Is a nuclear war with Russia on the horizon?

…by Jonas E. Alexis and Gilbert Doctorow


Gilbert Doctorow graduated from Harvard University (magna cum laude) in 1967 and has a Ph.D. in history (with honors) from Columbia University in 1975. After completing his studies, Doctorow pursued a business career focused on the USSR and Eastern Europe. For 25 years he worked for US and European multinationals in marketing and general management with regional responsibility.

From 1998-2002, Doctorow served as the Chairman of the Russian Booker Literary Prize in Moscow. He is a co-founder and European Coordinator of the American Committee for East West Accord Ltd. based in Brussels. He is the author of the new book Does Russia Have a Future?

Jonas E. Alexis: In your recent article, you’ve argued that NBC News has edited out a number of crucial issues that Putin raised to Megyn Kelly. Why do you think they have deliberately become comfortable with bad journalism, which always amounts to fake news and propaganda?

Gilbert Doctorow: As others have remarked, NBC is more interested in entertainment than in news.  In that sense, the glamorous Megyn Kelly serves their purposes perfectly. Insofar as they had a political purpose, it was to show the importance of their journalist, who is received very respectfully by the President of Russia, so that we have reconfirmation from the Russians themselves that NBC counts.

Secondly, it was restate in the presence of the Russian president the whole litany of allegations against his “regime,” thereby showing that the channel shows its firmness to Power. It did not serve their interests to allow Vladimir Putin to use their air time to explain himself to the American audience.

At the same time, it bears saying that Putin had used Kelly to serve his own purposes with his Russian audience at the plenary session of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. He punctured her haughtiness and poise by asking directly whether she had ever read the US intelligence agency reports which she used in her indictment of “Russian meddling” in the U.S. elections, or whether she had read the Paris agreement on Climate Change.

Kelly sheepishly admitted not to know what she was talking about, and so was exposed to the ridicule and open laughter of the audience. Putin had especially wanted Kelly to moderate the question period to show how he could tame her and put her in her place, unlike Trump who could not master her intellectually and so resorted to crude character assassination to achieve the same purpose.

Jonas E. Alexis: I have already argued that no New World Order agent can get in the political ring and morally and intellectually challenge Putin precisely because the New World Order ideology is logically incoherent and existentially worthless. Charlie Rose himself admitted after his interview with Putin that the Russian president told him before the interview that he could ask any question he wanted! Putin, Rose added, didn’t have a script. He was basically answering questions as they came.

In an open letter to NBC News, you wrote: “You intentionally made Putin sound like an empty authoritarian, when he is in fact a very sophisticated debater who outranked your Megyn at every turn during the open panel discussion in the Forum, to the point she was the laughing stock of the day.” You moved on to add that “You are only preconditioning the American public for the war that is coming, whether by intention or by accident.” Is there a war coming? If so, who is behind it and what are the costs?

Gilbert Doctorow: The possibility of a hot war with Russia is, regrettably, entirely off the radar screen of even well informed Americans. Yet, I have numerous fellow experts in international relations and Russian affairs who share my sense of alarm that we are headed for the rocks and that a rapidly escalating cycle of violence culminating possibly in a nuclear exchange can come about by accident today, not just by the malevolent machinations of American politicians like John McCain.

The acute problems we face are absolute lack of trust between the two sides, which means that any sign the other is reaching for the button will result in a nuclear war and total annihilation of human civilization.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Cambridge, Massachusetts for a Harvard College reunion. Eight hundred of my classmates were there and I met with a great many. They are all professionally successful people, fairly prosperous and civic minded, with many engaged in charitable works in their communities.

However, it was utterly shocking for me that almost none of them follows international affairs.  When I mentioned the risks of war, to a man they said: “goodness, we haven’t heard that before.”  Indeed, they haven’t, and there is the problem.

America is stumbling towards the abyss. The Russians are fearful of a confrontation, but they are aware of its chances of occurring and are ready to press the button, if they are convinced the nation’s survival is under threat.

Jonas E. Alexis: A nuclear war with Russia would bring about an apocalypse, the likes of which the world has never seen before. If Hegel and Solzhenitsyn are right—that truth will triumph in the end, that no force on earth can impede Logos, and that warmongers and New World Order agents cannot win forever—then there is no reason to despair.

Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

11 Replies to “Is a nuclear war with Russia on the horizon?

  1. It’s scary that the so called intelligentsia in the US are so damn ignorant and ill-informed. Those of us outside the US can easily see that the situation is no more than a few steps from getting out of hand with numerous flash points – Syria, Qatar, Ukraine, North Korea, South China sea, etc. Also the incessant lies and demonisation of Russia and China adds more fuel to the fire.

  2. Is it true Russia has carved out, and created area under Moscow, and maybe other cities which the common can access?

    1. I think the difference in Russia and China is that they have kept up civil defense and facilities for the general population but in the US the facilities will be reserved for a narrow elite. I guess you should dust off those ‘Duck and Cover’ guides.

    2. Yes, it is true. Since the old times in the USSR we have A-bomb shelters in every city for the civilians. They are made to survive first days after ICBM bombardment. If survive first attack.

  3. Hiroshima, and Nagasaki survived, and recovered quite rapidly. Albeit, not 500 megaton or greater bursts. So what’s instore? Best guess is the continuing march to world war which some believe will leave them unscathed to rule the ashes. It’s a shame that war is revered, fear begins and ends everyone’s day. Hollywood tells the story with movie, after movie glorifying it.
    When you find time publish the complete text from Puin’s interview with Kelly.
    And where’s our $6 trillion? lol… not really.

    1. There is an exponential difference between the fire crackers that were dropped on Japan and the potential explosive potential of modern weapons.

  4. The modern world has never seen, nor can remember, an apocalypse as great as total nuclear war. That does not mean that such a thing has never happened on Earth, nor was possibly “human” caused. Barring the great extinction event of roughly 75 million years ago – too long ago to fit into the reality of most people – there have been more recent events. They left evidence in the form of vast deserts in Africa, Arabia and Asia, with some smaller ones in the Americas. My point is: It would not be the first time. Too bad we cannot remember our past mistakes well enough to learn from them.

  5. In case of War between USA & Russia, USA Will Loose Badly because in the past decades USA Bullshitted Science and wound up with Failures like the F-35 but Geniune hard work resulted in new weapons like the ” shkvaal” Whose Design The USA wants to Steal And Few Agents Been Arrested. While the USA Establiment been Prioritized to Pay Zionists the USA truly Abandoned research, tthe Russian Sukhoi’S beat all the Americans. Russia Truly leads in Science or Mechanical engineering

  6. Perhaps some peoples will survive in isolated mountain valley’s and such. Who knows; our degenerate masters and lords might perish in their own apocalipse. The underground ones become food, eh!

  7. Why no fall out shelter program? Because anyone who survives a first nuclear attack will pray they be dead after the second.

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