Love is on the Planet- Revoke Your Agreement with Corporate

Love is on Earth
Earth courtesy of NASA.
Love is on Earth
Earth courtesy of NASA.

I have not been writing very much foreign policy or government related news, because I felt the urgency to complete a spiritual quest I was working on for over 20 years. At the start of the quest, when I was told about it by my friend, I connected to God first who said that “we will get them all in the end.” Which is the case that we have been proving here at VT over and over again, never quite accomplishing bringing those to justice who have been trying to cheat humanity out of our birthright, which is love, freedom and sustainability.

What I discovered, after days and days of revoking agreements, is that there was a false energy operating all the way to the Universal Core, which is a like a stargate to God and infinite source, which is all that is, everything.  That energy is called “Corporate.” It is counter to love and God. “Corporate,” is pain, suffering, etc., and was introduced when the question was asked, “what if God was the opposite?” That question has now been revoked, and it is up to you to do just one thing, write out on a piece of paper with paper and pen, “”I revoke my agreement with Corporate.”

That is it.

We can all connect through the our Galactic Core to the Universal Core to Infinite Source and feel Love and experience healing from high level beings. The Universal Core and our Galactic Core are fairly clear now, and it is up to you to revoke your individual agreements.

Thank you to Cameron Day for his original article on this topic and the original revoking agreements which I altered to make the necessary changes that I felt along the way. Day’s original work helped to get this accomplished, though it was a lot of hard spiritual work on my part. We are sovereign.

Please post in the comments section how you feel when you revoke this agreement. This has been an ongoing investigation.

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  1. Love is never conquered. There has been a war against love and consciousness/awareness, and some will do just about anything to stop pure love from coming onto this planet. They have been part of an alien agenda hoping to tera form our planet. The last humanly habitable planet in our galaxy. This has involved the false War on Terrorism, false wars, destabilization efforts, AI, drug wars that were by design, planetary destruction to heat our climate and make it uninhabitable to humans, infliction of mysterious diseases to lower our sperm counts etc. They have done all they can to stop me and others from saving the planet. Please revoke your agreement with Corporate. I put a lot of work into my personal quest. The US Government and certain technocrats as well as the Secret Societies and maybe the Queen of England’s group, potentially believed the Alien Agenda was going to “save us” out of fear, however we can save ourselves. We are naturally Sovereign/Free with God, and that was the threat to the aliens who came here who were part of Corporate. I want Justice for our planet. We need full disclosure.

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