Politico does a hit piece on VT – sort of


How Russia Targets the U.S. Military by Ben Schreckinger, Politico.com

With hacks, pro-Putin trolls and fake news, the Kremlin is ratcheting up its efforts to turn American service members and veterans into a fifth column.

– First Published … June 13, 2017 –

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By Jim Dean

Yes, the title was more ridiculous than we expected. I thought Politico had editors, but I guess there are tight budgets all around. Please forgive the absence of my usual editor’s note for a piece like this, but I did not want to spoil your own first impressions. You will understand when you reach the end. Let us know what you think in the comments.

We are, of course, quite used to being sniped at, but this is really a hoot, especially for VT readers.

Gordon and I had a double header of interviews today with RT on this “investigative reporting” à la Politico. We will be following up with more as we have time. There is a lot to juggle now with so much going on, and Gordon and I on the road.


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  1. Yes. Wasn’t it 1933 that Roosevelt enacted the Emergency legislation that is still in force? Although some law experts argue that it is not being used, why do all the presidents not rescind it? It would seem like an important thing to do.

  2. When shills like this attack you, it means you’re doing something right. They are just petrified that the emperor has no clothes. It’s never a good idea to throw rocks while living in a glass house. Their propaganda is having less and less effect, because the only way you can defend a lie, is with another lie. Eventually you’re caught in a circle of contradictions and the lies crumble to dust under the weight of the truth. I would feel comfortable debating Schlockinger on all of his points of contention. Any writer at VT would destroy this fool if he had the nuggets to debate these issues.

    Politico mentions “Russia hacking the US elections” and then accuses VT of propagating conspiracy theories. HA! The suggestion that Russia hacked the US election is a conspiracy theory. F’n hypocrites, the lot of them. They’ve been propagating the same worn out conspiracy theory for months and still have not presented a shred of evidence to the public, because the evidence doesn’t exist.

  3. MSM says “Russia hacked the election for Trump, the Russian stooge.” So if VT were pro-Russia it would also be pro-Trump, right? Unfortunately for Schlockinger’s thesis, VT is harshly critical of Trump. Q: So how can VT argue that Russia’s positions in Ukraine and Syria are reasonable, while at the same time flaying Trump as a hideous buffoon? A: Because that’s the truth as we see it.

    Unlike Schlockinger, who is paid to write propaganda for his paymasters, we VT writers are “free” (in more ways than one) to call it like we see it.

  4. BD: Politico contradicted itself, calling VT a “fringe site” while reporting that VT receives 900,000+ article reads per month — +/-120,000 article reads alone for VT’s article about the False Flag gas attack in Syria’s Idlib province, which some/many Washington decision makers know for sure was not done by Syria/Assad.

    Trump was angry enough at VT for publishing the truth about the False Flag gas attack that he ordered NSA McMaster to shut down VT, a task that McMaster delegated to the U.S. Army’s Fort Huachuca Cyber-War boys & girls (as per Congressional Intel Committee sources). They failed, and Trump was pissed about that too.

    Trump & Co. don’t want Congress & U.S. soldiers to know the truth about what’s happening. Otherwise, Trump’s bombing & invasion of Syria would have NO justification (which it does not).

  5. I am personally offended by the conduct of our military and it brings dishonor to all generations of my family who served going back to the revolution. Let’s not forget we are colonialist occupiers by way of genocide of the indigenous peoples of this country. I am appalled at how many police and active duty folks have not even heard of Standing Rock. Instead of spreading the disease of colonialism further, and making tons of enemies over pipelines, we should attend to the business of restoring integrity and honor to our protectors, who have been reduced to mindless pawns in Memorial Day parades and political opportunities for the disingenuous perpetrators of injustice and spreaders of lies even unto their own people. Russia is currently not on my radar as a concern. Not even close. Stop deflecting you heartless bastards !

  6. It was a good response to thank them for the publicity. I am a veteran and can only speak for myself, that our active duty force is extremely uneducated and full of bloodlust. Go check out the comments on youtube videos of explosions and US attacks. Check out military.com comments. Blind trust is the only type of trust still existing in our foreign affairs. There is nobody to blame but those who violated that trust repeatedly and without regard for human life. Protection of people and their rights is the only honorable service, and yet VT stands alone in it’s caring for all human life. Injustice does not have a place or a home or a country, it is a thing without borders. It is born in the minds of weak men, and the fire is fed by selfish motivations. The only honorable protectors are those who care about life without regard for selfish ambition. To awake and find that leaders cannot be trusted with this simple aspect, is disheartening and unacceptable. I spit on their shiny boots, because they are not honorable in the least. They bring this on themselves by gorging on bloodlust and territorial malfeasance without even asking , Why ?

  7. As for US “intelligence Services”, we have MI6 and Mossad posing as CIA/NSA etc. Ironically, most Americans continue to see Russia in a very positive light, understanding that if freedom has a future it depends on Russia succeeding against Empire and unipolarity.

  8. a Politico fizzer….they can’t even come close…not hardly….why even bother to respond, they are too far in the rear to make any difference now anyway….why bother to read it, I didnt

  9. Thing is they are right about “russians” having infiltrated something, they just not right about the nature of it and what it actually is. I laugh at the Baltic ‘invasion” thing.

  10. This is great news. If telling truth means attacking US soldiers minds then I and I believe many of us are up for it. US military is number one source of terrorism worldwide as it provides air, scout, training and cover for terrorist activities on ground. They are raw meat indeed, and before they say “I am not taking orders from you” they better look in the shitstorm ahead where its bribed officials with fake intelligence assessments are sending them into. Challenging the Anglo-Saxon narrative in my opinion is only obeying the pharisees but not acting the way they do. Otherwise anyone outside Five eyes club would not even bother to learn english let alone write political opinions in it. I thank mr.Engdahl’s heroic journalism that has brought me to this special site. Also I hope the Chinese are reading this as well before they get lectured like the Baltic group at NATO ideologists at Aspen Institute.

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