly stay here. Ak became a Police state and liked to target Nam Vets, so it looked like to me, and I left after being falsely accused of 3 felonies. Case was finally dismissed so I left – for good.

  18. It sucks. At least you came out the other side and have made positive use of the experience. I was a few years too late to get caught up in Vietnam but know the Aussies who did had similar feelings about it. I grew up with their disillusionment but I’ve built on it since too. Nothing left anymore which is what it seems.

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