Beating on a Wall: US Policy to Control Iraq-Syria Border Is Doomed to Failure


[Editor’s note: This is the best summation of the current state of affairs in Syria and Iraq I have seen. The US is desperately trying to build some sort of independent state in Eastern Syria to be implemented when ISIS finally reaches the point of collapse. This is to prevent a continuous land bridge across Syria, Iraq and Iran, which would make a huge strategic difference and allow troops and supplies to move far more readily and freely.

The US and it’s Israeli and Saudi allies want to break Syria, Iraq and Iran into smaller, powerless vassal states, what has become known as Balkanisation after the 1990’s breakup of Yugoslavia.

The rebuilding of the infrastructure and normal life in Syria and Iraq cannot begin until the border falls under the control of Damascus and Baghdad and it is likely that Qatari willingness to invest heavily in this reconstruction is a prime factor behind that country’s current isolation.

The battle for control of the border is one that holds genuine danger for the entire world as it appears that the US has placed it’s forces to prevent this, alongside their ‘coalition allies’ who in reality are paid mercenaries who keep changing the flag they fight under to suit circumstances and avoid Russian bombs.

The Syrians and Iraqis are leading the fight to control the border region but they are heavily backed by Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces and the danger lies in the very real possibility of Russian and Iranian forces ending up in a firefight with US forces. This would be the lighting of the blue touch paper of an explosive escalation that could easily end up igniting a global conflagration. Ian]

Beating on a Wall: US Policy to Control Iraq-Syria Border Is Doomed to Failure

Senator Tim Kaine says “recent US strikes inside Syria against the Syrian government and its Iranian allies are unlawful.”

Kaine notes that US military operation is only authorized action against the perpetrators of 9/11, and that “nobody claims that Syria was a perpetrator. Nobody claims that they are connected to Al-Qaeda. In fact, they’re battling against Al-Qaeda in Syria.”

Tell that to the Pentagon regime which still claims that recent attack on a Syrian Su-22 bomber was “collective self-defense” intended to protect terror proxies from Syria’s military. This is well beyond the scope of the supposed US mission in Syria, which is to fight against ISIL, as was a previous flurry of Tomahawk missiles fired at a Syrian Air Force base a few months prior.

This comes as the whole US operation in eastern Syria is illegal under International Law, for it has neither a UN mandate nor an invitation from the Syrian government. With its escalation of the undeclared war on Syria’s allies, the Trump administration risks a direct military confrontation with Iran and Russia as well.

It doesn’t take a strategic mind to realize that by scrambling to take over territory abandoned by ISIL in the region the US cannot get what it couldn’t during the failed regime-change campaign. The allied forces of Iran, Syria, Russia and Hezbollah now control much of western Syria and are moving to reclaim the remaining ISIL areas in the east. Soon they will be joined by the Iraqi forces that are also fast moving toward the border. This is not for de facto partition or trying to establish a sphere of influence. This is for full spectrum liberation of Iraq and Syria.

War-party Washington’s actions run counter to this officially recognized campaign. They have no intention to get along with Iran and Russia or stop engaging in regime change. The US is occupying Syrian territory and is determined to shoot anyone that tries to get its troops out. With no indication how long they will remain, it is clear that the US wants to permanently partition Syria and make reaching a post-ISIL political settlement all the more difficult.

Washington has its own reasons for prolonging the war on Syria and curtailing Iranian influence, but it’s also pleasing its Israeli and Saudi partners in crime. To this end, the United States and its terror proxies are desperate to build a zone of control along the Iraqi-Syrian border. They seek to stop the allied forces from rolling up ISIL.

The problem is, the allied forces of Iran, Syria, Russia and Hezbollah have won the war. They only need time to mop up the remaining terrorist groups. The US is in the know. That’s why it tangles over the shape of postwar Syria and Iraq. The US is desperate to block Iran from overland access to Syria, and Tehran is pushing back with sophisticated weapons systems, including precision-striking missiles and drones.

Even the international community is also unhappy about the prospect of a permanent US-terror proxy zone of control in eastern Syria, even if the initial stage of its establishment involves the defeat of ISIL. This conflict over the east is leading in dangerous directions and if something bad happens, the blaming fingers will be all pointed at the United States. More so, Russia has also begun tracking US aircraft flying west of the Euphrates. If that tracking means locking on radar from anti-aircraft batteries, it is a dangerous escalation that no US pilot would be able to escape.

Beyond any doubt, the prospect of the US controlling the Syria-Iraq border through its allied terror proxies is remote. All members of this global criminal syndicate, particularly Saudi Arabia and head-chopping “moderates” are unacceptable not only to the people of Iraq and Syria but to the rest of the community.

More still, when the US militarily occupied Iraq for eight and a half years, with as many as 160,000 troops on the ground, it still failed to control the Iraq-Syria border. The policy to try its luck to control the border all over again is yet another of many in today’s Washington that is doomed to failure.

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  1. Maybe it is best to point out the true reasons for US attacks on Syria, Iraq, and all the other nations involved. Tell the motives, which is to control the entire ME, all it’s gas and oil resource. It’s all about money and power. I doubt Russia, and China are ignorant of the obvious. History yields strong evidence of a never satisfied Uk, and US. If allowed to succeed in Balkanizing the soviergn nations of Iraq, and Syria who will be next. It’s clear Russia is, with all it’s untapped resources. By extension China is also. China’s President Xi cannot remain silent much longer. He and Putin know what’s up. Do they want a nation populated by people like us in the US? We are an apathetic, ignorant lot easily controlled by television news. Non thinkers who argue against the facts without logic. As a matter of record, facts and evidence are nolonger necessary. We will agree to give our blood and die for no reason. They, the power that be only have to broadcast a fabricated story at 7 a. m., or p..m., and we jump to attention
    ready to kill. My brothers, this is not 1941. Others have missles too which fly across oceans fast. THINK before leaping. As the US and NATO surround Russia. My guess is Russia has nuclear subs on permanent rotations 13 miles from our beaches and shorelines. It is what I would do, if I were them. 13 miles is crossed in less than 1 mimute. who speaks of this? No one.

  2. The American Physical Society abbreviated APS, is a group of about 50,000 members consisting of most physicists and some engineers and others in the U.S. mostly with Ph.D. degrees in physics or engineering or related fields, most professors and teachers of physics in colleges and universities of the US, also the whores who work in the offense plants designing and planning all the horrible weapons of mass destruction, all in secret, used by the outlaw U.S. regime to kill and injure innocent civilians and children all over this planet. Observe the deafening silence from this group of total gutless cowards without a conscience, who wouldn’t even call 911 if they walked by a girl getting raped by Adolph Trump on a public sidewalk! Not a peep out of these worthless cowards who fear speaking up against Adolph Trump’s obvious preparations to WWIII might cause them to lose some that government dinero they so fondly covet. These cowards are among the most highly “educated” and most knowledgeable of what a nuclear holocaust would look like in America today, yet these spineless pieces of garbage all choose SILENCE. What does this say about our civilization today and America today and the “profession” of physics today? Expletive deleted shameful disgrace.

  3. Everyone start praying Russia nukes Adolph Trump Tower first, followed by all of the cesspool New York which produced Adolph Trump. followed by all of DC. This is just for starters. Then move West to the cesspools San Francisco and LA. This is the hard lesson ignorant fools like Adolph Trump draft dodger need to learn the hard way the only way this idiot learns anything. Let’s all also hope and pray Trump survives this nuclear attack he is preparing because he will suffer much more alive than dead. This is what happens when ignorant fools are allowed to elect other ignorant fools to lead their communist regime government. Democracy is nothing but a total dismal failure.

    White House says Syria may be preparing chemical attack, warns of ‘heavy’ consequences
    By Joe Tacopino
    “ The White House accused the Syrian government Monday of preparing for another chemical attack against their own people — and threatened a “heavy price” if they went through with an atrocity.
    A statement from the office of the press secretary said that the purported attack could lead to the “mass murder of civilians” and warned Syrian president Bashar al Assad there would be consequences.
    “The United States had identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime,” the statement read. “The activities are similar to preparations the regime made before its April 4, 2017.”
    The White House added that the main goal of US forces in the region are to eliminate ISIS from their Syrian strongholds.”

    Evidently Trump and his thugs plan to revive the gas attack ruse to do as they please in Syria. Read full article.

    • These despicable criminals in the lying Trump regime never provided any proof of gas attack or preparations. All this is is a ruse to fool the public and provide a fake cover to do as they please and bomb anything and anyone in Syria and get away with it like they were the world’s policeman.
      Do not be fooled by pathological liars beginning with Trump who has lied his way to his level of incompetence and world destroyer. Adolph Trump is the dictator of the US today.

    • Hey Adolph Trump: You and the dictatorial regime you represent are nothing but common international criminals violating international laws with impunity and giving your large middle fingers to the world and Syria. Stop your lying about some fake chemical preparations in Syria like you already did a few weeks ago you lying cheating bully con artist from that expletive deleted New York cesspool which produced you. Who appointed you and your criminal mafia thugs Policeman of the World? Why you are nothing but a common trespassing lying street thug of the world. Go to H. Hey, Mafia lawyer Roy Cohn is no longer alive to get you out of the can. If you don’t believe me, try calling him.

  5. the Pentagon and Congress know “the whole US operation in eastern Syria is illegal under International Law, neither a UN mandate nor an invitation from the Syrian government”….thats why they refuse to sign…Senator Tim Kaine needs to step forward and sign the Stop Arming Terrorists bill put before the Senate by Tulsi Gabbard in January 2017 and hold the Senate’s feet to the fire to sign it as well….because curiously, out of 100 Senators only one has signed to date, Rand Paul leaving 99…..surely this refusal to stop arming terrorists should send warning signals throughout all the lands hosting US military bases and members of the US coalition need to seriously re-evaluate their loyalties when they lie with terrorism

    • AB: Good idea re Tulsi’s SATA bill. However, even Senator Rand Paul has not (yet) introduced Tulsi’s SATA bill in the U.S. Senate.

      Regardless, both corporate Dummycrooks & corporate Republithugs are warmongers. Bush/NeoCons & Clinton/NeoLibs too, of course. Nevertheless, more Republithugs have co-sponsored Tulsi’s SATA bill than have Dummycrooks.

      Most in U.S. don’t know that Clinton, Bush, Obama & Trump (+ many Congress critters) support supposedly-9/11-connected al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria. ‘Truth is the new Fake News,’ so ‘they’ say.

      Welcome to the post-truth era — the Trump Era. For WW3-loving Trump, truth is now irrelevant.

  6. Even Congress critters are beginning to get it (e.g., Senator Tim Kaine).

    Many others too, including MSM & Trump’s NSC, who knew that Assad’s supposed Sarin was a farce.

    Syrian Balkanization will never happen. In addition, Bibi, KSA’s Salman & Trump are toast — soon.

  7. Suppose Russia published this message to the US now: “You are in Syria illegally in violation of International law. You must remove every person and piece of military hardware from Syria by noon Friday June 30, 2017. Anything or any persons under your control after that time will be obliterated.” Signed V. Putin. Suppose this demand was carried out on the U.S. after they refused to leave. What would they do after they were obliterated? I think they are bluffing. If they start a major war over such a trivial thing. all it takes if for one US city to be incinerated and anarchy will ensue in the US. If others get incinerated it will be worse. The economy will tank, banks will close, power will be off, grocery shelves empty. And the icing on the cake may be total incompetence as recently happened with the crew in Japan of the destroyer evidently too distracted watching porn movies so they missed a warning from the cargo ship killing 7 navy sailors for nothing when no shots were even fired.

    • Remember this: Most Americans are totally unprepared for a major hit in the U.S. The 9/11 event will be nothing compared to a whole city like New York or LA or Chicago or San Francisco or Miami or DC looking like Hiroshima or Nagasaki multiplied by 1000. All of a sudden total chaos will prevail in the U.S., total anarchy. Almost no one even has a fall out shelter and the government is not uttering a peep because they arrogantly do not want to scare the population as they give the rest of the world their middle finger just like arrogant Israel does every day. What if America is nothing but a paper tiger and someone calls their bluff? We have never had a real shooting nuclear war in recent times or ever really. Ask the Japanese how they liked it.

    • “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”. America is an outlaw criminal arrogant insolent abomination of the world today. It is totally bankrupt morally and fiscally. How many days can most US families survive with power off, so no gasoline because pumps won’t work, therefore no food or other deliveries, no communications, etc? Americans are slow learners. They evidently only learn the hard way and can’t learn in classrooms. They just can’t believe there will be a nuclear mass destruction coming to them. Perhaps only such an event will wake them up to the depravity of the government they have fostered since WWII. Frankly most Americans deserve their impending plight. Anyone left standing will pray the Good Lord give them death.

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