Cult Sex Between Men – the Entry Point for the Alien Agenda

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Baal’s temple brought back a potential significant past life memory. When I saw a photo of it in Palmyra, Syria, I had a strange positively felt question, “Is Baal coming back?” It was an odd feeling of love that was associated with Baal. It also made me wonder if the wars in the Middle East may also be about the control of women and the Goddess energy on the planet? If so, is it any wonder that a group called ISIS, that subjugates women, blew up the Temple of Baal? It is great that Tulsi Gabbard introduced the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act,” as we have proven this over and over again at VT.

I have been working hard to understand the root causes of terrorism and the Alien Agenda. The feeling I got from the Temple of Baal caused me to probe deeper because I felt what ever the story was, it was a story of significance, so I started to meditate on it. What I discovered is at the Temple of Baal was quite possibly where the betrayal of the Goddess energy on the planet happened.

The Goddess loved Baal, and he betrayed her when a white alien man, or he could have been a red alien cloaked in human form as a white man, came to Baal and wanted to have sex with him. This was unnatural behavior at the time, as the planet did not have a large population. The alien then convinced Baal to partner with other men and form a cult that was only men, and the men would have sex with each other privately and publicly be straight and be with women. The men teamed together and overthrew the Goddess. These men then became very abusive and controlling of women. The men re-wrote the laws of the planet to favor only men to control and prevent the Goddess energy from coming back to balance the planet. This was possibly the start of the Alien Agenda based on cruelty and control, manipulation and deception, rather than peace, love and divinity.

The men having sex with each other privately and publicly being straight has nothing to do with normal public gay men.

Normal, public gayness, based on a rat population study conducted in Japan, shows gayness occurs naturally when earth’s population exceeds sustainable limits and needs to be reduced. Gayness enables people to live good lives and find love while controlling the population positively. I also observed this phenomenon in a pond near where I worked, when there are too many male ducks the pond, some male ducks became gay and kept each other company. I showed my friends, and they observed it too.

The members of the men only cults that originated with this alien became many things on the planet potentially, certain Secret Societies and religious groups, that are men only and many men have sex with each privately and publicly are straight to have families and appear “normal” and in control. Many condone the abuse and control of women rather than seeing them as humans who have natural power.

It is possible that they also formed the Temple of Set, other religions and cult groups to keep the agenda going.

The interesting part about it, scientifically on the planet, the human male sperm count has dropped dramatically, thereby causing our species to loose its potency and ability to survive long term. Is this connected to the Alien Agenda that was started way back when that is counter to women and the Goddess energy on the planet and reduce our human population? Why is the earth getting so warm? Is it to help create their habitat?

The questions that still remain are. Is Set – the red version of him – an alien that changed shape into the white being who presented himself as a man to Baal? If this red version is an alien, is he in charge of the other green ones that look just like him, but are green and not red? Red could be the color of leadership for this alien race that is able to cloak themselves in human form.

The mask found here is the closest thing I could find to what the red version looks like. A long time ago, when my ex-boyfriend and I were working on trying to teleport in my home, we both saw a green one of these with the long nose appear energetically in front of us.

Red Alien/Devil Mask
The mask is from here, and it is creepy.

Many more questions remain to be answered and much more needs to be understood. This certainly may be a quest for truth to understand what betrayed our natural connection to each other, to nature and to our divinity/God/All that Is/etc.?

Is the real Baal coming back? And will the Secret Societies heal themselves from this Alien Agenda? It is possible. We are humans and peace can come back to the planet, we need to out the Alien Agenda publicly and restore our humanity, as well as stop building their habitat.  This could be why renewable, sustainable technology is never favored despite creating a livable planet for humans. The reason sustainability is not a focus has to be more than money, more than power – when you have all of that why destroy the earth, if you are human? The answer can only be an Alien Agenda. Is that why the aliens are making humans think that they are aliens using advanced technology and spiritual mind games, as well as apocalyptic myth and legend, so that the aliens can take humans off their own planet and populate it? There is a lot more to uncover. I hope Baal comes back, he was a real human at one point, from what I suspect. If the person, who is Baal today, is being held back by anyone, he should be released from this because of the clarity on the Alien Agenda.

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  1. BTW how many women control their man. It depends on personality and grade of trust one has to the partner and the ability to control own jealousy and self respect.

  2. Russian to English:

    “Religion is not the future will consist of the priests of old, castrated group of men, those homosexuals that control women, because as long as they can control the women, they can control the destiny. And until they do, no one looks at them artfully sewn silk underwear and homosexuality. They rule the world from the perspective of a bloodthirsty, jealous and envious old man, who can not find the beauty in women who can not find the beauty in science, who never understood God’s message. Their days come to an end”.

  3. Biblical propaganda from waaaaay out of right field. I have commented before about the so called epidemic of pedo’s in hollwood, and the obvious problem of the statement that the area is filled with those who would have no problems whatsover using the “casting couch”, yet the pedo’s always go for the UNWILLING kids. It is about power, not sex. Here is the real catch. Willing partners seems to nullify their powers. The rage lust that has been carefully nurtured and controlled by all the biblical powers seems to be brought to a standstill by gays. Why? Perhaps this might explain why the “other” people have been systematically persecuted and murdered by the thousand over millenia. Why are they deemed such a threat?. Is there something else the biblical powers are afraid of? Some secret that even today they are desperately trying to cover, obstruct, distract from? Why conquering armies always devolve into rape? Why the army WW2 studies of this effect are still classified? Why the very powerful, have, as they have done with everything else, turned gay sex into an evil act with unwilling hosts. To do all they can to demonize. To go so far as to program generations into non-thinking knee jerk pavlovian response against these people.

  4. You know, Anne that this mask is a picture of the horned and hoofed god Pan, do you ? Google for Pan and look for it for yourself.
    All these gods and godesses are simply placeholders for human princips male or female. Tell me something about so called “normal” male and female behaviour. Every human has both princips in him/herself because both parents male and female are needed to create new life and parts of the souls of both are more or less present. The older you grow the less difference in the outside looking appears between males and females.

    • If you know that nearly 25 % of children so called cukoos are not from their related to father then ask yourself why men wnat to control women. Maybe it has to do with sharing property and succession between their children ?

  5. To Darrell Wright…Thank god for deluded religious types like you that show what mind control is all about.

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