Oliver Stone: Vladimir Putin is a “very rational man”


These two should never have met, say NWO agents.

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Oliver Stone has brought the whole Neocon house down by saying that Vladimir Putin is “a very rational man.” That certainly is a devastating blow. Even the New York Times has recently admitted that Stone “uses his perspective to challenge neoconservative American triumphalism about the Cold War and its aftermath.”[1]

But CNN has already come out and declared that Stone is “a useful public-relations tool fort the Russian leader.”[2]

Over the past four years or so, Neocon hawks and warmongers have said ad infinitum that Putin is the new Hitler on the block, that he plans to conquer much of the West, that he and his team hacked the DNC, and that he has assassinated his opponents and critics. One book after another have already been written on these lines. Consider the following titles:

Putinism: Russia and Its Future with the West, by Walter Laqueur (2015); Putinism: The Ideology (2013), by Anne Applebaum; Putinism: The Slow Rise of a Radical Right Regime in Russia (2013), by Marcel H. Van Herpen; The New Tsar: The Rise and Reign of Vladimir Putin (2015), by Steven Lee Myers; Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped (2015), by Garry Kasparov; The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin (2013), by Masha Gessen; Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? (2015), Karen Dawisha; Putin’s Wars: The Rise of Russia’s New Imperialism (2014), Marcel H. Van Herpen; The New Cold War: Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West (2014), Edward Lucas; The Russia-China Axis: The New Cold War and America’s Crisis of Leadership (2014), Douglas E. Schoen and Melik Kaylan; The Evolution Of Putinism: Russia in Transition 1985-2015 (2015), by Glenn-Iain Steinback; Putin and Putinism (2015), edited by Ronald J. Hill and Ottorino Cappelli; Putin’s Propaganda Machine: Soft Power and Russian Foreign Policy, by Marcel H. Van Herpen. The list is almost endless.

Over the years, people have realized that one of the quickest ways to make big bucks is to produce lies and fabrications in books that purport to be historical. And this is what is happening with what I call the anti-Putin industry. If you cannot meet your opponent on rational and logical ground, then produce deceptions and lies so that people will never understand the real issue. Listen to this big lie by Jewish writer Garry Kasparov:

“Putin fomented a war in Eastern Ukraine and became the first person to annex sovereign foreign territory by force since Saddam Hussein in Kuwait.”[3]

One needn’t be a student of history or even an intellectual to realize that this statement is generally dumb. But if it is dumb, one may ask, then why did Kasparov write it in a book which presumably purports to convey the truth?

Well, Kasparov, sad to say, is driven by the Neocon or Zionist ideology, which always ignores the crimes committed by the warmongers in America. Kasparov has dismiss the invasion of Iraq by the United States, which is still fresh on everyone’s mind. He doesn’t and cannot tell his readers that the United States has been overthrowing countries in the Middle East and elsewhere from time immemorial.[4]

Throughout his book, Kasparov insinuates that Hussein and Gaddafi were dictators,[5] but Kasparov struggles mightily to defend this essentially Zionist position precisely because Zionism is not a system that is based on practical reason. As my dear friend and colleague Mark Dankof put it during our interview last year, Zionism is based on a

“a politically weaponized canard [and] is an attempt to conceal what I believe the truth to be about the doctrine of Jewish racial supremacist ideology as the philosophical underpinning for land thievery, terrorism, and genocide in Palestine, along with the systematic concealment of the evidence of overwhelming Jewish financial and political support in the United States and Europe for fiat money and central banking; globalist TRADE treaties; Israel’s usurpation of American foreign policy; the overwhelmingly Jewish ownership position in the major media consortiums operating in the West; the amount of Jewish and pro-Israel PAC money routinely buying American Presidential elections and Congressional seats and committee assignments on Capitol Hill; and the provably disproportionate role played by Jewish interests in promoting the Cultural Marxism which has engulfed the United States and Western Europe in my lifetime, especially in the advancement of the LGBT agenda, the abortion industry, the pornography industry, and so forth.”[6]

Kasparov inexorably puts his ideological feet firmly in midair when he says:

“Anyone who says they are still uncertain about Putin’s true nature at this point must be joking, a fool, or tricking us. There is no reason to waste time on jokers or fools, however useful they may be in Putin’s marked deck of cards, but tricksters must be watched carefully. For at least a decade now, those who defend Putin either have something to gain from it or they are dangerously ignorant.”[7]

Should we really waste time on jokers and fools like Kasparov? Kasparov has preposterously said that under Vladimir Putin, Russians are “besieged.” He moved on to say that “The people live in fear.”[8] Complete nonsense. Even Megyn Kelly, of all people, has admitted during her interview with Vladimir Putin that Russians feel that Putin has restored the dignity that Russians once had in the moral and political sphere.

Obviously Kasparov would love Russia to turn into a complete New World Order cell once again. Obviously Putin is making people like Kasparov look bad, and Kasparov and his brethren do not like that. They would love to use NATO to destabilize the country, but that ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

Putin, as Oliver Stone says, is historically sharp. He knew what happened in Iraq. He knew what happened in Afghanistan, and he knew what happened to decent Americans who sacrificed their lives for lies and fabrications in the Middle East. Putin has told Stone that the United States has been baby-sitting terrorist cells such as al-Qaeda for years. He said:

“Al-Qaeda is not the result of our activities. This is the result of activities of our US friends. This all started in the times of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, when the US security services supported different movements of Islamic fundamentalism in their struggle against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan. US side has nurtured both Al-Qaeda and [Osama] bin Laden.”[9]

No serious historian or scholar will contest that point. Putin, like a good observer, saw that the United States set his own trap and fall on it. How? Well, anytime you support terrorist activities, says Putin, then you can be sure that the chicken will come home to roost: “It always happens like this. Our US partners should have been aware of it. It is their fault.”


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  1. I watched the first two episodes and will see the third one later today. Oliver Stone will probably make some enemies for showing the naked truth, Mr. Putin as a real human being, with integrity and honesty. Putin knows very well what the demons are up to. I enjoyed the part when they examined the 2008 fiasco in Georgia. That seemed to not only be a test to see what Russia would do, and there was more to come, like the well financed coup in Ukraine.

    I especially enjoyed hearing Putin refer to the 1917 “revolution” as the “so called revolution of 1917”.
    Most Americans don’t know that the pirates that invaded Russia and sold it to the world as a revolution were financed by Wall Street bankers and industrialists(Stiff, Warburg, Guggenheim, etc) -and Germany too.

    Americans are living in a bubble, imprisoned in their own hollow notion of what reality is. Can’t wait to see the third episode. Interestingly, I don’t see any Fakebook posts on the Stone interviews, made people are afraid to step up and admit they’ve been duped all along.

  2. The article hit the bullseye!
    The skills of constituents of the religious society that wrote the fairy-tales of the “Holocaust” are found throughout literature. Insider views are provided by former MOSSAD agents, Ari Ben-Menashe and Victor Ostrovsky. “Profits of War – – ” by Ari Ben-Menashe reveals a bit of the USGov and Bush Senior´s treason against Americans and the USA during the 1970s and 1980s. The Canadian, Ostrovsky, provides a “broad brush” overview.
    Russian leaders prior to president Putin exercised better logic, generally, than U.S. leadership. President Putin and organization pre-empted several attempts by the “New World Order” stooge, alias Barrak Hussein Obama and “brown-nosers” to initiate a nuclear war between the US and Russia. Considering that 96% of the media is owned by the super-rich, elite of Judaism, http(:)//tapnewswire(.)com/2015/10/six-jewish-companies-control-96-of-the-worlds-media/), one comprehends the declaration of the paedophile, Harvard law teacher, A. Dershowitz_ http://www.eutimes.net/2017/03/it-is-our-right-to-influence-and-control-america-with-the-media-dershowitz/

  3. I would like to see more written about the average Russian Citizen. Tell us about their daily lives, what kind of cars to they drive, how much is their gasoline, show pictures of the inside of grocery stores, schools, do they have McDonald’s there, etc. Show pictures of some their defense plants which design and build all their military hardware and nuclear missiles. How about art and music two areas the former Soviet Union was among the world’s greatest?

    • Some of the world’s greatest mathematicians, physicists, chemists and others have been produced in the Slavic Countries. One of the greatest was Dmitri Mendeleev who made one of the most seminal discoveries of all time, namely, the periodic table of the chemical elements. We all take it for granted today but before he discovered it this was a complex puzzle to unravel. One of the worst errors of the Nobel Committee was its failure to award him the Nobel Prize for this great discovery which changed the world to this day. Nobel Prizes were given about 1901 and he died in 1907. The only rational answer is prejudice toward their cronies in Europe prevented this giant of science from his recognition. The world is forever indebted to this giant Dmitri Mendeleev and the society which produced him.

    • Yes, indeed !
      Keeping the Khazarian Mafia under control is an additional, valuable accomplishment.

  4. Putin has to play the game with the Neo-Con Zionist KM just like every world leader; even more so. The Russian Mafia and Mossad are powerful. Perhaps evil is waning; good is waxing.

  5. Kasparov is a pawn in the NWO agenda…. a former chess champion who now lies for the world attention he lost and craves….Kasparov “believes the future is a “human plus machine combination” — “merging the brute force of calculation, machines, and algorithms with human experience and strategic overview”….. In 2016 Kasparov was named “Security Ambassador” where he discusses cyber security and the digital future” …by some pissy little software company to make him sound more important than he is…a pawn

  6. This topic is one of the best explanations of why today noone remotely serious (state official or non-official) in this world pays respect anymore to US foreign politics.

  7. Thank you for this article. Putin calls US officials “our friends” , “our partners”, while the US officials call him “Hitler”, “bully”, “Soviet apologist” and “expansionist”. Talk about political honesty there. State Department and Pentagon are indeed a bunch of deluded Caymanized lunatics.

  8. Kasparov, for material or some other reason not satisfied with his undeniable achievements in the chess game, at some point decided to try himself in politics, which happens to be a “bit more” complicated game. Perhaps he didn’t know it. But after so many years of wasted time and efforts he should’ve realized that, using chess terminology, he still looks like a very low-level amateur who, for example, starts the game with moves like “h2-h3”.

  9. I was excited when I saw the advertisement for this on showtime, because I knew Vlad would have a rational and fact based explanation for any and all tough questions being thrown at him. Every time this man opens his mouth, I pay attention. I’ve saved the videos and transcripts from every public interview he’s conducted over the last couple years and it’s difficult to find fault with anything he says. The only reason anyone believes he is a bad guy, is strictly because of the constant barrage of baseless and pathetic MSM propaganda. Of all the western MSM propagators of anti-Putin rhetoric, CNN is the worst. Those fools lie constantly about everything surrounding American and world politics. Their lies are easily picked apart and discredited by anyone who has even a basic understanding of facts.

    • Those who listen to CNN will never get any of the facts. All they will ever get is unsubstantiated and hysterical speculations and outright lies, presented by warmongering correspondents who represent the MIC. They spend months raving about absolute non-issues and total fallacies. They figure that by endlessly repeating that black is white for months on end, it will become true. That’s what we’ve seen from CNN with the conspiracy theory suggesting Russia hacked the US elections. Months of serious accusations and demands for retaliation, but no proof to back their claims. Their narratives cannot stand even the most basic scrutiny.

      Their dupes are even worse. I asked one of them for a single example of “Russian aggression” that justifies action to be taken against them. I got a one word answer. “Crimea” they said. I laughed out loud and asked, “So, tell me, what exactly happened in Crimea that would justify actions against Russia?” The silence was deafening. I responded, “It’s easy to parrot the rhetoric put out by CNN, but it’s impossible to objectively defend this rhetoric.” That’s when the ad hominem and strawman arguments come out, which only make them look like bigger fools.

    • Thank you, Amelius, for a nice comment. We wait the interview on the 19th June, when it will start on Russian TV. Many countries will also see it translated. People who think and watch the political theater will find this interview useful and interesting. Thanks to Mr.Stone. He did nice job.

    • It’s my pleasure Andrew, you’re very welcome. I too look forward to the day I can watch the interview in it’s entirety. In my honest opinion, Russia has become a beacon of light in a world of darkness. A glimmer of hope in a seemingly hopeless geopolitical situation. Your country might be the only world powerhouse that continues to believe in the importance of national sovereignty and I love the fact that Russia stands for this.

      Speaking of world powerhouses, the fact that Russia has managed to come back from oblivion and become such an influential member of the world community in just a couple decades, is a true testament to the strength and competence of the Russian people. This is also a testament to the success Mr. Putin has had as Russia’s leader. Nobody can say that Vlad has done more harm than good for Russia and still maintain a shred of credibility.

      Not all westerners are mesmerized by Russia-phobia propaganda. I’m a Canadian and I’ve had people try to ridicule me face to face, for taking this stance. But, all I care about is what is true and what isn’t, so if there are those who intend to ridicule me for telling the truth, so be it.

    • Also, America has given Russian leadership all the reasons in the world to respond with force, but Russia has taken the moral high-ground on every single occasion. It seems Russia will not stoop to the low levels of her antagonists, or fall for America’s endless provocations, which is something the whole world should be thankful for.

      I believe Mr. Putin is in a class all by himself, as far as world leaders go.
      Maybe one reason some people in the west are afraid of Vlad, is because they forget what a real leader is supposed to be, or maybe We’ve never had a real leader in our lifetime? Personally, I eagerly await the day when Canada has a leader with the sense and courage to nationalize our resources, yet nationalizing resources is something western media criticizes Mr. Putin for. In the end, the words of US officials ring hollow. Putin, on the other hand, his words carry the full weight of truth, which will crush the house of cards that’s built on a foundation of lies.

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