US policy aim: The destruction of the Syrian people


…by  Firas Samuri


 The SAA aircraft was shot down on June 18 by a F-16 fighter of the U.S.-led international coalition in the province of Raqqa. While the Americans accused the Syrian pilot of attacking the so-called moderate opposition, official Damascus claims that the mission’s goal was to strike a blow at ISIS.

Despite the real cause of the accident, a Syrian aircraft shot down by other countries’ alliance in the Syrian sky is quite a serious provocation. This incident seems as part of the U.S. plan to assist various groups opposing government authorities in Syria. It must be understood that the SDF and FSA are the structures unleashed a civil war in the country.

This argument is correct when speaking about a series of attacks on Assad. First was conducted by Israel on the land. Then the Shayrat airbase was under attack of the U.S. And now we can observe fight in the air that has become the fourth clash between the U.S. and Syrian troops during last month.

In the case of the Shayrat air base there was at least an attempt to strike the blow as a preventive measure, although Assad hadn’t committed the crimes for which he had been accused of. In addition, do not forget At-Tanf, where the threat to the forces of the coalition still needs to be proven.

The key point of the latest incident is that Damascus carried out a blow at those were not legitimate in terms of international law. Thus, the U.S. openly stated that there is neither this international law nor Syria as an independent state for them.

Not a surprise if the United States after a series of similar incidents again decided to talk about ensuring the notorious no-fly zones. Especially since Washington’s urgent redeploying of the aviation to the northeast of Syria has become a new reality. The Pentagon took extremely seriously the statements of Assad’s allies of considering any western aircraft as an air target.

In fact, the U.S. actions are absolutely predictable within the framework of the policy they are pursuing in the Middle East. The downed aircraft is only a reflection of the multi-stage model, which represent Syria as a ‘former state’. Apparently, the Trump administration will continue to raise the degree of the Syrian conflict, and this Syrian aircraft is a vivid confirmation.

Paradoxically, this is happening, despite the promises of the U.S. president. During his election campaign, Trump stated not to get involved into the wars in the Middle East.


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  1. Khalid, Eduardo, wjabbe, Trakkath, Ayelyahbenjamin, it´s good to see you guys here. how does the song go … with a little help of your friends…

  2. The United States must be referred to as “The axis of evil”, conducting terrorist operations all over the world with fake borrowed and printed money. Their goal is to steal land and instill fear and chaos in the world like they are presently illegally doing in Syria under directions from Israel which has hi jacked the US government America is an outlaw trespasser nation today. In case you haven’t noticed Trump is a pathological liar.

  3. They have gone mad. Our leaders and their media that is. The whole world can see it. One has to be ashamed and disgusted to live on the same planet with them. I am trying to find a bit of truth during the day, but there is none. At least the Jews are honest enough to let us know that we are nothing but donkeys and servants, to serve the Jews. Actually, I am grateful that they speak the truth. A German radio station (not really German) tells us this morning at 10 o´clock, that the German military currently stationed in Incerlink, Turkey, is now moving to Jordan, to resume their job there. What job? Ahh, to fly reconnaissance. No, that´s not their job, their real job is to fly and kill. The Germans, the fewken Germans, out of all people, are flying and killing again. The stupid goy servant donkeys havn´t even paid the Jews yet for the war of 73 years ago! And while they are still paying, I repeat, still paying, they are, at the same time, up in the foreign skys killing those Arabs the Jews don´t like.
    Hey, I know, but I´m not making this up.
    Merkel can hardly walk nor talk straight, she often sways. only her arrogance, the size of 10 times her body weight, keeps her going upright. The lies pull on her. The lies pull Trump down as well. Both their lips are totally out of sinc with their blob in the head.
    Hey, donkeys and servants of this planet, is that all the truth we have left.

  4. They will do to them like they did to germany ans Japan after WW 2, Libya and other countries to support their Ponsi-scheme for ever. But it is already done the banking cartel is wounded down day by day. If needed they will bring new lies about guilt by what ever to enslave the people.

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