J-TV Documentary on the ‘Antisemitic’ Goyim (must watch)


By Gilad Atzmon

When you watch this loathsome J-TV ‘documentary’ ask yourself the following questions:

[youtube te684rBHzOA]

1.     Would you choose to buy a secondhand car from David Hirsh or from Jeremy Corbyn?

2.     Is this J-TV video made for general consumption by Brits or was it created to exacerbate delusional PRE TSD* within a single tribe?

3.     In the video, Jewish academics claim to be racially oppressed (as ‘Semites’) by the Labour party. In fact, Semitism is not a racial category but a linguistic one. Still, this claim raises crucial questions:

a.     Are Jews really a race? If so, what makes them believe that they are ‘Semites’?

b.     If Jews aren’t a race, how can they be abused or discriminated against as a race?

c.      Is it possible that Jews only see themselves as a racial collective when they claim to ‘suffer’ or when a Jew wins the Nobel Prize? I ask because I don’t remember Jews fighting to racially own Sir Philip Green, Lord Janner or Bernie Madoff.

d.     If Jews aren’t a race, why do these Jewish academics insist upon referring to ‘racial’ hatred? Do they consciously try to deceive or are they a delusional collective?

e.     If Jews are actually oppressed and dismissed within the Labour party ‘as a race’ why don’t they simply leave? Why, instead,  do they insist upon the right to dominate the party culture and its decision-making? I ask because normal people ordinarily drift away when they feel unwanted or disrespected.

f.    Since Jews consider themselves a distinct race of ‘semites’, does that necessarily imply that they must operate as a separate race within the Labour party?

4.     How is it possible that David Hirsh, together with  a long list of other Jewish academics, fail to read the map: The more they toss the ‘anti-Semitic’ slur in  Corbyn’s face, the more popular Corbyn becomes?  How is it that all these Jewish ‘scholars’ fail to grasp this obvious development?  Why must we deal with the  collective pathological denial within a single group?

5.     Do these Jews really believe that only Jewish ethnic activists may determine what is legitimate criticism of the Jewish State? Would the Jews in this film similarly let Aryan activists determine what would be legitimate criticism of an Aryan state or the history of the Third Reich?

As a peace loving humanitarian with a kind nature, I will help these Jewish academics to navigate their way in the emerging universe that, at least in their eyes, has once again turned against them.  By now it is clear to many Brits, including Labour supporters, that Israel is not the problem. Israel is just a radical symptom of the complexity involved with post emancipation Jewish Identity politics – a collection of cultural templates that adhere to Jewish choseness, the institutional dismissal of the Other, or, in short, obnoxious racial supremacy. From the perspective of choseness and Jewish supremacy, Zionism and anti Zionism are identical. Don’t we too often hear anti Zionist Jews bragging about their special role and privileges within (what is left of) the solidarity movement?

Video: Anti Zionist ZionistNaomi Wimborne-Idrissi gives the goyim a ‘Kosher Stamp’  defining the proper boundaries of criticism of the Jewish State

[youtube xLL-CITMu5M]

Historically at least, the early Zionists promised to fix the ‘Diaspora Jews.’  They vowed to  emancipate the tribe from choseness. Zionism claimed it would make Jews into people like all other people. In this, Zionism clearly failed: Israel is a country like no other country. And David Hirsh and his klan are still unlike anyone else. They aren’t  concerned with racism in general as humanists ought to be.  Instead, they are obsessed with the imaginary suffering of one tribe only, and, as it happens, this tribe is their own.

Why does Hirsh fails to grasp this at all? Because Hirsh is a Jerusalemite book burner. Instead of following the Athenian path and searching for a universal ethos that would resist hatred in general; Hirsh attempts to impose on us a Jerusalemite set of commandments that serve only one tribe. Hirsh has spent the last fifteen years desperately trying to silence my discourse and burn my books.This is a shame, if Hirsh had instead read The Wandering Who and Being in Time he would have been able to foresee the inevitable rise of Corbyn. If Hirsh & Co read Atzmon they would understand that Corbyn is not the ‘problem,’ he is  a symptom of a vast growing awareness that could  indeed be very dangerous for the Jews. If Hirsh would attempt to understand my books instead of burning them, he might be able to realise  that imposing Jerusalem on Goyim is a recipe for a disaster.

But one thing is clear–an extended polemic of Jewish academics whining is not going to solve Jew hatred, quite the opposite, it will strengthen it.  That raises the question of why? Why do they do it to themselves, why do they repeat the same mistakes time after time? The answer to this question may explain the true meaning of the Jewish tragedy once and for all.

If you want to grasp this crucial dichotomy between Athens and Jerusalem, Being in Time is the book for you: Amazon.co.uk ,  Amazon.com  and   here.

*PRE TSD is a self propelled distress that is caused by an imaginary, often delusional, event in the future, as opposed to post traumatic stress that is initiated by an actual event in the past.

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  1. I just watched the video. I feel sick…

    Throughout this video, David Hirsh has the face of a dishonest propagandist, similar to the face of a paid actor trying to raise money for UNICEF. His expression is that of an abused child, or a puppy that has just ripped open the garbage. Beyond that, he says he’s a professor of sociology at a London university and that in his world, “racism and bigotry is absolutely taboo”

    First of all, the fact that this man teaches students at an institute of higher learning is very concerning. I am no professional, yet I could fill pages with historically verifiable information provided by Jewish sources to refute the erroneous claims this man has made throughout this video. These indefensible views should have no place in institutes of higher learning.

    Moreover, I suspect that anyone who might challenge these views in an educational setting would be assaulted with weaponized buzz-terms and character assassination tactics, such as likening the challenger to Hitler.

    • Hirsh claims that racism and bigotry have no place in his world. The universal Jewish encyclopedia tells us that Judaism as its known today, traces its historical roots to the practices and traditions of the Pharisees, and that much of these historical traditions and practices still exist today in what is considered the single most important piece Judaic literature, the Talmud. Now, anyone who has leafed through a Talmud knows full well that the racism and bigotry found within its pages is unsurpassed.

      Any unbiased student of history that has investigated WW2 cannot help but realize the similarities between the zionists and the nazis. There is irrefutable historically documented evidence of their collaboration on multiple fronts. All honest historians know that the Zionists were guaranteed support for their state in 1917 and that before WW2, the overwhelming majority of European (ashkeNAZI) Jews were thoroughly opposed the idea of moving to Palestine. The first Zionist conference had to be moved from Frankfurt Germany to Basel Switzerland, due to large protests from the European Jewish community.

      The founding father of the Zionist movement knew that- “for us (zionists) to achieve our goals, the suffering of the Jews…must become worse.” He recorded in his diary the necessity of inducing “anti-Semitism” to force Jews to flee to Palestine seeking refuge. The facilitation of Jewish immigration to Palestine was a primary objective of the Nazi movement.

    • Since the establishment of Israel, Israeli leaders have publicly employed similar tactics to facilitate Jewish immigration to Palestine. Israel Shahak records that the Israeli government bribed the Iraqi government to liquidate the wealth and property of its Jewish population so they would flee to Palestine for refuge.

      Today, it’s the ultra-orthodox-Talmud thumping rabbis screaming that they are the “master race” and that compared to them, non-Jews are like beasts, born to serve as their slaves and nothing more. They are the ones claiming to be “gods chosen people”.

      As far as I can tell, the nazi party and the NAtional ZIonist were/are the same thing. Before Hitler, there would have never been enough Jews willing to move to Palestine to form a state. The Nazi’s were not defeated, they were given their own state which was sponsored by a sympathetic international community and since then, they’ve caused nothing but problems.

    • It brings me no joy to say these things, but until someone can objectively refute this, it is what it is. In the realm of information, all I care about is what is true and what isn’t. If the truth offends some people, than so be it. I’d rather be hurt by the truth, than comforted by a lie. That being said, in the instance of an objective refutation, I would gladly change my views to fit the objective and verifiable evidence.

  2. Thank you, Gilad. As always, your insights are apreeciated.

    While these chauvinistic Jews allege that they are victims of racial discrimination, they believe there are two classes of people in the world, Jews and goyim/gentiles (non-Jews). A quick review of the Talmud will reveal what they believe to be the difference between Jews and gentiles. Tribal supremacy and exclusivity seem to be fundamental cornerstones of Judaism.

    Rabbi Mendel Schneerson:
    “The body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of members of all other nations of the world. Bodies of the Gentiles are in vain. An even greater difference is in regard to the soul…A non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

    • Now, if I’m not mistaken, if my mother had converted to Judaism before I was born, that would make me a Jew by default, entitling me to the so called “right to return” to a land which my ancestors never set for in. Jews in general are as much the genetic descendants of Abraham, as I am a direct descendant of Jesus Christ. I could learn mandarin, but that wouldn’t make me an Asian. Just like I could learn Arabic language, but it wouldn’t make me an Arab.

      Regardless of whether a Semite is determined by genetics, or by language, Arabs make up the overwhelming majority of the worlds existing Semitic population. So who treats the Arabs worse than Israel? The answer is, nobody. Who’s the “anti-Semite”??

      Also, Israel Shahak tells of a Peruvian tribe which was converted to Judaism and settled in the West Bank, near Nablus, on land from which non-Jews are officially excluded. Israel regards its illegal and murderous land expansion as “redeeming the land”.

      Don’t talk to me about persecution

  3. All religions are based on mythology and lies over long periods of time. Some may have benefits to some people. Some do not. One of the benefits is the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others as you would have them do Unto You” is largely ignored in Israel and many other backward countries. Instead they have replaced it with: “Do Unto others as they do Unto You” or in other words the dark ages of an eye for an eye or worse. Religion is responsible for endless human and animal suffering in the world and centuries delay in acknowledgment of the benefits of science to civilization. Say a prayer of thanks that engineers are not required to be expert in religion instead of mathematics and physics lest our cars would be crashing, our buildings falling down, our planes crashing, etc. resulting in endless suffering as before the scientific revolution.

    • The concept of forgiveness is a part of some Christian religions. This concept is embodied in our Constitution where penalties for offenses are limited. We do not cut one’s head off for stealing a candy bar. But maybe such a draconian punishment would be in order for land theft by Israelis stealing land from Palestinians. Some Israelis are evidently slow learners. I have known many wonderful people of the Jewish faith over the years, but they were fast learners and would never even think of stealing anything let alone land of a neighbor.

  4. Saudi Arabia and Turkey are annouced Muslim states, Russia is an announced Christian state. Why can we not say America is a Christian country? Why are European states and America precluded from this status? And while thinking of this, where’s our $6 trillion.

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