Press TV: Gordon Duff on the US missile deployment in Syria


Gordon gives us the lowdown on the US offensive move to place missiles well inside Syrian territory

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  1. Not seen any pictures of Free Syrians, only US forces mounted in a armored cars spearhead preparing the ground for more deployments under HIMAAT cover. Its pure and simply the US Army in continuation war to replace ISIS. A full invasion of Syria is on the works from Jordan, were concentration of forces would be crossing the border into Syria pritty soon. Basically, the US is advancing forces to test Russian reaction, salami technic. The most practical answer it is to point to Israel with equivalent devices or if possible, place nuclear devices in the hands of Syrians. as if Israel has nuclear weapons, so Syria could do it.. Every day the US its becoming closer to WWIII, a clue to it it is the fact that Donald has transfered the Command-in-Chieff authority into a Pentagon full of alike anabolic confident McMasters that think that can neutralize a Russian ICBM reply if the US goes further to subdue Russia into the NWO.

  2. who in the chain of command calls the shots? … as they are setting us all up for WW3 we deserve to know who hides under the broad sweeping “US”, the US is a nation, it is men who are commanding this catastrophe, at least the men on the ground deserve to know which crazies are in command whose names will be held to account…..Crimson Tide comes to mind…get it in writing

  3. Luckily for the rest of the world, Russian strategists are way, WAY smarter than US strategists and history provides evidence that suggests the Russian military is much more effective than the American military. Not to mention, the US is once again on the wrong side of yet another war. I just hope justice prevails and those responsible for the last two decades of chaos pay with their lives.

  4. Mattis is Baghdai’s replacement. Syria needs to address this US provication with full Russian support. Regardless, if they don’t the US will certainly use these.missles. Exceptionalism you know. So the price of poker just went up. Sad story but ExxonMobil is not going to roll over.

    • “Mattis is Baghdai’s replacement”. Thanks for giving me a good chuckle. I wish I had thought to say this. It could be true.

  5. Russian criticism of US moves have become tiresome–at best. Clearly, the US has included in its calculus of deployments the reality of a deep seated Russian reluctance to get more involved in the conflict. They judge Russia has already conceded defeat with the new projected US backed Kurdistan, and will not, beyond the usual whimpering and whining, offer any serious oppositions to the latest US deployments near al Tanf. In truth, Russia has lost the initiative and will not likely get it back–short of striking the recent deployments of US heavy artillery and missiles near al Tanf.

    • I agree with Cold Wind. Closing the bard door after the horse is out has little value other than preventing the horse from re entering the barn later.
      Russia and Syria had a short window of time to arm the border where the US now the trespasser. They did not avail themselves of that opportunity. The US is acting totally illegally without any permission, so it is the aggressor. But obviously Russia is now reluctant to begin to destroy all their missile launchers because that would likely start WWIII. Russia is now a paper tiger and the U.S. assumes they can bully their way into Syria without resistance. This is a shame but a fact. This is a lost opportunity for Syria and Russia. Putin may have his own political problems at home which dictate such a decision. After all they have poured enormous resources into Syria already. I think they should have involved Iran more in this failed effort. This is a long range failure which will be very costly in the end if not reversed.

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