Whistle-Blower: New Saudi Crown Prince Preparing for Open Ties with Israel


[Editor’s note: Close ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel have existed since the creation of Israel, this is a widely known fact. Why the Kingdom is now considering making those ties overt rather than covert is unknown. Ian]

Whistle-Blower: New Saudi Crown Prince Preparing for Open Ties with Israel

Saudi whistle-blower Mujtahid, who is believed to be a member of or have a well-connected source in the royal family, revealed that new crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is attempting to pave the ground for overt relations with Israel.

“In line with preparing the public opinion to establish open ties with Israel, bin Salman has launched a media and twitter campaign and gifts any twitter activist or reporter who helps him in this regard,” Mujtahid wrote on his twitter page on Wednesday.

Last Saturday, a leading Arab daily disclosed secret meetings between bin Salman and Israeli officials in the past two years.

Al-Qods al-Arabi newspaper reported that the Israeli media have all voiced pleasure in Mohammed bin Salman’s appointment as the crown prince, adding that this development has long been wished by the Israelis.

The Arab daily quoted the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot as reporting that the intelligence sources have confirmed that bin Salman has held meetings with the Israeli officials under a secret name, Walad, in the past two years.

The Israeli daily didn’t reveal the venues and time for the meetings, but wrote that Israel and Saudi Arabia have common foes, friends and interests.

Earlier this month, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz replaced Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz with his own son, Mohammed bin Salman, the deputy crown prince and defense minister.

According to a royal decree, Mohammed bin Salman, 31, was also named deputy prime minister, and shall maintain his post as defense minister, the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The SPA also confirmed that 31 out of 34 members of Saudi Arabia’s succession committee chose Mohammed bin Salman as the crown prince.

The Saudi king had earlier stripped Nayef of his powers overseeing criminal investigations and designated a new public prosecution office to function directly under the king’s authority.

In a similar move back in 2015, the Saudi king had appointed his nephew, then deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef as the heir to the throne after removing his own half-brother Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud from the position.

Under the new decree, King Salman further relieved Mohammed bin Nayef of his duties as the interior minister. He appointed Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef as the new interior minister and Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Salem as deputy interior minister.

Mohammed Bin Salman is already in charge of a vast portfolio as chief of the House of Saud royal court and chairman of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs, which is tasked with overhauling the country’s economy.

The young prince was little known both at home and abroad before Salman became king in January 2015.

However, King Salman has significantly increased the powers of Mohammed, with observers describing the prince as the real power behind his father’s throne.

The power struggle inside the House of Saud came to light earlier this year when the Saudi king began to overhaul the government and offered positions of influence to a number of family members.

In two royal decrees in April, the Saudi king named two of his other sons, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman and Prince Khaled bin Salman, as state minister for energy affairs and ambassador to the United States, respectively.

Late April, media source disclosed that Mohammad bin Salman has literally bribed the new US administration by paying $56m to Donald Trump.

According to reports, bin Salman is paying off the US to buy its support for finding a grip over the crown.

“Since Uncle Sam’s satisfaction is the first step for the Saudi princes to get on the crown, paying off Washington seems to be a taken-for-granted fact,” Rami Khalil, a reporter of Naba’ news website affiliated to the Saudi dissidents wrote.

He added that since the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) is like a sword over the head of the al-Saud, they have no way out but to bribe the US, noting that the Yemen quagmire is also another reason for Riyadh to seek Washington’s support.

Also, a prominent Yemeni analyst said early June that the US has been paid several trillion dollars by Saudi Arabia to protect its crown, adding that Riyadh has recently bribed Washington’s support for the Yemen war with $200bln.

“Washington has asked for more money to defend the Saudi regime and Riyadh has recently paid $200bln to the US for the costs of its support for the war in Yemen,” Saleh al-Qarshi told FNA.

“This is apart from the huge amounts of money that Saudi Arabia pays to the US treasury for protecting its crown,” he added.

According to al-Qarshi, former Saudi Intelligence Chief Turki al-Feisal revealed last year that his country has bought the low-profit US treasury bonds to help the US economy.

As the defense minister, Mohammed bin Salman has faced strong international criticism for the bloody military campaign he launched against neighboring Yemen in 2015 amid his rivalry with bin Nayef, the then powerful interior minister.

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen since March 2015 to restore power to fugitive president Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh. The Saudi-led aggression has so far killed at least 14,000 Yemenis, including hundreds of women and children.

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Yemen also announced that more than a thousand Yemenis have died of cholera since April 2017 as Saudi Arabia’s deadly campaign prevented the patients from travelling abroad for treatment and blocked the entry of medicine into the war-torn country, continues hitting residential areas across Yemen.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi bombers are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

According to several reports, the Saudi-led air campaign against Yemen has drove the impoverished country towards humanitarian disaster.

Nearly 3.3 million Yemeni people, including 2.1 million children, are currently suffering from acute malnutrition. The Al-Saud aggression has also taken a heavy toll on the country’s facilities and infrastructure, destroying many hospitals, schools, and factories.

The WHO now classifies Yemen as one of the worst humanitarian emergencies in the world alongside Syria, South Sudan, Nigeria and Iraq.

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  1. I have not read this article yet still please allow me to comment.

    We must recall that some few years back King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia chose to offer Israel diplomatic recognition throughout the Islamic world and security guarantees if it should pull back to its pre-1967 borders.

    This was an honorary and a sincere offer which the King would have implemented had Israel agreed to it.

    Naturally Israel chose to dismiss the offer publicly and behind closed doors it thanked its gods at such a good turn of events that at last it can be rehabilitated without a loss of face. So I guess it chose to grab the offer with both its hands and feet and emissaries were sent to the East and West.

    • Enter the Prodigal Prince. Despite his seeming failings he is a formidable character, to both his enemies and allies.

      He is likeable and meek, saw how he grovelled to the previous crown prince ? He only failed to kiss his feet, publicly, in what was a genuine expression of subordination to a would-be King. Weak characters can not do such even if for show only.

    • He is likeable and meek, saw how he grovelled to the previous crown prince ? He only failed to kiss his feet, publicly, in what was a genuine expression of subordination to a would-be King. Weak characters can not do such even if for show only.

      He is poised to be catapulted into Kingship by the very system he seem sworn to uproot. Hence he has to play by its rules until the time arrives when he makes it repent. All the mean things currently attributed to him may be due to the merciless system we live and abide by. Which he has promised to change too once he is vested with the unquestionable powers of a most extra-ordinary country in the world.

      I come from his world and despite his Yemen involvements I can sympathize with him given I understand how our world operate.
      He appears genuine enough to sympathize with people bereft of possessions like me in a glittering world of plenty.

    • That said, were I to vote between the current Prince and the previous one, of course I would vote for this Mohamed.
      his face is fresh and devoid of the cynical un-trustworthiness common to our people soon after they have first betrayed themselves before they embark on a lifelong mission of betraying others. In fact I had tried to hate this person but I failed because I sense he heralds a great change our people in these burning environment need and daily crave for.

    • So, full diplomatic recognition for Israel ? No problem after all it were King Abdallah’s offer anyway. Just make sure the Israeli turds move to pre-1967 borders and make reparations for the Palestinians and their land. Even if it entails to vacate the illegal settlements in Palestine Israel will certainly evict its non-Hebrew speaking squatters. After all most of the settlements may have been financed by the Saudi’s anyway.

    • Will the Arab street allow the full diplomatic recognition of the state of Israel in exchange for Israel pulling back to the pre-1967 borders ?

      I bet you they will as they have no other choice, neither political nor martial. And the street would love to take the opportunity to implement genuine accord where others have failed due to skewed solution, where they wanted peace but excluded justice in their process.

    • Will the religious crazies allow it ?

      Again they have no choice. They will have to face unadulterated threats of violence because nothing else will go thru their thick heads as they have no political solutions. They see the entire world in a narrow tunnel-like theocratic prism of which most of the ruling families subscribe to only in appearance.

      Our religious crazies are slightly different than those across the Persian gulf because fundamentally ours do not swear by the Mahdi or the elaborate end-days scenarios. Hence they are amenable to be swayed politically if the issues involved are reasonable and some benefit could be got from it. Benefits like peace.

    • Will this Mohamed usher in an era of war ?

      Not that he has spoken of. He has openly spoke against Iran’s interference in Gulf States’ affairs but other than that he has spoken only of commercial, industrial and scientific endeavors, all beneficial and peaceful issues.

      And like me he appears disdainful of religious straight-jackets and religious busybodies. Swell.

      Is he strong enough to make and maintain peace ?

      I guess so, he is intelligent enough to know that he can not create an industrial and a scientific society in a state of warfare.

      By and large I expect unbelievable change, for good or for worse, once he vacates the throne.

    • Will the Qatar/Saudi spat scuttle the region ?

      Maybe but too much is at stake for everyone involved for cooler heads not to prevail. Two faced arms dealers like the orange man notwithstanding I guess the Somali/Sudani call for calm to prevail instead will be heeded and all differences will be solved amicably in due time. Everyone is aware one false hasty move will result in nasty global repercussions.

      One good thing aspect of this spat is that it has made the little man, a subject, of these Gulf countries know how little he matters in things political games their rulers play. While he desperately tries to palm a dollar in his hand, and can’t.

      “Easy fellas, easy” !

    • Should we trust this shady character Mujtahid in what he says ?

      I guess so, he may be the official back-door barometer to test the public mood on sensitive issues before they are officially announced.

  2. The 3 Abrahamic religions must band together and has been planned for some time. Notice how they are all pinching right now. They can survive war and famine and governments, but they will not survive truth without banding together. There is very much information that has yet to come forward in regard to their origins. They are split factions of an amalgamated control mechanism. Blindness is required and that is a simple thing when all are working 40 hr weeks. The internet and reduction of necessary labor is the death knell for religion as the people will finally have the information and the time to synthesize it. Technology will discover the soul and how it fairs under different conditions. Under organized religion, it evaporates and the steam is collected by the fraudsters.

    • It is good to notice the small things too. Like how they just breeched the line between church and state in the US. It just passed on by like a seed in the wind. The actions do not reflect the American sentiment which is falling away from religion financially and spiritually. Watch what they do, not what they say.

  3. The Saudi royal family are Donmeh Sabbatean cryto-Jews, so their decision to cooperate overtly with Israel does not surprise me. That being said, there is no need for the Saudis to cave in to USG extortion over JASTA, because most (All) of the terrorist proxy armies sponsored by Saudi Arabia are serving US/Israeli regime change agendas. All they would need to do is publish transaction reports and other details regarding this relationship between the USG and Saud. If the Saudi’s believe they can trust the USG and Israel, they are terribly mistaken. As soon as they have outlived their use, they will be thrown in the dustbin of history like everyone else in the region. Don’t get me wrong, the Saudi royal family deserves to be in the dustbin of history, but at least they could take those who have encouraged their evil behavior down with them.

  4. Gradually the reality of how the world works is being unravelled for all to see, despite the best intentions of the Power Elite to misinform and brainwash the great majority of people to continue the sham democracies. The inchoate masses know that there is something not right and the penny will drop with greater realisation of how things are. Positive or negative operant conditioners become inneffective with overuse and have the opposite effect to that which is intended.

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