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Tower fire

Ever since Grenfell Tower blew up at a cost of over 100, possibly 200, lives, people have been demanding answers. Brain-dead left-wingers, oblivious to the fact the estate was run by a tenants-controlled organisation and that the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is controlled from the Cabinet Office, not the town hall, have been blaming ‘Tory cuts’.

As I foretold last week, a fridge is being blamed. The police, of course, are gleefully blaming it on a British-made fridge, a Hotpoint FF175BP, which allegedly caught fire in a flat on the 5th floor (US numbering). Our police, who are also controlled from the Cabinet Office, sadly lack patriotism and would never pass up on an opportunity to damage the good name of a British company.

The media are lapping up the police’s silly fridge story, without stopping to ask themselves how an electrical fire in a fridge-freezer could possibly burn down an entire 24-storey block of flats. The police are also sitting on the casualty figure, to the point where their figure of 79 is being treated with open contempt.

Some of the smarter journalists, smart at any rate by comparison to the rest of their profession, are querying why Hotpoint are not recalling all the 60,000 or so FF175BP fridge-freezers out there. The answer is obvious – there never was a problem with the fridge, thus there is no need for a recall.

More to the point, recalls cost money. The police are frantically trying to keep Hotpoint engineers away from the fridge in question. No British manufacturer would commit shareholder funds to an expensive recall on the say-so of the sleaziest police force in the UK, no offense to the Metropolitan Police intended. The rozzers are obviously engaged in a cover-up. They are running away from the truth.

In the meantime there are panic evacuations of tower-blocks in London, which cannot be justified solely by the fire-hazard, not least with 24/7 fire marshals. There’s something more here than an ordinary fire hazard.

Grenfell Tower

The Bomb Factory

The awful truth, awful at any rate for the Cabinet Office and the rozzers, is that there was an ISIS cell in Grenfell Tower, running a bomb factory. My analysis is that TATP was being stored in the freezer compartment, which failed in response to the heat generated. TATP generates a lot of heat and needs to be kept cool.

Unlike 7/7 there were no convenient commercial premises with industrial cooling equipment. A domestic fridge-freezer simply would not be up to the job. There’s no point in ISIS sending in a complaint to Hotpoint. I’m sure that Hotpoint would say that their domestic fridges are not designed to store high explosives!

TATP is more unstable than nitro-glycerine. It will cook off with even a slight rise in temperature. Being difficult to store, it also needs to be mixed close to the point of use. One consequence of that is that terrorist cells will have little experience in storing it.

Terrorists also tend not to be the sharpest knives in the box. ISIS is controlled from Dachau. The actual terrorists are seen as cannon-fodder. As on 7/7, 21/7 and at Manchester Arena GO2, the DVD’s London operation, are not above rigging the timers so that the terrorists manage to blow themselves up.

The rozzers are well aware that the 7/7 and Manchester terrorists were not suicide bombers. They have engaged in a sustained campaign of deception over 12 years, but with Grenfell Tower it’s threatening to blow up in their faces.

Whilst the judge-led inquiry will be a Piper Alpha style musical comedy proceeding, the explosive (no pun intended) growth in social media since 2005 means that it’s becoming more difficult for the rozzers and the Cabinet Office to suppress the truth.

What was the target?

You don’t want to transport TATP very far, not unless you’re a very silly terrorist, and ISIS’s targets in the UK are assigned by GO2 in any event. We are therefore probably looking at a target in or near London. You also want to leave mixing your TATP as late as possible.

This suggests targeting an event no later than last weekend. Best guess is Trooping The Colour. They wouldn’t have got close to HM the Queen, thank God, but they might have blown up a number of Her loyal subjects. Terrorists are cowards, so they would have been looking to murder unarmed civilians, preferably women and children, as at Manchester.

Finsbury Park vigil

The Finsbury Park Mosque incident

Very conveniently for the authorities, a Welshman, Darren Osborne, allegedly drove a rented van into a bunch of Moslems emerging from late night prayers at the notorious Finsbury Park Mosque in North London. Osborne is allegedly far-right and is supposed to hate Moslems. One of these Moslems, a Bangladeshi named Makram Ali, had apparently decided to have a heart attack and collapsed on the pavement outside the building, just as Osborne turned the corner.

It is still unclear whether the poor man snuffed it before being run over. The rozzers are saying that he was still alive when he was run over, but the rozzers are lying about Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena and Grenfell Tower. Nothing they say about a terrorist attack or a hate-crime should be accepted unless it has been independently verified.

There is no actual evidence of Osborne having far-right links, nor has he ever been accused, let alone convicted, of a hate-crime. The suggestion that Osborne is far-right is coming mainly from the rozzers, but then they also claimed that Thomas Mair, a member of the GO2 death squad which assassinated Jo Cox MP last year, was far-right. They lied about Mair and are probably lying about Osborne.

The Norwegian police also lied about Breivik, as I explained to a nice Norwegian lady on Saturday at the excellent Awake and Aware Conference in Watford, where I was a speaker. Like their counterparts in London and Manchester the Norwegian rozzers lied through their teeth about the Oslo terrorist attack. They knew perfectly well that there was more than one shooter, as they had access to the ballistics reports.

A good read from Amazon

The Met lost no time in labelling the Finsbury Park incident a ‘terrorist attack’. Not being state-sponsored, it was nothing of the sort. At most it was a hate-crime carried out by a disturbed individual who has not grasped that whilst most terrorists are Moslem, not all Moslems are terrorists. In fact only about one-third of Moslems seem to have terrorist sympathies, and less than 1% actually engage in acts of terrorism. We have some three million Moslems in the UK, but only about 30,000 or so jihadis, and many of those restrict their activities to online support for ISIS, or only engage in actual violence abroad.

At worst, the incident was staged by GO2 to relieve the political pressure on ISIS. The public reaction has been mooted, reflected in the fact that there wasn’t a single question about the attack on Thursday night’s BBC Question Time, which featured a panel of idiots, no offense intended, and the sensible Daily Mail journalist, if that is not a tautology, Peter Oborne.

Not the least curious feature of the Finsbury Park incident is that Osborne was reported to South Wales Police for being in drunk in charge of the van. The fact that he apparently needed Dutch courage in itself calls his enthusiasm for what he was about to do into question.

More to the point, why was he not arrested? Whilst not as serious as drink-driving, it is still an offense in this country to be drunk in charge of a motor vehicle. You don’t even have to be drunk, given our absurdly low drink driving limits, as evidenced by the fact that a young man recently caught by some idle rozzers with nothing better to do, whilst driving in excess of the official alcohol limit, was perfectly well able to maintain control of his BMW automobile at 146 mph on the M4.

As evidenced by that case, motorists in this country are being tormented by trivia. The rozzers have been engaged in a vicious war against motorists since car ownership became widespread, much to their disgust, in the 1960s. There is scarcely a traffic officer in this country who has not lied to obtain a motoring conviction. The rozzers see motorists as the enemy, to the point where they maliciously hold up traffic after even minor accidents, just to cause jams and delay people’s journeys.

The rozzers have known for over 20 years that their laser speed guns throw out three beams, not one, and are unsuitable for use in heavy traffic, where there are multiple targets, not least if the speed gun is beside the road, with fast-moving targets within range of the weaker side-lobes. That hasn’t stopped traffic officers from making fools of the courts by concealing the truth, in tens of thousands of cases, one of the biggest scandals in the history of our justice system. Almost every working day somewhere in this country a morally worthless, lying rozzer is taking the stand pretending that his or her laser gun was aimed only at the primary target.

The credibility of the Official Version of Events falls down at the start. The suggestion that our motoring laws would be enforced sensibly by South Wales Police only has to be stated for its absurdity to be apparent, no offense intended to the boys in Bridgend. The last time to my knowledge that a policeman in South Wales enforced the drink drive laws fairly and sensibly was when the old man, if I may so describe him, and my late uncle George were stopped in the early hours near Pencoed whilst driving home from a very good party a pub near an RAF station.

David Davis

The Brexit Negotiations

As I predicted, these have run into trouble. Effectively they collapsed on the first day. Brexit Secretary David Davis, who until recently was reported, absurdly, still to be entertaining Tory leadership ambitions, was reduced to an international laughing stock as he conceded that the ‘exit fee’ will have to be negotiated before any future trade deal. The EU negotiators really smacked him about.

Not since Neville Chamberlain was humiliated by our community partner Adolf Hitler at Munich has a British politician been so humiliated over in Europe. David, who is actually quite a nice chap, has been lampooned mercilessly in the European press. However, he who laughs last laughs loudest. You have to careful who you humiliate, however.

Hitler effectively ended Chamberlain’s premiership when he invaded the rump of Czechoslovakia, pursuant to the secret protocol he had agreed with Chamberlain and the equally supine French leader, Daladier, the weakest French leader until Macron. Not much more than a year later Chamberlain, who could no more run a war than he could a whelk stall, no offense intended, was forced out. His successor as Prime Minister was the great Sir Winston Churchill and the serious business of killing Germans began in earnest.

David Davis, who whilst being a nice chap has a colossal ego and would not have enjoyed being made such a fool of, not to mention having his hopes of the top job dashed, bided his time until the weekend. On BBC1 on Sunday he delivered his riposte, stating that he did not think that a deal was guaranteed. Since any deal would be worse than no deal, this was good news.

David’s announcement was picked up by the networks, as he knew it would be. He has laid the groundwork for the formal collapse of the negotiations. Soros stooge Gina Miller got her panties in a twist, no offense intended (she is arguably the most hated woman in Britain) on Question Time on Thursday. She’s worried there isn’t going to be a deal. Good.

This is the idiot woman, readers will recall, who brought that silly legal case in a desperate effort to reverse the referendum result. During the course of that case her legal team argued in terms that the ridiculous Factortame cases, in which the courts purported to ‘set aside’ an Act of Parliament, were rightly decided – and this on behalf of a woman who pretends to believe in Parliamentary sovereignty!

Meanwhile the head of a European fisheries organisation is threatening organised piracy after Brexit, taunting us over the state of the Royal Navy. Johnny European may find out to his cost, however, that the Navy can still shoot straight, and there’s always the RAF. After 2019 the Brexit process is clearly going to move from the shouting stage to the shooting stage. We need an emergency naval building program now if we are to kill the European enemy in sufficient numbers. We won’t want to see any European pirate vessel escape.

Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond

As if the week were not silly enough already, the Sunday papers carried news of a plot by Philip Hammond to force his way into Number 10 as a ‘caretaker’ Prime Minister for the duration of the Brexit negotiations, with David Davis as Chancellor. Since David can no more add up than Hammond, with respect, it wouldn’t work.

The whole idea is open to five serious objections:

(1) Hammond is an idiot, no offense intended.

(2) He’s a Remoaner, who wants to use the negotiations to reverse the result of the Brexit referendum. He’s even been reported as saying that he wants to continue to crush the UK economy under the burden of the single market, at a cost of approximately $250-325 billion a year. The Tory Party would never elect another Remoaner, having had our fingers badly burnt by Theresa May.

(3) Having the hopeless, useless Home Secretary Amber Rudd replace him in 2019 would mean no fewer than three different Prime Ministers in one parliament, which would be over-egging the pudding.

(4) Hammond’s credibility has been shredded by his support for both the insane dementia tax and the Juncker Plan for an early election, and

Michael and the Steam Train

(5) The Shrimpton Scandal is still hanging over his head. Hammond, don’t forget, was Defence Secretary when the Ministry of Defence went along with the malicious prosecution of me, and destroyed three vital pieces of evidence – my initial voicemail, their recording of their call to me and their contemporaneous note of that briefing – before sending for the rozzers. Hammond may not have been party to the decisions to destroy the evidence, which were in fact made in the Cabinet Office, but under the Crichel Down Doctrine, as the nominally responsible minister, he has to accept political responsibility for the serious crimes committed in his name by his officials. When it breaks, the scandal will finish him, not least as I am a fellow Tory. Tory Party members are unlikely to take kindly to the news!

The Talisker shortage in Torquay

I regret to report that after last weekend’s British Mensa Summer Garden Party at Paignton Zoo, which I attended, there is a Talisker shortage in the delightful gay bars of Torquay. I wasn’t down in the English Riviera just for the Mensa meeting, delightful though it was to spend a few hours in intelligent company! Spending as much time as I do with lawyers, politicians and journalists, I don’t get the opportunity very often.

My giraffe photo

Various mean-minded trolls have tried to drive a wedge between myself and Robbie The Pict. It has been suggested, maliciously, that he views me as an ignorant Sassenach and that I turn view him as a hairy Scotch git. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Robbie and I may not be ad idem on all things, but one thing we do share is a conviction that the finest Scotch whisky is made on the hauntingly beautiful Isle of Skye, and that you can’t buy a finer malt than Talisker. Imagine my delight on discovering not just a nice gay man but a bottle of Talisker in one particularly welcoming gay bar! If you’re gay or lesbian, plan on visiting Torquay and fancy a wee dram of Talisker, give it a few weeks, till the next boat from Skye arrives.

The Zoo, BTW, had a delightful baby giraffe, who was very cute.


Sadly, however, their elephant Duchess’s partner had to be put down a few years ago after becoming very ill. Duchess looked a bit lonely, but she’s too old to be moved. I know that this site is monitored by African governments, so if any African country has a spare orphan elephant going I’m sure that Duchess would look after him or her.


I had another surprise waiting for me on Sunday. Naturally I took the opportunity to ride on the splendid Dartmouth Steam Railway, one of the prettiest preserved railways in Britain. Imagine my delight when LNER Class A1 Pacific 4-6-2 Tornado rolled in to Kingswear Station, at the head of a Torbay Express, in the careful hands of a nice lady engine driver.

The A1s were the most powerful steam locomotives ever built in Britain. They were so powerful they were an embarrassment to the British Railways Board, since none of their smelly new diesels was as powerful or reliable. In an act of vandalism, the BRB scrapped the A1s when they had decades of life left in them.

Diesel power is measured gross, whereas steam power is measured at the drawbar, i.e. net. The result is that you can be fooled into believing that diesels are more powerful than they actually are. In full flight, with a good crew, Tornado, built from scratch in an utterly magnificent engineering achievement, can generate over 4,000 horsepower. She recently rescued a failed diesel engine with ease and towed the engine as well as her 15 coach train without losing time. She is a mighty engine and looked majestic at the head of her long train.


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