Deborah Lipstadt: Holocaust “deniers” are “conspiracy theorists”

Fredrick Toben

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Dr. Fredrick Toben has recently sent me a copy of his newsletter in which he quotes Deborah Lipstadt saying that “Holocaust denial, and by extension anti-Semitism, is not a cognitive error. It’s not like they miss one fact. It’s that they’re looking at the world through the prism of an anti-Semite. They’re conspiracy theorists.”

This is an extraordinary claim which obviously demands extraordinary evidence. But Lipstadt is obviously not interested in providing the evidence. She is more interested in indoctrination than dialogue. This is Lipstadt at her best:

“I don’t engage them [‘Holocaust deniers’] because at the heart they are anti-Semites, but I engage what they say because I have to disprove it to others who might be influenced by it. That’s why I don’t debate David Irving. It’s a waste of time, but in my trial we proved that what he said was a load of falsehoods and lies. That’s a different kind of thing. Holocaust denial, and by extension anti-Semitism, is not a cognitive error. It’s not like they miss one fact. It’s that they’re looking at the world through the prism of an anti-Semite. They’re conspiracy theorists.”

One of the reasons that Lipstadt does not engage her opponents is because she cannot have a serious dialogue without summoning lies, fabrications, and hoaxes. She cannot articulate their worldview in a logical fashion precisely because the worldview itself was not born out of reason but out of a pernicious ideology, which always seeks to destroy the Western intellectual tradition. Instead of reason, Lipstadt advances what E. Michael Jones has called “thought control” in places like Notre Dame University.[1] One Jewish writer argues that Lipstadt came to teach at Emory University not because of her serious scholarship, but because of the Jewish influence.[2]

One can say that Lipstadt’s “scholarly endeavor” began when she started to assign the book Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood 1939-1948 to her students. The Holocaust memoir of Benjamin Wilkomirski, Fragments came out in 1995 and enjoyed immediate success. Journalist Melissa Katsoulis writes that sales

“across Europe and the English-speaking world were impressive. It won the prestigious Prix Memoire de la Shoah in France, the Jewish Quarterly’s prize in London and also its American equivalent, the National Jewish Books Award. Feted by critics, historians and book-buyers alike, Wilkomirski found himself fending off interview requests from television, newspaper and magazine editors, and for the next three years rose to become one of the most sought-after and well-loved survivors of Hitler’s atrocities.[3]

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen also supported the book,[4] as well as major newspapers such as Publishers Weekly.

The whole story was a complete hoax, a fabrication by a non-Jew. As Finkelstein puts it, “Half-fruitcake, half-mountebank, Wilkomirski, it turns out, spent the entire war in Switzerland. He is not even a Jew.”[5]

After three years of fame, Wilkomirski’s fraud was discovered by real Jew Daniel Ganzfried, “himself the child of a survivor…Writing for the news magazine Weltwoche, he presented his dossier of research into the man he had been secretly studying for over a year: a close reading of Fragments, he argued, showed that the author had not actually been in the camps at all—his accounts of the working, layouts and customs of those places simply did not chime with the testimonies of those whose presence in them could easily be verified (which Wilkomirski’s could not).”[6]

Though Wilkomirski defended the book’s accuracy, the fraud was obvious to Ganzfried. To set the record straight, his literary agent Eva Koralnik hired Stefan Machler, a historian, to “separate fact from fiction…Six months later, in 1999, Marchler’s report was complete.”[7]

Fragments turned out to be a hoax, and Wilkomirski faded into obscurity. “I feel pity for him because I know him personally,” declares Heide Grasnick, one of his editors. “He’s not a happy person.”[8]

But the fraud do not matter to publishers who wanted to cash in on the hoax: “Arthur Samuelson (publisher): ‘It is a pretty cool book…It’s only a fraud if you call it non-fiction. I would then reissue it, in the fiction category. Maybe it’s not true—then he’s a better writer!”[9] What about the thousands of people who spent money to buy a real memoir? Doesn’t Samuelson owe them an apology?

Despite the revelation of Fragments as a hoax, Deborah Lipstadt, the person who brags about being “a renowned historian,” stated that the book was still “powerful as a novel.” This brings to light the driving ideology behind those who use the Holocaust as a weapon to subvert history. Lipstadt has also used the Holocaust to beat the goyim over the head, but people across the religious and political spectrum are waking up, and this is a bad sign for Lipstadt and her brethren. As Germar Rudolf puts it,

“The influence of Holocaust Revisionism is growing steadily both here and abroad… Those who take up the Revisionist cause represent a wide spectrum of political and philosophical positions. They are certainly not the scoundrels, liars, and demons the anti-Revisionists try to make them out to be.”

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.

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  1. The comments are Hilarious today. We can still use the letter H, right? No! Really, they got that much pull. Geez who woulda gassed. I mean guessed. Oh shit fire. Shh don’t say fire. And Morty move away, you’re too close to the ovenss. WTF.

  2. I see you have, as well as your commenters, extensively used the [email protected] word. There are serious penalties for this inexcusable transgression. Hasn’t it been copywrit, or trade marked? Royalties missed?
    Seiously, Back in 1978 Richard Berleth wrote a pretty good book. The title is (was) “The Twilight Lords Elizabeth 1 and the Irish Holocaust.” But he had to revise it in 2002, here in America land of (almost) free speech, the title is now: “The Twilight Lords Elizabeth 1 and the Plunder of Ireland”. I thought it odd that they allowed the word plunder to be used. They have ownership of that word for sure.

  3. Please Mr. Alexis write no more about about this crazy woman. Don’t give her anymore traction. She’s made enough dough off of her p.r. lies. She deserves nothing, she contributes nothing. I can her her class lectures now. Broken record, 1 minute tape.looped yo play for years. Enough of her, already.
    P.S. You owe Irving a column.

  4. Hey Lipstadt, suck an egg. Your still living off the Irving trial. A trial that had 6 or more high paid lawyers, which cost you nothing, against Irving, an historian, who appeared pro se. By the way you did not defeat him on the facts. Stop “denying”. Or I won’t debate you because you are a walking conspiracy super jew.

  5. This lampshade and soap oprera is just only painful for those who have to listen to thier BS. Plz Mrs Lippstadt spare us your stupidity to swollow because we can only vomate from it.

  6. What a coincident ! The holocaust deniers call the holocaust believers as the conspiracy theorists !

  7. The same Publicity Machine that widely promotes the Jewish Genocide now well known as “The Holocaust”, literally “A Burnt Offering” in Fuel Starved Germany during WW2, also dismisses The Irish Genocide a.k.a “The Irish Potato Famine” of 1845-51 in Food Rich Ireland, where up to Sixty Regiments of the British Army have been documented as confiscating food for export. At around the same time, Benjamin Disraeli was vigourously opposing the Repeal of The Corn Laws that would have given relief to the starving and dying. Relocation of populations, favoured by organisers of Colonies in Israel and America respectively, benefitted from the Comfortable German jewish Bourgoisie moving to the Palestinian Desert and Irish Serfs becoming “Indentured Servants (i.e. Slaves) in the USA. It is inappropriate to discuss the figures of the Dead from these unfortunate events because it is somewhat distasteful and exposes one to wild accusations of Racial Bias. I am sure that someone from “The Land of Saints and Scholars” can provide a quality and well researched PhD on such a comparison.

  8. Deborah Lipstadt could’ve, at least, used another label, considering that “conspiracy theorist” nowadays is, practically, an equivalent to “not brain-dead and not a scumbag”. A few words about “conspiracy practitioners” would be a nice touch as well. Hopefully she understands that fire produces smoke, not vice versa.

  9. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, New York 9/11 were all real holocausts….Lipstadt is a holocaust denier because she denies the true meaning of the word by replacing it to mean some old ovens that were never proven to burn a single jewish body and call it THE one and only Holocaust….this is a new thing and a jew thing, to take a word and confiscate it for ones own exclusive use is new in the history of language…. a sham and a shame in itself for people not to recognise that fact.. Lipstadt’s words have no teeth….and thats why she refuses dialogue with truth

    1. their “Holocaust” story is simply their sympathy card they play…without it Rothschilds would never have been able to get their grubby hands on the land of Palestine.. a criminal, malevolent, imposter israel alienated from all truth…. in direct opposition to all truth and thus Almighty God

  10. Man’s inhumanity to man did not begin or end with Adolph Hitler in Germany and WWII. Let’s talk about some of the other examples throughout recorded history. Are any of the other injured parties in holocausts throughout history seeking to benefit financially from the sympathy of others like those in Israel seek to do? No they are not. How about the Armenian Holocaust where a reportedly 1.5 million innocent victims were slaughtered by the Turks. How come no one talks about that? Why didn’t the U.S. also give land to the Armenians for a Holocaust Museum too? Why only favored Israel? This is just like the unfairness of sending only poor people to get killed in these proxy wars. Congress is hi jacked by Israel and its selfish interests. This must end.

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