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Election exuberance
Election results exuberance

Theresa May gambled and lost. She’s finished. Although she’s desperately trying to cling to power, she’ll be out by the end of the year, if not the fall. That nice man Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, is already on maneuvers. It would be good to have May’s successor in place by the Party Conference in October and President Trump’s eagerly awaited State Visit.

The result was worse than I predicted last week, partly because turnout amongst the young was unexpectedly high and they mostly plumped for Jeremy Corbyn. This was particularly true in university towns – Labour’s cynical and unfunded promise to scrap university tuition fees proved popular with students. Even Canterbury voted Labour.

The collapse in the UKIP vote was also greater than I had expected. I had envisaged it coming down to around 3%, but in the end they pulled in less than 2%. They not only won no seats at all, they didn’t even get close to winning a seat. Many of their votes went to Labour, which didn’t surprise me. UKIP have been saying for years that much of their support was being drawn from patriotic working class Labour voters.

Service of the Article 50 notice has led, almost inevitably, to a return to traditional two-party politics. The issue of EU membership is widely seen as resolved. Although pro-European commentators are taking to the airwaves to say that Theresa May no longer has a mandate for a so-called ‘hard Brexit’, Jeremy Corbyn skilfully presented the Labour Party as pro-Brexit in the north of the country and anti-Brexit in the south.

The only party calling for a second referendum, with the UK remaining in the EU if an EU/UK deal were rejected, were the LibDems. They barely scraped together 7% of the vote. Their Euro-fanatic former leader, Nick Clegg, lost his Sheffield seat and his successor, Tim Farron, an obnoxious little twerp, no offense intended, nearly lost his. The equally fanatical pro-Brussels CINO (Conservative in Name Only), Anna Soubry, almost lost hers. A mighty cheer would have gone up on the Tory Right had her Labour opponent succeeded!

Boris Johnson

As I suspected, the nasty personal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn backfired. In her most infamous speech, delivered in Bournemouth, Theresa May referred to the Tory Party as “the nasty party”. Actually we are quite a nice party. We just have a nasty leader, no offense intended. Jeremy Corbyn very properly refused to descend to the same level as Theresa May.

The social care policy foisted on the party by the Cabinet Office and the Treasury proved even more disastrous than I feared. Coupled with attacks on pensions and winter fuel payments it meant that Theresa May was waging war on our party’s core supporters at the same time as asking them for their votes.

The Cabinet Secretary is toast. The Cabinet Office and Treasury, which reports to it, has waged war on the Tory Party, working hand in hand with Brussels, and we will neither forgive nor forget. The harsh and cruel social care policy came straight out of the Treasury. It may have been inserted into the manifesto by the Euro-fanatic Ben Gummer, who thankfully lost his seat on Thursday, but it was dreamt up by the Treasury and backed by the Cabinet Office.


It has now emerged that Theresa May was pushed into calling an early election by the hated ‘von’ Juncker, President of the European Commission, who were desperate for a Labour/SNP/LibDem coalition which would reverse Brexit. It is now clear that the European Commission and the Cabinet Office were working hand in glove.

Jeremy Corbyn

Politics can be a brutal business. You get penalised for failure. Having descended into the party political arena and tried to get rid of a Tory government the Cabinet Office and the Civil Service must now pay the price. They are plenty of ways in which to smack them about, starting with their feather-bedded, index-linked pensions.

If you want to annoy a civil servant, threaten to cut his pension or increase his contributions. Civil servants also retire absurdly early, bearing in mind how lazy they are and the small amount of work they actually do. They aren’t worn out by the age of 60.

Phillip Hammond and his equally economically illiterate predecessor George Osborne are both house-trained idiots, no offense intended. They chose to protect the bureaucracy and impose a harsh austerity regime on ordinary people, who unsurprisingly have in turn punished the Tory Party at the ballot box.

They had the opportunity to protect front-line services and eliminate Civil Service waste. Instead of sacking doctors and nurses they could have sacked NHS administrators. Instead of scrapping pointless quangos, which cost the country as much as £75 billion a year, they elected to make ordinary people suffer. Their philosophy was “I’m alright Jack, sod the rest of you” and it showed. Thankfully May’s close ally Hammond will her on the way out.

Philip Hammond

The call to ‘ditch the bitch’ has already gone out from the Tory Right. Theresa May will become the eighth Tory Prime Minister in a row to lose his or her job over Europe. The late, great Earl of Avon MC (Anthony Eden) was forced out by the German agent Harold Macmillan so that he could take Britain into the EEC. Macmillan in turn was forced out after he applied to join the EEC and the Tory Party discovered his links to German Intelligence. Macmillan should have been hanged in World War II of course, indeed it was a tragedy for my country that he wasn’t.

That nice man Sir Alec Douglas-Home, whom I knew, was saddled with an unpopular policy on the EEC and paid the price at the ballot box in 1964. In fairness, as he acknowledged to me privately many years later, he had also been saddled by pro-Europeans in the party, including that pro-European idiot, no offense intended, Quintin Hogg, with a silly decision to dump his peerage (he was the Earl of Home when appointed Prime Minister) and pretend that he was a commoner, which he wasn’t. (It is always a great mistake for a politician to pretend to be something that he or she isn’t, as Obama, who pretended to be an American, is likely to find out.)

Another German agent, Edward Heath, eventually took us into the hated EEC and was thrown out of office at the first opportunity. Having failed to have her thrown out office by getting the Argentinians to invade the Falkland Islands in 1982 and having failed to get her assassinated by the German-sponsored Provisional IRA at Brighton in 1984, the DVD eventually organised an internal party coup in 1990, which forced Margaret Thatcher, whom I also knew, from office.

Her dull, grey and useless successor, no offense intended, John Major, signed the Maastricht Treaty without a referendum and split the Tory Party down the middle. Although given a temporary boost by the pound’s ejection from the absurd European Exchange Rate Mechanism, he was eventually thrown out in 1997.

The next Tory Prime Minister, the smarmy David Cameron, asked the EU for minor concessions in an attempt to repeat Harold Wilson’s unsuccessful con in 1975, when he tried to fool the British public into thinking that they were voting on an amended treaty. Cameron, not the sharpest knife in the box, with respect, was so astonishingly ignorant that he apparently did not know that Wilson’s attempted fraud had failed and that the Cabinet Secretary had ordered fellow German agent Phillip Allen to rig the result.

Arrogantly, the EU treated David Cameron with contempt, thinking that a Yes result was in the bag. It seems as though the Commission’s institutional memory is short – the slobbering, goose-stepping, neo-fascist bastards, no offense intended, also forgot or never knew that the ’75 referendum result was rigged. Either that or they didn’t know that important reforms had made rigging referenda in Britain much more difficult.

As in ’75, the public saw through the charade. The difference this time was that the votes were counted fairly. Cameron announced his resignation the next morning, just as Theresa May should have done on Friday, instead of behaving like a power-made bossy boots, no offense intended. (Never mind, the Evil Queen of Numbers will be gone before long!).


The sell-out


Wonderful to see though the defeats of Euro-nutters like Alec Salmond, Nick Clegg and Angus Robertson were, the single most important result of the night was in Ipswich, where the arrogant, pro-European Cabinet Office minister Ben Gummer lost to Labour’s Sandy Martin, an unlikely Conservative hero.

Gummer was the mouthpiece in the government for the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy ‘von’ Heywood, arguably the most hated man in Britain now that Moors Murderer Ian Brady has snuffed it, although if there were an online poll Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen might get a few votes.

It seems as though Theresa May was planning to sell the country down the river, no offense intended, by appointing Gummer as Brexit Secretary. He in turn would doubtless have caved into European demands for a huge exit fee, for which no provision at all is made in community law, continued European fishing piracy in British waters, continued dumping on the UK of unskilled and semi-skilled workers, continued European Court of Justice jurisdiction over those workers and a continuation of the minimal check policy on the 7,000 or so trucks which flood into the country from Europe every day.

The trucks are vital to the Commission and the DVD because this is how the DVD-controlled cartels get dangerous narcotics, illegal guns and illegal immigrants into the country. Barely one truck in ten is checked. Trucks with large amounts of Colombian and Venezuelan cocaine on board are simply waved through. The Border Agency knows better than to tangle with the Cabinet Office.

Thankfully the chances of a deal with the EU are now even closer to zero. The last thing we want is a deal with Europe. It would cost the earth and condemn tens of thousands more young people to the miseries and dangers of cocaine and heroin addiction. We need to stop those trucks and check every one.

It is difficult to convey to a largely American readership just how evil an institution the European Commission really is. Think Democratic Party but ten times worse. They think that we don’t know that poor little Madeleine McCann was kidnapped to order so as to satisfy the perverted desires of a senior Commission official, but we do. Their hands are drenched in British blood. Like our community partner Herr Hitler in World War II they are just begging to be bombed. Unlike Hitler however they haven’t had the sense to build bunkers, indeed they literally work in glass houses, none of which have been hardened against blast damage.

The deal with the DUP

Democratic Unionist Party

The media can’t count. Only 321 votes are needed for a working majority in the House of Commons. The seven Sinn Fein MPs will not be taking their seats and the Speaker and Deputy Speaker only vote if there’s a tie. The DUP have ten MPs, which would give a Tory/DUP coalition government a stable working majority.

If Boris Johnson has any sense, and he does (don’t be fooled by the hairdo), he will form a coalition government with the DUP and offer nice Independent MP Lady Hermon a seat in the government. The Northern Irish peace deal has started to collapse, at long last, and Northern Irish MPs will be needed to man the Norther Ireland Office.

The DUP also have ethical views on abortion, not being mad baby-killers, and sensible views on climate change and the restoration of capital punishment. They are awfully nice people and a good fit with the Tories. Unlike Theresa May, they are serious conservatives. The Tory Right are welcoming them with open arms.

They’re not so keen on LGBT rights, but that scarcely matters, as gay marriage has now been cemented in legislation. There are unlikely to be any key votes on LGBT rights issues in the next five years.

Interestingly, that nice man Nigel Farage could join such a government, possibly as Foreign Secretary, where his friendship with President Trump would come in handy. Should the Tory MP for Thanet South be convicted of electoral fraud in relation to 2015, a matter for the courts, Nigel would be an obvious UKIP candidate in the resulting by-election. Voters do not like electoral fraud.

Nigel Farage

Nigel made a splendid leader of UKIP and there has been a vacancy since Friday morning. He will not be able to sit as an MEP after March 2019.

Boris and Nigel would make a stellar combination at the top of the government. If Boris wants a good Lord Chancellor, who believes in hanging (I see that Theresa May has appointed that blithering fool, no offense intended, David Lidington, who is not even a lawyer and who supported my malicious bomb-hoax prosecution in 2014, as Lord Chancellor!), I daresay that I could make myself available. I would need a peerage of course, but just a small one, and a small Royal Pardon.

The London Bridge Terrorist Attack

I suspect this murderous attack was designed not just to intimidate voters ahead of the General Election into voting for pro-EU candidates, but as part of a deception exercise. Because trucks (not SUVs, please note) have been used in ISIS-related terrorist attacks in Europe the police assumed that the pedestrians murdered in the Westminster attack were the primary targets.

My analysis is that the primary target of the Westminster attack was Theresa May, indeed she may have caved in to Brussels and the Cabinet Office on appointing Ben Gummer after the attack. She was clearly shaken and appeared to be unusually nervous, even for her, on the campaign trail. Of course having your head sawn off can be very irritating and the thought of it can affect some people in this way.

By knocking over a few pedestrians last Saturday ISIS and GO2 may have hoped to bolster the theory that Masood mowed down the pedestrians on Westminster Bridge deliberately. If anything it has done the reverse. Why be so obvious?

The terrorists by the way were planning to use a truck, but somebody fouled up on the funding and their credit card didn’t go through, so they had to settle for a Renault van. If you’re visiting London watch out for mad Moslems in white vans shouting “Allahu Akbar”.

London Bridge

Comey’s testimony

I wouldn’t buy a used car from this man, no offense intended, and I wouldn’t encourage anyone else to do so either. Comey’s desire to bring down President Trump was blatant.

He’s reduced himself to a laughing stock, and the FBI with him. As a sensible chap recently pointed out on Fox News the allegation that Russia interfered with the 2016 election is a hoax. There were no improper contacts between the Trump campaign or transition teams and Moscow, period.

Democrat whingeing that Russia stole the election has no basis in reality. They lost because they had a bitch of a candidate and lousy policies. They need to get over it.


Zbigniew Brzezinski (1928-2017)

My commiserations to the DVD on the loss of this fine intelligence officer. He was an enemy, but a formidable one, who did the West a lot of damage.

We never met, although I popped my head round the door of his office at CSIS in Washington when I was representing that nice man General Pinochet. It’s unclear when Zig was recruited by the DVD, but it was probably in Munich in 1953. It’s possible that his father, a Polish diplomat in Berlin in the early Nazi period, worked for the Abwehr and helped develop German pans for the invasion of Poland.

There’s no doubting that Zig had a first-class mind. It’s just a pity that it could not have been used to promote the interests of humanity and the West. It’s almost certain that LBJ knew that he was appointing a German spy in 1966. The big question is, what did Jimmy Carter know of Zig’s espionage activities when he made him National Security Adviser?


Adam West (1928-2017)

Adam West

Adam West, sadly, has also died. Unlike his contemporary Zbigniew Brzezinski, Adam West leaves a lasting legacy in the shape of the great Batman TV Series. Adam may not have been as bright as Zig, but he was a lot funnier and brought joy to millions, whereas Zig brought only misery.

Adam West was evidently a nice man, who was as much on the side of Good as his most famous character. Zig of course was on the side of the Germans, i.e. Evil. Batman was a hoot – wonderfully camp, it was the definitive portrayal of the Caped Crusader. Their Batmobile was also the definitive version. I still want one!

The later movies were far too dark IMHO. I gather that Adam West thought so, too. He brought a dry sense of humor to the role of Batman, and was careful not to spend too much time on camera ogling Robin.

He was typecast, but came to accept it. The series will still be being shown on TV and bought in boxed sets decades from now. Adam West had real talent and will be much missed.


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