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On July 14, 1789, a large angry mob stormed into the Bastille. They murdered its six guards and the governor. Then they set free all seven of the Bastille* prisoners.

*Sadly and inexplicably, the French 4th of July is called Bastille Day.

But the Bastille was such a hated symbol of France’s depression, the French people, by hand, tore the old building apart, brick by brick.

Ten miles away, in the Palace of Versailles, the king of France was awakened from a sound sleep by one of his ministers.

“Sire, the Paris mob has taken down the Bastille.”

“Why … why this is … this is … ah … a revolt,” mumbled the startled king.

“No, sire. It is a revolution.”

The Rothschild’s banking network, masters at creating revolutions, poverty, suffering, and death, were at it again. They got their French Revolution, and the deaths of the very best, most educated, and patriotic people in France.

The ignorant collective mind of the French masses was then directed to murder widely and indiscriminately throughout Paris and France by the likes of the chief Illuminati agents, Maximilien Robespierre, Jean-Paul Marat, and Georges Danton.

On August the 4th,1789, exactly one month after the takedown of the Bastille, the king, clergymen, and nobles were all perspicacious to propose fundamental, vital changes in the social and political fabric of France.

In a special late-night meeting of the French National Assembly, a nobleman spoke.

We of the nobility must recognize the justice of the people’s claims. We will make amends. We forever renounce our hunting rights! Our manorial dues! Privileges! Serfdom!

Then a clergyman spoke.

The Church may no longer collect from each peasant more than one-tenth of what his land produces. Such extra church tithes are now renounced!

Another patriotic nobleman spoke and was followed with general applause.

All the special privileges of the church and the nobility are ended. Feudalism is hereby abolished.

Three weeks later, on August the 26th, 1789, the National Assembly issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen. It was based on the American Declaration of Independence and the British Bill of Rights. It said …

Men are born and remain free and equal, with natural, inalienable, and sacred rights. These rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression.

It guaranteed …

Freedom of speech, press, and religion.

It also said …

No one could be arrested or punished except by process of law.

Moreover it said …

Law must fall equally upon all persons. Law was the expression of the general will, to be made by all citizens or their representatives.

This marvelous declaration was printed in thousands of books and leaflets. It was read aloud in public places, and hung on walls. It soon became the handbook of all who were rational. It was translated into other languages, carrying its message of freedom to all of Europe and the world.

Legally, the nation of France had become what is perhaps the best of all possible forms of government, a constitutional monarchy, with a benign king at that.

With little of the cares of state, Louis XVI retreated to his favorite hobby, that of making locks.

The Revolution had been won by the people in less than two months with little to no chaos, suffering, bloodshed, or death.

Monsieur Rothschild must have been furious with this radical turn of events. Freedom, prosperity, peace, and security for the masses was not his game. He and his fellow Illuminists* cared not a whit for any low-born proletariat. The common ill-bred workingman was to be used to bring down the social order, the government, and then to eliminate religions.

*The word Illuminist is at best, a nominal designation.

For the citizens of France, the Illuminists wanted the suffering, chaos, destruction, and death as is current in the Middle East today – and they got it.

Immediately France was filled with anti-establishment propaganda, all meant to radicalize the French masses, all sparked by about twenty Illuminati zealots known as the Jacobins – the American NeoCons of their day.

Incapable of critical thought, the hive mind of the benighted French masses bought the Jacobin lies and distortions. France was turned into a lunatic asylum for a decade, in spite of the nation’s new hope of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens.

Quickly, the king and his young wife, Marie Antoinette, and their children became virtual prisoners in the Tuileries, the royal Parisian palace that stood on the right bank of the river Seine.

On August the 10th, of 1792, a large mob of revolutionaries attacked the Tuileries.

Awaiting them were eight hundred Swiss guards and twelve hundred nobles with loaded cannon.

But, King Louis XVI, whom the Rothschild propaganda machine had so long vilified to the French masses, refused to give the order to the troops to fire on his people.

Instead, he proposed to talk with them.

The king was given no chance to talk as the mob fell upon his inactive guards, killing most of them. The king and his family were then taken as real prisoners, not virtual ones.

There is an animal baseness in many men of every class, race, and nation. It is this lack of moral character – this lack of nobility – that forms the bestiality that drives  and justifies man’s cruelty to man.

King Louis XVI was not a bad man, but he was a naïve one. His total innocent lack of guile was no match for the inhuman, satanic cunning of the supreme Rothschild of that day.

On Monday, the 21st of January, 1793, King Louis XVI bravely met his fate with the Mistress of Death – Madame Guillotine.

In October of the same year, Marie Antoinette was also beheaded.

Without a royal court attempting to rule, the Parisian mobs grew ever more insane. They even broke into various prisons and killed those who supported the government’s Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens. Many of those innocent victims were painfully beheaded with knives and their heads stuck on spars to be boastfully paraded around the city or placed in rows along streets.

Every Parisian came under suspicion if they did not irrationally and loudly voice support for the killing mad dogs of the revolution.

After impromptu-to show trials, devoid of justice, nobles and priests, women and men were beheaded.

In the provinces of France, women were raped and often mutilated. Clerics and other men and women of God and Church were often disemboweled. Aristocrats and nobles were hacked to pieces.

The clan of Rothschilds and their agents of terrorism (Bolsheviks and NeoCons) were particularly careful to make sure that those responsible for France’s marvelous Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizens were given specially brutal killings.

“No one crosses a Rothschild and gets away with it,” boasted the terrorists.

In several days, more than one thousand Christians were rounded up and slaughtered by Christians gone mad.

This insanity roared into what we call today the Reign of Terror, which in one year killed 40,000 French people, in a national population of only about twenty-five million people.

The Illuminati Revolution (called the French Revolution) devoured those best fit to lead.

As it is currently in the Middle East, terror had become the order of the day. Gossips denounced neighbors and children denounced parents, with few knowing the real causes of their insanity.

In cities like Lyons, those who were suspected of opposing all the massive killings were tied up and marched into open fields where they were shot at point blank range.

In the west of France, citizens and priests were tied together and drown in rivers. Some were shot in the rivers, until the water turned red. It was commonly called throughout France the National Baths, as the Parisian guillotines were called the National Razors.

Author Bio
Former Hollywood producer of live stage shows that featured various movie and TV stars. In Los Angeles for almost a quarter of a century, Jack had a front-row seat in observing the disintegration of the foundations of America society before he retreated to the woods of New Hampshire.

A graduate of the University of Florida, where he studied economics, Jack was also a running back on the Gator scout team, a member of the ATO social fraternity, Cadet Commander of the school’s ROTC unit and president of the military honorary society, Scabbard and Blade.

After serving honorably in the US Army, where Jack earned his paratrooper wings, he began to see the folly and crimes attendant to the unilateral wars of American aggression. It was then that Jack embarked on a spiritual path; one he has walked for over 40 years. 

Content with his sylvan seclusion, Jack began writing of how to spot media propaganda; something he meant to be his legacy to his three grown children.

Today, however, Jack invites all others to read his non-partisan observations of national and international events. 

According to Jack… Those of us stuck deeply into the engineered left-right paradigm have no desire to be objective, and are thus blinded to all truth that does not reinforce biased opinions.

Remedial work in geo-politics will not open the minds of such people, as they are badly in need of spiritual remedies; nevertheless, facts are facts, and some are available to truth-seekers, the subject matter of my writings.”
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