Uri Avnery – Is a Political New Wave emerging with the Macron victory?

"Forward Israel"

The New Wave

by Uri Avnery, … with Gush Shalom, Tel Aviv

The Wailing Wall is where the Zionist Left should hang out – as praying for “deliverance into power” is the only way they will get it

[ Editor’s note: Uri gets out ahead of himself in his recent article, thinking the Macron victory in France is showing a resurgence against what he describes as a world wide right wing plague.

He obviously does not read VT or he would know our position that the international criminal network prefers to work with right wing governments, as their profits are higher. But they can deal with liberals, if they have to.

At the end of the article he gets both his feet on the ground – that the New Wave is not really a Left/Right thing, but people being tired of the professional political entities who have disappointed them endlessly. Trump rode this feeling to victory – “anybody but someone from the old crowd”.

This excluded Ben Carson, the good doctor. No one considers medical training a pathway to running the US, much less changing anything. He wisely turned down even a cabinet position, Health and Human Services, which begs the question “what the hell were you running for president for?”

I am not picking on him. His business manager told us that Carson did not want HUD because he had no experience running a federal agency, a kind of “De-firmative Action” position. You just can’t make this stuff up… but I did just make up that term 🙂

What I love about Uri is his consistency in lambasting the Israeli Left, or what goes for being the Left there now, despite being fragmented and hopeless beyond imagination. That leaves the country to the thugs in the Rightist parties, where Netanyahu has been able to navigate that minefield of colossal egos to always come out on top.

None of us are holding our breath for a “change” in Israel. I fear only a “Second Coming” could bring that about, and one for which the Likuds might use their nuclear weapons to preventJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … June 17, 2017

When I was young, there was a joke: “There is no one like you – and that’s a good thing!” The joke applies now to Donald Trump. He is unique. That’s good, indeed. But is he unique? As a world-wide phenomenon, or at least in the Western world, is he without parallel?

As a character, Trump is indeed unique. It is extremely difficult to imagine any other Western country electing somebody like that as its supreme leader. But beyond his particular personality, is Trump unique?

Before the US election, something happened in Britain. The Brexit vote. The British people, one of the most reasonable on earth, voted democratically to leave the European Union. That was not a reasonable decision. To be blunt, it was idiotic.

The European Union is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. After many centuries of internal warfare, including two world wars, with uncounted millions of casualties, good sense at long last prevailed. Europe became one. First economically, then, slowly, mentally and politically.

England, and later Britain, was involved in many of these wars. As a great naval power and a world-wide empire, it profited from them. Its traditional policy was to instigate conflicts and to support the weaker against the stronger. These days are, alas, gone. The Empire (including Palestine) is but a memory. Britain is now a mid-ranking power, like Germany and France. It cannot stand alone. But it has decided to.

A fit of pique?

Why, for God’s sake? No one knows for sure. Probably it was a passing mood. A fit of pique. A longing for the good old days, when Britannia ruled the waves and built Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land. (Nothing very green and pleasant about the real Jerusalem.)

Many seem to believe that if there had been a second round, the British would have reversed themselves. But the British do not believe in second rounds. Anyhow, the “Brexit” vote was considered a sharp turn to the Right. And right after, there was the American vote for Trump.

Trump is a Rightist. A very rightist Rightist. Between him and the right wall there is nothing, except, perhaps, his Vice. (Vice in both meanings of the word.)

Taken together, the British and the American votes seemed to portend a world-wide wave of rightist victories. In many countries, rightists and outright fascists were flexing their muscles, confident of success. Marine Le Pen was scenting victory, and her equivalents in many countries, from Holland to Hungary, hoped for the same.

History has known such political waves before. There was the wave started by Benito Mussolini after World War I, who took the old Roman fasces and transformed them into an international term. There was the Communist wave after World War II, which took over half the globe, from Berlin to Shanghai.

So now it was the great right-wing wave, that was about to submerge the world. And then something quite different happened. Nothing seemed as stable as the political system of France, with its old established parties, led by a class of old experienced party hacks.

And there – lo and behold – appears a nobody, a practically unknown non-politician, who with a wave of the hand clears the entire chessboard. Socialists, fascists and everybody in between are swept to the floor.

Emmanuel Macron

The new man is Emmanuel Macron. (Emmanuel is a good Hebrew name, meaning “God with us”.) He is very young for a president (39), very good looking, very inexperienced, except for a short stint as an economic minister. He is also a staunch supporter of the European Union.

A quirk, party functionaries comforted themselves. It will not last. But then came the French parliamentary elections, and the flood became a tsunami. An almost unprecedented result: already in the first round Macron’s new party gained an astounding majority, which will surely grow in the second round.

Everybody needed to think again. Macron was obviously the very opposite of the New Rightist Wave. Not only about European unity, but about almost everything else. A man of the center, he is more left than right. A modest person, compared to the American Trump. A progressive, compared to the British May.

Ah, Theresa May. What got into her? Put in power after the Brexit vote, with a comfortable majority, she was restless. Seems she wanted to prove that she could get an even larger majority just by herself. These things happen to politicians. So she called for new elections. Even poor me, with my limited experience, could have told her that this was a mistake. For some reason, people don’t like untimely elections. It’s like a curse of the Gods. You call, you lose.

May lost her majority. There was no obvious coalition partner in sight. So she is compelled to court the most obnoxious right wingers: the Northern Irish protestants, compared to whom Trump is a progressive: no rights for gays, no abortions, no nothing. Poor May.

Jeremy Corbyn

Who was the big winner? The most unlikely of unlikely persons: Jeremy Corbyn, (Another one with a good Hebrew first name. Jeremy was a major Biblical prophet.)

Corbyn is as unlikely a near-winner as you get them: ultra-left, ultra-everything. Many members of his own party detest him. But he almost won the elections. In any case, he made it impossible for Theresa May to rule effectively.

Corbyn’s achievement brings to mind again that something very similar happened in the US elections within the Democratic Party. While the official candidate Hillary Clinton aroused widespread antipathy in her own party, a most unlikely alternative candidate stirred a wave of admiration and enthusiasm: Bernie Sanders.

Not the most promising candidate: 78 years old, a senator for 10 years. Yet he was feted like a newcomer, a man half his age. If he had been the candidate of his party, there is little doubt that he would be President today. (Even poor Hillary got a majority of the popular vote.)

So do all these victories and near-victories have something in common? Do they add up to a “wave”? On first sight, no. Neither did the Left win (Trump, Brexit) nor did the right (Macron, Corbyn, Sanders). So there is nothing in common? Oh yes, there is. It is the rebellion against the establishment.

All these people who won, or almost won, had this in common: they smashed the established parties. Trump won despite the Republicans, Sanders fought against the Democratic establishment, Corbyn against the Labour bosses, Macron against all. The Brexit vote was, first of all, against the entire British establishment.

So that is the New Wave? Out with the establishment, whoever it is. And in Israel? We are not yet there. We are always late. The last national movement in Europe. The last new state. The last colonial empire. But we always get there in the end.

Half of Israel, almost the entire Left and Center, is clinically dead. The Labor party, which for 40 years held power almost single-handedly, is a sorry ruin. The right-wing, split into four competing parties, tries to impose a near-fascist agenda on all walks of life. I just hope that something will happen before their final success.

We need a principled leader like Corbyn or Sanders. A young and idealistic person like Macron. Somebody who will smash all the existing occupation-era parties and start right from the beginning. To adapt Macron’s slogan: Forward, Israel!


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  1. Uri laments Brexit, proves that he’s controlled oposition, like Noam Chomsky. Brussels its an easier outfit
    The outcome, since Maastricht, is Greece bankrupcy (Goldman-Sacks), State sovereignty downgraded to provincial condition, Spain, Italy, and Estearn Europe overloaded with, and unable to reimburse imposed upon credits, An iron hand to curtail budget deficits so, when exceeding 4%, nations have to ask for more credits with the delightfulnees of banking bussiness, Next step, to privatize, services and utilities to banking elites, pushing for exorbitant bills Monopolies on any service or utilities, have a chair and last word on State decisions as such, throughout the EU irrespective of Left, Right or New Age by well promoted,and makeuped masonic offspring lackeys,that manipulate the EU under supervision of the City of London, lawless hedge funds and off-shore banks… . . .

    • It is a famous Israeli liberal’s view, who wants a peaceful two state solution, and has been a long time opponent of the Likuds. Uri provides domestic criticism of the political and geopolitical scene in Israel, which no corporate media will do, because he is an effective critic. VT has always published a variety of views, and we don’t have to always publish people that we agree 100% on. People publish us that have disagreements on some of our issues. We let the readers sort it all out, as it is their time they are investing, which we appreciate. Even my introduction was a partial critique.

  2. Uri asks:
    Is there a political new wave emerging with the Macron Victory?

    No Uri, only a new Jew.

  3. “unless those days are cut short, no flesh would be saved, but on account of the chosen ones those days are cut short” ~ Jesus of Nazareth,
    these days we see and we understand positions of power have been bred in cruelty, damaged from birth they move in position, never having tasted truth or reality. Born into a constructed world they then constrict and coil around us in a snake-like squeeze….yet they are held in a much smaller prison than the one they have held around us….They are locked in, we do not lock them out. They can open the doors of truth and join the rest of humanity anytime, growing and spearheading a better world where human suffering will be lessons of the past, taught to our children, that this abomination that has taken over our planet now lies in the hands of machines of madmen. We destroy that machine, a “well oiled” machine that drives stealing the resources of other nations, exploitation of the people across the planet….…. the “chosen ones” Jesus was referring to, chosen means selected, from the best not the worst…., the best humanity has to offer carry the suffering of the world and stand in the gap on behalf of humanity….and that filthy flag Uri stands in the way of a better world for all for the israel you see is terminal and in its death throes…. Uri help your fellowman to see….for eye has not seen and ear has not heard what is coming…..burn your flags and let it die…give up the lie

  4. He quotes:
    „So that is the New Wave? Out with the establishment, whoever it is. And in Israel? We are not yet there. We are always late. The last national movement in Europe. The last new state. The last colonial empire. But we always get there in the end.“ Unquote. ???
    He is either the best troll Israel has at VT, or, he has finally gone mad.
    Since when does Israel belong to Europa? What sneaky, shifty crap is that again?
    What´s the hidden BS about „The last colonial empire?“
    That is all typical Jewish writing. Always half mad, sprinkled with a few facts, and the big bulk is lies. Veeeery clever. Specially at his age.

    • Hello Jim,
      I much appreciate your comment, which I understand. My friendly grudge in this particular paragraph (the rest is no better) is mainly with the words “last“ and “empire“ and Israel is by far not the last, there are at least half a dozen other colonialists, and since when is Israel an empire? Notice how shiftily he uses words, in the hope some of us believe his sly baloney?
      As an easy example, living in Germany, I know very well that Germany is a colony, an Anglo American colony since 1945, and you can bet all the Atom Bombs of Israel that Sly also knows. Then why the bloody hell is everything coming from this “empire“ permeated with lies? Most people get wiser with age – but not this mob, I give up on´em.
      Eduardo, well observed.

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