Erdogan to fight US arrest warrants (re: DC brawl)


Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Did Erdogan or someone on his team deliberately provoke the brawl at the Turkish Ambassador’s residence in Washington, DC, in which members of Erdogan’s security team beat up pro-Kurdish protestors?

Or did anti-Erdogan forces provoke the brawl to make Erdogan look bad?

The “security detail riot” looked a bit like the Chicago “police riot” at the 1968 Democratic convention. In both cases it was “security forces” doing most of the rioting, while nonviolent demonstrators for the most part just got beat up without fighting back.

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.”

I find it hard to believe that Erdogan’s security is so poorly trained that they would just spontaneously leap into a crowd like that in the middle of the US capital — even if one of the anti-Erdogan demonstrators “started it” by pushing, punching or spitting on an Erdogan supporter, as alleged by that Erdogan supporter. No, I have to suspect that this was yet another false flag, a staged scene of orchestrated political violence, created to serve somebody’s agenda.

Whose agenda?

I wonder if Erdogan, or someone on his team, is pursuing a “strategy of tension” vis-a-vis the USA, primarily for domestic political consumption. Erdogan’s base (like Erdogan himself, we assume) is furious with the US for attempting to crush Turkish democracy in the coup attempt of July 15, 2016…and then refusing to extradite CIA-supported stooge Fethullah Gulen, the alleged coup leader. As we approach the first anniversary of the failed coup, Erdogan gains political points in Turkey for strutting around thumbing his nose at the US. What better way to do that than beat the hell out of some Kurdish “terrorists” in Washington, DC?

Somewhat similar (though less violent) stunts occurred in Europe during the run-up to the Turkish referendum that changed Turkey from a parliamentary to a presidential government. Erdogan supporters clashed with European governments, standing up for their right to campaign among Turkish communities in Europe. It played well back home in Turkey. The more Erdogan stands up to the bullying West, the better he looks to his base.

In any case, all this “political streetfighting and thuggery” stuff seems to be getting out of hand, as I said in the interview posted above.




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  1. This was a great brawl to watch. It looked real not fake. Hollywood should be able to use this footage in old John Wayne movies. Remember these thugs are the descendants of those who did one thousand times worse to the Armenians a century ago, yet the US is an ally of them. The Armenian Holocaust was before and worse than Hitler’s in WWII but never even gets mentioned by the lying media. The Turks are butchers, monsters at evil doings. I just wish we could be entertained with a brawl between the 40 Netanyahu body guards and these body guards and let the best man win; a fight to the death but throw Netanyahu into the middle of the brawl about half way through. That would be one for the ages. How about throw Trump in too?

  2. Typical stunts to put pressure on a country’s leader to “do the right thing.” Apparently the US presented certain options and courses of action that were rebuffed by Erdogan. When talks go bad the host country can then get ugly and no one gets uglier than an agency ugly American.

  3. Cuz summer’s here and the time is right for fighting in the streets boy….
    Has it already begun? last week’s shooting, whether false flag or not indicates we may be in for a long hot summer.The violence co

    I remember the 1968 Democratic Convention and the police riot in Chi-Town, where Chicago’s thug mayor, King Richard Daley, sent his goon thugs out to commit mayhem. Boiled over into hotels, restaurants and the convention itself. After that, Chicago suffered the consequences from loss of millions of dollars in convention business not to mention getting either party to hold national conventions there for a very long time. It became Chicago’s shame from which I doubt it ever fully recovered.
    Groups such as ANTIFA and BLM are resorting to confrontation that all too often escalates into violence. One such ANTIFA activist, Eric Clanton is now up on charges of assault against three people of whom he struck with a bicycle lock.
    I will not be surprised that this summer turns into a very nasty and violent ridden season.
    Stay away from the cities.
    Make some iced tea and relax.

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