Russia to US officials: Get that through your heads—we’ve got nukes, too


 The Russian version of Dr. Strangelove?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


When Oliver Stone asked Vladimir Putin whether the US will dominate or not if a nuclear war breaks out, Putin responded, “No one will survive such a war.” In other words, US officials shouldn’t even attempt to incite Russia to get into an unnecessary nuclear war because that would be the “end of history.”

The US, under Israel’s command, is currently inciting an unnecessary conflict in Syria at this present moment, and Russia and much of the rational world are getting exhausted. The US has invented a new lie, and Russia has been responding on a reasonable fashion. Gennady Gatilov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, said:

“We believe that it’s unacceptable and breaches Syria’s sovereignty, isn’t caused by any military need, and there is no threat to the US specialists from the Syrian Army. So it’s incendiary, provocative action.”[1]

As always, the US never provided any proof or serious evidence for the vacuous claim. When it was widely known that the US was being duplicitous, “mad dog” Jim Mattis declared: “It appears that they [Syria’s authorities] took the warning seriously. They didn’t do it.”[2]

Well, Mr. “mad dog,” when was the last time that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on his own people? When was the last time you tell the truth about what’s going on in the region? When was the last time you stopped being Israel’s puppet? When will you start serving the American people and no a foreign potentate in the Middle East? As Gatilov put it,

“The statements on Syrian armed forces getting ready to use chemical weapons is complete nonsense… These assumptions aren’t based on anything, no one provides any facts. If the aim is to ramp up the spiral of tension, we think it’s unacceptable. It complicates the process of negotiations undertaken in Astana and Geneva. We’ve seen this in the past. Of course there are many ill-wishers, who want to undermine the process [of negotiations]. So any provocations are possible.”[3]

Gatilov previously dropped this statement, which literally weakens the Israeli ideology in Syria:

“We consider all these insinuations about chemical weapons which are being carried out in the worst traditions of the 2003 NATO intervention in Iraq as an ‘invitation’ for terrorists, extremists, and the armed opposition in Syria to carry out another large-scale provocation, which will result in the ‘unavoidable punishment’ of President Assad, according to Washington’s plans.”[4]

Is the Trump administration listening at all? Will they even reconsider the Israeli proposal that “Assad must go”?[5] And will they eventually challenge the Israeli regime to stop manipulating the United States in Syria and elsewhere? Will Jared Kushner allow Trump to do this?

We do have a problem here. Israel officials have for years declared without a single evidence that Assad used chemical weapons. They don’t think it’s a probability at all. As Haaretz puts it in an article last April, “Israel ‘100% Certain’ Assad Ordered Syrian Chemical Attack.”[6] This was coming from Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. And the chemical attack, he said, was “directly ordered and planned by Syrian President Bashar Assad.”[7]

What’s the evidence again? Well, Liberman produced none. He seems to think that anything that flows through his essentially Talmudic mind must axiomatically be true. And he seems to think that the world isn’t going to believe him. But he has an answer for that as well:

“The international community’s response is zilch. It simply doesn’t exist. It brings me back to the conclusion that Israel must rely only on itself.”[8]

Well, go ahead, Mr. Lieberman. Take matters into your own hands and you will see that Russia starting to clean up its nuclear warheads and put them to use.

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  1. There will be no ‘winner’. Millions will die a horrible death. The lucky ones will die immediately. And just like what is happening in the U.S. today, Blacks and Whites and Browns will be at each others throats. All the while the Joos will be laughing as brother kills brother. Their method of operation has always been the same from ancient Rome until today. No one will survive a nuclear “exchange”. The weapons today are hundreds of times more powerful than the WW2 variety.

  2. To P. Johnson- …”how it will happen”; I’m afraid such incremental “war” against R.F. had already commenced – shooting down Russian plane in Syria – explosion on Russian tourist plane from Egypt –
    shooting Russian ambassador in Turkey – sudden destruction of Russian MoD plane with musicians –
    peculiar demise of R.F. representative in UN – constant & offensive blame of R.F. (specifically H.E. Putin)
    for downing Malyan plane, Hitlary election loss, fielding its army in Ukraine, “annexing” Crimea, etc. etc.
    All the West/US/ Israel got in response – well, endless attempts to negotiate with our “US. colleagues”by trusting Mr. Lavrov, which never achieved anything. It appears that US. decision makers take to hart MacCain’s declarations that … “Russia is just a gas station, surrounded by a few shepherds, they don’t
    make anything” [yet he complains why the US. even army are buying advance RD180 rocket engines
    from R.F.] all you see on parades are cardboard creations – then it would be a zinch to get them from
    our “defensive” facilities in Romania (and Poland when finished); as sometimes German Chancellor Hitler stated “those who always negotiate and make Agreements are weak”?

    • I agree that it is happening. My point is that as long as the only possible backlash is Armageddon, it will continue to happen.

      Why does no-one do the same to USrael? Because they have a “too crazy to fxck with” policy. They prove this by occasionally serting off one ot two of those little bombs to show that they will.

      If Russia does the same, will it quickly escalate to the “end of history”?

      I don’t think so. They act like they are “too crazy to gxck with” but quickly back down if credibly threatened — look at Hezbollah, North Korea, etc.

  3. Russia, Iran, and China should march to the UN. With the world watching they should say the following: If the US, and the Western coalition, under Israel’s guidance attacks Syria we will attack the Western homelands. The only way out is to open the eyes of the common man. The insanity will not end with Syria, a country which has never threatened the US, or any Euro country. There is enough evidence to show the West is insatiable, and will not stop killing just because Assad is dead.
    The Day the Earth Stood Still should be rebroadcast today, along with Stan Kubrick’s classic Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying About the Bomb

  4. We gave them the 6 Million Jews killed in the German gas chambers, and, we promised, to open threats, that we will not rattle on this figure. We allow them, only Jews, to be above the law anywhere in the world. This means they can murder and destroy anywhere they wish. We further allow them to reserve the highest government job of any country for a Jew applicant, and, or, allow them a liberal sprinkling of Jewish applicants in any top job in the military or cultural area of any country, all with a “Above the law“ status attached. Further we agreed to fight their wars and endlessly listen to their winching and whining to being constantly attacked, in fact, we love them so much, that we even allow them to invent their own enemy in case they run out of suitable enemies in their natural surroundings. Of course they are at any time allowed to bomb the scheisse out of all of us via their Sampson option. Now, all this isn´t worth much for a true blue Jew, if we wern´t promising to pay for all of this. Of course we do, we always will. And, in order to hopefully keep them off our back, we furthermore solemnly promise to stay nice and docile and, if at all possible, do what they say.

    JESUS CHRIST… havn´t they got enough yet ?????????

  5. All it takes to cause anarchy in the U.S. is to disable the power grid. No fuel since the pumps won’t work, no deliveries of food or anything else, no communications, all H will break loose. Oh, how did the US. Navy do the other day in Japan? They were so incompetent they couldn’t even avoid a collision even having been warned. Seven sailors dead and not even a battle situation. They were likely watching porn movies instead of doing their jobs.

    • Insulting service members on a veterans site?

      The ship was hit in the side. Chatter I’ve read says the ship had the right-of-way given where they were hit.

    • Paul. Who are you trying to deceive? You say: “the ship had the right-of-way given where they were hit.”

      Here is a portion of boating rules for dummies.


      -Your vessel: You’re on a crossing course with another vessel that could result in a collision if neither boat changes course or speed.
      -The other vessel’s on the right: It’s the privileged or stand-on vessel and you must let it pass in front of you.
      -The other vessel is on the left: You’re the privileged or stand-on vessel and you must pass in front of the other vessel.

      The USS Fitzgerald was hit on the starboard side (right). The freighter hit the USS Fitzgerald about in the middle, nearly breaking it in two, so by very elemental physics, the freighter had to come from the right and the USS Fitzgerald was on the freighter’s left, crossing in front of it.


    • Unless these rules have changed to exactly opposite above, you are wrong:
      1. There was an eminent collision path.
      2. The Freighter, coming from the right , per the above: “It’s the privileged or stand-on vessel and you must let it pass in front of you”…..thus clearly Fitz failed to let the freighter pass.
      3. The duty of the freighter is to proceed in front of the boat to the left per the rule which says: “You’re the privileged or stand-on vessel and you must pass in front of the other vessel.”

      So not only did the USS Fitzgerald had a duty, so did the freighter.

    • “They were likely watching porn movies instead of doing their jobs.”

      You stepped over the line on that statement I agree. But Paul’s concern has a ring of less than genuine constructive criticism.

    • Whoever had the right of way — getting hit shows poor judgement.

      If I am in a car and a farm tractor with a heavy trailer is barrelling down and clearly doesn’t see me, I let him through, regardless of who has the right of way.. Don’t you?

  6. more to the point … when was the last time the US government and military used chemical weapons on their own people?… a very long and well documented history of poisoning their own men , running biological and chemical warfare labs all around the world with court cases from their own veterans they have poisoned…..and it goes on and on….because we know this much, whatever they falsely accuse President Assad of you can virtually guarantee they themselves are up to their eyeballs in it…and President Assad is who they choose to frame the blame because they want control of all Syria’s resources to divvy it up amongst all the players…Mattis needs his mouth slammed shut with a few home truths made public

  7. Unfortunately the Russian nuclear threat isn’t credible, whereas the USreali nuclear threat is. One side has shown that it is willing and able to find imaginative uses for its little nukes, whereas the other side is still issuing obsolete warnings about ending all life, including of course their own, in an unlimited thermonuclear exchange.

    • An attack on Russia will elicit a massive response given their military doctrine. The Russian threat is very credible and only ignorant Americans ignore this at their peril.

    • Nexus,

      Russia is ready to Tsarbomba anyone trying to stage a Dr Strangelove attack.

      But that isn’t how it will happen.

      The attacks on Russia will be small and numerous — cyber and financial attacks, picking at the open sore in Donbass, ISIS in Uzbekistan, Anthrax in Kazakhstan, a sub sinking in the Arctic, an explosion in the Metro……….etc. None of these can be solved with the Topol launcher in the picture above.

      While the usual suspects have shown their willingness to use mini nukes on civilians, Russia has not. I’m not sure what it can do to deter another Chernobyl or Syria. It is clearly not being taken too seriously.

    • We have a lot of nukes for USA and trust the scientists – the harm will be terrible. Our Strategic Nuclear Power Forces are ready 24 hours a day, while your American Nukes are served by drunkards and strange soldiers. So many info about your officers who maintain the ballistic missiles. Gays, drunkards or a party of prostitutes invited. If we exchange the A-bombs: Russians are like cockroaches – survive in the huge territory. Your US country is 50% inhabited. The little bombardment will kill all your hamburger&jeans society. Alas, Peter. Nothing personal. As Russian – i want Peace and Motto for it! I want USA as a true partner, not as a traitor, liar, killer, cheap ideology and instincts country. Take arms and go to Washington DC and Pentagon. All your problems are out of there. But when that problems start to disturb Russia – take arms and make USA nice country. Otherwise we will kill each other. Who wants that?! No one!

    • Peter….It was Russia that lost control of 50 suitcase size nukes long before 9/11 proved they exist. Your statement the Russia is not credible nuke threat is a lie. They are.

      I was certified in radiological civil defense in 1983 and remember a statistic that stuck with me. We examined the limited war you speak of and concluded it would escalate very rapidly and reach the MAD level once launches are perceived and certainly when verified.

      Several thousands of warheads exist and while many would not hit their targets, they will do much more harm to Canada than previously thought as they fall short of the USA.

      17% of the US population was projected to die in the initial exchanges. Populations inside beltways are confined by the military as all supplies and resources are looted within the second-third day and hordes of people are contained with no water, electricity, heat, food and terrible wounds.

      50% more…will die in the first year aftermath. We will face possible 3 years of nuke winter….where nearly nothing will grow as it did in farming as we know it.

      Sure pockets of preparedness will exist but roving gangs will home in on generators or that people are not getting thin… and they will find you. Goy built the Jew refuges in Canada, so even they are not as secret as thought.

      Lucky you…you saved a bunch of ammo and can defend yourself. Sure, from the first 50 but it’s the next 100 that will finish you off. You have to sleep some time.

    • Yeah, a blinded satellite here and a blinded destroyer there.

      Surely they will notice ?

      I doubt it, the destroyer with its recently upgraded radar couldn’t see an elephant even if it was staring it in its face.

      US $ 12,000, 000 must have made good pork change.

    • Toby:

      I think the problem is that the US also knows that it can quickly go MAD, and has made the assessment that the Russians will prevent it from going MAD by sitting on their hands and letting the US get away with crashing a plane or whatever the violation is.

      So the game is more complicated.

      If the US were made to understand that Russia might retaliate, it would think twice before arming the next wild savage in the Cauacuses or Central Asia but it would quickly escalate to a Cold War and an Iron Curtain, which Russia also doesn’t want.

      So I’m not sure what needs to happen.

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