The Holocaust Hoax is the Indispensable Centerpiece for the Khazarian Mafia



…by Jonas E. Alexis and Lorraine Day


Lorraine Day graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine in 1969 and became an associate professor and vice chairman of the Department of Orthopedics at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine and Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. She is the author of AIDS: What the Government Isn’t Telling You, Getting Started on Getting Well, etc. She can be reached at 800-574-2437. Her website is

J.E.A.: You write that the “Holocaust” is a categorical lie. Can we talk about that?

L.D.: Well, the idea that the concentration camps were for the express purpose of killing Jews and/or other inmates is certainly a categorical lie. I don’t deny that there were millions of Jews imprisoned in these camps. But they were imprisoned because international Jewry had instructed all the Jews in Germany, that if Germany went to war with England, that every Jew in Germany would sabotage the war effort. That made them Traitors to their nation and that’s why they were put in camps.

There were NO gas chambers in any concentration camp run by the Germans during World War II, not even in Auschwitz. The evidence is overwhelming. But the Jewish-owned media has learned that if you tell a lie big enough, and often enough, the people eventually will believe it. And if anyone has the audacity to really investigate the matter, looking for the truth, they are called “anti-Semitic.”

J.E.A.: You said that “the ‘Holocaust’ – since it cannot be questioned – obtains the status of an undeclared Religion for the whole world. It must be accepted by faith!  No questioning is allowed.”

Many rabbis would agree with you on this point. For example, Avi Weiss declared in the Washington Post in 2015 that “Auschwitz is a sacred place of Jewish memory. It’s no place for a Catholic church.”[1] The New York Times said something similar back in 1993.[2] Neocon hawk Charles Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post that “has become increasingly common for American Jews to locate their identity in the Holocaust.”[3]

Can you tell us why these people don’t want to examine the events of Nazi Germany in light of Stalin’s great famine? Why do they idolize the “Holocaust” at the expensive of any other suffering in the history of humanity? Why do they keep referring to the “Holocaust” as “unique”?

L.D.: Almost no one understands that the Holocaust Hoax is the indispensable Centerpiece of the New World Order. Without this lie, the Khazarian Mafia would have a very difficult time enslaving the population of the world through the coming One World Government. And here is why: 1) The Khazarian Mafia and their puppets have the ability to operate from behind the scenes (of the governments, of corporations, of foundations, etc.) and not be exposed in their secretive, destructive, criminal schemes, because, if anyone exposes them, they wail, “You are ANTI-SEMITIC!” And the exposer is branded for life!  You are not allowed to expose any illegal or immoral schemes of the Khazarian Mafia because “they have already suffered so much”!

2) By playing the victim (of the “Holocaust”) and collecting billions in reparations from Germany, and billions in foreign aid from the U.S., they have been able to steal Palestine and slaughter the Palestinians, to build the Israeli state, from which they plan to take over the entire Middle East, and then the whole world. 

And they also have one of the largest nuclear arsenals in the world, 3) by infiltrating all the churches and reminding the Christians of “how much the Jews have suffered, particularly during the Holocaust,” they are now viewed as God’s “chosen people” and should never be criticized for ANYTHING, even if their actions are immoral and illegal, 4) and because of the suffering of the Jews during the “Holocaust” they are setting themselves up to replace Jesus Christ and HIS sufferings on the cross to save the world from sin.

The “Holocaust” will become the new religion, with ‘churches’ (Holocaust museums) eventually built in every city, which the people approach with quietness, reverence and respect (far more than is found in any of today’s churches).  The Jews have already stated that they will become their own Messiah.

This will bring about not only the One World Government for enslavement of the world’s population by the Khazarian Mafia, but it will become the basis for the coming One World Religion. Laws will be passed in every country, similar to the laws now on the books in Germany, Canada, Austria, Australia and several other countries, making it illegal to doubt the Jewish version of the “Holocaust.”

This crime will be punishable by a massive fine, and/or many years in prison.  Eventually, the same penalties will be imposed for any type of “anti-Semitism” – the definition of which will be in the hands of the Khazarian Mafia.  The only way the “suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust” can be described as “unique” is that–it didn’t happen! It’s all a LIE!

Over 25 years ago, the Khazarian Mafia and their marionettes were successful in getting a law passed making it LEGAL for the U.S. government to KILL Christians!  My husband, a former long-term U.S. Congressman, documented this:

A number of Jewish authors have remarked that the Khazarian Mafia are parasites. They don’t develop a culture of their own, or inventions of their own, instead they are parasites on other “host” cultures. They take over huge businesses built by Gentiles and wonderful inventions created by Gentiles, rather than developing cultures of their own, or creating their own phenomenal inventions.  But they seem to forget that as they continue to parasitize the host, eventually they will kill the host–and then the parasite also will die.

[1] Avi Weiss, “Auschwitz is a sacred place of Jewish memory. It’s no place for a Catholic church,” Washington Post,” January 28, 2015.

[2] Diana Jean Schemo, “Holocaust Museum Hailed as Sacred Debt to Dead,” NY Times, April 23, 1993.

[3] Charles Krauthammer, “The Holocaust and Jewish identity,” Washington Post, March 10, 2016.


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  1. It is hard not to be anti semitic when you are constantly reminded how much the Jews hate Christians and all other religions. There is no definitive line between the Khazarians who infiltrated and the Jews who portend the “jewish faith”.. It is centered around greed and perverse sexuality and knowing that they run the entertainment industry, wall street, media, ridiculous organizations like the CFR, etc, keeps them in your face if you are paying attention. I noticed one who was on a weather channel for about a week during a hurricane that was haarped. Then the next week he was a political expert on Fox. They get around and place themselves anywhere they want as experts and know it alls!!

    Am I anti semitic…… they trace their reiligion to Baal sacrifice and worship and the Synagogue of satan.

    That’s how I do the math.

  2. When the Zionists screech “Anti-Semite” and “Holocaust Denier” they seek to stop speech by stopping thought with ugliness. In this case, by covertly invoking the odor of burning human flesh by implication.
    This is based upon Talmudic magic, and hard science.

    The fact that smell is wired rather differently, and deeper in the brain makes this implication so effective. The target, the idea, the subject, becomes associated with the smell… Zionists have no exclusive to this method. The Vatican used this technique when they burned Giordano Bruno at the stake in 1601.

    “Eloquence and debate are designed, not to decide issues, but to sway people, for this reason they lean heavily on appeals to emotion and prejudice, and make use of neat, clever, and sometimes humorous turns of phrase rather than profound analysis of ideas”
    “Of all this Confucious was contemptuous”
    Confucious by H. G. Creel 1913, Chapter “The Teacher”

  3. When a country or group occupy another country, they put up their own symbols of this achievement
    Menorahs dot the countryside, along with holohaux museums, and symbols of the host country loose their identity, with nativity scenes taken down, prayers at schools stopped, Christmas trees banned, happy holiday replacing Christmas holiday etc.etc.
    Every one thinks it is the Muslims that are causing these changes, nope, it’s the jews.
    A recent book(banned by amazon) by Kollestrom ‘Breaking the spell’ is a easy read, no hate, just facts.

    • You’re absolutely right, except, probably, that “Every one thinks it is the Muslims…”
      Quite a few people know exactly who’s causing these changes, but they try not to talk about it with strangers and get in the blacklist for the rest of their lives (with all guaranteed unpleasant consequences), knowing for sure that they’ll be dealing with a gang holding their government for certain intimate places.

  4. This is an outstanding article by two most impressive authors who are both major truth-tellers. 100% on the mark. Highest commendations. I have followed Dr. Day’s work for years and it is exceptional, a truly great physician and a caring person.

  5. Wjabbe,

    I want to inform you who really managed this slaughter. Armenians were in charge under the Ottomans of the economy, the education and central parts of the administrative and governmental structure in Turkey at that time. The “Jung Turks Revolution” was an event, that was absolutely syncron to other “Revolutions” all over Europe at that time. The master planner was Guiseppe Mazzini from Italy, the organisatorial centre of this was in Saloniky, the place of all the future leaders of Turkey under Atta Turk, who were recruted as members of the Greek and Turkish internationalistic and revolutionary (as acting part for the international finance) lodges. With only few exceptions they all where Donmeh Jews, carefully prepared for their new job to lead “New Turkey”. They where the ones who – one after another – completely replaced all those very capable Armenian people how were very well educated, had deep understanding of econics and administration. What followed, was a carefully overtake of the Turkish country by Donmeh traitors, which is important to know because still today in Turkey the represent the ruling Elite (look up the personal background of Erdogan – you will be astonished!). So, the jews did not only not care about the massacre, they managed it it. That, why they keep their mouth shut wordwide, every time the subject is rased.
    (from a naive German)

  6. The H hoax has always been a stretch of one’s imagination. I am 69, my uncle fought in WW2. One of the soldiers who actually liberated a concentration camp. In th ’60’s we were watching a TV news broadcast memoralizing a camp. When a photo of the camp showed my uncle said, “It didn’t happen”. I laughed, and asked, why? Forma long time I thought he was a little daft. But after the Ernst Zundel trials, in Canada, I have changed my views. I now believe my uncle, and the facts.

  7. What I find most outrageous is this: ” Laws will be passed in every country, similar to the laws now on the books in Germany, Canada, Austria, Australia and several other countries, making it illegal to doubt the Jewish version of the “Holocaust.” In my country of Canada, these pultroons and Zionist liars have captured the government and pass a law against discussing the hollycrust in any normal debate. They are terrified that the truth will out. But the truth will out dear frightened little mice

  8. For every anti-semitism charge laid on someone by Khazarian mafia, one can respond with anti-semitism charge. Israeli government and their ideological brothers and partners are highly anti-semitic there is little doubt about it. They promote racial hatred for Jews as well for Arabs. Racial division that Israel promotes (within Israel dividing it into Jewish and all other parts, and also demanding Aliyah from every Jew) is 100% anti-semitism.

  9. The Jews were given free land by the U.S. to build a Holocaust Museum.
    Why weren’t the Armenians also offered free land for their Holocaust Museum? How about all the other groups in history who have suffered at the hands of tyrants like the Palestinians today who are suffering at the hands of Jewish tyrants in Israel while most of the world cowardly looks the other way and the cowards and whores in the U.S. Congress continue to feed them more borrowed and printed fake money? Israel is the biggest hypocrite on planet earth. They learned nothing from the Nazi’s except how to copy their inhumane tactics on others.

  10. Excuse me – I left out a word. I meant to say that in no way does the holocaust justify the way the zionist Israelis are wreaking HAVOC on the Palestinians and all over the Middle East.

  11. I wasn’t there during the holocaust, but with all of the inmates perishing from contagious diseases, surely it would have made more sense to burn the dead bodies in order to prevent the rest of the inmates from getting sick and not being able to work. Jews weren’t the only ones who were in the concentrations camps, there were also gypsies, gays, the mentally ill, people with Down’s syndrome, physically handicapped, etc. I am inclined to believe that the holocaust did happen, but in no way does that justify the way the zionist Israelis are wreaking on the Palestinians and all over the Middle East for the simple reason that 2 wrongs don’t make a right. And of course, people have the right to freedom of speech. Nobody is ever jailed for saying that the Earth is flat, so likewise, nobody should ever be arrested for saying that the holocaust never happened.

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