Jim W. Dean – Rolling Press TV coverage on Iran missile strike damage on ISIS

Iran strikes back with some air mail delivery

Press TV:  65 terrorists killed in Sunday’s strike

[ Editor’s Note: It’s always a pleasure to get a rolling coverage guest slot on a major story, which this was. You have a lot more time to cover the issue, and Press TV hosts never ask silly questions. They have a laser focus for digging into a story. Frankly, the pace they work at would wear me out, and I salute the younger professionals doing it.

All the ISIS people who were celebrating the big dual terror attacks on Iran just got introduced to the new arithmetic – that Iran can reach out and touch them, and knows where they are. The success of these strikes is to be shared by Damascus, which certainly was a joint partner.

If the US had been willing to work with Syria like this and its coalition members, ISIS would be history already. But as I have time to cover in this interview, the US wants the Daesh terror war to drag out to collect some Syrian territorial dividends on the investment it has made in building the Kurdish SDF into a conventional army.

But those dividends will be short term, as they have been with Afghanistan and Iraq. The Scott Bennett and Ken O’Keefe segments get into that moreJD ]

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– First aired on June 20, 2017

At least 65 Daesh terrorists, including a number of commanders, were killed in Iran’s missile attack in Syria on Sunday. The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps made the announcement to Press TV. Iranian missiles hit FOUR targets in and around the city of Dayr al-Zawr which is a Daesh stronghold as well as the nearby city of Mayadin.

The terrorists’ weapons depot was among the points that were bombed, destroying tanks, munitions and long-range missiles. A Daesh command center was also targeted. On Sunday, IRGC fired six mid-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles from Iran’s west at Syria.

The IRGC says the missile strike is in response to the Daesh-claimed terror attacks in Tehran in June 7 which killed 18 people.



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  1. It was great to hear from Ken again, I know he lost a few friends last year but he is still the best at ramming it home to these cretins in power, puppets to zionism
    Looks like he has lost a little weight,, keep it up Ken, love you brother

  2. There is no trust within the US military with lawlessness is running throughout the chain of command from the top-down issuing unlawful orders, illegal orders, criminal orders …active military have a clear path and a way out and International law protects them and supersedes any US court martial for disobeying a command structure that has turned criminal…. the Treaty for the Renounciation of War, a universal law and the US is a signatory of this treaty IF YOUR GOVERNMENT BREAKS THE LAWS OF WAR YOU MUST REFUSE TO OBEY THEIR ORDERS… the armed forces, every individual has A DUTY BY LAW TO REFUSE TO OBEY THEIR ORDERS IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO FOLLOW AN UNLAWFUL ORDER … US military in Syria are there unlawfully…..maybe Syria needs to send some buses to help them lay down their arms as well

  3. A few weeks ago my wife and I attended the high school graduation of our granddaughter in Florida. The class size of about 700 was about the same size as my high school class in Pasadena 61 years ago when we graduated in the Rose Bowl. Her younger brother was sitting next to me; he will graduate next year. I mentioned to him that a flag was missing from the color guard: The Confederate Flag. He laughed and somehow knew what I was talking about. Florida was a member of the Confederacy too. But what would have happened if I had displayed a Confederate Flag at this graduation ceremony of my granddaughter? I would have created a scene and likely been escorted out by armed guards. Such is the America we live in today. I also mentioned to my grandson Caleb that what was missing from each of the roughly 700 graduates there was a sign on their backs which read, ” Another brainwashed high school graduate”. He laughed at this too. Remember the popular song with the line, “all that crap I learned in high school”? Nothing ever really changes in America. Yet our government has been hi jacked by a foreign power but nobody knows or seems to care.

  4. The history books we used in high school were mostly lies. I graduated from Pasadena High School in Pasadena, California about 61 years ago in 1956. This is a long time. If you even utter a word about any of this at a reunion you can tell by expressions not to go into it. They are in denial. And of course it is true that none of us as individuals can do anything about it can we? Is it worth losing life long friends over or perhaps they were not true friends at all. I stopped attending reunions after number 50 and do not plan to fly out there for any more and be exposed to radiation in the body scanner at the airports. All they want to talk about are the fabulous fifties and they were fabulous in many ways. Nothing but memories now. All gone now just like our country is gone. But many people are still not convinced it has been hi jacked by Israel and if it has, they may not be bothered by it due to brainwashing. It is difficult to predict how this will all resolve itself. It doesn’t look good. Many even idolize Truman for nuking Japan as if that were some courageous and necessary act yet they do not have a clue of the unspeakable suffering this bombing caused or how to learn from it for the future. We have learned nothing from history. Correction in line -3 above their should read there.

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