Stealth Escalation – Why Is Washington Playing with Fire in Syria?


Stealth Escalation – Why Is Washington Playing with Fire in Syria?

Russian officials insist there is no reason to think chemical weapons might be about to be used. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says Russia considers the White House statement a threat against the legitimate leadership of the Syrian government, and marks a continuation of the US instigating violence against that government. In relevant remarks, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani has warned the US to avoid unilateral moves against Syria, saying “Washington is playing with fire.”

Almost as shocked as secretaries Mattis and Tillerson and National Security Adviser McMaster must have been when they first heard about Trump’s Tweets, Pentagon officials say they were totally unaware of this putative evidence of a chemical attack until the moment the Trump White House issued the statement, something they completely didn’t see coming. The State Department, which would normally be involved in coordinating such an important press release, also wasn’t consulted.

The White House has since offered a secondary comment insisting that all of the officials who are quoted in the media saying they didn’t know about the announcement “are lying,” and that the White House did consult with everybody. The only person who may conceivably have been in the loop is US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who almost immediately after the White House statement Tweeted that any future attacks in Syria would be blamed on President Assad, Russia, and Iran.

All this does give the impression that the evidence-free statement by the White House is mostly a pretext for picking a fight in Syria. The fact that it came mere hours after Secretary of State Tillerson spoke with the Russian Foreign Minister about a new ceasefire also gives the appearance this was a none-too-subtle way of turning that proposal down.

It’s not that hard to know what to make of all this:

1) In recent weeks, US forces and their militant allies have engaged in a number of skirmishes with forces allied with Damascus in southern and eastern Syria. American aircraft have twice bombed Syrian-supporting allied forces. And on June 18, a US fighter shot down a Syrian warplane just west of Raqqa. In every case Washington has claimed self-defense, despite the questionable legality of its own presence in Syria.

2) The skirmishes have raised speculation that the US is heading toward confrontation with the allied forces of Iran, Syria, Russia, and Hezbollah. In particular, the Trump administration, which has taken an approach toward Iran that, maximizes sanctions and confrontation at the expense of diplomacy, views control of eastern Syria as key to preventing Tehran from developing a friendly land corridor through Iraq and Syria all the way to Lebanon, which it sees as bad news for Israel.

3) Both Israel and the United States are ramping up a stealth escalation of their military involvement across the region. The spectacle is intended to distract from their regime-change fantasy that has been trashed in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. Across the Middle East, their solution is to drive the US even further into wars without end, increasing the dangers of direct military confrontation with Russia and Iran, with little awareness and no mandate from the American people or the United Nations. This is a recipe for calamity.

4) The desperate military involvement has accelerated in recent weeks, with the Saudis, Emiratis and Benjamin Netanyahu on the phone insisting that Trump’s manhood is on the line. As the battle by the allied forces of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia, and Hezbollah against ISIL and Al-Qaeda reaches its final stage, the Pentagon regime seems intent on sustaining a presence in the Levant, aimed at preventing the Syrian government from regaining control over the country.

5) The warmongers have no discernible strategy though. They cannot take on the Syrian government and they neither have the plan nor the will to displace its allies. They simply add troops and roll up the chaos to ensure that the “dumb war” will go on without end and without victory.

6) In this context, the escalation through sheer incompetence and incoherence is flagrant in its illegality under International Law and UN Charter. Unlike Iran and Russia, the United States has not been invited into Syria by the government, so when the Pentagon regime shoots down a Syrian jet or targets pro-Iran volunteer forces along the Syrian-Iraqi border, it is an act of war, in direct violation of the UN Charter.

In the current atmosphere, the allied forces are still fighting ISIL and Al-Qaeda. Ironically, it is America’s Saudi-Israeli allies that have been the source of funds, weapons, and strategy for the terrorist groups. Efforts by the Trump White House to hide them from view or game out the various scenarios for some serious fireworks no longer fool the international community.

What’s more, and this is the main point, although Iran justified its unprecedented missile strike by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps in eastern Syria as retaliation for the June 7 terrorist attacks in Tehran, it was also a shot across the bow of the US-led warmongers to remind them of their own vulnerability if war breaks out either in the Persian Gulf or in Syria.


  1. Good to remind ourselves, that “good cop bad cop” is a standard op, and Trump has never had such an expanded ability to use the tactic as he does now. It all leads to a financial boon somewhere.

  2. Thinly veiled “threats” are the negotiating tactic of Trump. Oh yea, well if you don’t like my deal, I won’t help you when the “terrorists” do something and make it look like you did it. Standard bullying. We have already seen this over and over. It is not working, except for the money part. It is generating weapon sales. Trump is not a legislator, he is a salesman. So far, on that point, he is performing well. So, while tweets and schisms are making money for media, spats and spasms are generating wealth for the war mongers and territory grabbers. This methodology has a finite application and what comes next should be the concern. Folks need to get out in front. What sales are we not aware of ?

  3. Chemical attack in Ghouta: 8.21.2013 –> 821+2013=2834=1111+606+6+1111;
    Chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun: 4.04.2017 –> 404+2017=2421=666+1100-11+666;
    One can be sure that the most “auspicious” date for the 3-d attack is already chosen. I don’t think I need to elaborate by whom. But just in case if somebody has doubts, here’s a little hint: it’s called “Deep Sxxx” , and the last word is not “State”.

  4. Wjabbe’s solution is worth considering. Assad as governor of the new Russian state. Three huge problems come to mind:
    1. If the Syrian people consent. How does one convince the rest of the world as the West owns all media.
    2. The US corporations will not give up their efforts to Balkanize Syria, they prefer stealing the resources rather than to pay for them.
    3. How do get Israel out of the Golan Heights?

  5. Washington is getting ready to throw some gasoline on that fire. A draft of the FY2018 NDAA – the war budget – is out. It contains some interesting expenditures, not least of which is another $1.8 billion for “anti-ISIS” train and equip programs. Those are the programs that train foreign mercenaries to defect to ISIS at the first opportunity and hand over their equipment.

    Another interesting item is almost $700 million to fund Israel’s missile defense programs. That is in addition to the $3.8 billion in annual “aid” (or more precisely tribute) to Israel. “AIPAC identified the systems that would benefit from the funding as Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow-2 and Arrow-3”. “As Israel faces dramatically rising security challenges, AIPAC urges inclusion of these vital funds in the final versions of the Fiscal Year 2018 defense authorization and appropriations bills,” the lobbying group said.” Congress obliged with almost $600 million more US taxpayer dollars than requested.

    A summary draft version of the FY2018 NDAA can be found here:

    Read it and weep.

  6. The fake gas claim is a good ruse because 100% proof is usually lacking either way. Where are the fake White Helmets today? Does anyone know if any of them are in Syria at this moment? They are likely planning the next false flag attack to blame Assad with a gas attack and lead to Adolf Trump obliterating Damascus and declaring victory.

    • If I were Assad, I would ask Putin to send one of his top generals to hold the fort for the next month or so and give him permission to slip out for a vacation in Moscow. I believe something bad is being planned to happen soon. After all Moscow is making all the decisions anyway. It would be easier for the US criminals to steal Syria if Assad is dead or presumed dead as a result of bombing Damascus by US and Israel warplanes.

    • While Assad is in Moscow he could talk to Putin about simply combining Syria with Russia. Frankly this must be done to prevent these criminals in the US and Israel from winning this fight they do not deserve to win. This would put all of Syria under Russian control. Israel and the US would not be pleased with this change in ownership. Tell them to shove it!

    • Frankly combining Syria with Russia is Assad’s only option to save Syria from these vultures in the US and Israel. This would preserve what is left of Syria, change the balance of power over there and prevent further trespassing in Syria by thugs and criminals paid by Israel and the US. Otherwise Syria is lost to these international criminals.

  7. Passus 5) sums it up nicely. The warmongers keep the Pentagon rolling so it wouldn’t become a museum of ancient wars and battles and US army out of work and into dogmatic questioning.

  8. Shouldn’t it be a mayor task of the UN to stop it’s members to accuse other members without showing the proof ?
    (presuming the UN doesn’t take part in the act).

    • Maybe but it is a proven US poodle. Something about financing it. Mind you it does so with ‘free to the US’ freshly minted $.

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