It takes a fake person to be a fake president


Time asks Trump to remove ‘fake’ covers featuring him

… from Press TV,  Teheran

The man just cannot help himself. Deception oozes out his pores

[ Editor’s Note: It appears that you can just make this stuff up. We have a president now who is the walking, breathing incarnation of it; and his long history of being a hustler obviously did not remove him from being a successful presidential candidate.

And I would go further, and pose that not only he is to blame for this, but the public itself and the wasteland of primary candidates and the Democratic candidate that he faced. The Republicans had way too big a field, thinking that all those multiple candidates would build a huge campaign force to contest Hillary, all wanting Republican patronage jobs.

And the public was a bit too gullible when it came to swallowing pitches from Trump that had all been focus-group tested beforehand. They were never “his” policies or goals, but part of the usual game of hustling voters, whom the professional political class views as morons, and has no pity on them whatsoever.

They view them as corrupt, callous and self-serving as they are, with their being a true reflection of the people. And I don’t think I am being too hard on the public. You have to be in a coma to not be well-aware of the divide-and-conquer “con” in democratic politics. So being able to spot when you are being fed what someone paid pros to find out what you want to hear does not take a genius to see.

We cannot fix this system unless we fix ourselves, which is a big challenge, as we are a Balkanized people – a term that no one really uses to describe us, preferring the nebulous term of  “Americans”, which means any damn thing anyone wants it to on the Left to Right rainbow.

If we survive the Trump administration in terms of avoiding a WWIII, for all the suffering we will have to go through to do that, we might want to up our own game so another con man does not invent a new version of “tell ’em what they want to hear and give ’em the shaft later” routine.

Yes, we need to investigate ourselves, not only to ask what it is that we really want, but does that really mean anything if it is just a “to do” list that we plan to put in someone else’s lap. If any of you find this is an unpleasant intro to read, join the club. It was an unpleasant one to write. But it is what it is – and we will have to deal with the fallout of what we have become – one way or another. This ends my cheery missive for the dayJim W. Dean ]

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Many are predicting that Trump is going to eventually burn himself down

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– First published  …  June 29th,  2017  –

The Time magazine has asked the Trump Organization to remove a fake Time cover featuring Donald Trump from the walls of at least five of the president’s clubs.

The fake cover, dated March 1, 2009, shows a presidential Trump with his arms folded and steely-eyed with the headline “Donald Trump: The ‘Apprentice’ is a television smash!”

“TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS . . . EVEN TV!” is another headline on the cover hanging on the walls of some Trump courses in the US, Ireland and Scotland. The cover looks like an impressive memento from Trump’s pre-presidential career and appeared to be a signal that Trump had always been a man who mattered.

However, there was no March 1, 2009, issue of the Time magazine and, in fact, there was no issue at all in 2009 with Trump on the cover. The cover, which was recently spotted by a reporter, contains several small but telling mistakes which prove it is fake.

A genuine Time cover has a thicker red border than that of the fake one and unlike the real one, there is no thin white border next to the red one. Another difference is that the Trump cover’s secondary headlines are stacked on the right side, while they would go across the top on a real Time cover.

“I can confirm that this is not a real TIME cover,” Kerri Chyka, a spokeswoman for Time Inc., wrote in an email to The Washington Post.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the magazine said it had asked the Trump Organization to remove the phony cover from all the walls where it was on display. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to confirm whether Trump had known that the cover was fake.

“We couldn’t comment on the decor at Trump Golf clubs one way or another,” Sanders wrote in an email.

In a January speech, in which he lambasted the media, Trump boasted that he held the record for the number of Time magazine covers.

“I have been on there cover, like, 14 or 15 times,” Trump said. “I think we have the all-time record in the history of Time Magazine. Like, if Tom Brady is on the cover, it’s one time, because he won the Super Bowl or something, right?  I’ve been on it for 15 times this year. I don’t think that’s a record, Mike, that can ever be broken. Do you agree with that?  What do you think?”

The Time magazine later clarified that Trump had been on 11 covers in total at the time, while Richard Nixon had graced it on 55 occasions.

All this comes against a backdrop of a president who has always accused the media of producing “fake news” while he himself decorates his properties with a fake Time cover.



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  1. media coverage constructed him and that cover now rejects him…for the words he speaks are instructed and do not reflect the words or designs of a President that has the best interests of the American people at heart…..if he were in touch with the heartbeat of the land he would not be so eager to kill, steal and destroy that of others….. has the “US interests” ever even pondered the beauty of nature or life itself before they lay spoil to it? ….through the eyes of greed instructs his every move….we look intently to see any change of heart….and none are holding their breath, and that means his words just fall to the ground and no-one will pick them up anymore….the US will run itself outside a Presidency run through israel

  2. Jim, we don’t get the president we need, we get the president we deserve…and the elites want. The last man to challenge this got his head blown off in Dallas. That has not changed. Until it does, this whole discussion is moot.

  3. Press TV’s article says that, at the time of Trump’s speech in January, “The Time magazine later clarified that Trump had been on 11 covers in total at the time”. Presumably, Trump has been on several more covers since January, what with the Inauguration, and all the goings-on since then, a whirlwind of meetings with world leaders such as we have never seen before. So what Press TV fails to ask, is why would Trump organizations put fake Time covers up on the walls, when they could easily put up REAL Time covers? If the Press TV story of the fake Time covers is true, I’d be interested in finding out who put up the fakes and why they did it, when Trump Org. had real covers they could have put up. It seems like a small thing, but it’s not. Whoever it was who did this, should be charged.

  4. Jim, discomfort is a good thing. It seems the schools and civic policy is to avoid discomfort at all costs and it just puts it off for another day, as the problems do not dissolve by ignoring them. I spoke with a college admin and he flatly stated, “2 things I do not discuss, religion and politics”. Yes, the same college offers degrees in political science. Hopefully Trump will be a catalyst for a thorough self-examination of the American ideal or direction. We need more anti-war vets showing up at town meetings to give a nudge to folks who are insulated almost completely from the horrors of our actions overseas.

  5. to Joety
    thank you for my morning laugh Joe, I loved your comment. great choice of words, smug, mug, wrinkled jowls, smaltzy. No mistaking it, you nailed it down. thanks.

  6. @Erik Kraeft: On the contrary this is one of the best pieces Jim has written and it is very important in the overall scheme, or rather scam, of all things Adolf Trump. I believe TIME magazine was started by a famous man Henry Luce about a century ago. It was then a very influential magazine and still is but has not always been a propaganda magazine for Israel and Adolf Netanyahu. Adolf Trump is a well documented liar, cheater, con artist and bully by the late Wayne Barrett top journalist and investigative reporter in New York. Barrett was not fake but the real deal while TIME would have avoided him like the plague. Adolf Trump is as fake as they get. It is only because of good mob lawyers he never, so far as I know, spent even one night in the pokey. Roy Cohn was the lawyer’s name. Trump even refused to rent to blacks in the 1970’s and lied about it in federal court and got away with the lie! Yet the South even today still gets a bad rap for everything slavery and even the whole Civil War is blamed on the South where Dishonest Abe had zero authority to use military armed force to “keep the Union together”, not to mention the killing of upwards of 1 million. If any monuments come down it must be those of Dishonest Abe.

    • By the way New York was built by black slave labor. All the rich elitists in New York benefitted from cheap black slave labor. The slave market was about a block from the NY Stock Exchange. The earlier con artists in New York who preceded Adolf Trump sought to divert attention from their own complicity in the slave trade and blame the South for it all. This episode in American History is all a shameful disgrace. Most of the history books are full of lies about this period in American History.

    • The institution of slavery was never really abolished in the U.S. Today we are all virtual slaves to government at every level federal, state, county, city, town, where these outlaw governments use the crime of extortion to force us lowly taxpayers and citizens to pay pay pay for over half of our lives taxes for them to mostly waste or conduct illegal wars all over this planet killing innocent civilians and children every day as Adolf Trump already did in Yemen and Syria and elsewhere. If you refuse to pay these outlaw governments confiscate your land or bank accounts. Things might be different if the South had not run out of money and won the war. The US never runs out of money to fight illegal wars because they just print or borrow it.

  7. This morning NBC news reports NATO nations sign promises to increase defense spending by over 4%. The photo of a seated Trump warching the signings is classic. The exaggerated smug look on his mug needs no help from a charicatuer artist, the wrinkled jowls, and the farfetched smile is all so smaltzy. Very telling. Reminds me of a poor Al Capone movie. Not to disparage Al’s memory.

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