INVASION ALERT! White Christian criminal hordes overrun America

Paul Joseph Watson is refusing to report this breaking news story.  – Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

White Christian Crime in America

By Dr. John Andrew Morrow

Since 2016 FBI statistics are still preliminary, this study is based on the complete findings covering the year 2015. During the year in question, 3,908 white Americans were charged with murder or manslaughter, 11,809 were charged with rape, 32,439 were charged with robbery, 184,024 with aggravated assault, 112,992 with burglary,  621,585 with larceny, 4,952 with arson, 234,190 with violent crime, 779,529 with property crime, 544,870 for other types of assault, 27,419 with forgery and counterfeiting, 67,594 with fraud, 7,278 with embezzlement, 44,561 with theft, 101,481 with vandalism, 63,967 with weapons offenses, 17,084 with prostitution, 28,650 with sex offenses, 803,809 with drug abuse violations, 1,296 with illegal gambling, 47,312 with crimes against families and children, 681,638 with driving under the influence, 160,628 with violating liquor laws, 239,556 with public drunkenness, 189,321 with disorderly conduct, 13,247 with vagrancy, and 17,782 with loitering.

Caucasian Americans, 70% of whom are Christians, were responsible for a whopping 69.7% of crimes committed in the United States in 2015. 26.7% of crimes were committed by African American, 83% of whom are Christians, while 18.4% of crimes were committed by Hispanics, 98% of whom are Christians. Clearly, some will suggest, there is a correlation between Christians and crime as well as a correlation between Caucasians and crime. American Indians, in contrast, committed a mere 2.1% of the crime in the country. Caucasians and Christians come to our indigenous land and show no respect for our laws. Rather than contribute to the country, they spread crime and spend their time sexually assaulting women. The rate of white-on-white and Christian-on-Christian crime in America is staggering.

If white, predominantly Christian, men were all deported back to Europe or the Island of Patmos, the crime rate would drop nearly 70%. If we deported all American Christians, including African Americans and Hispanic Americans, who make up 71% of the US population, as part of this plan of repatriation, crime would be almost eradicated. The statistics speak for themselves. Of the tens of thousands of women who were sexually assaulted by violent misogynistic men in 2015, 57% were raped by white predominantly Christian men and 27% by black predominantly Christian men. As for the rest, their ethnicity was unknown or mixed. One can only assume that many of them were Hispanic Christian men.

At 1%, American Muslims are a minuscule part of the population. They have the second highest level of education of any group in the country, surpassed only by American Jews. When it comes to education, American Muslims are ahead of all groups in gender equality: Muslim women with university degrees outnumber Muslim men. Muslim women are also more likely to work as professionals than women from most other religious groups. The number of crimes committed by American Muslims is microscopic. In fact, they are among the most upstanding and law-abiding citizens of the United States. White Christians: Stop blaming Blacks, Latinos, immigrants, illegal aliens, and Muslims for crime. From a statistical standpoint, Muslims are not a menace to America. Face the facts America, the overwhelming majority of crimes in this country are committed by Caucasians and Christians. Muslims might kill you with kindness and hospitality. Non-Muslims will rape, rob, and kill you for real.

Dr. John Andrew Morrow is an indigenous inhabitant of Turtle Island and a proud member of the Métis Nation, the Michif-Otipemisiwak, the Free People, the People Who Own Themselves. He received his PhD from the University of Toronto in the year 2000. He is the author of over thirty scholarly books, including the critically-acclaimed Amazon best-seller, The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World. His websites include and His videos and lectures can be found on The Covenants of the Prophet Channel on YouTube: His Facebook accounts include @johnandrewmorrow and @covenantsoftheprophet. His Twitter handle is @drjamorrow

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.

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{p}He also has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications.

{p}Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin; where he ran for Congress in 2008. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, author, and talk radio host.

20 Replies to “INVASION ALERT! White Christian criminal hordes overrun America

  1. Hey , Gestern Abend habe ich gerade eine Reportage gesehen, ” Die Entstehung des Universum ” von
    Wissenschaftler ” Hawkins ” Es war sehr spannend, zuletzt sprach darüber dass Gott es erschaffen hat.
    Welches Er aber Wissenschaftlich in Frage gestellt hat. Für Ihn gibt es keinen Gott. Sondern nur die Natur. Ich konnte dem durchaus folgen. An alle Kommentatoren . Freundliche Grüsse aus Germany

    1. I’m surprised Gingrich can keep his pants up long enough to comment on anything let alone intelligently so.

  2. The US and Israel do share a common origin. They are both religiously installed states that rely on the genocide of the original occupants of the land. Under the Doctrine of Discovery, which the SC still uses as justification to this day, the goal was simple. Domination and subjugation of the existing population. During the initial phase, it was legal to kill any non-christian. Apparently, this model still survives in North Dakota. I am appalled at how many law enforcement folks have never even heard of Standing Rock. The largest attack on sovereign civilian peoples in our modern age. Tiger Swan infiltrated with the help and cooperation of the FBI, whose mandate appears to still follow the Doctrine of Domination. It would be the same if I walked into Central Park in NY and claimed it by right of Discovery.

  3. In one case alone, there were 440 victims of child sexual abuse perpetrated on Native peoples on reservations from Washington state to Alaska, by the Catholic Church. The funding was coming from Gonzaga University according to the attorney for the plaintiffs. The settlement was 440 million. A lot of Americans seem to have been taught that Native tribes were very warlike and were in the process of wiping each other out when we came. That is ridiculous, as most are Matriarchal and much more profoundly spiritual than the Christian culture, which is mainly defined by rudimentary practices and a single book. Also, it is not something “that was done”, it is something that is ongoing and includes economic warfare, environmental racism, confiscation of children, etc, etc, by a host of US entities. The one statement repeated by Christians who went to Standing Rock, “It was a profound spiritual experience that has changed my life”. I heard that over and over.

  4. It appears that what Kevin is attempting to do is point out what Muslims are going through every day thanks to the zionist propaganda machine, all the while the Christian community condones these wars in the middle east. The rise of Christian fundamentalism in America has given way to Christian zionism which supports israel and its racist wars of aggression in the middle east. The absurdity of it all is the celebration of American soldiers in these temples of zionism ie: Christian zionist churches.
    religion in America is a business albeit, tax free and one that anybody who calls themselves reverend can get into. After all look at some of the greats: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton; look at what they get away with having the word reverend in front of their names. Then we have others: Billy and Franklin Graham, Jimmy Sweigart, Jim Baker, Ted Hagard, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, and one of the ugliest little toads ever in the business, Jerry Falwell. These are but a few of those who get away with it, they are the frauds and charlatans who don;t believe a word they say to their own congregations. They are pick pockets and princes who own private jets, yachts and mansions, all the while giggling to themselves and pinching their chubby little flanks, saying to themselves,” well, I got away with it again.”

    1. And the absolute worst is the child abuse inside these churches. The wicked preachers telling children they are going to burn in hell forever if they don’t submit. That they have to love and fear this god, to expect instant punishment at any time for their transgressions. To submit to this angry, self centered, narcissistic deity who demands absolute submission or else. Is it any wonder so many children grow up mentally twisted.
      The crimes committed by the Church and they are many including the genocide in Rwanda and its involvement with the Fascist Mussolini in the 1930s are two examples of this fine religious organization.
      The truth is: religion is a hoax. A scam created by those who are driven to control others through a belief in some deity or deities and the history of the human race has been visibly and emotionally scarred because of it. Humanity will never be the same if indeed it manages to survive the ravages of religion.

  5. Christianity and criminal are two opposing things. I would simply call them what they really are, criminals, who hide behind the friendly mask of Christianity to betray others. Remember whome they choose to crucify ?They are as far away from being christian like the hell being heaven. Raging wolves in sheeps clothing.

  6. Omitting the ethic component of Dr. Morrow’s research and conclusions, perhaps driven by emotions and good intentions, a few words about their statistical ground (rather the absence of such) . Two or more groups of people can’t be compared on their relative contribution to some activity unless comparison is done between their relative sizes and relative activities. Any other way will produce wrong results or conclusions, such as: “Face the facts America, the overwhelming majority of crimes in this country are committed by Caucasians and Christians”, which simply equals to “There are more criminals in a group of 1000 individuals than in a group of 100”. How enlightening.

    1. There’s a lot of incompletes and weird statements in this article. Which makes me think that Dr. Morrow either an incarnation or a “holographic projection” of Dr. Moreau from “The Island of Dr. Moreau”, by H.G. Wells. That explains everything. :LOL)

  7. Does Andrew Bukanov know what happened in Siberia in the1800s.There is little recording of Aboriginal Genocide in Australia or even the Maori in NZ.They just “disappeared”-possible unlike the Jewish Genocide of WW2, from whence number seem to appear and disappear and appear again.Ad Nauseum.I simply refuse to accept the “Holocaust” Apocryphal Brand because of my Operations Research Training and Logic.This, combined with some understanding of Germany’s desperate fuel shortages and Transportation woes under constant Tactical Air Attack on Road and Rail,especially during the later period of WW2,would make the “Burnt Offering” Scenario extremely unlikely.With any Divide and Rule system the Imperial Power,whatever that may be but usually Money Driven,sets Brother against Brother, Human Person against fellow Human Person,independent of Creed unless that can be used to incite Violence on behalf of the Death Cult’s Aspirations.Many of the low level Colonists in places like NZ or Aussie were Irish,who had themselves been dispossesed in the 1845 so-called “Potato Famine”-really about The British Army confiscating food and Disraeli Opposing the Repeal of The Corn Laws to allow cheap imports from the USA.That and White Slavery disguised as Indentured Servitude.It is a little disappointing to see Kevin falling into the trap of Racial Stereotypes when it is always the Aristos and the Hoi Poloi.Patricians and Plebs. Definition of “Kings” is “Killers”.

    1. At first we are all more or less humans, then we are men and wifes, then we are white or not, then we are healthy or not and at least we are Christians, Mulim, Joos, Hindu, Budhists or what ever religious “person”. And one day we are all 7 feet deep in the earth and very grave will look the same. Don´t forget it, Toby.

  8. In New Zealand anyway, 80% of Material Crime is White Collar Crime and this is vastly unreported and undetected, possibly because the very phrase “Police Intelligence” is an Oxy-Moron. (At least Michael Shrimpton got one thing right!). Of course the greatest fraud is the Giant Ponzi Scheme known as Fiat Currency and Fractional Reserve Banking. You could most convincingly say that “Democracy” in the USA and in all the other places where they have shifted their version of “Freedom and Democracy” to, often at gunpoint and to appoint a Dictator, is a total sham. The UniBank owns or controls just about everything in most Western Countries, especially The Politicians.

    Post Colonial Anthropological Shock among Indiginous People, Wage Slavery in Low Income Neighbourhoods, or deprivation in No Income Ghettos creates a fertile ground for all of the types of Low Level Criminal Activities mentioned in the Article. The Secretary of an Extreeme Right Wing Party in NZ told me that his son wrote a Master’s Thesis which demonstrated that Home Appliance Theft went down as the price has come down. Suprise, suprise. Direct correlationship between monetary deprivation and crime.

  9. No;! I am surprised to read such a partisan piece under the name of Kevin Barrett. His faith/belief is accepted but this one pushes the envelope to the unacceptable.

  10. I am surprised to read this from someone with a so-called higher education, but than again not, looking at the source of his education: A hotbed of liberal/leftist indoctrination.

    Metis, as this writer is full aware of, are of a mixed breed (White “Christians” and Natives). He should be careful, people who live in glass houses to throw stones. His understanding of Christianity must be one in name only,

  11. I read a few months ago that rape was a major problem among native Americans on their reservations. Or am I imagining it ?

    1. I read that one of the cities with a major rape problem was Fairbanks, Alaska.Anchorage was another city with high number of sexual assaults.

  12. Russians never conquered the natives whereby total killing or the slavery. We have hundreds of nations in the Russian Federation, but their culture is safe. We gave them national identity, created alphabets and written language. Now we are all Russians. Russian is not only the name of the majority (Slavs) but it is also the way of thinking, the quality of soul and thinking. We are a different nation. Differ from the West.

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