Was Otto Warmbier an American Student or an Israeli Spy?


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 For a few days we have been perplexed by the story of Otto Warmbier and his tragic death.

Warmbier, 22, was traveling on a tour of North Korea last year when he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for stealing a propaganda poster.  Following international outrage, North Korea agreed to release him admitting that he had suffered a severe neurological injury. Doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center reported that Warmbier was unresponsive and has suffered extensive brain damage.

Today, pretty much, out of the blue, the Jewish press announced that Warmbier was a Jewish boy, active with Hillel at the University of Virginia. In addition,  Warmbier visited Israel at least once.

In 2014, Warmbier went on a Birthright mission to Israel, where he received a Hebrew name. Following the trip, he became involved with Hillel and the Jewish community on campus.

Rabbi Jake Rubin described Warmbier as “a beloved member of our Hillel community.”

“He was a regular at Bagels on Lawn, celebrated Shabbat and holidays at Hillel, and even led a seder for other students that focused on issues of environmentalism and sustainability,” Rabbi Rubin wrote.

And now the six million dollar question. Was Warmbier an Israeli spy? Who knows, but it is likely that someone in North Korea thought he was.

We know that Israel and North Korea are extremely hostile towards each other. North Korea has never recognised the Jewish State and in 1988 it recognised the State of Palestine as including all of Israel.  Israel often accuses North Korea of trading arms with Hamas and Syria.

Peculiarly, not a single MSM outlet has referred to Warmbier’s ties with Israel.  Until his last hours, Israel and the Jewish community kept silent about Warmbier’s Jewish identity, his Zionist affiliation and his visit to Israel. Maybe this silence is more revealing than anything else.

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  1. If the churches were not so well known to harbor spies, then suspicion may not be so high. The churches have been infiltrating the Koreas since they got ships with cannons. NK is smart to keep them out. Any system of spirituality that supports subversive infiltration to gain new members is a bank pretending to be spiritual. If Otto was a spy, he was dreadful at it.

  2. Right a jewish college boy majoring in World economics is interested in the economics of a place like North Korea – LOL I guess visiting the major banking countries like Switzerland, Britain, Italy , Germany or even ” Panama” would be too boring. The Koreans broke him – since he was young and inexperienced- and threw him in the slammer. Happens in America’s 4th reich – everyday- to suspected criminals, terrorists, whistleblowers, truthers, dope smokers and others. He was – another – Victim ?

  3. If he had been an Israeli spy, wouldn’t that information have been made part of the public charges in North Korea? Why would they seek to hide this information since they would use it to embarrass both the accused and Israel. This would make more sense than all the commotion over the seemingly trivial charges against him. There must be more to this story.. The authorities here also gave in too easily in failing to demand an autopsy to prove the cause of death. Wouldn’t Israel just love it if Trump started WWIII over all this?

    • Frankly, how do we know, especially since no autopsy was performed, that he wasn’t done in right here in the USA, because they didn’t want to spend millions of dollars keeping him alive in a vegetative state for an indefinite length of time? In fact this may be why they sent him back here for the same reasons. Our government is almost as evil as North Korea isn’t it? After all if the federal government had demanded an autopsy what federal judge would have denied it? Isn’t this a “national security” issue especially if it could lead to WWIII?

  4. Probably tried to down a cyanide pill and it did not go according to plan ending up in a coma rather than immediate death.

  5. In a comma but walking? I’d say he’s in London with a new cover name awaiting his next assignment.

  6. A man dies young. Our laws dictate autopsy. If only for understanding why. Well? 6 million reasons why, 1 reason no.

  7. North Korea must have reneged on paying for the nuke pits stolen from America. There is no other reason for Israel to be upset, other than non payment in gold.

  8. “Now the 6 million dollar question”. Here it is again the number 6 with a million. That’s $1 per life, if you believe the story.
    So we have the original 6 million, since reduced to under 2 million, which is 33 cents per life. Much more realistic value. A put option bet, for sure.
    So, where’s our $6 Trillion?

  9. [“And now the six million dollar question.”]


    [When NASA astronaut Steve Austin is severely injured in the crash of an experimental lifting body aircraft, he is “rebuilt” in an operation that costs six million dollars {?}. His right arm, both legs and the left eye are replaced with “bionic” implants that enhance his strength, speed and vision far above human norms: he can run at speeds of {60 mph} (97 km/h), and his eye has a 20:1 zoom lens and infrared capabilities, while his bionic limbs all have the equivalent power of {a bulldozer}. He uses his enhanced abilities to work for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence) as a secret agent.

    Caidin’s novel Cyborg was a best-seller when it was published in 1972. He followed it up with three sequels, Operation Nuke, High Crystal, and Cyborg IV, respectively about a black market in nuclear weapons, a Chariots of the Gods? scenario, and fusing Austin’s bionic hardware to a spaceplane…] {emphasis mine}
    […During the first season, beginning with “Population: Zero”, Anderson, as Goldman, intoned more simply, “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better…stronger…faster.” During the operation, when he is having his bionics fitted, a list of items and numbers is displayed and lists his powerplant as “atomic”.]

    …ain’t it amazing how {certain} propaganda will make you better…stronger…and faster?

  10. His family refused an autopsy to determine the cause of death. In cases like this I think the State has an overriding interest in performing an autopsy because that is the best way to determine the true cause of death although there are cases where even an autopsy is inconclusive. My late Father drown in a public swimming pool in Pasadena, California. The body was immediately transported to the office of the Los Angeles Medical Examiner where an autopsy was performed as required by law there. The family had no say in this decision. My brother later visited the pathologist who performed the autopsy and produced a long 200 page report. He was very open and willing to spend time talking to Karl about Dad’s death by drowning in the swimming pool. Karl learned that when one dies by drowning, this tends to mask true underlying causes because the lungs fill with water. It made a true scientific conclusion very difficult. However this is the best way. Also all cancer patients under orthodox cancer treatment, who die, should have an autopsy by a top pathological laboratory because the local doctors have a conflict of interest to protect themselves and pharmaceutical companies from claims. Most cancer patients die from the treatment, not the cancer, but this never proved as a gift to the doctors and pharmaceutical companies. All approved cancer treatments are life threatening.

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