Complete Exposure


by  Preston James

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The Internet is the World’s New Gutenberg Press.

Yes, the Internet, the World’s New Gutenberg Press, has now provided complete exposure of the secret agenda and crimes against humanity of the Ruling Cabal (*BT/RKM/COL).

And this exposure is diffusing and spreading to the masses by word of mouth despite major efforts by the Ruling Cabal to limit this.

8500 now run the World.

We now have numerous firsthand major disclosures from such individuals as Ronald Bernard. Ronald Bernard was a Dutch Banker who was offered the opportunity to move to the highest level and enter a group of the top 8500 power brokers who run the World. He has now gone public with his remarkable story.

The Internet’s publishing of Bernard’s story constitutes a major turning point, as did the massive leak of all the criminal DNC emails which showed that Bernie Sanders was cheated of the Democratic Nomination and which also exposed the deep criminal and pedophile underbelly of DC. And we now know that pedophile crimes are practiced by about 70% of DC politicians, both Democrat and Republican.


Ronald Bernard’s turning point away from this evil occurred when he refused a Satanic occult ritual sacrifice of a child which was necessary to become a member of the 8500. He made the choice to re-enter the human race and regain his soul, which he did. Although he was tortured for this and almost lost his life, he survived and decided to come forth and disclose what he learned about the Ruling Cabal.

Tower of Basel

Truth is now limited to aggressive Internet-based truth-seekers, but it is progressively diffusing to the American Masses.

At present this exposure has been limited to a select group of well-informed Internet users who are deeply interested in truth and justice.

But these stark realities published and broadcast on the Internet are now spreading and diffusing to the masses at a rapid rate, despite the coordinated efforts of the CIA’s near complete control over the six Major Mass Media.

The USG went for broke on Sandy Hook, and when it is fully revealed to have been a false-flag op on the 2nd Amendment with nobody dead, you will see much of the government and LE of the State of Connecticut deposed and perhaps many prosecuted for terrorism and fraud.

One does not need dead victims to prosecute for terrorism according to existing laws. And in addition, millions of USD were defrauded from the USG and caring members of the public to give to crisis actors at Sandy Hook.

Sandy Hook was a two-day DHS/FEMA “Capstone Drill” using highly paid professional (and soulless) crisis actors. This fake shooting was staged at Sandy Hook School, which was shut down years earlier in 2008 for asbestos contamination and used for storage.

Sandy Hook School did not meet any of the current legal requirements for handicapped use, nor was it even usable, with bare pipe sticking out in the lavatory and a generally poor state of repair inside and out.

Porta-potties were delivered the day before the official date of the fake shooting and pizza and bottled water were also pre-purchased and delivered. A script of the exercise written by a private Intel contractor has been recovered, and some State Police have told others it was phony but they are afraid to go public or they would lose their pensions or worse.

Actual crisis actors have been identified, folks with prior documented acting careers. One of these, a man dressed up as a swat team member, carried his rifle upside down and then has appeared as a parent who lost a child in another act of this sinister sick play designed to motivate the American people to give up their guns.

Professor Jim Fetzer edited a superb book called “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook” which is now available on the Internet in the first black and white edition as a pdf for free. So far there have been over 10 million downloads, and the number is growing.

And yet, despite these stark facts that Nobody Died at Sandy Hook and it was a false-flag attack designed by former US Attorney General Eric Holder, the CIA’s Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) continues to promote the idea that 22 kids were killed by a young madman Adam Lanza, who never existed at all.

Of course Holder was the soulless traitor that ran the “Fast & Furious” CIA/BATF op to arm the CIA’s drug cartels, MS-13 and the gangs in order to create more chaos and blame the Second Amendment and to get more taxpayers’ money for a bigger centralized LE.

Border patrol agent Brian Terry

Holder should have been charged for his part in the murder of Border patrol Agent Brian Terry, but due to his linkage to the Ruling Cabal who placed him in power in the first place, he skated (so far). There is no statute of limitations on murder, by the way, so he is at risk if the Cabal falls.

The Cabal’s obsession with getting rid of guns is actually based on fear of the American masses. They remember what happened in France with the French Revolution when the peasants rose up.

They know that if the CMMM collapses, the masses become desperate and learn about all their child sacrifice rituals and crimes against humanity for profit, and their commitment to eliminate 90% of the human race, they will be hunted down and dealt with in quite severe terms.

As long as the CIA’s proprietary the six Major Mass Media remains viable and maintains its hold on the American mass mind, the Ruling Cabal can continue their unimaginably evil anti-human practices. However as their CMMM News Cartel, an illegal monopoly is eroded by the penetration of the Internet and the diffusion of Truth to the masses, complete exposure at some point ahead is a certainty.

And the Cabal knows this and has now instituted some very sophisticated A.I. driven countermeasures, which by the way are still failing. The Cabal has deployed the following:

1. Systematic demonetization of the Internet designed to eliminate many of the truther websites. Since the Cabal controls those paying the advertising fees, this is an easy action to initiate.

2. Random cyber morphing and substitution of text to create weird spelling and grammar errors in order to confuse.

3. Coordinated efforts to obscure and eliminate searches for select word, terms, phrases in line with cabal policy.

4. Sophisticated Denial Of Service attacks and all kinds of cyber attacks against web hosts’ computers and servers and truther’s computers.

5. Use of a wide variety of limited hangout, misinformation and complete stooge anti-truther websites and articles designed to keep the Internet user confused.

Despite all of these sophisticated methods used to bury and confound truth, these Cabal actions are failing and a strong growing emerging populism is the evidence of that.

Due to WWII, the Cold War, and the Cabal-created war on Terror, the USG has been able to use massive amounts of taxpayer money and massive fraudulent loans from the criminal Federal Reserve System to transform America into a massive secret Police State. This secret Police State maintains the veneer of “friendly fascism” (aka the “iron hand in the velvet glove” as described by GHWB).

Markus Johannes “Mischa” Wolf (19 Jan 1923 – 9 Nov 2006) was head of East Germany’s Ministry for State Security (commonly known as the Stasi), and was the Stasi’s number two for 34 years, during most of the Cold War.

This massive secret Police State system was increased in size and power after 9-11-01, when the Cabal hired former Stasi head Markus Wolf to set up DHS (Homeland Security). Cabal leaders felt that it was necessary to consolidate all US Law Enforcement and Intel in order to make sure the fact that they ran 9-11-01 as their inside job would never be discovered by main stream America.

Thus DHS was set up as a cover-up mechanism and just another police state enterprise to extract more money from the taxpayers, while oppressing them when necessary.

Now there is a big mystery in what is going to happen next. This relates to who was really behind the French Revolution, as well as the American revolution. Such actions actually came from a sub-group inside the Cabal that always seems to assert itself at key times in history.

The power of the Cabal has seemed inviolate by those who have studied it deeply. However, it is not uni-dimensional; and throughout history a certain faction has always performed actions which have created major setbacks, at least temporarily, for its Globalist NWO Agenda of evil.

This certain faction has always been set up and secretly empowered to run counter to the majority Ruling Cabal membership, now about 8500 soulless creatures. This decision to secretly institute changes which will destroy most of the Ruling Cabal in the coming months like all other prior “setbacks” always come from the very top of the Hierarchy, the Superior General.

This strategic action to flush the Hierarchy mainstream which are actually functioning as high level Cutouts seems counter-intuitive and will certainly create massive confusion in the Hierarchy ranks as they are quickly deposed “like a rock rolling down a hill and gaining speed”.

The best place to learn about these periodic reversals of fortune for the Cabal for those interested, is by reading the book “Rulers of Evil” by Tupper Saussy (which has been a free pdf download on the Internet).

Right now this secret faction in the Cabal is orchestrating the downfall of the Cabal in order to bring in a new system.

To do this, they instituted the Internet (the New Gutenberg Press), made sure the DNC emails were leaked showing massive criminality and Cabal linkages, and also have created major exposure for the crooked Republican leaders with the same Cabal linkages.

This secret faction is making sure that Pedophilia is exposed and that numerous first-hand witnesses will come forth. This faction is also taking the CMMM apart at the seams bit by bit via the Internet.

The bottom line to all this is the top leadership of the Luciferian Cain System which rules the World by “Evil ruling over Evil” bears no true loyalty to its Hierarchy ranks (the BT/RKM/COL aka the Ruling Cabal).

Most of these Cutouts are Doofuses and tend to be strange appearing, odd folks upon examination – individuals chosen to play an unimaginably evil role because they are willing to forsake humanity for power, wealth and status and give up their very souls to attain such benefits.

As soon as these Cutouts are no longer needed or their displacement suits a higher Luciferian purpose, they enter a period of extreme risk for such. That time has now come and a major shift is now going to be made to bring in a new, much friendlier appearing (at least at first) Cosmic Fascism.



Despite all kinds of sophisticated psyops and other secretive methods to keep the American masses from knowing the truth, the Internet which is the New Gutenberg Press has elicited a growing, increasingly powerful emergent populism. President Trump captured that populism and rode it to become elected.

The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), a CIA proprietary (through Cutouts, including a terrorist financing investment group in Switzerland that claims to be on the vanguard of investments), is losing business by the day. And more and more Americans just do not believe much of its stories anymore, most all of which are now known by Internet-related Truth-tellers to be big lies, false-narratives and Cabal propaganda.

Major truth has now been completely exposed on the Internet Truth websites that is diffusing across mainstream America, slowly but surely and cannot be stopped:

1- JFK was assassinated by a CIA Op40 USG executive action, fully authorized and supported by J. Edgar Hoover, the JCS, LBJ and the RKM Banksters. Oswald didn’t do it, and the full might and resources of the USG and Intel agencies has been used to cover it up ever since.

2- Despite the USG’s War on Drugs, the CIA and the DOD continue to be the world’s biggest illegal drug traffickers and have set up joint businesses with all the Cartels. They use this to advance the Cabal’s agenda to create massive chaos and death while raising many trillions of USD for Black operations.

3- The Ruling Cabal (BT/RKM/COL) ordered the nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 using cutouts (PNACers, NeoCons, Dual Citizens, JCS, Administration, Northcom, USAF and the FAA). This was a false-flag attack designed to create the War on Terror and to justify a whole new age of illegal, unconstitutional preemptive wars against Mideast nations for Israel, a main Cutout and action-agent for the Rothschilds and the Babylonian Talmudists (BTs).

The Shadowy history of the Secret Bank that runs the World

4- Sandy Hook was a two-day False-flag attack in which nobody died. It was planned for over two years in advance and designed as a major psyop to manipulate the American people to be willing to give up their Second Amendment rights. It failed in that because it increased gun sales tremendously. It did create major fear in parents, thus justifying a great deal more taxpayer money spent on police-state buildup and helped to break down trust between Americans, which helps destroy the glue that holds society together; this is a major goal of the Cabal. Many Americans are catching on to the fact that, although there have been MK-Ultra shooters deployed who have murdered and left real bodies, many of these false-flags, especially those in the UK and Europe lately, are fake, and use highly paid professional crisis actors and human-appearing planted dummies instead of real bodies.

5- The Ruling Cabal consists of about 8500 high level Satanists and pedophiles who engage in periodic child sacrifice. They run a large Hierarchy of Cutouts and underlings – about 70% of the Members of the US Congress are pedophiles (according to undercover LE investigations that have been stopped), and all in Congress are human-compromised one way or another, manipulated to “toe the Cabal line”.

The big secret here is that almost all of the 8500 themselves are actually Cutouts too and soon will be displaced from power because, as the World enters a new transformation to Cosmic Fascism, they will no longer be needed, and their exposure will actually help the Superior General attain a higher order goal.

It is no coincidence that the USG has been corrupted at every level and filled with liars, psychopaths, war-mongers and mass-murderers. This has made most Americans hate their own government and become deeply motivated to see those staffing it booted out. This will motivate many to easily abandon their government for a new kinder, gentler one world government.

This new one-world government will be assembled in reaction to a failed US Petro Dollar and western economic system, and although it will seem beneficial at first, as its full essence is revealed, it will bring on a final battle between good and evil framed as a battle between Earth’s armies and a large Alien ET invading force. Some Christians believe this will be God Almighty coming to liberate Earth.

*BT/RKM/COL Babylonian Talmudists/Rothschild Khazarian Mafia/City of London financial District

Pink Floyd’s 1973 Classic, Money:



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  1. Mr. Preston James.. Putin would love the Constitution for America.

    And in my mind Putin has already read it.. Why doesn’t a “Taking Head” ask him what he thinks of it?.. Somebody out there..Please ask him.. I want to know. His comment would probably be something like.. “A wonderful document, discarded and replaced by corporate Zionism… in the USA.”

    Do you know of anyway to get him this question?.. My guess is that Putin is more American in spirit than any of the so called “Foreign Leaders”, and many of our own public representatives..

  2. ayelyahbenjamin.. i’m doing the same thing..without knowing anybody else did it.. in my case i am protesting against capitalism/corporatism.. capitals means some letters are more important than others.. i don’t like that idea at all.. the computer thinks what i am doing is just fine.. however when writing to friends it is impolite to not capitalize peoples names.. America and peoples names get capitals.. i am on dialysis and it is difficult to use the shift keys, because my left hand is immobilized with needles in it. that is where i do most of my writings… perhaps that’s the main reason for my single case typing… anyway ..i choose lower case.. all caps is SHOUTING… yes.. i am a madman.. who would vote Preston into the presidency for America…. in a heartbeat.

  3. Dr James

    Wonderful article from Tupper Saussy on the propose of evil a fine presentation of the Bible .

    I was thinking about our adversaries and who holds records of wrongs but an enemy

    When wrongs get read then comes anger

    Saussys argument is that Christ himself in his government runs reconciliation

    Overcome evil with good


  4. Dr James, you mention Ronald Bernard, the Dutch Banker whistleblower, up front. His revelations are huge, and he shows real emotion, like a guy telling the truth. But I think the guy is a fraud, no background as he says, but he may be mind-controlled and genuinely THINK he’s a whistleblower. Jamie Lee, an American with an investment banking background, exposes Mr. Bernard on his Youtube channel aplanetruth, in this 20-minute video published on May 7, “Fraud Psyop! Dutch Elite Whistleblower (Not-a) Banker Tells All”, at

    • Ironically, in light of your mention of the book Rulers of Evil, Jamie Lee thinks that Ronald Bernard the Dutch banker is a Jesuit psyop, as he states in his written comments about the video.

  5. 50 + rounds and all that practice behind the house….

    The moron shot out windows behind him… was he even pointing
    the gun in the right direction?

    I am sure he accidentally shot the 3 people.

    They can mind control people but they can’t
    teach them how to shoot!

  6. E.G. you are coming off a a Troll and repeatedly violated posting rules. You will be banned from posting at VT.

  7. Now I’m not saying that we should kill all of this Elite Ruling Cabal……..but prison would be nice.

  8. I wrote an article about this 3 years ago, about how the power grid could be taken out by a handful of EMP nukes exploded near key switching points and transformers. It would take out the US power grid for about 3 years as none of the replacement equipment is manufactured in the US anymore and would have to be ordered, built and shipped from China.

    • Actually, the Superior General does not reside in the Vatican. Allegedly he has a house outside the Vatican connected by a tunnel to the offices of the Pope and can advise and consent depending on his preferences..

  9. I follow the comment boards on popular mainstream media and alternate media. I don’t believe we are anywhere near a critical mass of people that realize what is going on.

    Your articles are motivational. But sadly, I’m not so enthusiastic.

    Over at WaPo, we have a story that posits 7% of Americans believe that chocolate milk is extracted directly from brown cows. In the comment boards, we have everyone stating that only people that disagree with them politically would be so stupid to think such a thing.

    One our of maybe 100 commenters state the obvious that people answered the stupid survey question with a stupid answer. The obvious is that no one in America thinks that chocolate milk come out of brown cows. Not even children. No one.

    I emailed the author of the story to troll her, as I quite enjoy internet trolling on various discussion boards. I pointed out that she has a photo of a brown cow at the top of her story. And right below that she writes that chocolate milk comes from “milk, cocoa, and sugar”. So if asked if chocolate milk comes from brown cows, one could quite logically and correctly answer yes.

    But as long as 99 out of 100 commenters on that story believe that trump supporters really think that or that it’s the democrat’s educational policies that cause that, you are never reaching a critical mass of an informed and intelligent populace. Not happening in a few months. Not happening ever.


    • You missed the whole main point of this article, Paul. you need to read Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saussy, a free download. It is the top leadership of the Cabal that will bring down the BT/RKM/COL itself, not We The People, although at some later point it will seem like that.

    • Its certainly true that most americans are clueless. Many are a lost cause. What is more relevant is how many are just beginning to question. It is a slippery slope, as even a small amount of questioning of the “narrative” that is this so called reality and it quickly crumbles. It only takes a close examination of any of a variety of topics-whether it be any of the so called “conspiracy theories”-and there are many, things like ownership of banks, the fed, the nature of war, etc.

      As people are more and more manipulated more tend to see through the illusion, because the illusion becomes so abstract its almost absurd.

  10. Great article. Nice summaries of cabal operations including the cabal media. No sense beating around the bush… if they can’t have their WW3 then it looks like they are aiming at civil war. CNN and MSNBC seem to have totally lost their minds. Accolades for plays where Trump gets killed mean the lizard kin who control them are either totally removed from reality or are trying to blow up the house they live in. The shooting at the baseball practice was probably directed at exactly the representative who got hit. Didn’t he just introduce a human trafficking bill that would impinge on the recreation for between one half and two-thirds of Congress? Of course the shooter died so nobody will have a chance to break down the programming which probably goes far beyond the NYTimes. It is also a huge source of power for the CIA in blackmail and bribery. Kennedy was right about the CIA who executed him “legally” as a danger to national security. I wonder who the danger to national security really is.

    • Like I have stated many times VT readers and commenters are the brightest, most well informed folks out there anywhere.You know your stuff, Doc Walt. My best guess is that there was an FBI or CIA contract shooter hidden using a silenced weapons to make sure the target was hit and the shooter was killed. Yes, the fact that the Congressman wanted to drain the DC Pedophile swamp is the reason and another Congressman bough pizzas for everyone the next day to get the message across “don’t try to expose us!” Without videos and complete ballistics we cannot know everything. The DC cops always yield to Intel or the FBI, always and many are likely sheep-dipped CIA anyhow, just like the Park Police were rumored to be during the Vince Foster murder affair.. Interesting there was a story that this so-called shooter stayed at the local YMCA like John Hinkley. If true this suggests MK-Ultra mind-kontrol and MPD/DID as his strange journey to DC living out of his car supposedly.

    • Yes, the shooter only was needed for 3 reasons a) as a dead scapegoat b) for his name and age, which combined, respectively, with the name and age of main target produce numbers aligned on this event code, “3 9”, like 66-y.o + 51-y.o. =117=39*3 c) for the 66-characters-long description of event resulting in 665/66=(90+3900)/66*6 in direct and 1117/66=(1111+6)/66 in reverse alphabets. With all other components of the case “miraculously” aligned the same way.

    • Wow Alex B….

      The dead mind-controlled scapegoat was
      numerically chosen and then there’s this:

      Short man syndrome
      Mad at the world
      Lost his business
      Beat women
      Sociopathic behavior practiced shooting in
      his backyard with no regard to neighbors
      Craved his 15 minutes

    • Jensingr: Something like that you’ll hear about any patsy utilized in this or that calculated action. Yet they all were picked up both for their matching (real or fake) social profile and for their names. If you have doubts about this particular one, add his full name (with middle name) with the name of his main target (with middle name) and you’ll see that even number of letter in that sum (=39) miraculously corresponds to the code of event, which is defined by the date. And if you know the rules of calculation you’ll get unmistakable results in all points that this 6-words-long phrase produces (much more than two points, btw). Then you can do the same with all other components. Way too many coincidences to be accidental.

    • None of what they do is accidental.
      They have traveled back in time…
      They have been given glimpses of the future
      and all calculations are done beforehand to
      achieve maximum results.

      I am totally with you on this.

  11. individuals “chosen” to play an unimaginably evil role because they are willing to forsake humanity for power, wealth and status and give up their very souls to attain such benefits……as they all are steadfast supporters of israel one could call them the “chosen” ones of israel…..Rothschilds monster child, israeli’s born into a Rothschilds creation…. israel IS the anti-christ born through its very flag

  12. Since VT has opened my eyes on these pedofile criminals along with the human eating aliens, I have researched how many people go missing each year – mostly children. The numbers are staggering worldwide Hundreds of thousands of people go missing in the US alone not to mention the 50 to 100,000 unaccompanied Central and South American children that Obama coersed to come here. What happened to all of them? How about the BBC report saying over 10,000 unaccompanied refugee children from the M E that came to the EU – missing – gone. Or the 1500 refugee children in Scandinavia – missing again. Thanks to the new Gutenberg press as the ” Doc” calls it – I understand the situation but spreading the message to friends is more than a challenge – but just putting a few fact based statements in an e-mail or skype/phone call hopefully will get them –Thinking.

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