Jim W. Dean talks to RT International


by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor   … and Russia Today,  Moscow

These ISIS boys look like a rowdy bunch, hiding behind religion to be street gangsters

[ Note: VT has been on RT twice now since the Politico article that fizzled out on our being a Russian subversion tool to use against American veterans. We are still getting “tease” emails from old friends and enemies.

That is why I thanked Mr. Ben in advance for the publicity. RT had not really discovered us, so the chances are we were not their tool before 🙂

Today  I was able to catch their lead news story on the Syrian SU-22 shot down in southern Raqqa by a US coalition plane under the guise of force protection for the SDF.

With the Syrians having to be aware the US was hoping and praying for a chance to shoot down one of their planes, and with the Russians doing such a good job at mapping the battle lines, I doubt that a Syrian pilot would want to bomb SDF troops when the army was on a roll retaking Syria’s oil fields in southern Raqqa, a critical item for their future economy.

A Syrian report emerged late in the day that the plane had bombed an ISIS convoy heading south out of Raqqa. Gosh, could the US coalition have let an ISIS convoy pass through SDF lines as bait for the Syrian Air Force so we could down a plane?

We should learn more tomorrow as the Russian drones might have captured the action, as these ISIS convoys are usually spotted by the Russian drones. It’s a nasty world out there folks … JD ]


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  1. There was no any need to hit a plane. Terrorists have no planes, except drones. Thanks God the pilot is safe. This provocation has the only aim – to test Russian patience and to harden the future meeting of Trump and Putin.

  2. As I put in the other thread Jim, the pilot is now apparently safe having been recovered by a Tiger Force CSAR team from his SDF captors. Not a lot around on that ATM.
    The US reason for downing the plane does not withstand the light of day as no-one, on either side, seems to be able to confirm that that village was ever occupied by the SDF, ISIS yes though.
    Also either the US has lied in its statement yesterday saying that they had contacted the Russians before the shootdown or the Russians in their statement this morning saying that they heard nothing and had aircraft themselves in the area. It smells. Whatever, the hot line is now closed again, as per after the Tomahawks, which resulted in a defacto NFZ over much as Syria as the US grounded itself. We shall see now.

    • Contrary to earlier reports it now looks like the SDF are holding negotiations with the government to get the downed jet pilot back to his family. Good he is alive.

  3. The U.S. is further digging itself into another disaster as if the one in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t enough, add Syria. of course all this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the zionist neo-cons and israel. America for too long has been israel’s bitch and the time for this to stop is long overdue. Trump will dig America deeper into Syria and possibly Iran as well. After all israel and KSA own him now.
    Jim Dean, as always, lays it out for anyone who cares to know what and why this is happening.
    As the possibility of a direct confrontation with Russia looms ahead for Americans now in Syria, they’d better get used to being on the receiving end of ordinance just as, if not more sophisticated as theirs.
    How soon before C-130s begin landing a Dover AFB filled with flag draped coffins?

    • We hopefully will hear today more about the Syrian plane shoot down. If the pilot is dead, he has to have flown a large number of sorties against ISIS, so the US removed an experienced counter-terrorism professional, showing its true colors.

      Raqqa has been Arab historically for a long time. With the US setting up a base in Tabqa town, is shows it is supporting the Kurds taking over Arab territory, like ISIS did, for partisan reasons, exposing the US coalition anti-terrorism position for what it really is, a screen behind which to Balkanize Syria during the ceasefire. Imagine that.

    • Here another interesting article by Andrew Korybko, about the Kurds, the situation in Rakka and how the Arab population is being expelled. Accordingly it becomes easier to understand why the SAA has to be kept at a distance.


      But on “globalvillagespace com” (same article) some readers’ comments are skeptical, though they do seem to miss the point – the point being what is happening now, and what we may expect to witness during the coming years.

  4. Good article Jim. It seems today that the only ” Moses” left in the ME is President Assad – as in ” Let my people go” ! And people of Israel are teamed up — once again with ” The Empire” that crucified Christ. Things didn’t change that much over the centuries – SNAFU

  5. Thumbs up! Also I’ve red an excellent comment on RT which says something like this ” How dare Syria use its warplanes in Syria?”
    Caliphat’s headquarters are obviously in Western political centers, because they refuse to surrender Raqqa to “other forces” that wouldn’t wait for series and years of terrorist attacks to retaliate like we know UK and US enjoy in prolonging the fear of terrorism for various financial and political gains.

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