The New Imperial Roman Empire


by  Preston James


Contrary to what is taught in the history books, the Roman Empire was never completely destroyed.

Actually it was transformed into a covert spiritual system run by the same occult-linked families that ran it.

It was the same process that occurred when the British Colonial Empire appeared to have collapsed, but was transformed into a neo-colonial empire.

This new empire was based on a covert system of Rothschild private central FIAT banking run out of the City of London, a one square mile private financial district and separate nation state.

Thus, the new system became based on covert banking and finance and specialized in war profiteering and narcotics trafficking. It was of course aided by the private spy agency, the East India Company, and the covert British privateer ships flying pirate flags of the “skull and bones”.

The British pirates were the equivalent of today’s ISIS et al., which are derivatives of the Mujaheddin and are actually private mercenary armies comprised of drugged and mind-kontrolled disposables who work for the CIA, the Israelis and Saudis.

This same secret financial/banking system of the City of London that was covertly imposed on the world as a replacement for the shrinking British Empire has remained in place even today and is still operating covertly. It is hidden in plain sight, but nonetheless run by the same occult-linked families through a large coterie of privatized Intel fronts called proprietaries.

Fountain of the Fallen Angel

Mythical Gods characterized the Roman Empire.

Imperial Rome was characterized by the worship of mythical Gods, the Olympiads and the exercise of complete, unquestioned absolute Cesarean power.

Some believe that each of these mythical gods actually represent real but absent fallen or lesser Elohim, booted out of the circle of Elohim by God Almighty, the first cause or creator of all (the Great “I am”), because of a rebellion run by Lucifer.

Today we see the continued deployment of absolute Cesarean power through the aggressive and illegal, unconstitutional military attacks and invasions against other nations who refuse to follow the secret edicts of this New Imperial Roman Empire.

And it is clear that Washington DC runs the military enforcement arm of this new imperial Roman Empire system.

The New Imperial Rome.

The new Imperial Roman Empire is comprised of three key elements: the Vatican as Spiritual Head; the City of London as Monetary/Financial Head; and Washington DC as the Military Arm, the enforcer of the absolute Cesarean authority of this system of world control.

To understand this system of endemic evil, it is helpful to become aware of the historically important work of the late, great Tupper Saussy in his incredibly important book, Rulers of Evil (now a free pdf download).

In this important book, Saussy disclosed that Washington DC was built on the City of Rome, Virginia and is part of the new Roman Empire.

As many who have carefully studied the current system that controls most of the world have discovered, each of these three centers of control (the Vatican, the City of London and Washington DC) are separate nation states in and of themselves and have their own diplomats.

When Imperial Rome was sacked by the Huns and Visigoths and crumbled from within, the wealthy families that ran it from behind the scenes fled to other parts of Italy and took most of their riches with them.

As Rome began to crumble, Emperor Constantine was approached by a spirit being and converted to Christianity – a false form according to the views of some conservative Christian historians.

Rome was then moved to Constantinople. Later on, the Roman Empire began its transformation into a covert financial empire, later to become centered in the Vatican, which was to become the head of the New Roman Empire. This new financial empire became hidden behind a false cloak of Christianity which was un-biblical and steeped in traditions going back to ancient Babylonia.

As the Vatican spread its tentacles out and perverted Christianity to make vast fortunes by selling indulgences and confiscating property and wealth from its various inquisitions, it needed its own bankers to manage its accounts.

The Rothschilds become the Vatican Bankers.

This led to the selection of the Bauers (later changed their name to Rothschild or “children of the Rock”) to serve as the Vatican’s personal bankers.

The Rothschilds were able to covertly gain control over the British Banking System and were able to gain control over the British Empire through banking.

The Revolutionary War that supposedly freed the American Colonies from the control of the British System was just a slick illusion mandated by the hidden boss of the Vatican.

By that time, the British Empire had become a covert arm of the Vatican.

And the American revolution was just an illusion created to give the appearance that the American Colonies were being granted complete independence from the British Empire.

Actually, the American Revolution was really just a crafty covert operation to eventually transform America into the military arm of the Vatican while the Imperial Roman Empire was being reconstituted. But this time, Imperial Rome would be able to engulf the whole world.

Absolute secrecy about the hidden power that ran the Vatican and directed all its activities was paramount to the completion of the Globalist NWO Agenda.

As this secrecy is abridged by the massive leaks published and broadcast by the Internet, the Ruling Cabal is now becoming completely exposed.

Within the US Military Arm of the NWO, the Special Ops are composed of about 70,000 people and operate veiled around the world

Many have always thought that the Pope ran this world system.

That is not so, because it was always a secret hidden ruler that ran this system. The secret hidden ruler is now the Jesuit Superior General, also known to top insiders as the Black Pope, who claims to be appointed by God Almighty to administer Evil in order to effectively rule over a fallen, evil world.


Originally the Jesuits have been linked to the Pharisees who comprised the “Synagogue of Satan” responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. And they were inductees into the ancient Babylonian occult practices of the dark side, also known today by insiders as Neo-Baal worship or Babylonian Talmudism.

The Black Pope serves as the superior to the Pope, but also runs this New Imperial Rome. He is reputed to carry absolute Cesarean power, the same as the Caesars of the first Roman Empire. It has been rumored that his residence is outside the walls of the Vatican but connected to the Pope’s private office by a private tunnel.

Under the Cain system of evil ruling over evil, the primary muscle empowering the top leadership of the Superior General are two main principals:

The first is the principal of Billy Budd (the State is always right no matter what, and this is necessary to preserve the system – this book, Billy Budd, was Herman Melville’s final novel); and,

Second, the principal that the ruling authority must be willing to deploy evil seven times as severe as any evil subject ever does, all done to make sure that the whole system is completely controlled.

Just to give you an idea of how total this absolute Cesarean authority of the hidden but re-emergent New Roman Empire is, I will cite the example of a very honest, upright US Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who resigned Congress effective June 30, 2017, because he felt it was a hopeless endeavor to continue – that nothing could be changed.

Tupper Saussy had been contacted by a high ranking representative of the New Roman Empire and given highly sensitive, very secret materials that disclosed and explained the hidden history of the New Roman Empire and America’s part in it.

I talked with him on the phone before his death, and he told me that he believed that the New Roman System was an extension of the old Canaanite or Cain System, also known as the Babylonian System.

Jesuit Superior General

It was his belief that this system was fully authorized by God Almighty to be deployed by the Superior General and the New Roman Empire to rule the world under the power of the Mark of Cain – and that this system of evil ruling over evil would continue until the very end, that is, the return of the real Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah, and not the false messiah, the final Antichrist.

Tupper Saussy believed that there were Rules of Play involved; and that one rule was that all the future plans to be exercised by this Cain System had to be disclosed to the masses, either in writing or in stone before they were attained.

I first saw Tupper Saussy’s book at a large bookstore, and there was a big stack of copies. I bought two and went back for more a couple weeks later, and they were all gone. I tried to order more, but was told that the book was out of print. This seemed confusing because it was selling like wildfire.

When I called Tupper Saussy to find out why, he told me that he felt that, apparently, when the secret group supplying him with the previously hidden information for the book felt adequate notice was given to the masses, no more was required of them.

Tupper Saussy was then offered the rest at one dollar each, and no more would ever be published. If allowed to be continued being published, this book would have been a top seller.

I also asked Tupper Saussy why his photo was inserted inside the Mark of Cain on the inside back cover of the book, and he said he felt it was to provide protection for him as author, when normally anyone publishing such information would be stopped.

Tupper Saussy was placed under the protection of the Mark of Cain system while he disclosed the top secrets of this system of Evil ruling over Evil.

Las Vegas – Pantheon to the Roman Gods.

When you visit the Las Vegas strip of casinos and look closely, you will see that it is basically a large, visible celebration of the Roman Gods – the Olympiads. This is no coincidence. It is the power of the sinful flesh that draws so many suckers to gamble away their assets into the coffers of the system.

Vegas is the number one money launderer for illegal narcotics trafficking – a sort of reconstituted Resorts International organized crime system, fully authorized by the USG and a major CIA/Mossad/G7 Intel asset.

Hollywood Elite mock human sacrifices at parties

Although the pantheism of Imperial Rome is certainly a core practice among many of the super-elite Cutouts who administer the edicts and policies of New Imperial Rome, pantheism is not the core belief system of the very top 8500 that run the system.

Their core belief is hard-core Luciferianism (aka Satanism) and includes the Baal worship practices of ancient Babylon, including child sacrifice, vivisection and even cannibalism of some child victims.

Thus, it is not an exaggeration to claim that the whole new Imperial Roman System is merely a continuation of the old Babylonian Talmudic system of Cain through Kenite (Canaanite bloodlines) and their Cutouts.


Reversals are Useful

Periodic reversals of the existing system are an intermittent pattern and are imposed at the very top.

As I mentioned in a previous article, there have been periodic reversals of this system of Cain Rule which have been mysteriously directed from the top.

If you ever wondered why it seems that history keeps repeating itself, now you know why. It is these periodic reversals and displacement of the Ruling Cabals mandated from the top of the Cain System.

To do this, many means are utilized, but usually other nation state systems or empires are created and empowered to pose a direct challenge to the existing system, and these are often used to displace the old for the newly emergent Cain derivative.

The periodic reversals mandated as secret policy at the very top of the Cain System.

This is periodically done to wash out the old and bring in a new system, closer to the final, desired product of a Globalist NWO system.

The final goal is to create a world system in which its people are ready to accept a kinder, gentler, absolute ruler – sheep-dipped and white-washed – a NWO ruler able to fool folks into believing that he is the Messiah, when he will actually be the final Anti-Christ.

In order to do that, he will have to displace all the evil Ruling Cabal Cutouts and will do this by bringing about their complete exposure for their massive abuse of state power, the unimaginable evil they do, and what they have become.

These periodic displacements of Ruling Cabal Cutouts, such as in the French Revolution and the American Revolutionary War, are quite counter-intuitive to members of the displaced Ruling Cabal.

But these periodic reversals always create a covert trans-configuration of the system into a newer, more coordinated one-world system of control over the masses, as the change seems more benevolent to humans, whether or not it is – and usually it isn’t in the long run.

The rampant corruption of DC and the USG at every level has motivated many Americans to easily accept the demise of the current DC system for a global NWO system, if it cleans out the corruption and seems benevolent.

The existing DC system has become so notably corrupt to most Americans that they will now welcome its demise and many will easily be seduced by a new emergent form of world power.

Understanding the policy of periodic reversals is the key to understanding the incredible and compete set of leaked DNC emails, which exposed an incredible number of the most serious personal crimes and crimes of state imaginable, including treason, murder, pedophilia, child-sacrifice, pay to play, abuse of CIA and national security waivers, etc.

To assume that the Democrats are the only dirty evil ones in DC and the Republicans are clean is a great mistake. Just this week, it was leaked that Senator John McCain, one of  America’s biggest traitors, has set up his own foreign-based “pay to play” system like the Clintons and is considered by numerous insiders to be the “father of ISIS”. And it was John McCain who worked hard to keep the existence of POW/MIAs in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos covered up.

Numerous former LE investigators have claimed to friends for many years that a large proportion of DC politicians and officials practice pedophilia, and those that don’t are also are human-compromised in other ways.

Two high-level investigations in the past showed findings that 39% and then 42% of the male members of Congress are pedophiles and can be easily tracked to such activities. All such LE investigations of the satanic pedophile network in DC and anywhere in the world have always been stopped at a higher level. At least, until now.

The latest investigation suggests that about 70% of all members of Congress (including women in this one) are practicing pedophiles and can easily be blackmailed and controlled by the G7 Intel agencies, which usually function interchangeably as one unit.

According to a former top CIA Officer, Robert David Steele, a highly respected former CIA Officer, cooked child flesh has been sold in one DC restaurant. Others with high insider contacts have also claimed this, so he is not alone.

This pedophilia and cannibalism by a select group of top Members of Congress is the deepest, darkest secret that has been revealed by the DNC leaks and other leaks, now coming out at an amazing rate.

Are all humans now connected by an AI network? (Earth Connection at Night by TECTIX, Deviantart)


As I have claimed for at least the last four years, all secrecy is ending and everything is now going to be exposed. The Internet, the New Gutenberg Press of the World has been instituted by the head of the Hierarchy, the Superior General who is once again going to purge the system in order to bring in a new one.

No matter how hard the DC Pedophiles (and the pedophiles in Hollywood and NYC) fight this, their plight is hopeless, and they will be fully exposed.

As always, Cutouts, even high-level ones, are quite easily disposed of when it is decided they must be sacrificed to bring in a new, higher order system of world control.

So no matter what defensive actions are taken using their prior high levels of state power, these Cutouts (including the 70% of DC politicians who are pedophiles) will surely become fully exposed in the months to come, will fall from grace and will be displaced.

Once this realization sets in, pure panic will result at a deep psychological level, but these Cutouts will remain very confused about who and what is overpowering their high state power and CIA/national security waivers, which normally would protect them.

What the answer of course is that the very top real leadership of the New Roman Empire, which is far above the Ruling Cabal in authority and which carries absolute Cesarean power, is the entity taking them down.

They will blame it on the Internet and a strong emergent world populism, but that is not the root cause – only the result of a decision at the very top of the pyramid of world power.

Stay tuned, because this massive fall from grace for these Cutouts is exactly what is going to happen. It’s like a rock rolling down a mountain. It gains speed as it rolls downhill and eventually reaches terminal speed.

What this means in practical terms is that the decision has been made by the Superior General to take down the BT/RKM/COL Ruling Cabal often referred to as “Mystery Babylon”. This means that all the BT/RKM/COL high level Cabal members will be treated as displace-able Cutouts to be removed from power.

And that is the explanation and reason for all the Internet (the New Gutenberg Press), all the DNC leaks and other high level leaks, and the coming end of all state and corporate secrecy.

“It always worked before… “

If I were hired as a consultant to advise these Cutouts as to their most effective move, I would recommend that they quickly repent and seek God Almighty’s mercy, cash in all their holdings and give most to charity.

Then I would recommend that they quickly retire (leave office immediately), move away into exile and hope that they will not be brought to final justice for their unimaginable evil.

And for those who have been soul-murdered by trauma-based mind-kontrol as children and who feel they were wrongly entrapped, I would hope that some mercy would be extended to them upon full repentance.

Well-informed conservative Christians believe that a false messiah, the final Antichrist, will rise to power and rule the world for a short time until completely displaced by the real Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, who will bring God Almighty’s righteousness, rule of law, justice and mercy to all who desire it.

And it is interesting to note that some Christians who have studied the Cain System in great detail feel certain that when one believes and trusts in Jesus of Nazareth, they enter into God Almighty’s protection and a peace that passes all understanding.




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  1. Dr. James,

    I posted a couple comments a few hours ago. One was too long so I chopped it into 3 parts. Don’t know if that’s kosher here or not …. I just signed up earlier too. The other was a direct reply to another poster. I saw them post as ‘awaiting moderation’ (?) .. and then I went away. I just came back to check on any response and they’re gone all together. Are they still in the works or …


    • I post 3 parts in support of the basic premise of this article, adding a few substantive contributions and they disappear leaving my questioning plea above flapping alone in the breeze after nearly a week?

      [ Editor’s note: It is likely that your responses were an article in themselves and were far too long as comments on this or any VT article. Try being more brief. ]

  2. Dr James

    We have two types of government growing together side by side.

    The first is cruel and corrupt and force it’s first tool

    The second run by his spirit as he promised

    Run on love for the other reconciliation and community

    He said in parables the concept of tares and wheat and that in the end the tares are burned

    He said until I return labor in my field

    Again thank you for this fine article


  3. Dr James

    Thank you fo publishing this article.

    To me this brought peace to my life since as a retired federal employee I witnessed this corruption on a daily basis and saw repeatedly the worst sorts of people put into power imaginable in the agency I worked for.

    I could ask just about any fed/state/county/ city worker the same and its corrupt from top to bottom.

    Saussy talked about reconciliation as the way to fix our problems and that only through Jesus the only way


  4. Joetv, if you are a Catholic, you need to know that your church system (the Vatican) has been infiltrated and hijacked by the BT’s who worship Lucifer and the dark-side in order to receive great wealth, power and status. Lucifer and his followers, especially the BT’s hate all Christians and want to eradicate Christianity. Lutherans to need to now that their church system has been hijacked. Catholics and Lutherans need to take back their churches from the BT’s and the dark-side. Both Catholics and Lutherans have been deceived and been taken over by non-scriptural traditions which contaminate their faith and mislead them away from its basics. Yet despite this there are still some scripturally based Catholic and Lutheran churches and priests and pastors, but not many percentage-wise.

  5. Joetv, you appear to have comprehension issues. I never said “keep the system” or blamed it on any ethnic group. The problem is the association of certain bloodlines with the occult and the dark-side and their willingness to act in inhuman ways, to function as soulless, criminal psychopaths while using their hijacked state powers to maintain secrecy and crush dissidence and correction. I have done my best to expose this an numerous actions in the past to fight all this. I have clarified the issues and I see the solution in each person who has to do their part. The public truly wants to believe the lies, false-narratives and propaganda of the Controlled Major Mass Media because they have been mind-kontrolled their whole lives and cannot process truth very easily when it is presented to them. It just doesn’t fit into their heads unless they hear it or see it on the CMMM by the “talking
    heads”. I have warned that this evil system will run its course until a final battle between good and evil ensues. My personal belief is that at some point God Almighty will deliver judgement and liberate Earth from this evil enslavement. In the mean time my best recommendation is to serve truth and to love thy neighbor as thy self.

  6. Raelian, I agree that religion has been used (or rather hijacked) to promote wars, oppression and the old ‘Divide and Rule’ trick which works so well that it is being used to this very day. But aren’t you are throwing out the baby with the bath water? I couldn’t care less whether or not someone is a fundamentalist Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Hindu or abides by any other religion or spiritual practice. Jesus Christ’s teachings are precious – judge not others lest you be judged, and to love God, and to love your neighbor as yourself. If a person becomes more loving, compassionate and kind because they are fundamentalist Christian, or from another religion or spiritual belief, then they personally benefit immensely and bless the lives of those around them. Preston James is very insightful and astute, and now when many other well known bloggers are saying that once the cabal is arrested, a Golden Age will be ushered in (thousands if not millions of new-agers are swallowing that hook, line and sinker), Dr James is warning us that all of this is a ruse to usher in a more sophisticated form of fascism, and backs up his claims with historical facts. Remember, Nostradamus also predicted 3 Anti-Christs and so far we have seen 2 of them. I don’t doubt what Dr James says for even one minute.

    • Carola, you have connected the dots well and truly understand what is in process now.

  7. The amazing things about our Constitution are that it made an effort to address many of the issues of man’s inhumanity to man over the millennia. Of course it is not perfect and the devil is always in the details. But it made a valiant effort, despite its flaws. Because it is left to lowly man to enforce its goals, and man is always vulnerable to hidden evil forces, man is largely responsible for the failures of the higher aspirations and goals of this remarkable document. Just think about a new government control document enshrining such things for the masses as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom to appeal to government for redress of grievances, limits on types of punishment for offenses, and so on. Hypocrites as they were on many counts, still, one must admit this document to be a giant step forward for mankind and a step away from the dark ages which preceded it. Of course there have been many failures behind closed doors, where prisoners were subjected to the same horrors which existed before this document. Corruption was rampant just as it is today. Man is, at bottom an evil, self righteous person, unable to consistently fulfill the goals of the Founders however noble they were. It was an effort however to leave the stone age behind. After over two centuries it looks like we are returning to the point of beginning, returning to ”GO” as in a game of Monopoly. Con’t.

    • After over two centuries it looks like we are returning to the point of beginning, returning to ”GO” as in a game of Monopoly. All this confirms the intuition of one of the world’s greatest writers Mark Twain: “Man evolved DOWN from the higher animals.”

  8. Preston – you are right about demons and what I find so amazing is that those who practice Satanism seem to think that what they have done and seen will not happen to them! Satan wants to destroy ALL of humanity, including Satanists themselves! I can`t see a better place to say ‘it`s the nature of the Beast’!

    • Martsiva, good points. In the long run the BT and their Cutouts cannot win. But in the meantime it’s like one of the Rothschilds claimed, it doesn’t matter who is elected to office as long as they control the money. Because the very few top BT’s control the system including the Vatican, DC and the COL (the whole New Roman Empire) through their FIAT money/banking/usury system, no matter whether we take the current system of corruption down or not, they still come out on top. Here’s why. The Cain system of Evil ruling over Evil always periodically exposes the evil of their cutouts and allows (while manipulating) the masses to render some kind of correction. But in doing so the masses do not address the root cause, the very heads of the Cain System and the Cain System itself, only a set of symptoms and their Cutouts who are the visible causes. And, in the process of doing this, the masses actually in a sense assist the BT in moving to a higher level of system along the way to their intended Globalist NWO. Despite feeling that they are untouchable, powerful and indispensable, Cutouts are always expendable while being deniable. Nonetheless when the public becomes aware of the unimaginable evil of the Cutouts they must still deliver correction for that evil, otherwise they are enablers and partakers of that evil themselves.

  9. Nice article Preston, pretty much spot on with my thoughts, only on a higher level in the last 500 years I feel Indo/ China elites have used both the UK and the USA as refined versions of ISIS. No doubt in my mind though that the USA must survive and get through the next ten or so years, otherwise the Georgia guide stones will be a reality and the lucky ones will probably be those who do not survive.

    Desperately sad, but we have to stay informed and play this like Judo. No good been goaded into anything, just defend yourself, your families and your home. Oh and folks really must read up on agenda 21, I guess we keep saying it but the next few years are critical.

  10. The problem with articles like this is that is that comes done to fundamentalist Christian mumbo jumbo. Religions, and in particular the Abrahamic religions have always been mass manipulation tools for the elites. With religion you can justify wars and oppression, you can very effectively keep people divided.

    So it’s very important to realize that people who promote organised relition either consciously or unconsciously promote the will of the elites.

    In the case of Chistianity this obviously started with Constantin ( who was not approached by any fictional spirit being of course ) he just wanted power and Christianly was a useful tool for this, it still is. Constantin himself only converted to Christianily in the last days of his life, during his life he worshipped Mithras and Apollo.

    Many of the Christian dogmas like, Jesus was god and born out of a virgin, were fabricated in that time.
    The Christian god is as fake as the Christian devil. If you want to be free from the elites you have to be free from religion .

    • Yeah but at least religions tend to reinforce that life is sacred. Not that I believe in original sin for one second, but still give me them over Gaia worship.

  11. I never said anywhere that the Rothschilds were the top dogs. Quite to the contrary I have always described them as Cutouts for the Occult system surrounding the Old Black European nobility who specialize in Babylonian black arts, satanism, and Cabalah and yes Baal worship and human sacrice, usually semi-annually. The Rothschilds (Bauers) were always known as and still are the Vatican’s Bankers. The Old Black Nobility have always run the Vatican from behind the scenes and work directly for Lucifer (Satan) and are empowered by his evil and their willingness to murder, steal, lie and cheat with no hesitation or remorse (true soulless criminal psychopaths)… Obviously you didn’t read the article carefully or other related articles I have written. By the way, Venetian power came from the families that ran Rome before it fell.

    • Deborah Tavares is a great lady, one of the best informed, sharpest investigative journalists out there anywhere. Her website and it is excellent. Thank you for this reference, ayelyahbenjamin.

  12. Demons are the spirits of dead Nephilim, the children of the 200 fallen/lesser gods that came to Earth and bred with human females and corrupted the whole Earth, then were destroyed by God Almighty (source Michael Heiser, Reversing Herman). Jesus cast out a pack of demons and they asked Him to have mercy on them “before our time”. They knew they were headed to judgment for what they had done but they didn’t or couldn’t stop their evil. Jesus then cast them into a herd of pigs and they jumped off the cliff into the sea and drwonded. So obviously the demons know. But as far as the BT/RKM/COL hierarchy leaders and cutouts, that is a very good question. I would guess that God sent them a strong delusion to harden their hearts since they refused to believe in Him. If the satanic pedophiles knew for certain that God would eventually fully expose them and then deliver judgment to them and make them accountable, certainly they wouldn’t commit these unspeakable crimes. What is amazing to me is that none of these perps ever seem to be afraid that if they mistreat the weak, they could be mistreated too by other powerful entities and this is what often happens because all cutouts are eventually disposable when no longer needed.

  13. Rome was first consolidated state entity that provided a global criminal a foundation focus to unite and expand control throughout the planet. Before Rome various criminals rose to power over their native countries and then expanded their control but could not stabilize or build upon it for a great length of time. Rome metastasized into Constantinople and fused religion, politics and social consciousness into a weapon of mass instruction and eventual destruction. Like WWII being a continuation of WWI all the planetary diseases on every level stem from the Constantinople entity. This is why history becomes very vague before this period as it was either rewritten or destroyed according to the new and even current criminal needs and agendas. The sun must always revolve around the Earth and man is the highest and only form of life in the universe and needs to know nothing else because everything is already known. All the current banking, religious and political laws were already set in motion thousands of years ago by Rome/Constantinople. In 2000 years we have gone nowhere as the initial evil power structure grew and grew to become a global monstrosity by feeding of off our blood, sweat and tears. Everything before Rome/Constantinople becomes legendary and non relevant like Aesop’s storytelling fables and that has been by design. Currently that all we know is to obey Rome and all it stands for even if it kills us.

  14. As I point of clarification, I never said that the Catholic Church WAS or IS the New Roman Empire. The facts do suggest that the Vatican has been hijacked (like many other church and belief systems) and used as a tool to help create the New Imperial Roman Empire from the ashes of the old one. This is the Occult Phoenix Bird rising up from the ashes of history long after the first Imperial Roman Empire was destroyed. Those who hijacked the Vatican use it as the spiritual head of Mystery Babylon, while the City of London is used as the financial head, and the USA is used as the military arm, the enforcer.

  15. What has this to do with anti-catholicism ? Jesus himself casted the money chargers out of the temple, do you remember? He called them “thou are from your father the devil”, how many so called catholics are from the same seed? The catholic church today is highly infiltrated by the synagoge of satan, the best way to undermine the true Christianity. “Know them by their fruits” wasn´t even more true but today.

  16. I never said all Jesuits were knowingly doing the work of the Babylonian Talmudics who sit at the helm. In fact few understand the system they are serving. Nonetheless, the Jesuit leaders are known for teaching knowledge against knowledge, casuistry, sophistry, equivocation and all the lies and deceptive methods used in the current legal and judicial system. DC politicians live by this double think, double speak which produces big lies, false-narratives and propaganda, all forms of deception against the masses and each other. You need to deal with specifics (content) rather than just labeling and blanket name-calling.

  17. Father Malachi Martin quit the Jesuits and claimed that like the Vatican it had been hijacked by Luciferianism. He like other Catholic such as Bishop Sheen were certainly real Christian believers and very fine men. The Roman Empire was evil in its practices and the families that ran it went covert as it began to fall, able to keep their wealth. They were able to hijack the Christian Church, but despite that over the years that have been many Catholics that were Christian despite the Vatican’s edict that no one could own or read a Bible themselves outside the inner group running the Vatican. Lutheranism and other derivatives have been hijacked too and despite this many involved are nonetheless real, believing practicing Christians. You have to do better than just deny all this in Saussy’s book to make any sense. You have resorted to labeling and name calling rather than dealing with any of these issues in depth in a reasonable way. The information provided to Tupper Saussy was from those high in the New Roman System! And actually I know of some Catholic Churches that teach scripture properly and are not captive to wrong teachings of the Vatican.

  18. Hmmm….”the American Revolution was really just a crafty covert operation to eventually transform America into the military arm of the Vatican while the Imperial Roman Empire was being reconstituted.” The only way for this to be true would be for those that formed this plot to know the future. Centuries into the future, to make this possible. The only way this could happen is for some “people” to DELIBERATELY ALTER THE TIMELINE.

    Oh by the way, privateers carrying “letters of marque” did not fly the skull and crossbones. For background read Patrick O’Brians book in the Aubrey Maturins series “The Letter of Marque”. It is filled with details about this very subject, and has been exhaustively researched.

    • Hmm, I thought that when the wars ended and letters of Marque were no longer valid, that these privateers sometimes resorted to piracy and flew the pirate flag. They did not attack the nation they used to represent, and that nations rulers looked the other way and allowed such practices to go on because they considered these pirates a covert asset. After a while they would go after some just for appearances. By the way did you ever think this process was “supernatural evil”.

  19. Rules of play…” all the future plans had to be disclosed to the masses, either in writing or in stone”…they got around that through conjuring by cunning and deceit… the masses were seduced through the “silver screen” to view their “future plans” as entertainment, a form of consent …Hollywood has already rolled out their “future plans”,anyone can see their progression through time, from the old black and white films to the spiral out of control of sadistic, horrific gruesome graphics, cruel and twisted scripts and screenplays, desensitizing the masses with malevolent intent….they all collude together….so what they lay ahead is what Hollywood churns out, disaster films are just a runner-up to the real deal, dress rehearsals to the 9/11”s… where they all clean up big time, silverscreen Silverstein, they even made that cockroach look good while they called it Ground Zero because it was a nuclear hit, proven, the movie moves first, the consent, the awards … with Radical discontinuity at it’s most forceful comes the real, the solid, the true, the waiting in the wings is over, they have made their intentions clear

    • What rules of play ? They change it when ever it fits their greed, lust for murder or what ever evil is on the to-do-list for that special day. There are no rules of play or fairness. The only fairness I know of is when we all end up in a grave 7 feet deep.

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