Updated, Personal Note: Near Death Experience

Ann Diener is home after a near death experience
I am home. alive, and not stoned as I appear. It is just hard to take a photo of yourself.

by Ann Dierner

Today, I experienced what felt like a severe electrical surge coming from below my steering column while driving that nearly paralyzed my legs. My legs were shaking terribly for a very long time, at least 2-3 minutes, however I managed to keep driving. I made it to my day job. and was completely fine outside of the car. On the way home, it was reasonable. There was also severe targeting while driving with potentially directed energy and Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF). I recently had my car debugged, so I am not sure how sophisticated their weaponry is, but as of a couple weeks ago, there were no bugs in my car.

I suspect, the goal of these bastards is to keep war going, and they can’t stand the fact that there is no need for war and the “War on Terror” was all a setup from at least 2000 on. We have proven it here at VT, even with 9/11, we have the evidence from the US Department of Energy report on “Ground Zero,” a mini- nuke event. How fitting a name of the area, Ground Zero? Hidden in plain sight? Was their goal the “War on Terror” to manage and control the American people into giving away their personal sovereignty completely? Now their next game may be Iran and “Iranian terrorists” to launch war on Iran.

Back then in 1999, there were few terrorism incidents, and in fact terrorism was at its lowest level in seven years, when they created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2000. We know why they created it, and it is probably not for peace and freedom of the American people. The strange part about this is that back in 1997 when I first started my magazine, I noticed that the Chinese and the Russians were increasing in penetration in the US. At the time, I actually mapped it out back then. Then when the “War on Terror” began, this actually enabled the Russians and Chinese to gain superiority over the US because of the known ethical and financial issues. In all likelihood by 2018 we will see a completely different world as the US is potentially rapidly becoming destabilized for what seems to be a planned global shift East.

This does not need to happen. We can win. We can out the “War on Terror” completely and save our country.

When I was publishing my magazine for the US Navy and Department of Defense, I felt like my company was forced out starting in 2000. Since then, I have been investigating, why? With my magazine, The Military Beat, I saved the government over $250,000 per year and up to $1 million per year and served active duty and retired military personnel in Navy Region Northwest, as a civilian enterprise. I have the names of two individuals who may or not have been involved back then in forcing me out, one who I was told was placed in my office to harm my company by a reliable inside source, he went on to work for DHS. I have given their names to the Senior Editor, Gordon Duff.

Was there a group that was tasked to create war? Were there US counter-intelligence teams operating to foment the war? Were these people trying to eliminate those who were anti-war and pro-military personnel and pro-veteran – for the people themselves – not the military industrial complex inside the Department of Defense?

Today, was this an attempt today to eliminate me?

We know they use Artificial Intelligence and that has been going on for a long time. The use of Synthetic Telepathy and attempts to spread “misinformation” are similar to the Soviet or Nazi times. My parents neighbor, a Serbian who lived through WWII, told me about how the Nazis had planes that would listen to what you thought, then used that information against you and spread “misinformation.” If that was in WWII, imagine the advancements today with the hundreds if not thousands of patents for this type of technology that is so small.

Why is AI so powerful? Is it because the liars want to keep lying going? They may want to find a way to fool consciousness/energy/”intelligence” so that there will be no truth and anyone can be fooled. When you combine the sophisticated intelligence gathering abilities of today with cell phone like technologies that are so small – the size of a pinhead or dust, and easily managed remotely, how bad can this world get, if people do not pay attention and allow liars and organized crime to control their lives? They can gather your information and use it easily to manipulate you and your consciousness/thoughts/perceptions etc. as well as the people around you. At some point, either the corruption ends or we really live in a military police state, and the sad part is that I think that’s what they want.

They planned the “War on Terror” from the start, and it was manufactured. Those who speak out and investigate it suffer, even if it is just because they are anti-war. Why? Where is our courage as a people, as “intelligence?” Do we even want to evolve as a people to a sustainable world, where eventually we stand as equals in space (not being fooled) or are we going to just continue to allow them to control us into corruption and death?

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{p}Journalist, former publisher of The Military Beat magazine – serving active duty and retired military personnel in the Northwest US through 2001, Thinker, foreign policy analyst and renewable & advanced technology developer aiming to provide water, food, housing & energy for all.{/p}

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  1. I am glad you are at VT, you have a lot to offer through your articles. Your narrative rings 100% true. I know of many cases like yours, all associated with whistle-blowing, truth-telling and in some way close to the Defense Industry or the military, LE or Intel. Been there, experienced this many times personally and swept many homes for excessive emf for friends and associates. Your account about the Nazis using Psi power to surveil and psyop makes sense because when the core SS started doing human sacrifice at Wewelsberg Castle and ran the hydraulic guillotines to sacrifice about 17,000 political enemies, they gained personal consiglieries and psi-powers from the Dark Side. But this goes back at least to ancient Babylonia and have been passed down through bloodline families to and through the Old Black Euro Nobility to be embedded in the Vatican and the Secret Societies including Skull & Bones (built on Russell Trust Opium money). This psi-power is accessed through an Oath to serve Lucifer and give him one’s soul and through child and adult sacrifice (ancient Baal worship like at Bohemian Grove every summer near San Francisco).

    DHS was set up to cover up 9-11-01 by consolidating all US LE and keep up locked out under the false cloak of so-called “national security”.

  2. You are really a Pavlovian babblehead while saliving your sermon of BS. Who is in charge of the button to let you bark ?

    • Trakkath: Pavlov’s Cat no longer barks… He/She self-deleted him/her self.

      If only Trump would self-delete, self-abort or self-deport, then all would be right with the world. ;-).

    • As long as there are those in the shadow who are leading him or them nothing will change. Get rid of the shadows and the sun will shine for us all bright and clear. We had a song in germany I remember in 1960th “Mekkie Messer” where it talks about that shadow people.

  3. P-Scat: No proof? Go poof… Scat!

    If you need a doctor, Dr. Schrödinger is a better bet for a vet – Russian roulette with 2 chambers.

    We’ve already looked in Dr. Schrödinger’s box or chamber. You didn’t make it. Sorry, P-Scat.

    If you want to superposition your VT quantum entanglement, don’t fu$k up your 1-car funeral.


  4. Ann, I’m sorry to hear about your traumatic experience. I believe you did the right thing by making it public, because at least it’s on the record now.

    Phillip Haldane- From the Facebook comments: “I was in the room looking at myself getting “worked on”in the corner of the room was a ball that was glowing and a person in a white robe type thing with no face,”

    I wish you could see the goose bumps on me right now. Wow. Surprisingly, I have experienced a very similar situation, minus the little girl. I was out of my body, fully conscious and looking down at myself. In my room, there was a glowing person with no face dressed in robes. Before any of it happened, there was a blinding light. I was alarmed and tried to scream, but couldn’t make a sound. I remember seeing an electric blue light coming out of my pores and soon I was looking down at my body. At this point I no longer felt alarmed. In what felt like a split second, I snapped back into my body like two magnets coming together….Strangely, nothing traumatic happened to me before this experience and I was so young that I hadn’t seen any movies that could have planted that idea in my sub-conscious. I still remember it like it was yesterday and will never forget it. Ever since then I’ve believed (known) we are much more than our body.

  5. Practical advices: a) get a dash camera and keep it on all the time while you’re driving; b) don’t leave your car at repair shops overnight or even for a few hours without having a chance to look at it at any moment c) if you buy a new car don’t give them even 30 min. to take it somewhere at the dealership. This time is enough to install a permanent GPS and a radio-translator attached to existing or installed microphone (depending on the car’s year and make). Don’t call any dealership or repair shops from any registered to your name phones prior to your visit.

  6. By the way unless.you have a new way to save the gov $ and redirect/steal cash they ain’t interested. Honesty may be fatal.

  7. Ms Deiner, nothing pays off like war. It’s a fast.way to indebt a nation, and control it. But you know that.
    In Los Angeles the 110 freeway runs from the LA Harbor through downtown, and into Pasadena. Well just before one gets into the Downtown area, south of USC and the Coloseum there is an array of video, audio and other types of electronics in the center divide aimed perpendicular as if the target is the cab of all cars or trucks. Just saying. Go figure.

  8. “Sophisticated algorithms fed into a machine” ….machines determining reality…a violation…. declaring war with the machines…their central control systems
    ….with “nothing short of a global effort by US tech-giants Google and Facebook, in collaboration with the Western media, to censor any and all media that fails to align with Western-dominated narratives by establishment media platforms like the New York Times, the BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and others who have notorious track records of serial deception, false reporting, and even war propagandizing
    “The goal, experts say, is to expand these digital tools across Europe”,

  9. P-Scat: What evidence do you have that the author is a ‘limited hang-out’? If none, then STFU.

    For whatever reason, the author appears to be a “Targeted Individual” — related phenomena about which you appear to have absolutely no familiarity or expertise whatsoever.

    You also appear to know little about differences between Schrödinger’s cats & Pavlov’s dogs.

    As Pavlov’s Cat, do psychotronics make you salivate? Or, confusing yourself with Schrödinger’s cat, are you just emotionally dead — with no potential for empathy whatsoever?

    If you don’t know, just say: “I Still Don’t Know” (ISDN). Otherwise, STFU.

    • P-Scat: You’ve gone ‘Scat.’ Good.

      Either the Special Combat Assault Team (SCAT) took you out — or you’ve gone more insane than John McCain, and you self-deleted your self. Or the VT vet did it for you.

      If as & when you figure out whether you’re a dog or a cat, let us know. OK?

      Did you know that Scat is also a porn term? Rhymes with “shat”… ;-).

  10. confirming the fact that those in the front lines here need moving to places of protection and that may be abroad….. for the benefit of the whole planet

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