The US Coup D’etat In Ukraine is Russia’s Fault


Once again the US Government blames Russia for the malfeasance that is the ongoing behavior of Washington DC. Remember it was Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland who publicly declared she had spent $ 5 Billion US Tax dollars to topple the duly elected government of Ukraine, and now they blame the problems on Russia.

How long with the citizens of the USA allow the deep state to hijack the US Government?? Maybe it is time for regime change in the USA and adhere to the stated principles within the US Constitution.

The neocons who hijacked the US Government since 9-11 need to be tried and executed for treason, the sooner the better.

Once the real perpetrators of 9-11 are executed the sooner the USA can begin to heal from the trauma of the ongoing treason and the USA will once again develop a sane foreign policy, not like the current foreign policy that is based solely upon lies, with the intention of conquering other countries.

No government on the planet should ever trust the USA until we have cleaned the neocon vermin from our midst.

Wake up America, the moment is at hand, it is time for regime change in the USA!! If not now?? WHEN?


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  1. Mike, the article is 180 degrees the opposite of your title. I assume you have a reason for that? Like trying to find out if people actually READ the article?

  2. Davor, No we need to execute them for murder and other crimes. The insanity will not stop until justice is served.


  3. You don’t have to execute them, just arrest and put on trial, make them feel the heat, and then the individual and mutual conscience will do the rest. Maybe Hague tourist guides will some day in the near future speak “look folks here is the special block for notorious US Israeli and Neocon criminals that organized 9-11, and blamed it on the various Arab and Muslim countries that had nothing to do with it, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people” .

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