World Teetering on Brink of Thermonuclear War



The Trump administration has committed what may turn out to be a fatal mistake, and by fatal, I mean not just to the Trump regime but to the entire globe. Trump has surrendered control of the US Military machine to the Pentagon – the President, the Secretary of Defense, all of the politicians no longer control or guide the US military, the Pentagon now holds the reins.

What is really disturbing and scary about this is that the Pentagon is, quite frankly, utterly insane; the place is riddled with fundamentalist Christians, Dominionists obsessed with fulfilling the ‘End Times’ prophecy.

No, this is not an outline for a new Dr Strangelove movie, this is absolutely real. We find a succinct description of the Dominionist mindset in an essay written by Gavin Finley MD:

It is a belief that this world can, and must, be conquered for Christ by militant action undertaken by the Christian Church.

Dominion Theology incorporates a Crusader mindset. It teaches that it is our Christian duty to take over the world, in a political sense, and if necessary, in a military sense, in order to impose Biblical rule. Christ will not return, (they say), until the church has “risen up” and “taken dominion” over all of the world’s governments and institutions.

Dominionists affirm that this is not a matter for us to discuss. As they see it, this is a direct unequivocal mandate from God. We are not to wait upon God, (they say). They say that He is waiting for US! And they are insistent, even bullying, in their demand that we follow them in their wild ride towards world dominion.

So now we have a bunch of religious maniacs who firmly believe they must conquer the world on the orders of God in control of the the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons on the planet. These same maniacs are currently pumping US troops and weapons into Syria in what appears to be a blatant attempt to start a shooting war with the Russians.

Don’t anyone make the mistake of thinking for even one second that these Christian nutjobs in the Pentagon would hesitate to launch a full out thermonuclear first strike against the Russians and anyone else who tried to stand in the way of their attempts to do what they see as God’s bidding.

We are truly closer to the brink now than we have ever been….

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  1. As if we do not have enough on our plate with the reality of Fukushima and all other nuke power plants leaking. I think that the idea of a Nuclear shootout is bogus, especially if the UN prediction of a large reduction in population is true. Also consider the fact that China would be obliged to assist Russia and it is just too much of an atrocity.

    Of course it can happen, but in reality it won’t, more chance of a fake ET invasion been implemented.

  2. The Jewish tribe is apparently the first beast of Rev 13 (it fits the description like a glove), and the “office of president of the U.S.” is apparently the second beast of Rev 13.

    And the second beast is of course a political puppet ruler who takes orders from the first beast.

    And the whole of the corrupt U.S. government, which is presided over by the second beast (i.e. the all powerful, unaccountable super-executive) has become an “image of the beast”, as it no longer has any constitutional legitimacy and exists only to do Jew dirty work.

    • BTW the 2016 election was perhaps the most breathtaking psyop ever conducted against the people of the U.S. (and the rest of the world for that matter).

      Trump was intended to be Obama’s replacement, and his whole campaign was a calculated “bait and switch” fraud. This is why the Jews ran the unelectable Clinton against Trump rather than Bernie Sanders.

      This is why lame duck Obama made a series of provocations against Russia in Syria in the waning months of his presidency.

      Hillary was promising to confront Russia while Trump was promising to get along with Russia – all the while Obama was escalating tensions with Russia almost to a state of confrontation.

      The psyop was intended to give the voters a choice between Trump or nuclear war.

      Trump’s whole campaign was a calculated fraud from the beginning.

  3. “My Kingdom is not of this world”. Whoever pretends at the same time that Jesus told his followers to take over the world and that he’s a christian, is actually heretic. Change Church for Synagogue, Christian for Jew and Bible for Talmud, and you’ll get a better picture of what’s going on.

  4. There are reports coming out that the Russians fired an S300 westwards towards the Med from their base in Tartous this morning. The target could have been an EQ-4 Global Hawk coming from the Sigonella Naval base in Sicily.

  5. From Frank Zappa’s song “Dumb All Over”- I don’t think I could paste the whole song, but here’s a piece. One of my favorites:

    You can’t run a country
    By a book of religion
    Not by a heap
    Or a lump or a smidgeon
    Of foolish rules
    Of ancient date
    Designed to make
    You all feel great
    While you fold, spindle
    And mutilate
    Those unbelievers
    From a neighboring state”

    Zappa knew about these neocons way back, and in fact he’s the reason I questioned the “reality” we’ve lived in for quite some time.
    But it’s amazing that he went on CNN and spanked Robert Novak on air, a few times as I recall. He knew the evangelical zionists wanted all out war, maybe it’s closer now-

  6. There are interesting stories (rumors? urban legends?) that after the wild ride of a Minot AFB B-52 loaded up with 6 nuclear cruise missiles 10 years ago the Air Force is no longer trusted with nuclear weapons. Access to all nuclear weapons formerly entrusted to the AF is now firmly under the control of either the Army or (and more likely) the Department of Energy. If these stories are true it is a startling indication of just how fearful the radicals in the Pentagon are of the ultraradical Dominionists in the Air Force.

  7. Native American culture is much richer than white America. The food, knowledge, spirituality, history, and understanding of how the world works, is on a whole different level than the displaced rebels and seekers that sought a new start here. They should have started by learning the Seneca language , which is many times more complex and difficult than English. When word came to the Pope, that the Maya knew the secrets of the Bible , every writing was ordered to be burned. the Bible is more a record of Chinese, African, Hindu, and Native American knowledge than anyone else. There is only one people I know who keep the stones used to grind corn as sacred. The oldest cattle farmers are African. etc etc Jews and Christians do not have the knowledge, therefore, that book is not theirs, nor do they understand it. They make it all up as they go along. Spiritually, it is the stupidest thing ever and precisely on time.

  8. The Pentagon believes it is their duty to conquer and take over the world for Jesus, but is being controlled by Israel which doesn’t believe in or have any regard for Jesus. ??

  9. To paraphrase/quote the great Otto Rahn, “The disputations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Synagogues is merely a quarrel among rabbis.”

  10. A very long time ago, Calendars and cycles were considered the holiest or most sacred thing, because they are tracking invisible influences and do not change. Every culture has their own records and they all correlate. The primary cycles are 36 decans of the solar year, and the 20 days. Wise time scholars gathered together and combined their information. They wove the information into stories that are supposed to be obviously myth. The stories evolve and change according to culture , but the base of the foundation does not change. Some people stole those books, and changed them to claim ownership. That is what the Bible is. There is no Jesus, no Moses, and the God in each chapter is a different god, or Time. Each verse correlates to a precise day within the cycles. The lie is exposed by examining the other cultures treasures that provide, numerical, thematic and verbatim correlations.

  11. One can go for example in his church (one of the Christian ones) and pay Mass or Service on the notion for NATO dismemberment saying believing it is evil like the Soviet empire (which it is, if not ten times worse). Just like one pays service for his deceased family members, they cannot refuse to do it. You can tell your local Jesuit priest that you feel US army is anti-christian and ask give him few dollars for the Mass for US army dismemberment and invite people there. How do you think Soviet Union was dismembered? The same way it should be done to US and NATO interventionism, giving Mass, prayers, inviting foreign scholars, financial advisors, lecturers and performers that are seeing the obvious terminal phase of the US military abomination. If you are a Christian go and protest at your flock tutor.

  12. Life is too easy for spoiled brats in the US to go about the trivia of the day while their government aids and abets Israel and other criminals destroying Syria and other parts of the world. America needs a blunt lesson. 9/11 didn’t come close and it was lied about to them. Americans only learn the hard way. Americans are so ignorant they are oblivious that Israel has hijacked our government. They can’t be bothered with thinking for a change. They need a dramatic jolt to wake them up to reality. Putin can do it if he wants but it won’t be pretty or fun this time. Putin must stand up to the bully US.

    • wjabbe, I’ve lost faith in Putin doing anything. How many flying destructive objects have we sent into Syrian airspace? How many times has Russia put us on notice and said they will shoot down anything else we send?

      What about all this proof of criminal activity they have including 9/11? Where is it at?

      I get not playing all the cards at once, but what real cards has Russia played at all so far?

  13. we can all clearly see “the Pentagon is, quite frankly, utterly insane; the place is riddled with fundamentalist Christians, Dominionists obsessed with fulfilling the ‘End Times’ prophecy”…. but who or what is religiously behind guiding this? …. self titled”christians”, not in word or deed, but united for israel, CUFI, teamed with messianic “Beth Israel” ….these are fronts for terror and promotion of war and they have filtered this through…..make no mistake these are not harmless worshippers, they are a network entwined taking orders NOT from God

    • the Pentagon needs to be surrounded and seized…”you cannot serve two masters…” they serve israel

  14. Actual US Christians should speak up, to challenge these supposed Christians in Pentagon and in office, who want people to believe that murdering random country’s innocent brings us closer to God.

  15. Since when freemasons (i.e., Luciferians) are Christians ? Since Friday the 13-th ?
    Or since the chairman of B’nai B’rith in Cincinnati, OH, about 150 years ago explained that “freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments,passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end”(Israelite of America, 3 August 1866).
    From “Architects of Deception”, by Juri Lina.

    • Alex_B. corect. Top brass plateau is reached through masonic adherence, oath, secrecey and obedience. In masonic lodges it is forbidden to mention Christ, Catholic and Orthodox Churches are the target to be destroyed. All conflicts in which US,UK and France participated were not for the Cross but for extending Jewish domination, Masonry was and is the machinery to achieve the goals of the Protocols of the learned of Zion and Masonry is the common denominator of alliance between those Nations. Masonry has an unquelled thirst for Christian blood, just in the beggining of the XX century, in Mexico more than 1million Christians were elliminated by a masonic government. In Spain, over 12000 priest, monks and bishops were executed by Spain republicans under a masonic Gvmt, Masonry within the top ranks of the Russian Army, facilitated the Communist take over and assassination of Czar, family and 300.000 members of the Orthodox Church, Christians within the Pentagon are a silent and persecuted minority, Remember that few days ago, an officer was fired for having a Bible. .

    • Seldom said that the core teachings of Judaism its pure Masonry. Very well said by French people that gentiles entering the craft are “synthetic jews”. Tempting with the “30 coins” its the promissed shortcut to an ample door to success, but the price of sacrificing the fortunes and lives of others, whom they call ‘Profanes’.
      They show themselves as affable and good neighbours just to lure unprincipled ones into joining the lodge but once under oath, newcomers are ordered to obey whatever accomodates to the Jewish dictum, no matter how harmful that can be. Trump’s turn around it is the consequence of top inner circle extortion working under the mouth-to-ear system, with no records to be kept, the WH cabinet its the product of that mechanism. No wander the Alexandria’s Masonic monument as it is the DC obelisk are taller than the White House. Israel is under the control of several lodges like Bnai Brith, Mizraim and Bnai Zion so, the network’s MO with Pentagon Lodges are the true US Gvmt, and the no so secret “deep state”, Just ask who is Earl Brian in DC

    • To Ian Greenhalgh. You seem to be proficient in political outcomes yet, your searchlight points to the wrong tree. Christianity its banned in military official acts but, Israel, a self declared heir of Biblical rights has all US political,economic and military support, You should know that Mikey Weinstein has made a lot to influence against any Christian symbol within the US Armed Forces or state buildings but never complained about the WH Menorah. You must already know that Jews were in Dallas present in the person of Gen. Rabin the very same day that JFK was assassinated and, J. Rubinstein elliminated the the principal suspect. In 1973, Yom Kippur war, the USG totally rearmed the IDF. Israel Gen. Sharon as soon as US war ended, landed in occupied Bagdad, and the 9/11 featuring most of New York Kahal conpicuously involved like Larry Silverstein, and the following PNAC, explained By Gen. Clark, instrumenting the Yanin Plan and carried out by the US-UK-FR. Do they know the Ten Commandments at the Pentagon? Is there any Christian, no matter the denomination, morality at the 4-Star cenacle? I guess, that knowing that what they do its wrong, they cannot tell why do it and that’s the evidence of a mason at work. Thanks for eye opening Ian, but it would be nice to see you focusing on the real actors and their script.

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