Were ETs involved in 911 ?

by Preston James

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Was the attack on the US inspired by ETs?

There have been reports from low to mid level insiders that ETs may have been involved in the attack on America on 9-11-01.

But no concrete smoking gun admissions with teeth or any serious credible evidence has been presented to back this up.

Such an hypothesis of ET involvement is impossible to prove at this point but there are some indications pointing in that direction at least concerning the use of advanced super high-tech weaponry needed to turn the twin towers to fine dust.

The apparent use of the realistic 3D Holographs with loud actual sounds for the two aircraft images which appeared to fly into then hitting the towers one at a time however, is a technology that we know does exist right now and can be activated from three transmission points.

One thing we do know for certain now is that pre-planted nukes were used in the Twin Trade Towers.

A great deal of accurate information has already been supplied in numerous VT articles by Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith, both who have extensive knowledge of fission and fusion fingerprints and nuclear flash pixilation effects on video cameras.

We can now say without question that nukes were deployed in the Twin Towers based on the nuclear fingerprints available from samples taken afterwards and the effects on the foundation which was turned instantly to red hot lava taking many days to cool.

But there is also extensive other non-disclosed Intel which includes the classified Able Danger investigation and the frozen grand jury in Texas concerning all this (which if ever was made public would bring down much of the DC Cabal).

We know that at a minimum there was at least three sets of pre-planted bombs used in each building. The first one detonated was in the basement and was deployed to blow out the sprinkler systems and perhaps even to weaken the structure.

This first basement device could have been a small nuke or could have been conventional high explosives.

But there had to be a second bomb in each building detonated to create the fake aircraft impact sites. This was likely a number of conventional high explosives.

We know for a fact that the passenger jets which were claimed to have hit the buildings did not because they were still flying and in service afterwards according to now released FAA documents.

Are New Yorkers keeping quiet about what they have known for 16 years?

These so-called aircraft that hit the buildings were creations of super sophisticated 3D Holograph technology.

Professor Jim Fetzer has made a strong case for this for several years.

And we know that there had to have been a very powerful third bomb set pre-planted that was some kind of nuke because of the way that the Twin Trade Towers were instantly turned to dust.

This instant conversion to dust started at the top and moved progressively downward at the normal speed of a free-falling object for each of the Twin Trade Towers. Therefore, it has always been my contention that small multiple nukes were also used in the elevator shafts about every ten stories, detonating the higher ones first and then proceeding downward at the approximate rate of a free-falling rock.

The elevator company (now out of business) which ran long term elevator maintenance projects in each building could have easily provided a cover story and the opportunity for a special ops contractor to plant micro nukes inside the elevator shafts, one about every ten stories or so.

Dr. Ed Ward proposed that Lithium 7 based nukes could have been used in the Twin Trade Towers. His work is worth looking at. I have always thought that it was the deployment of the new super high-tech miniature positron anti-matter devices. If so these are likely Alien ET supplied technology.

Tribute to 9-11 responders

Were very small positron anti-matter nukes deployed as matchbox-sized devices in the elevator shafts?

The available public science right now says that positron “anti-matter” nukes have not yet been developed, but I believe they have and their development and deployment is protected by many layers of secrecy.

Positron nukes can be made to produce a flash of anti-matter which will implode with tremendous energy and give off a wave of instant molecular re-arrangement of up to a few hundred feet in all directions. It would allow great explosive power with a very small footprint.

It could also have turned the Twin Trade Towers to a fine dust. Some small low temperature fires caused by jet fuel could never have done this, nor could the pre-planting of even many tons of thermite or thermate either. It had to be some type of high tech nuclear device in each of the Twin Trade Towers to dustify them.

If nukes were pre-planted every ten stories or so in each of the Twin Towers they would have to have been quite small, perhaps shoe box sized or even less, maybe matchbox sized. They would have to have been remotely detonatable in sequence from the top down.

Some have claimed advanced spaced-based Tesla-type frequency weaponry was used to turn the towers to dust and that would explain the top down dustification process. This is possible but to me improbable.

We know that black X-ray Laser weapons have already been developed and tested that can shoot down aircraft. Some claim these were gained from the existing treaties and with Alien ETs and their associated technology for human exchange programs. In my view it seems doubtful that enough energy could be manifest from such weaponry in such a short time and so well focused from a high orbital location.

VT’s Fort Lee, NJ blockbuster story from the Able Danger NY team is still blacked out in US media

Normally in any major operation like 9-11-01, numerous new technologies are deployed as experiments to see how they work in real life situations, but every main function has at least one back up to protect against failure of the mission.

So my view is that it is possible that numerous super high-tech weapon systems were deployed on 9-11-01 including: convention explosives or conventional mini-nukes in the basements of the Twin Trade Towers; conventional explosives at the 3D Holograph aircraft image hit sites; and then very small, incredibly powerful, state-of-the-art micro-nukes (likely Positron anti-matter matchbox sized bombs) every ten floors in the elevator shafts.

If the now-frozen grand Jury in Texas is ever unfrozen and does its job making indictments of the high USG and foreign officials involved in 9-11-01, we will finally find out what was the now highly classified information the Able Danger team knew before 9-11-01, and what the AEC investigators learned after that terrible day when America was attacked.

In the meantime, we have the exclusive and very revealing VT Fort Lee articles by Gordon Duff on the satellite and ground Intel of the safe houses where the nukes were stored, where they were stolen from and by whom.

Was the 9-11-01 attack on America directed by an evil Alien ET group?

And has this evil Alien ET group interfaced with humanity for hundreds of years and hijacked whole governments to serve their secret agenda in an age old battle between good and evil, light and darkness?

We know that the there are good insider and Intel reports that the governments of the USA, Russian and China have consorted with Alien ET groups, made treaties and have gained high technology in exchange for use of human subjects and human genetic material.

We also know that these ET cannot travel about openly and are operating under restrictions, perhaps there are certain Cosmic Rules of Play that have been imposed on them by some higher power (God Almighty?) and these restrictions require consent for all their public or mass incursions into human life.

Secret society master control group

We know that the Earth has a master control system of governments organized around private FIAT, pernicious usury and debt-based central Banking (aka BT/RKM/COL Banking).

There have been reliable reports that these Babylonian Talmudists (BTs) run most of the world from a large Hierarchy with themselves sitting at the top. We have insider reports that those at the top of this Hierarchy are hard core secret Zionists, Luciferian (Satanists), pedophiles and child-sacrificers and have personal non-corporeal spirit guides that appear to them and serve as high level Intel and consiglieres.

Some have described these consiglieres as normal appearing, some as Baphomet, some as small greys and some as other types of Alien ETs. This provides a great deal of confusion sorting out what these entities actually are, but it can be stated for certainty they are evil beyond imagination and like those they advise, share a view of the common man and the masses as mere chattel or insects to be sacrificed and destroyed for profit, increased power, and personal sport.

So the best we can know for now is that there is a three way association between those who sit at the top of the Hierarchy and control most Intel and LE agencies and this association is as follows: Non-corporeal spirit entities; alien ETs, Hierarchy leaders.

Absorbing the aether (Photo credit: Thor)

And there can therefore be no doubt that these Hierarchy leaders are pure evil; that they take direction from these non-corporeal entities (their consiglieres); and that they are self-serving, unimaginably evil psychopathic mass-murders committed to the eradication of humanity, yes all for their own personal gain at the expense of everyone else.

Is is possible that a certain evil Alien ET group has hijacked certain Bloodline families and deployed them in an age-old attempt to attain their Globalist NWO Agenda of Evil? Yes, it is possible, but right now we have no way to know for certain.

Is is possible that either an evil Alien ET group or these consiglieres who are evil beyond imagination have and are now blackmailing the Hierarchy leaders? That they have told them that if they do not do what they are told such as attacking America on 9-11-01 every major city they control along with all their riches will be immediately destroyed? Yes, this is possible, but so far we have no way to know for certain.

The best evidence so far suggests that these Alien ETs and Consiglieres can only work through humans by deceiving them and cannot do anything directly themselves.

I have one high level friend who has claimed that cloning of humans is now a reality, but that they have no souls, do not live very long and “glitch-out” at times making them unreliable. I have also been told that we have a hybridization program with a certain Alien ET group at the Dulce, NM Deep Underground Base (DUMB) that Phil Schneider reported on and was murdered for doing so. And that so far, all long term attempts to synthesize the soul and spirit and eternal life have failed miserably.

Is is possible that we have some normal appearing Alien ETs now inside the Pentagon and various institutions of America? Yes, and there was a report by a Clergyman Frank Stranges that he was selected to be briefed on a normal human appearing Alien ET named “Valiant Thor” that visited Earth, was taken to see the White House and then given a job at the Pentagon. This Alien ET was photographed as well, and his photo is available. Do I think it is real? Yes, and I think they selected this pastor as a go-between because of his name.

There have been reliable reports of ET/human hybrids walking among us. I have wondered if the current Globalist push for excessive unregulated immigration is being used to provide cover for these hybrids, who seem to be very intelligent but have trouble managing colloquialisms and attaining good communication, even after lessons in learning to speak and write English.

We do know for certain that the Hierarchy leaders of the BT/RKM/COL complex (which includes the Vatican-spiritual, the COL-financial, and DC-Military) have certain characteristics. They are hard core Zionists, Satanists, hate mankind, create constant chaos and war for profit, sacrifice and eat children and are self-serving psychopathic mass-murderers, and all for self-gain, that is, riches, power and status.

We know that the evidence and first-hand testimonies of credible witnesses support the idea that these Hierarchy leaders have become demon-possessed criminal psychopaths and mass-murderers.

Take the personal testimony of Ronald Bernard which for now can be found on Youtube. Here we have another high-level witness with credibility that has gone public about these Hierarchy leaders and what they do to keep control over their members. It’s called “human compromise”, and it’s the game of progressively evil, anti-human initiations needed to extract a recruit’s soul and transfer demons into them.


We normal non-Hierarchy humans are now engaged in a battle for survival of our very species. The BT/RKM/COL Hierarchy of Zionists (aka Satanists) view all mankind as their chattel to be mass-murdered for their own gain and sport.

They have amassed extreme power through their take down of much of the world through their private central FIAT debt-based pernicious usury banking system.

A great deal of evidence suggests that the BT/RKM/COL was deeply involved in planning and running the attack on America on 9-11-01 with a heavy use of PNAC, NeoCon and American high military and administration Cutouts. It is also clear that sophisticated weaponry was deployed, some of which was super high-tech nuclear based.

There is good evidence that some nuclear cores were stolen from Pantex in Amarillo, Texas and stored in a Fort Lee safe house at least for a while before being transported to the Twin Trade Towers.

At present there is no clear evidence that Alien ETs directed this attack on America or were involved. However, the use of super high-tech 3D Holographic images of the two passenger airliners makes one wonder if this advanced technology was provided by Alien ETs or back-engineered from crashed, recovered Alien ET anti-gravity craft.

Washington DC, a masonic town, from 30,000 ft.

One thing that is clear is that the top BT/RKM/COL leadership have consorted with the Dark Side and sold their souls for power, riches and status and have received supernatural power to work to attain their Globalist NWO goals (which are Satanic).

Yes, they have sold their very souls to Lucifer (Satan) in return for unimaginable power, wealth and status. The result, their souls have been stripped away, their spirits quenched and destroyed and their consciences (if they ever even had one) are seared. Thus they are capable of murder, mass-murder, pedophilia, all forms of soft-kill that they now deploy in their quest to destroy the human species and create Hell on Earth.

If the masses truly understood the gravity of their crimes against humanity they would be hunted down and hung from every street lamp as GHWB told Sarah McClendon one time.

Those of us who are Christian believers view this as the age old battle between good and evil, light and dark and see a final battle approaching. We believe that good will then defeat evil and all will have to stand before God Almighty the Creator and first cause, the “I am”, the Alpha and the Omega, and will have to answer for how they lived their lives.


Author Details
Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
<br. A book by Preston James entitled "The New Gutenberg Press" has just been published and is available at

55 Replies to “Were ETs involved in 911 ?

  1. There are a few “Valiant Thor” types walking around on this planet.

    They had nothing to do with 9/11.

  2. my concern is the thousands of government employees that knew it was coming. the chiefs of staff, the air traffic controllers, senators, and congressmen.. they all knew… why has not one of them … just one.. been given a polygraph?..and if they are lying.. give them the waterboard. starting at the top with Dick Cheney..

    1. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush 1 and 2, Silverstein, Chertoff, Netanyahoo, the Mossad, and the rest of the satanists knew.

      The rest were fooled. All firefighters, police, first responders who heard explostions, knew they were lying and tried to come forward were killed.

      The congress, IF any of them had an inkling it was going to take place, had already been compormised with video of their perversions stashed in the “vault” and wouldn’t say anything if they knew for fear of losing their cushy lifetime gravy trains.

  3. It’s 4am! The lucifer* is here!
    Yes, literally!
    Just look up in the sky easterly and you’ll see “her”!

    *ADJECTIVE, denoting the planet Venus (or Mercury) having the audacity to rise before the Sun (Jesus, [Jeezus, not Heysoos]) and meaning “morning star, “phosphorus” or “light-bringer” (as opposed to Venus when she is “Hesperus” the “evening star” rising after the Sun).
    Also, Jeezus was referred to as a lucifer.

    (The Fox TV show “Lucifer” uses Preston’s popular capitalized proper-name adaptation/bastardization for THE Devil personified and Lucifer’s surname is… Morningstar)…

  4. in 1945 a b-52 bomber hit the empire state building and afterwards old news reels show it was still standing the whole building intact except for the 75-76 floors. and in a video i have it shows six other buildings from around the world that burned completely down with the steel beams still intact, the whole structure are still there. so it can be proven it was all bs. or the story the gov. gave.

  5. I have, on a drive I saved, a PDF that explains the value of waging a war by media, and goes on to divulge that all the media feeds were piped through one location and subject to a 17 second delay. The media war ploy came straight from DOD.
    If you haven’t yet availed yourself if Collateral_Damage_ 911, find the PDF. Did you know Poppy pedo Bush had fraudently issued $250 billion in ten year treasuries on 09/11/91? Due when? Cantor Fitzgerald what? There is a second volume to Collateral_Damage_911 that analyzes the ‘subprime’ as a continuing and intentional act of war. Each only 59 pages – worth the time.
    I don’t care about ET at this point. There is human blood responsible – and needs justice.

  6. Another interesting and informative article. Thank you, Preston.

    Benjamin Netanyahu told NBC two days after 9/11:

    “In 1995 I wrote a book called fighting terrorism and I said. If we don’t arrest the tide of Islamic militant terrorism, then the next that will be is not a car bomb in the WTC, but a nuclear bomb. Now it wasn’t a nuclear bomb, it was a 350 ton conventional bomb.” (@1:20)

  7. Holograms or not the WT-7 didn’t need any of it, neither needed the ET’s assistance and their exotic weapons to help it collapse inexplicably.

    Why resort to holograms if the MSM studios can disseminate pictures on TV showing planes hitting the towers ?
    And if seen on TV can’t be fake, right ?

    And then blame it on those people who can not even pump their own oil from the ground without some help.

    1. Aziz, they do both.

      They “green screen” everything for the fake news agencies.
      Even McCain’s fake beheading was done in studio.

      The holograms are for the people who are just beneath the
      incident so they look up and think they are seeing reality.

      That was a practice run…that is why there is so much CGI
      in all the movies.

      The capabilities they have now will reach across nations. It
      will fool “even the elect”.

  8. I happened to see/hear an interview with William Tompkins -dec 2016 and it was concerning his work for the government and the MIC 1940s on . If he’s is correct – the technologies the USG has today is beyond belief.

  9. Every advanced high tech weaponry we have came from alien technology.

    Whether we traded for it or physicists reverse engineered it from crashed vehicles. The ones who have “traded” did so against protocol and will be dealt with because there does exist a non-interference accord.

    The holographic technology used on 9 11 is a small sample of what they have in store for the “alien invasion” they are working on. Otherwise known as Project Blue Beam. (The “blue beam” btw is the plasma beam.) There is one docked in Australia that can shoot straight into outer space and take down craft.

  10. In the above depiction of the:
    “Secret society master control group”

    Notice the freemasonry symbols:
    black and white tile floors
    twin towers
    all seeing eye

    used in almost every music video

    1. No doubts about that. But why this, obviously far more than just obsession, is a mandatory attribute of each and every false-flag, sacrifice, mass-manipulation, etc.? Is this simply the most effective way to succeed, based on certain laws of nature known only to a few ? A tribute to something purely spiritual ? A demand from quite material entities who can accept the negative energy of evil actions only if the results are “properly packed” ? Or something else ?

    2. It’s “black majick’ inherited from the fallen angels, fed upon by the demons and directed by Lucifer himself. Those who succumb to this sacrificing and participating in blood letting and other rituals receive fame, wealth, etc. and can continue their disgusting sexual perversions unabated. They actually think that Lucifer will take them under his wing and keep them in this realm forever.

      Unbeknownst to all of them, Lucifer will take them all down with him when cast into the dark eternal abyss and they will no longer be allowed to terrorize, seduce, rape, murder, cannibalize, sodomize, or even be in the same universe or dimension as human beings or angelic beings any longer.

    3. I like such prognosis for these animals. But there must be an earthly way to deal with the bastards too. The one that comes from understanding details of their actions. Despite all their efforts they are still in minority and still are somewhat limited in their crimes by the annoying (to them) need to preserve decent public images. Despite all chemical and informational “dumbification” of masses there is still solid presence of faith, common sense, logic, massive public disgust toward certain behavior, etc. All their power is hinges solely on falsifications and promotion of BS, but ability to create fake money makes it all possible, and makes them really tough enemy. Nevertheless, the solution to each problem starts from its understanding. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    4. It is frustrating for everyone in our situation who know the truth and want these subhumans gone…. now!

      Let’s just say that a certain “group” has taken interest in amassing a way to alleviate us of some of this burden.

  11. It’s like I keep saying, VT readers are the brightest most informed folks out there. This comment is just another example of this excellence of mind and understanding.

  12. It looks like Hell on Earth (regardless of the nature of its promoters) is heavily relying not only on nuclear fission but on obsession with certain numbers: “Ground(=79) + Zero(=64)”=143=11*11+11+11.

    1. Khalid, If precisely measured circumference of a circle equals to 3.16 that only means its diameter, precisely measured, is a bit more than 1 ( approximately 1.0058). No secrets here.

  13. So I see we’re now calling Jews “ET’s” … that’s one way to get aroudn teh ADL I guess.

    1. Eddie, I never called Jews ETs. Where did you get that from? Obviously you haven’t been reading my VT articles. Nor do you understand the term BT/RKM/COL which means Babylonian Talmudists, Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and City of London Banksters. Nor do you understand that the term “Jew” didn’t appear until about 750 AD, a creation of the King of Khazaria. Nor do you understand that 97.5% of those calling themselves Jews who live in Israel today are Khazarians and have no ancient Hebrew Blood at all according to a well respected Johns Hopkins peer reviewed genetic study. And this study showed about 80% of Palestinians have ancient Hebrew blood and are Semites, while 97.5% of Israelis claiming to be Jews are not. The so-called star of David was never used by King David of the Old Testament, but was a Satanic symbol of the Babylonians representing the merger of Lucifer blood with human female blood (Nephilim and Kenites). You come off as a troll.

  14. The fake planes were a cake walk. The Hollywood Perverts do this every day in movies. They do not destroy an expensive building and risk damage to adjacent property just to make a movie. This was the same thing. Dr. James discussed the details in the article. No planes struck the towers or the Pentagon. The four stars had prior knowledge of this and this explains why they did not seek to shoot them down. They are all traitors and should be sitting in a jail cell. No investigation of them either. The whole justice department should be arrested and jailed. America is totally corrupt and most people just don’t get it.

  15. Americans must demand the dupes in Congress and government end the soft treatment of criminals in Israel shafting this country. Until they do things will only get worse before they get better. Americans must vote out every supporter of Israel in Congress. End all money to them. Close the embassy there. We must boycott them until they own up and admit their complicity in these crimes against America and humanity. This is serious stuff now. Let’s Demand Truth from Israel Now. Admit their crimes NOW. Offer rewards to whistleblowers over there. YOU can be sure some people know things about all these crimes against America.

  16. @Carola

    Please search in youtube,com for “7D Hologram” to get to know where the once 2D embossing holography has finally grown up to.

  17. 2 lbs of military grade C-4 will vaporize a 4 wheel drive pickup, or raze a two story building.
    A team of 10 people with backpacks full of Plastique could ride the elevator shafts and rig those buildings in less than a coupe hours, especially when demolition charges were already built into the concrete wall that supported those shafts. the wall was 12 ft thick with heavy duty rebar connecting the cfore of those buildings.
    The cfonventional explosive demolition theory is the least tlaked about, we got everything fron nukes to ET, but the simple fact is the most likely, and best way to destroy thjose buildings was c-4, and lots of it.
    Pressure per square inch is what Pulverizes, heat is a momentary result of the explosion which creates enormous pressure which causes the destruction along with a warm breeze.

    1. Due to the construction design of the building your view that C4 could have pulverized it is not reasonable. It just doesn’t contain enough explosive force, nor does it explain the radioactive isotopes appearing afterwards and all the cancer deaths of the first-responders and locals.Plus we have credible Intel reports that nukes were stolen from Pantex in Amarillo Texas, reprocessed and stored in a Fort lee safe-house and then deployed in the Twin Towers on 9-11-01.

  18. (where is the reply button?)

    @Preston James

    I do not doubt that ET’s were involved in the attack or not but that is an irrelevant point considering that we the terrestials are also capable of inventing exotic weapons although we have been led to regard anything we do not recognize or identify as an ET artifact or an extra-terrestial UFO.

    In fact there are parties that would benefit by misleading everyone into believing in ET’s involvement as such belief would conceal their part of involvement if they had a part in it.

    The hologram part is most interesting because other than the MSM footages no other independent videos exist that I know of to verify the fact that were holography employed then it must have been a psychotronic variety, where the hologram is implanted directly into one’s perceptions.

    But I think it is too early in the investigation to accuse the ET’s, whoever they may be, whereas the culprits could be only ourselves.

  19. Seven to ten years ago, I remember specifically reading a testimony from a professional pilot explaining how and why it is physically impossible for a commercial airliner to fly at a low enough altitude at a speed where one could crash the airliner into the twin towers. He said that he couldn’t do that with all of his experience, so then, how could a bunch of Saudi hijackers who did a bit of training on small propellor 2-seated planes possibly maneuver these Boeing jets to do this? Does anyone else remember reading this?

    This leads to the question – if it is obvious that these jets did not crash into the twin towers then WHAT was it that convinced eye-witnesses that they saw and heard commercial jets cashing into the twin towers? Frankly, I don’t understand the physics and technology behind holograms – but I do know for sure that it wasn’t commercial airliners crashing into buildings. Also what happened to the people who were on board those flights that supposedly crashed into the twin towers – but actually didn’t?
    There is a lot of ET technology that has made its way to Earth – perhaps in exchange for kidnapping innocent people, or reverse engineering or a combination of those. It seems possible to me that the ET’s could have been indirectly involved through the misuse of their technology.

    1. Carola:
      The same individual that posted the statements about the difficulty inherent in trying to fly that commercial airliner into anything other than a runway, also posted about the current state of the art in holographic, which accounts for that aspect of the deception.

    2. Carola, I have to question a pilot’s testimony that it’s hard to fly a commercial airliner into a building at speed and altitude. I’ve done this with various large commercial aircraft in three flight simulators. Two of which are certified for real flight training (X-Plane and Prepar3D). And I’ve flown into much smaller buildings than that. I’ve put a 757 through a house. It’s not hard.

      Remember we land these things on relatively thin runways at low speed. The plane will still fly at approach speed at the attitude of the twin towers, and it’s quite maneuverable.

      You can download a demo of X-Plane and try it. You’re limited to a small region, but I bet you can put your jumbo jet through the tower at the airport on your first try. And that’s a smaller target than the twin towers.

  20. …because, for example, in spite of some of the Gaelic leaders being abducted
    and fighting with some groups of Small Grays against other Small Greys and
    the Small Greys fighting with some human leaders and their groups against
    other human groups, all of the Irish lost all of it through history – Where
    was ET when the lads needed it? First the Vikings overran Ireland – where
    were the Small Gray buddies then? Afterwards, the Small Greys Fellows were
    a no show when the Normans and English gave the Irish an 800 year beat-down.
    Apparently, the Small Greys love only human suffering – the U.S. military
    and political leaders may want to rethink their treaties; if they don’t want
    to end up like the Irish!!!!

    The Gaels had no knowledge whatsoever about the Reptillians!!!! What’s with
    that???? The luck of the Irish????

  21. In Dwelly’s Ilustrated Gaelic English Dictionary the Small Greys are called
    Small Grey Fellows: Leth (Half as is half black and half white = gray) –
    Breac (Fellow) – an (a suffix meaning Small). Today in English, we just
    shortened it by leaving off the word Fellows. The Tall Greys are also
    defined as horrible half human half beast and the Nordics are also defined
    (fascinatingly, under the word Gray). These so-called fairies have been
    abducting humans and subjecting them to missing time and time travel (1 day
    with them is 100 years with us) as well as some of the other phenomena which
    has been reported since Roswell. Back in Gaelic history they preferred to
    interact with human leaders as they do today. They also made military
    alliances with those human leaders like today. They seem to be evil…

  22. @Preston James
    It is not easy to demonstrate ET technology was involved in WTC controlled demolition. But what I know for sure is that SpaceX rocket was shot by a UFO on 09/01 2016.

    I have thoroughly studied this case thanks to article in VeteransToday dated 09/02 2016.
    From USLaunchReport HD video, it is possible to determine the 3D trajectory of the object passing through from right to left, assuming it has a constant speed² v² = vx²+vy²+vz² during the 0.25s of the sequence.
    Speed vx and vy is easily measured on the video, and in-depth speed vz is then deduced from previous formula.

    See details in video
    Speed is finally measured at precisely 777 m/s (Mach 2.3)
    Acceleration is measured ranging from 80g when shooting, to 350-400g when entering/exiting the scene.

    A second video reconstructs the scene in 3D and new discoveries are done :
    Acceleration when shooting (80g) is in fact 777 m/s², and radius of curvature when shooting is 777m.
    When shooting, UFO coordinates in the frame of the launch PAD are exactly (0m,100m)
    Clearly, the UFO sent a message to us : “777”

    A third video continues the analysis and explains why the UFO is illuminated from above in one frame.
    Finally, this video demonstrates the UFO trajectory is part of an ellipse with :
    semi-major axis = 200 m
    semi-minor axis = 100 m

    Comments are welcome

    1. As a complement, most of this data is published in French magazine “TOP SECRET”, issue June 2017 (see
      One error was found in second video where an unknown object appeared during launch of SpaceX on 02/19 2017.
      This object is in fact the SpaceX nose cone, as explained now in the third video.

  23. Articles like this do more damage to the 9/11 Truth movement than help it. Holograms, nukes, ET’s? This is pretty fringe. More importantly, it is irrelevant. Why don’t we just stick to the basics: planes, controlled demolition, US-Saudi-Israeli cooperation, resulting in a surveillance state and wars in the Middle East. The rest doesn’t add anything.

    1. Doubting Thomas, this article is written for the clandestine community and folks within it that are concerned with actual details of how this false-flag operation was done. Obviously this crowd already knows only too well who did it and why(to serve as a psyop to justify large foreign wars for profit and resources. Until the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) an illegal news and media cartel (a CIA proprietary monopoly based on big lies, false-narratives and BT/RKM/COL propaganda is completely broken up and those running it removed from power, any single article will not do the job. And when you have a so-called 911 truth organization pushing the clearly false hypothesis that nan0-thermite brought the Twin Trade Towers down, you know it is an uphill battle until the CMMM is broken apart. At VT you will get the unadulterated open source Intel as distasteful as that often is. I am not going to promote falsities about 9-11-01 just to make it more likely that the public wakes up.

  24. If you regard the first attack on the twin towers in the 90’s as a test run, and if you consider the fact that in that basement bomb attack one of the investigstors claimed that “the walls were glazed”, which no ordinary bomb could have caused unless nukes were used, hence to imply that ET’s were involved is to absolve the criminals behind these heinous acts.

    1. I am not trying to absolve anyone. The simple fact is that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) has made treaties with certain Alien ET groups to obtain ultra-high technology, anti-gravity, fiber optics and microscopic integrated circuits and sophisticated computers. The SSG has a Secret Space War Program (SSWP) and two anti-gravity fleets, one USN and one USAF. There is good reason to believe that ET technology has been deployed in cell phone technologies, Wi-Fi and other types of advanced electronics that can be used for remotely entrained psychotronic mind-kontrol. Do you think that those running these programs would limit themselves to using old technology and not the new Alien supplied high tech? Doesn’t it seem reasonable that the high tech 3D Holographs used to create airliner aircraft images with sound are likely based on ET technology perhaps gained 20-30 years ago? And then we have the firsthand reports from those involved in the SSWP who have mentioned the existence of space war with certain Alien ETs.

    2. Yep Aziz, my thoughts exactly. Sad to see the harm these articles blaming ET’s do to any hopes of a real investigation. Maybe that’s the intent.

  25. I wonder who pays the author to write fairy tales for a domestic psyop? By the way, I anticipated the next level of disinformation would be the ET meme…;-)

    “Some have claimed advanced spaced-based Tesla-type frequency weaponry was used to turn the towers to dust and that would explain the top down dustification process. This is possible but to me improbable.”

    This is obviously not in reference to Dr. Judy Wood because I read WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? over 5½ years ago and the book contained absolutely nothing about space-based weapons. LOL However, Dr. Wood did coin the word “dustification” to explain the process of directing energy to a specific location (buildings with a WTC prefix) instructing matter to repel it’s bonds instead of attract them turning it to micron size dust. (US Citizens included)

    Learning Video Search Engine


    “The question is where is all the rubble? Did it all turn to dust?”
    ― Peter Jennings (July 29, 1938 – August 7, 2005) Canadian-American journalist and news anchor

    1. EM, you make no sense and come off as a troll. Dr. Wood made no claims of Alien ETs but apparently claimed that some type of advanced weapons were used. The fact that most of the Twin Trade Towers were turned to dust is a given, nobody claims this didn’t happen. Various types of nukes can do this with proper lenses, especially if used as shaped charges. Then there is the new Lithium & and the position technologies which allows much greater miniaturization through greatly increased yield. Dr. Wood ignored the radioactive isotopes, debris and contamination, the many thousands of sick from it afterwards and the many deaths of strange cancers resulting from the blasts in the towers. The Fort Lee information provided in the VT articles is smoking gun and you should concentrate on it.

  26. I might just start carrying some Holy Water and a Crucifix. If those things are amongst us, out in the open, maybe torches and a pitch-fork too.

  27. We don´t need ET´s to destroy ourself and the what ever buildings. Human Right abuses ? War Crimes ? Theft ? Nothing to see here. Oh, look over there, ETs, alien visitors and UFOs.

  28. So far as I know, the words secret or secrecy do not appear anywhere in the U.S.Constitution. If this is incorrect, please note the exact location or locations of these words there. Yet how often do we lowly citizens hear the phrase by government officials from Congress to Justice to Executive Branches or even the President, “Secrecy is necessary to protect national security.” How often do you hear any citizen or journalist or anyone challenge this claim by government and demand constitutional authority for using the full military armed force and power of government to hide government secrets and cover up government activities to public disclosure although paid for by public tax money? Even if we take this claim at face value have you ever heard a discussion balancing the claim of “national security” with the alternative of “full public disclosure”? Never. The point is, at bottom, the only reason for secrecy is to hide government unconscionable, illegal, criminal or embarrassing conduct period. Most countries today know all our secrets anyway long before any of us lowly taxpayers do. Citizens must reject these lies and demand full open government instantaneously, not obstructed for decades or centuries by lying lawyers and red tape. Stiff fines and jail time for obstructing immediate release of all information from government offices and officials. We have had insidious secrecy long enough; let’s give openness and honesty a try for a change.

    1. Good points and this is why Veterans Today promotes open source Intel and discloses so much.

  29. Whatever. The publuc could care less about 911. Add all this ET crap and it just puts the break on making it all unprovable. Get the Texas grand jury moving.
    And, find our $6 Trillion. Do something even if its wrong. WTF!

  30. “We can now say without question that nukes were deployed in the Twin Towers” We know for a fact that the passenger jets which were claimed to have hit the buildings did not ” ….how?…what else we know is Lookout Mountain Laboratory built in 1941 under an “air defence centre” hidden from view, surrounded by electric fence and by 1947 featured a fully operational, completely self-contained movie studio. With 100,000 square feet of floor space, the covert studio included sound stages, screening rooms, film processing labs, editing facilities, an animation department, and seventeen climate-controlled film vaults, underground parking, a helicopter pad and bomb shelter. The studio produced some 19,000 classified motion pictures. The facility was run by the U.S. Air Force to process AEC footage of atomic and nuclear bombs Lookout Mountain Laboratory had an advanced research and development department that was on the cutting edge of new film technologies, 3-D effects were apparently first developed there. Hollywood luminaries given special clearance to work at the facility on undisclosed projects. The facility retained as many as 250 producers, directors, technicians, editors, animators, etc., both civilian and military, all with top security clearances – and all reporting to work in a secluded corner… the facility remained unknown to the general public until the early 1990s” …they had 50 years to run amok before they were even seen….open those vaults!

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