Did B’nai B’rith, National Post, Breibart incite JDL terrorists to attack me?


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

B’nai B’rith Canada launched a media smear campaign to label me a “holocaust denier.”

Their purpose was to encourage the Jewish Defense League, an FBI-listed terrorist group, to attack the Quds Day marches in Chicago and especially Toronto, where I spoke last Friday and Saturday, June 23 and 24. When I returned to Madison, WI, I found that my car, which I had left on a little-traveled street near the Park and Ride, no longer had functioning brakes. Coincidence or conspiracy?

The Canadian National Post and Breitbart published smear pieces echoing the B’nai B’rith libel.

In any case, I am alive and well, and had a blast speaking at Quds Day!


For more on this story see:

My attorney’s demand letter to B’nai B’rith, re: “Holocaust denial” libel”

And here is my blog post written from an Arby’s while I waited for the tow truck.





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  1. @ Trakkath, Dr. Barrett wäre nicht der erste den man ermordet wegen der Wahrheit. Da ich sehr gut vom VT
    über Amerika informiert werde lese ich viel darüber.Der größte Kriminalfall ist 9/11 und World Trade 7.
    Die Mörder scheuen das Weihwasser wie der Teufel.Wenn ich die Kommentare lese, frage ich mich immer
    was ist bloß aus diesen stolzen Amrika geworden. Ich wollte damals 1947 nach Amerika auswandern, die Papiere waren alle schon bereit gewesen ( Konsulat ) Gott sei dank ich habe es gestoppt wegen meiner Liebe
    zu meiner Freundin. Grüße Sie aus Deutschland

  2. Yeap. Endless resources and endless tricks. That’s what anyone who’s targeted by occult-breathing monsters should expect to be against. And car-related tricks (due to inability to have control over your car 24/7, easily installed GPS trackers and unlimited perspectives their presence open, let alone messing with brakes, electrical circuits, etc.) are most favorite among those tricks. Sometimes they would mess with your car just to make your angry, so, for example, later on the same day you’d finally honk at the old Satanist, who’s been crossing the road in front of your car in a most idiotic way for several days already, while couple of his buddies waiting behind the corner as “random witnesses to an innocent old man suffering heart attack as a result of that honk.” A not-expensive dash-camera is a good defense against many car-related tricks.

  3. From a purely intellectual point of view, nothing is off the table so far as questioning is concerned. Even a so called “well understood” topic is. amenable to further study and research. Very few subjects are “fully” understood down to their core. Questioning always leads to deeper understand and elucidation of basic concepts and may even rise to new concepts. That these intellectual rapists seek to denigrate questioning of the Holocaust simply shows they are a sham and seek only to limit research because it might lead to reduction of income from their sympathy scam they have been running for many years now. Do Armenian organizations seek to make money off the very real Armenian Holocaust by the Turks long before the one provided I WWII? How about others in history of which there are no shortage? No so far as I know. Only Israel seeks to make money off of alleged suffering. This is a shameful disgrace to seek to limit questioning of their claims. “I never pay any attention to experts”. Richard Feynman, Ph.D., Physics and Nobel Laureate. This is the attitude toward research all good researchers should have.

    • Corrections: Line 5 change understand to understanding.
      Line -7 change I to in.
      Line -5 change No to Not.
      Line 3 change is. to is.

  4. FBI is useless. After 9/11 they acted like silly Komintern interrogators of the scariest USSR days. And the Rep. administration is again lining up the Skulls and the Zios top-to-bottom probably preparing a stage for another 9/11. Wray to head FBI, Scwharzman strategic policy forum chairman etc. Blackstone (the firm that bought mortgages on WTC 7 in 2000 and with Schwarzman CEO) alone outdid everyone else in Saudi Arabia deals last month and also made a purchase of Sears tower in Chicago in 2015 which is where they might attempt to focus their next 9/11, together with ex-IDF Chicago mayor. Wake up America.

  5. To Muslims needing to pay this year’s ‘zakat’ charity money:

    I asked Kevin if Truth Jihad work qualifies for zakat and he wasnt sure about zakat (though sadaqa is fine), but ive been looking into it and it seems to me that it most definitely would. One of the recommended recipients are: Those who work for the cause of God – Fi sabilillah
    Now there’s a thorough article dealing with mainly ‘Fi sabilillah’ from a very scholarly and tassawuf based website here: http://eshaykh.com/halal_haram/spending-zakat-mosques/ What better recipient than Kevin in this regard? Will help him with towing costs, car, travel, all his work he does for everyone else like us without getting paid…. Cheers

  6. Even if it doesn´t change anything it is good to create a case for future justice to be remembered.

  7. Seems they will never understand why killing a messenger doesn´t change a jota of the message that is already out there. They are so embedded by their lies so they are really mentally blind.

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