Britain Protests Against Theresa May’s Shambolic Governance


[Editor’s note: Theresa May was a rotten Home Secretary and she is a rotten Prime Minister, a woman who has been hopelessly arrogant, utterly ineffectual and quite frankly, an embarrassment to Britain.

May made a very stupid move by calling this election, arrogantly thinking all she had to do was kick Jeremy Corbyn (with the assistance of the entirety of the shameful British media) and the country would reward her with a solid working majority in the Commons.

She then compounded her mistake by running what has probably been the worst election campaign in living memory. Despite having a huge advantage over Labour in funding and advertising and enjoying the unstinting support of the hopelessly biased media, May completely cocked it up.

Hardly a word was uttered by the Tories or the compliant media about policies, instead, they just stuck to bashing Jeremy Corbyn at every possible opportunity, labeling him a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ a ‘friend of the IRA’ and many other disgraceful, shamefully inaccurate ad hominems.

All of this backfired badly on May and the Tories, as reflected by the election results. She failed to win a majority and then failed to do the decent thing and resign, instead displaying her lust for power by entering into a coalition agreement with a bunch of terrorist supporting Fundamentalist Christian Zionists who think sodomy is a sin, abortion is murder, the earth is 4000 years old and creationism should be taught in schools; worst of all, they are closely tied to Israel. I am of course, speaking of the DUP who hold 10 seats in Northern Ireland and are a purely Ulster party with no representation anywhere outside that province.

Thankyou Theresa May, you sold out your country in order to fulfil your own selfish lust for power.

However, the people of Britain are not taking all this disgusting politicking lying down and neither is Jeremy Corbyn who has pledged to fight May every step of the way and still holds out a slender hope of forming his own government.

Of course, if you are one of those poor ignorant sheeple who still holds to a world view moulded by the bullshit box in the corner or tomorrow’s chip wrappers, then you will be wondering why I like Jeremy Corbyn so much and fervently wish he became Prime Minister. Well, let me inform you of a few things the television and newspapers have conveniently ignored.

Corbyn’s Labour Party manifesto for this election is the most progressive, ambitious and brave set of policies ever put forward by a British political party, certainly since Clement Attlee’s Labour government on 1945, perhaps of all time. However, the British media and the Tories have failed to talk about policies at all in this election, preferring instead to attempt to character assassinate Corbyn. On the very few occasions policy has been mentioned, it has only been to issue trite and inaccurate rhetoric about how Corbyn has failed to cost out his policies and how only Theresa May would be a strong and difficult opponent for the Euro-bastards during the BREXIT negotiations.

Nothing has been said about how Corbyn plans to properly finance the NHS, the schools and the welfare system, to make sure their are enough nurses, doctors and police officers and to make sure they are properly paid for the very hard and often onerous work they do. Nor has it been mentioned how he plans to raise the finance – by taxing the top 5% and ensuring the big corporations pay their taxes. No mention has been made of how Corbyn plans to re-nationalise and re-invigorate the public transport and utilities of Britain, reversing the shameful asset stripping performed under Thatcher in the 80s under the guise of privatisation and public share schemes.

So today we find ourselves living in a nation where the Tory party and the media is utterly failing in their duties to the British people, where the latent racism and ignorance of certain sectors of the population is being leveraged through the mechanism of false flag terrorism blamed on ‘Muslims’ in order to destabilise British society and worst of all, we face the prospect of yet another election in a few months because Theresa May is a power hungry Thatcher-wannabe who could care two hoots about the British people.

May must go and do so ASAP; to borrow the words of Oliver Cromwell (and re-used by David Lloyd George to lambast Neville Chamberlain) :

You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

However, should May resign, we are them faced with the most unpleasant prospect of a Tory leadership campaign where the likely candidates are a ‘hive of scum and villainy’ to quote Star Wars. David Davies, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Amber Rudd are all likely to throw their hat into the ring, but most concerning of all would be the spectre of Boris Johnson, a Hungarian Jew who has always been a Zionist asset and may well have been the stalking horse throughout the last two years of British politics. The resignation of David Cameron post-BREXIT referendum failure and the current incompetent fiasco that is Theresa May’s election strategy may all have been engineered to lay the way for Boris to become both Tory leader and Prime Minister.

The prospect of Boris incumbent in number 10 should fill any informed Briton’s heart with dread, not least because it has long been my strong suspicion that they have been preparing Boris as their next war leader for many years. Boris idolises Winston Churchill and sees himself very much in the Churchillian mode – a man who delights in using florid language to rouse the rabble to new levels of belligerence. Churchill’s most effective use (in a long political career strewn with incompetence and failure) was to make speeches that roused the ire of the British during WW2, persuading us that it was quite reasonable to bomb the German civilian population and kill a couple of million of them because they dared to bomb London and Coventry*. 

Boris’s best use would be to emulate his idol and make a series of rabble rousing speeches that persuaded the British public to support yet another war, most likely in the Middle East or perhaps Libya, or maybe a return to Afghanistan, or worst of all, to join our US and Saudi allies in an invasion of Iran. I am far from alone in suspecting it is only a matter of time before the US and Britain once again start a war at the behest of their Zionist, Israeli and Saudi masters. Trump is already in place in the US as a puppet who would gladly start a war, Boris being installed in Britain would be the logical next step, hence I have recognised Johnson as a stalking horse for quite some time.

Therefore I think it is clear just how much is at stake in this current battle between Corbyn and May, or rather, between Corbyn and the British Establishment, their compliant media and their Tory party. One can only hope that the British people continue to put their support behind Corbyn in ever increasing numbers and we can finally derail the Zionist-Israeli-Saudi ‘axis of evil’ that has, for far too long, controlled British politics. Ian]

  • An estimated 568 people were killed in the raid on Coventry (the exact figure was never precisely confirmed), with another 863 badly injured and 393 sustaining lesser injuries. Churchill knew the attack was coming but deliberately did nothing to warn the people of Coventry to take shelter or prepare British defences to repel the raid. Instead, he milked the deaths for every ounce of propaganda value he could in order to justify the RAF bombing campaign that would eventually destroy every city and large town in Germany, kill at least 1.5 million innocent civilians (not just Germans, but many nationalities) and climax in the shameful genocide of the bombing of Dresden in 1945 where hundreds of thousands died in a truly horriffic firestorm.

Poll: Half of Britons Want Theresa May to Quit

According to a new poll, nearly half of British voter want Prime Minister Theresa May to quit, after her weak leadership cost the Conservatives dearly in the recent general election.

The Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday showed that 49 percent of Brits wanted a new premier while 38 percent were fine with May retaining the position.

Only 36 percent of the voters agreed that May was a “strong and stable” leader, as she promoted herself in the campaign, compared to the 50 percent who said she was not.

The findings were similar to a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, where 38 percent of the participants wanted May to resign and another 38 percent wanted her to stay.

May’s approval ratings took a nosedive following the Thursday election, where the Tories lost 12 seats of their 330-seat parliamentary majority and were left with a hung parliament.

To make things worse, the main opposition party Labour entered the election holding only 229 seats and came out with 262, defying all predictions.

The surprise gains by Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn saw the party’s popularity grow dramatically, overtaking the Conservatives for the first time in recent years.

According to Survation, Labour now has a healthy support of 45 percent among British voters compared to the Conservative Party’s 39 percent.

Labour has also reported a major increase in new memberships, with over 150,000 people joining the party since the Friday upset. This brings the total to around 800,000.

In comparison, the Conservative Party had fewer than 150,000 members in December 2016.

Energized by the historic outcome, Corbyn, who still remains in minority, has called on May to step down and clear the way for him to lead the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU).

Noting that he could “absolutely” still be prime minister, Corbyn told BBC on Sunday he was planning to vote down May’s legislative agenda, known as Queen’s Speech, and put together an alternative of his own in order to win support for a minority government.

May, who called the snap vote in mid-April to “strengthen her hand” in Brexit talks, is now trying to save herself by forming a coalition government with Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

Hundreds march on Downing Street against Theresa May’s ‘hateful’ DUP alliance

Hundreds of people marched towards Downing Street in protest of Theresa May’s “hateful” alliance with the socially hardline Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

Protesters chanted outside Downing Street, blasting the Conservative Party for uniting with the DUP, which has drawn criticism for its right-wing stance on issues such as abortion.

People carried placards reading anti-DUP and pro-Jeremy Corbyn messages, while chants of “Tories out, refugees in” echoed across Parliament Square.

The protest comes the day after Mrs May formed a minority government propped up by the DUP, having failed to win a majority in Thursday’s General Election.

Organisers from Stand Up To Racism and the Stop The War Coalition spoke to the crowd, who cheered at the mention of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s name.

The protest then moved to outside the gates of Downing Street, where they were met by a wall of uniformed police officers.

Luke O’Neill, who voted for Labour in Kensington, said he felt Mr Corbyn had motivated young people.

The 27-year-old said: “May’s mandate has gone, that’s probably the best news and Labour is gaining – that is the best news as well.

“Jeremy Corbyn gave us power, that’s what he’s all about.”

The Prime Minister has been forced to seek a “confidence and supply” deal with the DUP after losing her majority in a snap election that spectacularly backfired.

An online petition has also gathered almost 500,000 signatures, with the political party branded “dangerous” on the page.

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Ian Greenhalgh

Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.

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  1. and after yesterday’s meeting between May and Macron….Macron tells Terry that “the door to return to the EU is still open”……now Brexit in serious jeopardy thanks to Rothschild’s puppet president banker….there will be civil war….Brexiteer’s are NOT safe space Liberals……and will not lie down

  2. A good friend Doug McGuinness, who I worked with at Blackfriars, London in the 1980’s (a child during the war in Coventry) went seeking his father the morning after the German raid and found him in a school-house. All he could remember were the rows upon rows of boots sticking out from bed bunks along the length of a considerably large room. Later his father told him the boots belonged to dead police officers killed in the Luftwaffe raid. Reports said 9 police officers died in the raid – a lie to maintain morale no doubt. There was a story, he told me – how true it is I have no idea, of a recently laid stretch of highway shining bright in the moonlight that confused the German attackers as being the Sherbourne river north of which lay the industrial zone they were to bomb. The German name for the raid in November, 1940 was Moonlight Sonata furnished by some pervert Beethoven enthusiast in Berlin to commemorate the furnace or heat oven of that night’s firestorm in the heart of the British Midlands.

  3. When she visits the Queen she should have a placard strung on front and rear with the words: “Please NIGHT me”.

  4. ….and let’s not forget Terry May’s ‘False Flags’…..if it wasn’t for some innocents getting hurt then it would be laughable….they sure backfired that’s for sure

    • I’m working on a very in-depth investigation of the terror attacks, we have formed a working group to delve into the entire mechanism behind both the terror attacks and the war on terror itself, as they are one and the same. Once we publish the resulting article, there will be no hiding the truth about who is behind it all anymore.

    • I look forward to that IanG,, the vaults been cracked, lets open it completely.
      As Putin said recently, 95% of terrorists acts are Intel agencies at work.

  5. Great and truthful article Ian……and as for Amber Rudd…..jeez……she’s a right tool……All Jezza needs to do is get rid of Diane Abbot…….which he must have because she disappeared off the radar at election time…..and break free from LFI (Labour friends of Israel) and all should be well

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