Comey Backs Trump

Could Comey be Trump's Achilles heel?

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The James Comey testimony this morning was very telling that there was no investigation of Trump.

“When I left we did not have an investigation focused on President Trump,” said Comey.

The question we need to ask is why? At some point, we know the FBI reads us. At some point we have to wonder why there is no investigation into the Kosher Nostra and its connections to Trump? At some point we would have to wonder why there is no investigation into the real election issues that we summarize over and over again?

“The FBI’s mission will be relentlessly pursued by its people, and that mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” said Comey.

So when our elections are fraudulently stolen by a Neocons including Kris Kobach through illegally purging voters with Cross Check, is that protecting the American people?

“The FBI is honest, the FBI is strong and is and will always be independent,” said Comey.

Could they face down the Kosher Nostra to prevent a government take over? What happened to the FBI before the election? Why was nothing exposed prior to the election about the Kosher Nostra so that the American public could make a choice? How about Israel, can they investigate their ties to terrorism in regards to potentially fueling “radical Islam” through quite possibly funding radical Islamists covertly?

Perhaps I should not beat up on Comey because Trump defamed him and lied about him, but infact if the FBI had been stronger, there would be no Trump/Russia investigation. There would be an election fraud investigation domestically possibly including Russian based companies, and a full investigation on the influence of the Kosher Nostra on US soil as well as questions would be asked about those inside the US and Israel that may have set up the “War on Terror” in advance, and the virtual police state we live in currently.

Since 9/11/2001, a case can definitely be made against organized crime operating both inside the US and internationally at behest of individuals in the US government who are intent on war and destruction for profit. Those individuals are against the freedoms protected by the Constitution. We can see this as our rights to assemble and protest are being taken away, as 200 people may be expecting jail time for a right protected by the Constitution. Our freedom of the press is being taken away, as reporters are jailed for asking questions.

Is the FBI really a real agency protecting and defending the Constitution and the American people?

Who investigates those in power who abuse their authority? Who has the power to bring those individuals to justice? Many people think it is the FBI.

At some point, even the perceived idea of even the Constitution needs to be questioned as the rights it guarantees are violated by the government itself. If the rights enshrined by the Constitution are violated by the government itself, is this a legitimate government at all or have we already moved past that?

If the FBI was legitimate, the world would have already had justice against organized crime, as those connections are fairly clear today. Justice is the only thing that can lead us to a sustainable, honorable future – one which is enshrined in the Constitution.

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Ann Diener

Journalist, former publisher of The Military Beat magazine - serving active duty and retired military personnel in the Northwest US through 2001, Thinker, foreign policy analyst and renewable & advanced technology developer aiming to provide water, food, housing & energy for all.

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  1. The people that own and run this country and the world have their secret police, the See Eye Aye and the Eff Bee Eye-
    They also financed the creation of the Soviet “Union”, and used it to scare the world because it was a vicious dog ready to bite. But who was feeding this dog all along? All the Western Corporations were doing business with the Soviet demons who ravaged the natural resources there to pay for their industrialization with Western technology, both paid and stolen-

    The monsters who run the show finance and put their efforts on every side, and do business and invest even if it backfires, betraying their hosts after sucking the last bit of blood(betraying France after WWI for instance) Creating both wars to dismantle Germany and steal everything from them and stopping their sovereignty forever, apparently-
    Well protected are the industrialists, bankers, energy oligarchs. The general public is unaware, brainwashed, modern day slaves

  2. That’s the truth. Look at all the organized pedophile networks these scumbags have protected over the years. Seems to be their primary remit in modern times, protecting organized pedophilia.

    Dave McGowan’s “Pedophocracy”, available online, is a stunning indictment,of the FBI among many others.

  3. The FBI should have taken down most people from both parties for corruption, being blackmailed, fraud, selling high mill tech, pedophilia, fraud, running terrorist networks and a swath of other crimes.
    And the writer of this piece seems awfully partisan. How about all the bribes from Saudi Arabia and Israel to influence US policy before Trump?
    As I see it all recent presidents did illegal things, but because they kept to the scrip they were protected by the deep state and media. And especially Obama seemed to do so with reluctance at times, ie with his dealings with Netanyahu.

  4. A public parade of a useful idiot. Comrade Comey was a loyal associate of Prince of Peace. His intelligence and pay grade were only deserving to be taking order from Lynch. However, king Trump values his fake loyalty and elevates his status to above his AG. Accusing king trump of lying is a big blow on Trumps negotiation (double talk) skill. Putin and Xi are laughing at the disarray of Trump administration. All the gain (by fake ISIS or ISIL) in mid-east has lost and now the US is at the front line against a much formidable enemy. Sad………

  5. Ann, the FBI was NEVER legit. It was in bed with the mafia from day one. Take a good look at Hoover, does he look like a good guy to you? The ruse was perfect. One of the largest criminal organizations in the world masquerading as one of the foremost crime fighting organizations. Perfect. They were actively involved in the assassination of JFK and countless others. This entire freak show on TV is just a smokescreen. The only thing that puzzles me is that any member of the VT staff would not know this already.

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