US deep state staging false flag chemical attacks in Syria

… from Press TV,  Teheran

[ Editor’s Note: The most recent "planned” Syrian chemical weapons attack scam was so obvious, so openly organized, as to show that the Deep State actors have no concern whatsoever about public reaction or any political blowback. In the US, less than a handful in Congress would challenge the Goldilocks and the Three Bears children’s book narrative put forward.

And the Congresscritters are not solely to blame. They know that if they stuck their necks out and got hammered in return, there would be little public support for them. On the contrary, their political opponents would consider it a gift from the Gods to have them offer themselves up for being tagged as "un-American”.

In the Khan Shaykhun alleged attack, nothing the US claimed could have passed the smell test of untampered evidence. It is on the record that the White House has cited "social media” reports as "proof” of Syrian involvement. Welcome to the New Twilight Zone folks, where "they” can now have Intel operatives seed social media with "proof”, which a White house National Security team will just gobble up like a free dinner.

VT’s Kevin Barrett holds the line on some sane discussion of this topic below. As for corporate media, we now have the wonderful undercover tapping of the CNN producer admitting the network had no proof for some of the stories it ran, but that the push for ratings was really the driving force and acts as the real senior editorJim W.  Dean ]

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There has been nothing presented that could pass the rules of evidence that Damascus would be using gas, nor what it motives would be for doing something so stupid

–  First published  …  July 3, 2017  –

June 28th marked the 30th anniversary of the Iraqi Baath regime’s chemical bombing of Sardasht city in Iran’s West Azerbaijan Province. That, coupled with the recent heated debates surrounding who perpetrated April’s chemical strike in the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun, prompted Press TV to interview editor of Veterans Kevin Barrett, and senior US congressional defense advisor Fredrick Peterson to seek their viewpoints on the use of chemical weapons.

Kevin Barrett said the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and certain other entities in the United States are the deep state, which are playing a big role in pushing militaristic agenda both in the country and in other parts of the world.

“This deep state in the United States is stockpiling chemical weapons, biological weapons, ignoring the treaties and then waging false flag attacks or nodding and winking as its allies in Syria wage false flag chemical weapons attacks designed to demonize President [Bashar] Ass[Bashar]he commentator said on Sunday night.

Dozens of people were killed in a chemical attack in the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib Province on April 4. The United States and its allies pointed the finger of blame Syrian government forces. But Damascus vehemently denied the charges.

Barrett further said, “The US and its allies supplied [former Iraq[former Iraqi dictator]ein with those chemical weapons” and indeed were responsible for the imposed war on Iran and the carnage that happened in Sardasht.

Sardasht was the third populated city in the world, after Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which was targeted with weapons of mass destruction. One hundred eleven civilians lost their lives and more than 8,000 people were affected by the gas attack. Three decades on, thousands are still suffering from serious respiratory and skin problems.

“The United States is purely an aggressor nation; it has absolutely no defense department; it has only an offense department; it is committing aggression all over the world and it is occupying many dozens of countries,” he added.

The analyst dismissed America’s so-called need to stockpile chemical and biological weapons in order to repel future attacks, noting,

“The United States has more military power and spends more money on its military than every other nation in the world combined. The United States has more than enough nuclear power to destroy the world dozens and dozens of times over. And the United States has no enemies [because] th[because]body on its border that is trying to invade the country.”

Barrett also criticized Washington for ignoring international agreements on weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

“Like so many other supposed arms control efforts, here what we see [is] that in[is]t it is the bigger countries that are manipulating this process for their own advantage,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the other guest on the program Fredrick Peterson opined, “Many Americans in government quite well agree in principle that the best ideal solution would be a banning and a purging of these weapons from the inventory of all countries.”

WMDs are “repellant,” he said, arguing that “these weapons have been used not by the United States, [but] by its[but]es. These weapons are commercially produced. They are not difficult to manufacture.” Peterson explained that WMDs terrorize civilian populations because they are aerial and not target weapons.


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5 Responses to "US deep state staging false flag chemical attacks in Syria"

  1. Eduardo  July 4, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    “DAMASCUS—Angrily declaring that the attack would not go unpunished, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad vowed swift retaliation on his nation’s civilians Friday for the U.S. missile strike on the al-Shayrat air base. “In response to the egregious aggression of the United States, I promise to stop at nothing to crush the Syrian people quickly and decisively,” said Assad, announcing a full-scale military assault on noncombatants in residential neighborhoods throughout Syria that would make the U.S. “sorely regret its unprovoked and criminal deeds.” “This act of war on the part of the United States leaves us no choice but to strike Syrian hospitals, schools, and places of worship with even more force and resolve. Mark my words: the streets of Syria will run red with the blood of civilian men, women, and children, and America will know the price to be paid for its belligerence.” At press time, Russian officials had decried the U.S. missile strike and said they had not ruled out supporting their ally in any counterattack against Syrian civilians.”
    Is” Pentagone” reading the wrong magazines or are they trying to re-invent insanity?

  2. Alex__B  July 3, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    That’s the “beauty” of artificial reality based on a large enough number and size of distorted mirrors in the room…It takes time to build such system, but after it’s in place one can care less about who says what. When majority of people are trained not to question conclusions of those who’re paid to think (or not to think), to investigate (or not investigate), etc., and the remaining minority (i.e., “tinfoil-hats” or conspiracy theorists”) are either ignored or prosecuted, then the Orwellian reality is in place. The next step is to upgrade it to the level where “training not to question” will be replaced with “inability to question”, so there won’t be a need in expensive mirrors. Which means that the idiots impersonating these mirrors (in MSM and elsewhere) need to start thinking about their and their kids future. I’m not a fan of Alex Jones, but he is right about this one.

  3. mylomorph  July 3, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    does the CIA , MOSSAD , AND THEIR STOOGES.think we are as stupid as they they themselves are. you can see when the money runs out they are like ghosts.
    we wont take your NEW WORLD ORDER.
    we wont take your forced control
    the sound you hear is people marching
    you ‘re going to see your heads on poles
    he DUCK MAN leave the WORLD alone.
    on and all your;e just another ZOMBIE CLONE.
    peace and justice for ALL mylo

  4. Andrew_Bukanov(Russia)  July 3, 2017 at 9:27 am

    Another filthy opportunity to blame Asad. What’s the crazy idea to use WMD on its own Syrian territory. Stupid blame. Pentagon puppies have no imagination. Too easy to track their intentions…

  5. davor  July 3, 2017 at 8:59 am

    They took fhe proof for 9/11 from social media as well. That’s when it all began. Social media politics and NATO most appropriate bombing instiller. James Mattis in some other non-NATO country would have been serving consecutive life sentences for war crimes, but in the US he is secretary of defense. Only in America. What’s most appealing for new NATO members and their admins is that they can sell and repackage their munitions at large, have six-seven digit bonuses each and never ever have any responsibility over it, american style.

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